GA: ‘Her death would not be in vain’: Petition could create new sex offender ID policy for ATL nightlife

Source: 9/30/21

ATLANTA (CBS46) — A new petition could make it harder for sex offenders to get into metro Atlanta bars and night clubs.

The petition already has close to 10,000 signatures and it was started by friends of a local bartender who was kidnapped and raped.

Chris Anthony said it doesn’t feel like it’s been almost two months since his friend 27-year-old Mariam Abdulrab was taken from him, “Honestly it still feels fresh you know when you don’t have any answers.”

Police believe DeMarcus Brinkley kidnapped Abdulrab from her boyfriend’s front yard and shot her to death shortly after.

Her murder sparked outrage across the city, “We need community leaders to start talking about this,” one community member said at a city protest.

Now a new petition started by Mariam’s friends aims to limit the access sex offenders like Brinkley have to women like Mariam.

“This would be great for simply checking someone’s ID and having a heads up,” Her friend Chris Anthony said.

More than 7,000 people have already signed the petition pushing for a new law that would require sex offenders to have some sort of marker on their Georgia ID.

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Have a Marker ????say what…cause you can’t keep a eye on your Drunk murder friend like that will do any good fool. Oh you a great friend to keep her out of harm’s way NOT!!! So blame other people. What a whip ..

What am I missing here? The guy kidnapped a woman from her boyfriend’s front yard and shot her shortly thereafter so the remedy is to put markers on registrant IDs so they can be kept out of nightclubs?
How exactly would this have prevented the crime? Was the boyfriend’s backyard in a bar?

Beyond tragic. But something else that may have saved her life was her boyfriend who saw the kidnapping. If it were me, I’d be rushing out the door to confront a-hole instead of sitting on 911 and saying, “Oh, my God, I can’t believe I’m watching my girlfriend get kidnapped at gun point.” No exclamation point. Yeah, he didn’t try to save her. Trying would have been a more immediate remedy and more effective than an ID.

Check out the 911 call:

Girlfriend, relative, child, whoever, I’d love to to save someone and would die trying if necessary.

This seems like the sort of tragic yet rare crime that in a civilized country would not be a call for the imposition of radically inhumane policies.

Oh wait.

F*** Chris Anthony. Guess who doesn’t give the first f*** about his problems or feelings? If he wasn’t into harassing other people maybe I would care a tiny bit. But nope. That is what his glorious Oppression Lists have given him.

What do nightclubs or bars have anything to do with her death? So she was a bartender who was kidnapped in her boyfriend’s front yard and where was her boyfriend? A solution looking for problem where the boyfriend was useless.

If her boyfriend would of intervened this women would still be alive, what a coward.
I guarantee you by 2025 sex offender identifiers on ID cards will be mandatory in every state, the DOJ knows the registry isn’t doing anything but wasting police departments time and money.
The new SORNA laws are comeing once every state is done reclassifying and Tiering their registrants the federal government will come in and seal the deal.

Good luck

Interesting. This suspect had a long criminal history dating back to high school. Not one of the articles I scanned said he was on the sex offender registry. Odd because that is usually highlighted in these cases; “Convicted sex offender ….”

There is only a tangential reference saying, “Court documents show Brinkley was behind bars from 2013 to 2016 for a number of charges including aggravated child molestation.” Another report in 2013 states officers were called in reference to Brinkley “trying to rape a 5-year-old female.” Was there a sex offense conviction? Was he on the registry?

In any case, whether or not he was on the registry has no bearing on the murder. If he was, it validates the fact that registries do nothing to prevent serious crimes. If he was not registered, then the irrelevance of this petition is revealed.

There are already 7000 signatures on the petition. Home Depot must be completely sold out of pitchforks and torches.


Why do I think a legislative person is behind this effort secretly and using this as a cover story to front it in an effort to get is passed emotionally? There’s no connection among the facts of the case. GA becoming FLA Jr?

This is a textbook example of the term: Blame shifting. When will society ever come to terms with the fact that NOT everyone with a prior sex offense […] shares the same pathology? [moderator fixed the negative negative error]

I would have much less of a problem with this purposed law if it actually targeted men who have a history of hurting women, especially while drinking.

Instead, they are targeting people who’s former crimes are more likely then not to be nonviolent and in many cases had nothing to do with women.

If you are going to make a law, at least give some effort into making it a good one.

Last edited 2 years ago by Etenne

“A new petition could make it harder for sex offenders to get into metro Atlanta bars and night clubs.”

Whew, good thing SCOTUS said there aren’t any traditional punishments like banishment and that PFRs can “live and work as other citizens.”

Will there be marked licenses on abusers so another Gabby Petito doesn’t happen? Or the guy that shot a 5 year for riding his bike on his lawn, where’s his mark?

Sex is the crime people go insane with the pitchforks.

As tragic as this was, the thousands of sex offenders on the registry had nothing to do with this case, but for some reason they are seeking to restrict us all in vengeance of their friend. This is the beginning of how vigilante laws get made. First it becomes a city law, then a state law, then a national law. Where I come from, this is pure ‘get-back and then some’.

Last edited 2 years ago by Rob

Does anyone know if Demarcus Brinkley was found guilty? I checked Georgia’s jail records and found he his arrest records, but I wasn’t able to find the court case. I also didn’t find him using the Georgia Department of Corrections inmate search. It’s just that, not only did the crime not occur inside a bar, this is all based on presumed guilt. Also, the reports say he had a gun. That can explain why the boyfriend did not intervene, but also raises questions about why that doesn’t seem to be the issue here? It was directly involved in the commission of the crime. I am not advocating for “take all guns away from everyone” because that is not really the issue here. It’s blanket policies that are only vaguely related to crime in question and there is no evidence that the policy would have had any effect other than to publically shame everyone else.