Bill honoring abolitionist aims to expand human trafficking prevention

CLEVELAND (Catholic News Service) — Two members of Congress have introduced a bill to expand successful trafficking prevention efforts in schools and businesses.

Reps. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) and Karen Bass (D-Calif.) introduced the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection and Reauthorization Act of 2021 in the House of Representatives Sept. 3.

“During COVID … the exploitation of children has risen substantially, mostly online, and there is kind of like a pent-up demand to exploit, it’s lingering there,” Smith said during a livestreamed news conference prior to the bill’s introduction.

“As COVID further diminishes, we’re going to see people who feel they’re entitled to exploit young women or boys and we have to make sure we have all the tools arrayed against them,” he said….

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Oh the irony, that celebrating a man who fought against the abuse of human rights, but the bill fails to address the registry which is nothing but an electronic slave collar to ensure a discriminated class can never regain basic rights of human dignity.

This guy is so full of shit its amazing. he must be stopped. everyone contact their reps and lobby to stop this bill. is this not unconstitutional on its face?

I was commenting on what was previously up regarding expansion of IML. What happened to that article?

And how much of the supposed increase in “online sex trafficking” is due to those bait-and-switch stings? Guessing in the neighborhood of 100%.

Stop doing those and “online sex trafficking” would be all but eliminated. Wouldn’t cost a dime, either. In fact, how many millions would be saved?

Last edited 2 years ago by Dustin

Human trafficking…… also a behavior augmented by unfettered use of the database. Sure the cops & DA can and will use the data to convict, but not before the crime occurs. Smith is a repeat offender of the constitutional prohibitions on Congress. It is hard to swallow his degradation of the great causes expressed by a man some consider the GOAT orator in American history in Frederick Douglass, while taking dough from big tech firms to endorse the human slavery to machine database upkeep inherent in SOR. Meanwhile in Virginia, down goes the statue reminder of human slavery, and those who fought to the death to defend it’s utility!

I’d like to see someone challenge them both on the stats they’re espousing as valid to do this. He’s known to spout stats without any source to create fervor in his favor, i.e. IML.

I’d also like to see the Bishop of his congregation challenged on this since it’s under the Catholic church this is being presented. There are certain tax laws the church must maintain in avoiding being political.

Does anyone proofread these blog entries???
“Cathlic [sic] News Service”

And, as I mentioned in the original post, shouldn’t businesses like “hotels and airlines” be concerned about this; the same way they should be concerned about the new TX abortion law?

Chris smith? I don’t think so. Let’s lobby the legislators this time and get this nonsense KILLED. Smith wants war he’ll get one.

There is no “child trafficking” crisis, but fueling paranoia over this nonsense is spurring real crime against innocent people, such as this horrific massacre:

It’s great to know that horrible law has to be reauthorized though. And if it isn’t, that means it’s effectively repealed. And if it is, I am OUTTA HERE. I have HAD it with this crazy country.

Ironic . One would say its a bit more than ironic. Its more like a double standard type of issue. Douglas was a Baptist and this Catholic person wants to go against the status quo. Sure its ironic. One wonders who is good today in government or can a database tell a person were this Convid came from. Douglas was a leader

We all know Chris Smith is an idiot and **** ***. On the other side of the sh*t token, I have no idea how Karen Bass was voted in. As a legislator, Karen Bass had a record number of absences during legislative sessions — and has even more questionable and corrupt activities that you can Google about her yourself.

Bass claimed to be for police accountability, but her actions, in many respects, speak otherwise. Last year, she was a vocal supporter of the George Floyd protests, yet she has done nothing, in making a positive contribution, for improving civil rights for all.

Why do people continue to elect incompetent “public servants” to represent them?

Our government is a disaster, thanks to incompetents like Christopher Smith and Karen Bass.

Proof that [Both parties], could be equally evil.

Last edited 2 years ago by Steven

Anytime I see the name Chris Smith (R-N.J.), the main force behind International SORA, my heart rate increases. What is this man’s vendetta? Is there a way we can support whoever else is running against him next time around? I wish he would learn what kind of life people on the Registry lead. I wonder if it would even matter to him.

Here we go again with the expert in trafficking rep. Chris Smith. He certainly likes trafficking registrants and their families domestic and international in case something might happen. Rep. Smith has been in Congress as long as I’ve been alive. He’s done nothing productive except cause more harm and waste resources. Even the state department doesn’t back up his reasoning for this bill and should fail due to lack of evidence in what he claims is happening.

time to end Rep. Chris Smith’s career in Congress and expanding his resume on con legislation.

Kamala Harris came home to the beautiful state of California a couple days ago to help her old pal Gavin Newsom fight against the recall, during her speech she said this recall was just the far right Republican party trying to take a swipe at the democratic party because they know if they can change the legislation here in California they can change the legislation across the whole country.
Another very close friend of Gavin Newsom President Joe Biden is also scheduled to campaign against the recall process in a couple of days.
If People forced to register in California wanna get Washington’s attention start applying pressure on the Governor to change the Registry Tier Laws here in California we all know anytime …
[Moderator’s edit]
Honestly I don’t think their prepared for us right now they aren’t even thinking about us, now would be the perfect time to flex our power to show the VP the fight against people forced to register she started back home isn’t over.

Good luck

Last edited 2 years ago by AERO1

Always felt sex offender restrictions almost seem to mimic some Jim Crow era laws. Shame this law doesn’t expose that. Wonder if by using Fredrick Douglas’ name on the bill, people are now going to associate human trafficking with black people and think the problem is ‘a black thing’. js

Frederick Douglas’s second wife was a white woman twenty years younger than him, for which he was criticized. I don’t think he’d love having this law named after him.

Reps. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) and Karen Bass (D-Calif.) are among the two in the bottom of a barrel in society, IMO.