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WAR Family Foundation Declares it is Time to Pivot as a Matter of Fundamental Fairness

Source: 8/18/21

Pivot from annihilation to reasonable accountability and justice for all

ARNOLD, MO, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2021 / — Families are living at the little ‘red dots’ seen on the map. Each dot represents one of the 917,000 men, women or children adjudicated for any one of a vast number of offenses. Those dots also represent almost three million wives, mothers, sisters, girlfriends, brothers, fathers, grandparents and so on. Our challenge to all who have ever made a mistake they regret deeply is to join us in pivoting from the annihilation of human beings to reasonable punishment followed by restoration. All children have the right to live without fear of harm. That includes children of those required to register.

When a person realizes they will never be free of past, current and what amounts to sanctioned future punishment that creates a profound sense of hopelessness. Why try to replicate a changed life if the stigma and hate prevail.

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Good on WAR! Name calling is a trait of bullies and tyrants.
I can only leave it up to you to decide which party is which.

Let Advocates not forget about the perks of being a sex offender\registrant. Many offenders have objected to or bemoaned Facebook TOS barring them from creating a space on the firms platform.
I’ve greeted those erroneous position by making the point “Facebook did you a kind favor!” Persons on another registration blog\community chastised or insulted my thoughts. Well guess what?

The sex offender was indeed the first to have their individual liberty sold out to that bunch but hardly the last. But there are still silver linings. Look for them.

Personally, I don’t really care if I use Facecrook or not. However, just because Facecrook are RASTs (Registry Aholes/Supporters/Terrorists), I have and use a Facecrook account and I always will.

Same with those lying scumbags They lie about how they create a “community” where everyone has a place, or whatever their BS propaganda is. Obviously that is not true. They are idiot RASTs. They don’t want any of my family to be part of our neighborhood. So of course I have a account and always will have. Because, f*** them.

That’s the deal with all of this illegal Oppression List (OLs) BS. Just tell me want you don’t want me to do and I’ll be sure to go out of my way to do it. Reminds me, I’m going to be hanging out with lots of children starting early Friday afternoon and going all weekend. Oh, the f’ing horror! The RASTs need to create some more fake-protection “laws”.

Ive read your comments calling these folks criminals.

Yikes! Thanks for posting that link. It sums up what I’ve thought for years. Share it everyone.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ditto

Honestly the people are mostly clueless about the misuse of the database driven infrastructure until it directly impacts them personally, or someone else they care about. There are infinite ways citizens can be negatively impacted but their complaints run into road blocks provided by Congress to protect the infrastructure as the first concern, meanwhile the citizens’ sovereignty falls to the collateral concern. Like the implementation of mass electronic surveillance the registry was applied without opportunity to contest or confront. All which goes on outside of the public eye and with the assistance of mass collection and storage. Evidently as an authority, if you have these advantages you do not need fundamental fairness to stay in power.

I was really surprised at how articulate and personable Edward Snowden is. He doesn’t come across as radical or nutty at all, but speaks with calm fact. There are many quotable quotes in his talk. Surveillance verses liberty, for example. What struck me is the realization of how various impotent groups adopted surveillance as an ego booster. One example would be Perverted Justice, who flew high until flying too close to the sun. They were not of the elite that Edward Snowden speaks of, but they thought they were. Same with Mark Lunsford until he flew against the police by daring to criticize their investigation. It’s like having Big Brother as a role model and until crushed by the Anti-sex league.

@Will Allen:
I think your acronym works better if you swap “Supporters” and “Terrorists.” That would make your acronym RATS.

You’re welcome. 😉

LOL, yeah, I thought of that. It could work but I don’t like RATS for a few reasons:

1. It is too “playful” and trite. Not harsh enough. The Oppression Lists (OLs, i.e. the Sex Offense Registries) are a war with severe consequences. The enemy deserves their appropriate title.

2. RATS reminds me of “DemoRATS” and I don’t want to be associated in any way with that level of mentality and immorality.

3. RAST can be singular and RASTs can be plural. Not technicality correct, but I like it.

I used to use RS/T but I really felt I had to get the a**holery of the OLs into it. Just about every day I feel more and more like that is a very key reason and driver for why the OLs and all its “extra” add-on “laws” exist. The main reason that OLs exist might actually be that most people living in America are Aholes. I hate to pick on “Karens”, but that’s them.

To clarify #2 – the problem is people who say “DemoRATS”. People who are 100% political and frame all Democrats or all Republicans (and the policies) as completely good or bad – those people are a problem. They form opinions about complex policies based on nothing more than if Democrats support it (or Republicans). One of the big reasons America is so dumb.

Maybe we should just call RASTs “Karens”, LOL? That’s what they are.

I’ll say this much: One terrorist is as good as another if you have an unnatural agenda that NEEDS to to be sold to all of the people.

Fundamental fairness in policing. We are not always getting that in the way of basic fair trials. The Cosby case, the Duggar caze,

Obviously somebody’s greatly advantaged via unfettered misuse of the database driven infrastructure to snare folks. And you wonder why the Byrne Grant folks made a point of rushing the promulgating of the registry regime.
They were interested in proprietary electronic surveillance in the domestic market.

@Janice Bellucci Nicki Minaj is a multi-millionaire her and new husband have been going through hell because of the sex offender registry they’ve been harassed by law enforcement from New York to LA they sound helpless
I guarantee you Nicki Minaj has no idea what the ACSOL organization is someone from your team should reach out to her management if we can get a big celebrity like her on our side that would definitely changed the game for registrants in America and all the money she has I’m sure she wouldn’t hesitate to donate just a thought.
nicki minaj husband sues wants name off sex offense registry ny

Good luck

Dang, that’s a freaking good idea. But I’m sure people are trying to contact her (and him) all the time. How would a person get through to them? Talk to her manager? Perhaps you can lead that charge? Could you get it done? Would be awesome.

But, even if someone informed them of ACSOL, etc., what if he is like a lot of people and really only cares that *HE* is listed on the Oppression Lists (OLs)? A lot of people just want to get themselves off the OLs. Some even support the OLs for other people (ONLY for other people).

I don’t know, but I do know the OLs are the height of stupidity and a**holery. The “people” who support them need to pay. It is far past time to stop being nice to those people or allowing them to escape consequences. Those “people” aren’t my fellow human beings.

Start a letter writing campaign and send them to her through her record label. I guarantee her label WILL give them to her because I’ve written to musicians many times asking for autographs through their labels and HAVE received several replies. Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman from Slayer, John Petrucci of Dream Theater, Corpsegrinder if Cannibal Corpse, just to name a few. I even got a nice autographed picture from Wayne Gretzky when he played with the Rangers by sending a request straight to the arena.
I can’t guarantee she will read the letters, but they will be given to her. Most celebrities do care about their fans.
If enough people send her letters, she’s sure to read at least one of them. I’ll try to find an address to her management or label.

Here’s some addresses to send mail to her:
Nicki Minaj Full Stop Management, LLC 1100 Glendon Avenue Suite 2100 Los Angeles, CA 90024 USA.
The Music Artist Management Company address is 1100 Glendon Avenue Suite 2100 Los Angeles, CA 90024 USA.

Thank you for this address. ACSOL will send a letter to Nicki Minaj today.

You’re welcome, Janice. Also, if you look at her husband’s lawsuit, which is posted on the FAC site, it lists his residential address:
123-40 Inwood Street, Jamaica NY 11436.
A letter might get to her faster through him.


To many keyboard warriors only care about getting off themselves rid of the registry; while others continue to be on the hit list. Screw those people and their thinking.

One tip I’d pass a!ong to anyone attempting to personally contact a celebrity. Ditch the word processor and hand write a letter. It is old school and getting to be a lost art; But it works! I wrote a very famous former heavyweight champion boxer and got a hand written reply from him concerning the issue. He knows it is “just dumb. “

Yep. And keep it short and simple. They get hundreds and thousands of letters and they don’t have time to read a book.

Its a little off topic, but I sent a copy of the first John Wick DVD to Keanu Reeves along with a money order to pay for return postage and asked him to autograph it for me. Not only did he sign and return it to me, he also sent me a copy of the second and third DVDs with autographs, and returned the money order along with a very nice letter thanking me for being a fan of his movies. I’ve seen a lot of YouTube videos talking about what a nice down to earth guy he is and he didn’t let me down.

Go over to 5he FAC site. They just posted an article along with his lawsuit. On the first page of his suit is his residence address.

Yeah, those little red map pins on the boogeyman apps are the equivalent of: “ZOMG, I never knew that many of ‘them’ were living that close to me.”

Sounds pretty good about WAR’s Foundation and I’m sure Vick Henry’s group will press on to get to this truth as one can do nothing against but for the truth. Now I sort of feel sorry for Janice as California seems to be a whole different State than others but even Florida and other states have their problems. Now one has to have a good balance to overcome obstacles I’m sure Janice knows that. Isn’t that what government law is all about balance.

Matter of fact I was listening to one of ACSOL’s video’s of why Janice got involved in all this. At times we all have to wonder why we all got involved in this type of attack which some could say is counterproductive. Did someone sneak up behind us, confound us in a strange way, or was someone trying to steal someone’s Rolex watch, car, or whatever.

This pivoting justice sounds good but a plumb bob is even much better. Even the bible says “I will make Justice the line and righteousness the plum line. I doubt if any see any of that in courts or America today or is it the determination of this court since one had so many porn pics’, etc of kids, or one was hanging around school with an eye of enticing another, that I will sentence you to X number of years or probation or whatever, and than its extended a bit longer than the original charge. One would have to say it is a “touchy” subject. So whats touchy about bank robbery?

As far as the name calling, arguing, bickering, etc it is a bit hypocritical . One has a 10 year sentence that should be it but seems government want to add more to the pot which would drive anyone stir crazy.

And I thought Will Allen pivoted the motion but one can see he’s out numbered. Just say, Doing the Cagney # on me.. you dirty rat!

Even if there was no more registry, the mere fact that business are being allowed or even force to require proof of vaccination before obtaining services, buying products or even foot, etc. spells much bigger problems for this country. The registry as the canary in the coal mine. Unfortunately, we are well pat the point of return.

The US government has been requiring vaccines for children to attend public schools for about 70 years now. Also, businesses are different. No shirt, no shoes, no vaccine… stay the hell out. You have no right to give me a virus that may kill me (as it did my mother and a few friends), I have a right to stop you from giving me a virus that may kill me.


Condolences about your mother and friends, but…

You have the right to stop someone from possibly giving a virus that may kill you. BUT, you’ll never know if it was that someone you stopped or someone else elsewhere that you received it from in another place if you received it.

Dealing in absolutes as you wrote is no better than saying a person forced to register is certainly going to repeat offend. You can’t be certain either way…just sayin’

Since its Sunday let me preach a bit more and maybe we can make some sense out of this. I hope everybody remembers the story of Lot. Sure his wife looked back, we know what happened to her. Lot and his two daughters lived in a cave. The two daughters got him drunk and …. I’m sure you know the rest of the story. Yes that is an example. That was a physical encounter. This internet ordeal is a mental invasion attack of the weak over the strong of a brazen nature or should we talk about Cher’s costume or who turns back time.

Who’s more guilty the enforcer, the idiot on the computer, or man’s thinking. Hey they even put one of my sisters college friends in prison for a while for dodging the Vietnam draft. I’m sure he had good reason to go to Canada. Government isn’t always right with their precepts that go against God. While one can understand safety this use can turn into abuse in a man made war. So does it come down to a showdown or is government abusing in many ways.

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