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WI: Wisconsin judge to plead guilty to federal child pornography charges

Source: 4/4/21

A Milwaukee County Circuit Court judge charged in state and federal courts with multiple counts of possessing child pornography has agreed to plead guilty to the federal charges, according to a plea agreement approved by prosecutors and filed with the court on Wednesday.

Under the agreement, Brett Blomme, 38, would plead guilty to two felony counts of child pornography possession, forego his right to a jury trial and forfeit any property or assets connected to his crimes. Each count carries a mandatory minimum five-year prison sentence, five years of supervision and up to a $250,000 fine.

A criminal complaint against Blomme was first filed in Dane County Circuit Court in March, in which prosecutors said he used the messaging app Kik to upload pictures and videos of child pornography on 27 separate occasions in October and November 2020 under the username “dommasterbb,” registered using his personal Gmail address.

After Kik and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children tipped off agents with the Wisconsin Department of Justice in February, an investigation led by the state DOJ’s Division of Criminal Investigation connected transactions of child pornography to multiple other email address, phone numbers and IP addresses, including those at Blomme and his husband’s home in Cottage Grove, the Milwaukee home of Blomme’s friend and a Milwaukee County government building.

Blomme was arrested at his home in the Madison suburb in mid-March and charged in state court with seven felony counts of possession of child pornography, each of which carries a mandatory minimum sentence of three years initial confinement and up to $100,000 fines and imprisonment of no more than 25 years, or both. He is currently incarcerated at the Sauk County Jail in Baraboo, according to court records.

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Well, we can use smeone like him in our rapidly growing ranks. He may have some inside connections and as he experiences the horror of what he is about to go through maybe he can be an asset. However, he will probably be incarcerated for quite a while, so he may not have the chance to help us for quite a while. More and more of these big fish are falling for this. It is so terrible, with the internet it is just so easy to get caught up in this. It takes many people and organizations to make this stuff available, but unfortunately only the little guy looking at the pics is going to go down.

You did very bad on trying to be funny.

I’ve never seen you contribute here before, and you certainly aren’t contributing anything worthwhile now. There is nothing funny about what is happening, and everyone of us can be an asset to ending this tyranny. Maybe you shoudl just observe for a little while until you learn what is happening here. I was in prison for 7 years and there are many prominent people caught up in this thing and all of them can be a great asset.

I would love to be a fly on the wall in this guy’s sex offender treatment group. He will be slammed especially if he sentenced anyone for the same offenses.

Uploaded CP on 27 separate occasions, but is only being charged with 2 counts.
I guess when you’re a judge, you don’t get the book thrown at you. Had this been you or me, we would have been hit with all 27 counts.
That’s equal justice for you.
And the phrase, “nobody is as bad as their worst decision, nor as good as their best success.” He’ll find out about that later when he’s on the registry for life and the public starts saying what an evil monster he is. Worst of the worse, remember?

As to the charge, this is common in CP cases of possession vs. distribution (as I have heard ) .
in Santa Clara County , Ca. , you are charge with one count when the # of images found is under a threshold amount.
As to the quote? That is a preemptive statement by a lawyer to try and create sympathy for his client. While true, it is seldom applied by the public, especially towards sex offenders.

Like pine marten to feathered snair.

Call me cynical if you will. He will likely do time, but I suspect he will get off easier that others in his position. I wait for sentencing with bated breath.


A similar situation happened a few years ago in Texas, but I can not remember if it were a judge, district attorney or a police officer. When law enforcement went to his house to arrest him, he refused to come out. So law enforcement surrounded his house and waited. The man killed himself rather that be arrested and suffer the consequences of the sex registry.

That was an assitant DA and it was also the beginning of the end for “To Catch a Predator.”

Last edited 5 months ago by Ditto

Any chance he gets out of registering?

Very little chance. It does happen, though. A man of some standing locally in the central valley avoided registration on a similar charge a few yrs ago.

An example of how diverse the registrant community. Lifestyles, income status and even career choice has nothing to do with this. A highly educated man, with a successful career in public service and evidently in a loving relationship has had his life destroyed.
His choices were poor ( like so many of us ) , but what is worse is how he will be judged ( no pun intended ) going forward. The saying, ‘ The higher they are, the harder they fall’? Hope he survives his landing.

Yea, good thought there friend. Far too many off themselves over the fall from high places. Too many around here far to willing to nail the guy to the wall. He’s a human first, and a judge second or fifth. He could be a valuable asset for the cons in the prison’s LL.

Federal judge brett Blomme ruined his entire life viewing images of children being abused.Ironiclly He worked in the juvenile court division I wonder how many families this guy destroyed and how many juveniles has this guy sent to prison.
Lucky for Brett he’s a federal judge so he’s definitely gonna be placed in protective custody so he won’t be in any real danger BUT if that was you or me we definently would’ve been placed on the mine line with the murderers and hard core prison gangs.
I know Brett’s sitting in jail right now thinking OMG i cant believe this is happening to me I just wanna go home please GOD I’ll sign any deal they give me just no jail time please Lord.
His lawyer said he already signed a plea letter because he intends on pleading guilty little dose Brett know his punishment hasn’t even started yet wait till he gets out on parole and forced to register with a GPS tracking device strap to his leg for the next 5 years and that’s just the beginning of life on the registry believe it or not it gets worse he’s gonna be wishin he was back in the can chillin with his old prison buddy’s

Good luck

You know you’re preaching to the choir don’t you. We all know exactly what he is headed for. Doubt he will get a gps with a CP charge. But sounds like you would know better than I.

I probably do BUT everybody aren’t veterans like you and me some people are new to this we gotta keep telling our storys and letting people know about the experiences and obstacles we’ve been through and we gotta Inspire the youth and the newcomers to the ACSOL community.

Good luck

Last edited 5 months ago by AERO1

No, he is not a “Federal judge”. He’s a state judge working in the Milwaukee County circuit.
You got that one wrong. Will he be placed in protective custody? Perhaps, perhaps not. I was in prison (federal – gen pop) with a policeman/detective who was doing time on a police brutality charge (not in protective custody). He had no problems with anyone, and he became a good friend. (Although he did have anger management problems, for which he sought out counseling). I doubt the judge is going to have a hard time in prison. He’ll likely be providing legal services and advice to many of the inmates who are working on their appeals. I had another very good friend who was a well-known criminal defense attorney doing federal time for a while. He had a line of inmates outside his cell waiting for legal advice which he did on a daily basis. The judge has valuable skills, and he will likely be protected from the apes who like to act like apes. GOOD LUCK!

Ah, another clown, in a black robe, gets caught for violating the very same laws he used to enforce. “Do as I say, but not as I do,” he probably says.

I agree. Would love to see this clown, formerly of the nationwide black robe clown show, in sex offender “treatment.” Let’s see this former “Your Honor” subject to the “lie detector,” “risk assessments,” and non-confidential treatment.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x