CA: Second sex offender found in San Mateo County-owned senior housing

Source: 9/21/21

A second convicted sex offender who found a home in a Redwood Shores hotel turned senior housing complex will be relocated after staff and community members became aware of his convictions months after moving into the site.

“All of the proper protocols were followed by the organization and they did everything under the law that they can do in regard to this situation,” County Manager Mike Callagy said about the nonprofit Mid-Pen Housing which operates the senior housing facility, Shores Landing.

Freddie _____, 64, was convicted on sodomy charges in 1983, according to the California Megan’s Law website and has not been convicted of any further crimes since his release in 1991.

Freddie _____ is the second Shores Landing resident discovered to have a past of sexual crime. In early August Mid-Pen staff, discovered 70-year-old Sanchez ______ had been imprisoned for the continual sexual abuse of a child.

Given that the offense committed by both men occurred more than seven years ago, the typical window used for background searches, the convictions had not been discovered before the tenants moved into the site located directly next door to a child care center.
County officials were alerted to Freddie _____’s placement after he voluntarily reported his criminal history to facility staff. Members of the Redwood Shores Community Association have also been informed, Callagy said.

Callagy also argued for balance on the issue. As a parent, he empathizes with concerns for the children while also acknowledging that everyone is deserving of housing regardless of their past criminal behavior.

“We don’t want them living under a bridge or an encampment or somewhere they can’t get the resources to help themselves,” Callagy said. “These aren’t just homeless [residents], these are homeless seniors who are now in a safe environment where they’re thriving.”

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This is just sad, what can-you say. I am so sick with all this crap going on and we can’t get the registry deemed as punishment , can’t see how they get away with it. This guys crime was years ago. And still follows him everywhere, sad just sad.

Horrible. Puts me into despair to read this.

This why we need the off ramp. This man did not have any crimes in 30+ years, yet he is being kicked out because someone used the registry to identify and harass him.

I know Janice, Chance, and Co. have done so much and this takes time. But Lord, this is frustrating.

Life sentence no matter what anyone says.

I’m so sick and tired of this discrimination. If they want to do this to RPs, they need to start kicking out everyone who has ever had a traffic ticket too. But I guess its ok if they have people living there who have been convicted of drug dealing, murder, armed robbery, etc. I would say what’s really on my mind, but I would be banned and the FBI would be at my door.

What ever happened to “Honesty is the best Policy”? He volunteered the information, so they did not “find” him as they stated first of all. He was honest enough to disclose his decade old offense just to be ousted. Why are they saying they found another registrant? Are they looking for them? What a horrible situation, and like we all agree, yet another proof that the registry is nothing but punishment. Chipping away at the registry is obviously not what needs to be done. It has to be abolished in its entirety. End of story!

The California DOJ don’t care if your old and sick or young and healthy if your placed in tier 3 you will most likely die on the registry, I feel sorry for these two old men.
The Public Defender working on my petition said he meet with Scott Wiener and several other politicians including the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office about SB384 because he’s spearheading the petition process in LA county.
One of things he said they told him was SB384 was created for people who committed their crimes at very young age and was no more then 5 years older then their victim he also said neurological studies have shown youg peoples cerebral cortex isn’t fully developed as a person who is over the age of 25.
I guess Thats why people with the same charges are placed in different tier levels, California has some of the toughest sex offender laws in the nation, even the new tier system is a bunch of BS I just hope next year on my birthday this wide awake nightmare will finally be over.

Good luck

It appears the board is more concerned with staying as board members through this than actuality being understanding citizens of each situation through knowledge. Wonder what each board member is hiding? Anyone check their backgrounds?

Well, this is disturbing. Not me who checked the Megan’s Law Scam website, but in my area (which is a middle class area), there are several hundred “sex offenders” within less than five miles from my address. Blue dots everywhere, just like almost every area of California. There is also a nursing home with more than one sex offender living there. The sex offenders at the nursing homes have convictions older than 15 years. There is even one registrant who had his Megan’s Law Scam website picture taken with an oxygen tube connected to his nose (and he is over 80 years old).

Where does our Incompetent Government believe its “sex offender” citizens should go when they grow older? Add to the several tens and thousands of homeless sex offenders on the streets?

Lol when I first joined the registry, there were only a handful of sex offenders within a few miles radius of me. Now there are more than I can count… it’s almost laughable. Blue dots every where. Pretty soon everyone is going to have to “register” for a crime… which makes sense since there’s over a million sex offenders in America now.

”Land of the Free?” GTFO! 😂🤣😂🤣

Also, isn’t there a provision in law that prohibits anyone from using the Megan’s Law Scam website for purposes of discriminating people as it relates to housing?

Logic dictates that we RSO’s who comply with registration requirements (including the senior citizens referenced in this article and who self-disclosed) would be the LEAST LIKELY to offend. Compliance with the law is reflexive of a man who intends to ‘live honestly’. Those who do not intend to abide by the laws, it would then follow, would neither register nor disclose.

“As the City of London’s chief of police said of England’s late-nineteenth-century convict registration law, “only those who chose to report themselves did so, and…they were the men who wanted to live honestly, but that those who would not report themselves disappeared.” Radzinowicz, L. & Hood, R. – A History of English Criminal Law and its Administration from 1750, vol. 5, at 1347 (quoting 1896 newspaper report of a quote attributed to Chief of Police Sir James Frazier).

But hey…that makes too much sense…and that is something that police, prosecutors, politicians, and the public cannot afford to engage in.

You know it is sad that anyone has to instill sex to steal from another but when you put two and two together are we all offenders in one way or another. and Janice thanks for helping me out on that last comment I wrote. Human emotions can go a bit to far in labeling and/or judging.

And once again the irrational takes over.
In the one case his crime was over 35 years ago and nothing since he got out in ’91.

Not to mention, what were the circumstances of the offenses?

Did either man snatch a child off the street or out of a park or from a daycare center?
Sounds to me like it was somebody that they had routine access to, like a family member.

I’m so tired of people’s stupidity

Very sad. Many schools now require you to submit a CDL so they can scan the National Sex offender registry and determine if your on it. I’m just happy (and lucky) my offenses where expunged and I obtained a COR! Best of luck

Worked at a senior retirement community in Therapy Dept. They had a resident that was considered a child predator and was not allowed to be alone with his grandchildren. After My offense arrest (misdemeanor CP) and before my conviction, I was told I would be banned from accessing the Community and they immediately reported me to the state. I asked why , if my offense was not yet a conviction, why was I being treated like this. They were allowing a convicted sexual child predator to live there when kids were constantly coming there to visit relatives. The answer I got was expected. Since the buy in was almost 1 million and the residents paid over $7000 a month to live there, it was all about the Benjamins. The facility was private, not county run, but any senior facility has to meet fed, state and county guidelines. When waiving a big check, officials will look the other way.