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Fred…Punishment, penalties or even persuading endeavors who can be right in these matters. Sure many can cry foul on biblical grounds or as many say does one size fit all in this registry game. Their are many that didn’t have a chance to go to a jury but were given a plea deal or bargain. or if one may say the lesser of the two evils. Should one look at a plea bargain, or deal as a bribery type of technique.

Man is always gonna have challenges and/or complications when it comes to others wanting to overthrow others whether in this registry ruse or other matters. Many citizens don’t even understand this and conclude that this registry is about raping someone but who is taking advantage of who? Is the registry actually protecting someone in this web of deceit in this cloud hanging over one’s head.

One wonders if able men and women are able to tie their shoes right or is everything a plea deal away or based on merit. Where is the true justice in America or any nation?

Saddles- true justice. Obviously, registries have the preponderance of lawmakers in agreement. Thou state and federal judges, state supreme courts have repeatedly ruled that unconstitutionality flows through it all. The protection of justice for all in the so called balance of power is circumvented by creative writing without true oversight. If, and when, sound actual oversight is implemented by a spark of selfless legislation, only then will hope be restored, lives will change. Throughout history, that spark happens and sends true justice into the light and repairs society. Don’t know how I can ignite that spark, or anyone for that matter. A mind has to shift or we’re all screwed.

Fred to be honest and the others on here. The comment I wrote is about the same as the one I wrote for a comment to FAC only difference is two twists in the post that I presented to ACSOL. While I talk about a merit and yes there is a merit system in America should one say who is actually meriting from this confusing type system. 

While everything seems to be on a merit system. Businesses are a merit system, government is a type of merit system, promotions based on merit or a type of advancement but is this type of system right? One does wrong and yes they are branded as some say for life. Even this registry is a branded type system or a merit system if one really studies it. You have the negative and the positive or which is the lesser of the two evils.

Was listening to a preacher on the lesser of the two evils and it even got around to presidency also of Adams and Thomas Jefferson course everyone has a right to vote if they chose to. Even heated debates can get a bit out of balance as much of this registry can also so were does one say as Janice and many more have said enough is enough. Confusion! Yes the registry is that and much more.

I just received the new form from my local office stating that I was tier 2.

I was looking online and it appears that starting January 1, 2022, tier 2 registrants will no longer have their address posted on Megan’s Law, just the zip code and other information.

Can someone verify this? I went through the new legislation but, it’s very hard to make heads and tails of all the legal working. Getting too old for this haha.

David R – Yes, Tier 2 will be Zip Code only. This is my take on it anyways.

Prob T-1 off (?)
HOWEver, T-3 is visits x4 times a year and prob visits everymonth by the goon-squad when the person power (no longer Man Pwr) is readily available again, depending on Co./City Gov. THEY (T-3) until two more Tiers are added will CLUMP all 288’s (most), murder with sex crime, prob distrib of CP and REAL Trafficers and all severe and worst MVP (SVP’s) for ML Website/and CA DOJ in ONE Cat.
NOT FAIR, either ABOLISH SITE for pub view OR CORRECTLY ADD x2 add Tiers with upper levels where CP drops below 3, 288 is bottom and SVP’s Lifer’s in Mental Inst., and kid killers/sex crimes adding to the other 2.
YES, A B O L I S H The Reg!!! Period, but BE REALISTIC, they already F up’d and put CP NON Distrib NON CONTACT on Level TIER 3 should be 1 or 2 worse case scenario. Just callin it as I (not others) as I SEE IT today and next year, looking fwd to removal someday before we die. No FL for me! You All Be Safe Now, I have for over 4 decades, still here on PICS CALI and NO CP no threat or violence nor force nor scare tactics nor dist of or promo of ANY Minor let alone a relationship known. NO BAG OF HALLOWEEN CANDY HERE! They hate us, PERIOD. CASOMB included otherwise THEY would of stepped up to the plate to correct this unjust to The Gov. and made plea to the SAC Gov in the CAP. for Cali! Sorry other States this was , WAS a CALIF Group NOT national Narsol thing. I SPEAK CA!

T3 do not have to register 4 times a year. The only people that current do are those that were specifically designated by the court as “Sexually Violent Predators”.

Tier 1 offenders have always been zip code only Tier 2 and 3 full name and address beginning January 1st 2022 same as it always was

This is wrong. There have been various offenses that are not subject to being on the site such as certain misdemeanors. Provided those offenses now fall into Tier 1, they will continue not being displayed on ML as has been the case up to now. Tier 1 registrants will not be displayed on the site.

Aero – I believe you are incorrect. Here is what I read and researched: No juvenile offender or Tier 1 adult offender will be profiled.
Some registrants currently excluded from MLW will be added to MLW (such as 647.6 and felony CP)
Tier 2 registrants will be posted on MLW, but home address will be omitted and replaced with “the community of residence and ZIP code”.
Tier 3 registrants will have home address disclosed on MLW.

If you’re talking about CA tiered registry, you’re incorrect.

T1 – No internet presence (for most)

T2 – Name, pic, and postal code (T1 who’s offense includes a 647.6 are treated as T2 for internet purposes)

T3 – Full info online

The January 1st thing is basically when they’ll throw people up on the internet per the above who may have otherwise had an exclusion via that form you fill out.

Where are you guys getting this information from ???

Aero1 – It’s everywhere when researching the new SB384 law

It’s all in SB384.

Except a lot of previously T-1s now become T-3s and exposed to vigilantes. More so than before.

From all these online posts and comments from NARSOL, FAC, and many others that advocate for this registry Janice and her team seem to understand a bit more of if this constitutional Justice and law and many of you all do also but much of this registry has gone well beyond constitutional law.

So today I got an alert on my Experian account. So I logged into my account and it was on New Sex Offenders who just registered in my neighborhood. So Not only do we have Michigan BS registry plastering our information everywhere, the home neighbor web groups, etc… now we have credit bureaus sending out alerts to their customers about registrants in their neighborhoods. Experian reasoning for this is so family are aware of dangers in their neighborhoods to keep their families safe. WOW!!!! Where are the ones who are druggies, DUIs, larencies, thefts, etc…. when is enough, enough!!!

So, does being a registrant now affect your credit score?
Will your credit be denied because you are a registrant?
Sounds like some new young programmer at Experian had too much time on his hands, so decided to link to a convenient and popular database 😒.

Credit bureaus in America are like the registry—a force of evil that contribute to homelessness and despair, protecting vested business interests. And, like the registry, their operation is almost entirely unique to America. No one in any other country is denied a place to live based on their credit score or their criminal history. In this regard, America is uniquely evil. It’s just the same nonsense of Jim Crow brought to the millennium. My mom grew up on Long Island, her family house deed in iconic Levittown said no black people could live there. It’s a good thing we can’t deny housing based on race, but we merely shifted discrimination, because it’s what American suburbs thrive on. I refuse to live in an American suburb.

I would drop the account.

I just received my court minutes from my 1994 243.4(a) where I took a plea agreement and right there on the plea registering as a sex offender was not a requirement. Do I have any chance? I was just informed that I was out in tier 3.


I would suggest asking the aclu, right now the simple answer is no, in Michigan the legislature doesn’t care, even though several courts have ruled in your favor,,,,,
There are about a dozen people on here in the same situation, and we are being asked to wait for Does 3 lawsuit that should be filed any day now, by the aclu,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I hope the trip to California was fruitful and helpful in moving the Process of due process AND expose facto forward
Wasn’t Wensday the first day of fall?

No Dr.ask the database as it knows everything. Isn’t that what its all about or are we all missing something or where does demise or devise come into play in these plans to castrate ones’ understanding. ACLU is an option but I think Janice is doing a good job as well as some of the others…… Sounds like someone is being screwed over with this registry.

will you post the contact information for the database of which you speak?

I would highly advise you to contact Janice Bellucci or Chance Oberstein about your matter, both head up ACSOL.

My 1995 sentencing instructions from the judge said that I was not required to register (nor give a DNA sample). My first probation officer said I was lucky I didn’t have to register, but my second probation officer didn’t care – she said I either register or go to jail – my choice. My attorney had gone back to work for the DA’s office so no help. I did talk to another attorney who said state law required registering, no matter what the judge says. He also said it was no big deal. You just register once, and you never have to worry about it again. And no one except law enforcement has access to the registry.

That sure didn’t last long 😒.

Doc or Doctor or whatever. If one stays in fear of this registry they are gonna be in fear. Sure there are three types of pardons.. Simple, absolute, and conditional. I didn’t qualify for any of them. Sure I was given a certificate of my rights back but I sent it back. Sure I’m still on probation.

Still waiting for the contact information on the database of which you speak?
I don’t think the (database) knows everything!
I think the database only has information that the cops feed it.
In my case, 30 days county, 4yrs probation, psychiatric evaluation, non-predatory,
But not a word about saving a cops life, I pulled him out of a garage that had a running car, the fumes had overcome him,
Like I said, only what the cops want the world to see !!!
SO […]

Doc.. The internet is an entity media of chatters. Sure it is a communication base and no one owns the internet. Sure man invited it. One could say the internet or database is garbage in garbage out. Some stockholders that put their trust in this are like a stock holders holding a roost of pig pens.

If internet can be trusted I am sure many have got scammed up in many ways thru it. One should never put their trust in man’s’ device as it can cause a lot of pain and sorrow. As far as the internet concern some do use it for business purposes but person to person is much better than an impromptu machine or should we all use smoke signals again or even carrier pigeon’s.

Wondering if anyone anywhere has tried to get a conviction based on a STING by LEO? Mine was a 664/288(a) attempted molest of a person under 14 even though no one involved was under 14 years of age. I get Tier 2 in CA with my release date of Feb 2003 which means I have another roughly two years before I can request removal. In the meantime I have gotten a COR but the Judge still required registration. I am wonder if anyone has attacked the STING and won

Correction! I knew I couldn’t spell. To beat it all I got an A in spelling. While this registry is a chatter of hodge-podge inflation, it also brings on a type of chattel type of effect a by manipulative ruse of sex. I wouldn’t even know if they use the chattel methods anymore to posses.
While in theory one can call it a database or platform or a type of modus operndi, whatever… but it is the method and principal that many are looking for or how can you screw in a nut if the threads are uneven. Even a mechanic would tell you that. The threads won’t pass thru if the threads are uneven to the nut. Sounds logical in theory.

Prison for failing to “register” an email address?

At what point will judge’s start questioning these fatuous & excessive punishments that only apply to those once convicted of sexual offenses?

F#ck “strict liability”!!
The prosecutor should be required to produce evidence that ALL registered emails are, in fact, used to prevent sexual offenses. Prove that all the submitted email addresses are actually run through some computer system to check them against unsolved sex crimes! Are they checked for illegal communications with minors (if that is, indeed, illegal)?? If all the email addresses of registrants are collected for no real purpose and are not used for any actual screening or crime prevention, then there should be no resulting prosecution for failing to submit information that is never used. Especially if a person’s freedom is in the balance.

How do I go about receiving my Parole records in California? I completed the mandatory Sex Offender treatment and was discharged in two years which is earlier than my required 3 years. I never failed a lie detector test and completed all required curriculum. I have a 243.4(a) which excludes me from the internet and haven’t been on for around 12 years. Now they tell me that I’m tier 3..I cannot be in the internet! This will really impact my family’s life. I need to get this paperwork from Ca parole so I can submit to DOJ. Can someone please tell me what do I need to do? Thank you!

What is your charge? Felony or misdemeanor? If it’s a felony, you are Tier 3. If you can reduce your charge to a misdemeanor via 17b, you should do so. I was Tier 3 before reducing my charge to misdemeanor via 17b. Now Tier 1. Same charge as yours.

I never heard of 17b. I’ll look into it. Janice gave me Chance Oberstein’s info and I just sent copies of my court records to him. Hopefully something can be done. This charge was brought up 4 months into fighting another case (a drive by shooting). I was never interviewed by the detectives…all they did was throw a bunch of nasty charges on me…and at the time I was 18 and scared! 3 strikes just came out…so I plead down to felony sexual battery with a promise to never have to register. Little did I know that decision would impact mine and my family’s lives forever.

So if your a misdemeanor 243.4a and you HAVE been designated Tier 1 those individuals will not be posted on the MLW in 2022 correct?
BTW i had a pc17.b and it was reduced to a misdemeanor.

If you’re no longer on parole, I don’t see why you cannot use the internet, unless it was court ordered. Once you’re off parole, you’re pretty much free to do what you want.
As far as your parole records, try contacting your former parole officer and ask him/her. You’ll probably have to file a FOIA request as well.

I’m not sure there’s much you can do about this without getting a lawyer involved to maybe wiggles something positive for you. The tiered registry is pretty black and white in how it works. It’s 99% conviction code based and your actual conduct on supervision is irrelevant.

Daimon – You can still be excluded with this charge. Please see Form CJIS 4046D (Revision 1/21). Basis for exclusion (Please check one that applies):
Felony conviction of Pen. Code, § 243.4(a) (no documents required).
The only way they would post you online is if your Static 99-R score is 3 or more. Just google Megans Law Exclusion form and you will find this form. I think you have to wait until 1/1/22 to submit this form, though, but maybe others can chime in.

Thank you!!!

Daimon – While a 17b reduction to a misdemeanor is always a good thing to do if you can, were you able to look at the Megan’s Law exclusion form I mentioned. It clearly states that “felony battery” can be excluded and no documents are required. Provided your Static-99R score is less than 3. You will have to file for exclusion, though. It will not be automatic.

@Someone Who Cares – I know that Janice and chance have stated they’re going to discuss exclusions as a topic at the next meeting on the 16th, I believe the information you were quoting is from either The current types of exclusions, or the original proposed exclusions for SB421 before it failed. The eight page DOJ FAQ document with a date of February, 2021 on it states that the only exclusions or if the victim is a family member of some sort. I certainly hope there are more exclusions available than that. But that is all I’ve been able to find. It will be interesting to hear what Janice and Chance have to say on this topic in a few weeks.

Mr D – Let’s hope the form is accurate as it is dated 1/1/21 and still on the website. I wonder if only the part where it says, it has to be a family member is questioned. The other offenses will hopefully not be removed. That would not make no sense at all. A felony conviction of Pen. Code, § 243.4, subdivision (a) – Sexual Battery. (No documents required)

  • A misdemeanor conviction of Pen. Code, § 647.6, (formerly section 647a) – Annoy or molest a child. (No documents required)

so misdemeanor 243.4a will NOT be posted on January 1st 2022?

Aren’t you the same person who shared the plea agreement where the option to register was “xxx’d out”? Provided that’s legit, then I would contact either Janice Bellucci or Chance Oberstein, who are in charge of this site you’re on.

That’s the only way to avoid being on Megan’s List (ML), but also if proven correct, then you won’t be on the registry.

Aside from that, your conviction is specifically identified for Tier 3 and cannot be excluded from ML under the new tiered registry system, SB 384. There isn’t anything else you can do, unfortunately.

SB 384 bill text:

1) Do a search for your conviction 243.4. (Press CTRL and F at the same time to start the find function. A small, new window should pop up. Type in 243.4 in the text box. Use the arrows to scroll up or down within that text box.) This will identify you as a tier 3 registrant.

2) Do a search for 290.46 and look for the section header 290.46, not within a text. In this section header, it will identify who will or will not be put on Megan’s List. You need to scroll down to (b), lower case ‘b’ subsection.



(b) (1)

Good luck and I hope either Janice or Chance can help you out, especially with your evidence that you weren’t supposed to register at all.

Here is Janice’s email:

F%^$k Them !!!!!!!!!!! MOVE !!! No other state will enforce that after you are off paper. Cali CAN Suck @zz !

I missed S.C. Chief Justice Beatty’s lifetime on registry ruling. Hopefully, S.C. legislature doesn’t play out of the same rule book as Michigan and actually follows the decision. June 2022 will be here soon . Curious. It could be the igniter we need.

My attempt to reduce my felony to a misdemeanor was denied a few years ago citing the fact that I violated the terms of my probation.
My attorney thinks the only way to reduce it at this point is to find a case law that helps my case. Has anyone had any success with similar circumstances?

The details:
I was convicted in March of 2010 of 311.11a (possession of child porn). They gave me a month to turn myself in to serve my time. Prior to even turning myself into jail my house was raided by probation and they found a porn dvd. My fault, I know. Stupid me. However, I finished my 5 years probation after that and never violated again. I’ve been off probation since 2015 and haven’t had even a speeding ticket.

Look at that court transcript and read specifically what Probation wrote about you being denied. Sure, you violated probation, but was there something more like they would require more time before commending you? There could be a possibility that you need more time of being clean before probation can recommend you.

I recall being denied by probation despite completing everything successfully without any problems on a three year probation term. Probation actually cited that more time is needed. I waited an additional five years to petition again and probation recommended the reduction for me. It was because of their recommendation that the judge was swayed to grant it.

I think there’s a statute or something that says five years after citing more time is needed suffices that time term. I’d have your lawyer look into that. Being clean for a long extended period of time could constitute a reason on behalf of the court/public to grant a reduction. I don’t recall what that statute was because I was all for thinking I would be denied that I didn’t pay detailed info about it at the time.

So read that recommendation by Probation, unless it was the DA or judge, then I dunno. You need probation on your side to sway things, though. Good luck!

Thanks for your response. It was the DA that objected and judge denied it without prejudice. As I said, I’ve been off probation for over 5 years with no issues with the law. My attorney said that he thinks the best way to approach them at this point would be with a case law. Use someone else’s successful reduction case as an example. For example, one attorneys website claims he had a client that had thousands of images and hundreds of videos and he was able to reduce to a misdemeanor. Well, I only had 22 files in comparison. Just doesn’t seem right.

What was the probation office’s report recommendation? You haven’t said anything about that.

When you successfully completed probation, then were you granted a case dismissal of 1203.4?

You’re trying to build a case with a lot of support for you to earn a 17B. Earning a 1203.4 is a big step to refute the DA. But you need more such as letters of recommendation and a probation report to recommend you.

The judge is allowing you to re-petition for a 17B at a later time, but you have to know what exactly they want you to do to earn it. The DA’s always deny, so what other factors are you missing?

Good luck!

You know, I really don’t know…. I don’t recall seeing a probation report once I was off probation. I only received a letter that states I am officially off probation effective xx/xx/2015. I suppose I will look into whether there was a probation report afterwards. I do know that the DA said that relief by 1203.4 is not possible because I didn’t reach the requirement to be approved for that relief because of the early violation. However, they also stated the courts do have the discretion to approve but they don’t feel that I’ve given them a good reason to do so in the interest of justice.

If someone’s case involved one of these crooked judges, would he or she have grounds for a re-trial?


Yes, they would possibly have grounds for a re-trail based upon the unbiased nature of the judge involved and the ruling being swayed in favor of the judge, not the litigants. Rulings will be possibly upended; thus making them possibly null and void with a re-trial available if desired.

@Discusted In Michigan. Thou we all need verification in hand, to truly believe a change has gone our way, like getting off paper early, sure sounds good. Sarcasm and disdain is usually as far as certain sheriff’s personnel have gone. I don’t see them outright screwing with you like that. Again, sounds good. Looking forward to your post.

@Rico. That’s a hilarious way to put it. All we can do is wait a day. Either he gets the proof or an excuse.

@Sheldon. Apologises. I mislabelled credit where credit is due. Haven’t heard that saying for a while.

Add Minnesota to the list of States looking to make changes (“improvements” in their view) to its registry burdens. I noticed Patty Wetterling is on the group, which can only work to our favor given the change of heart she’s had about registries. To me this is yet another indicator the tide is turning in our favor.

MI Registry. 2 days prior the MI executive order post, I did sign up for the ACLU’s MI SORA update. I also checked The Oliver Group’s website. It gave great info. All MI registrants must register and comply. It also explained exactly what the new Sora has taken away. I trust those sites completely. We must be diligent prior posting. We owe it to ourselves and everyone here to fact check prior. I suggested before, LE could be posing on this site, spreading misinformation. They could also give us the same, then we pass it. We are all looking for relief and will take any firm of it but deserve more because of the unconstitutionality of the list. I’ll check back tonight , but I’m careful of anything showing up. My limited freedom means too much for me.

@Disgusted. I didn’t want my comment to be an attack. Like you, I only trust a letter from MSP on Sora changes. I watch and listen everywhere, but trust absolutely no one, anywhere with my freedom. Youre probably too pissed to even ask for the paperwork from the LE.

Sometimes “discussions” here seem to get far to spirited to accomplish anything positive for the cause. Perhaps I’m feeling the srainof a 50 yo neighbor of my 30yo son, threatening to do , in other words, great bodily harm to my son. In fking losing sleep and my sht over this. I’m being pushed into using any and all military training. FK. I wot let a bully hurt son. Trying to use relapse prevention. No relief from the registry. On disability, barely have money to survive on. FK face won’t leave my kid alone. LE have been out so many times they are tired of the shit. Trying not to go off the reservation. GDM it. Need a break from somewhere. Oh yeah, shrinks don’t help. Out of 9 only 1 help with quitting alcohol. Have a nice day.

After open heart surgery, suffered from depression.(common). After of trying to push thru it for a year saw a shrink thru henry Ford hospital. I revealed to the shrink I was on he list. Thought shed find out anyways. She ended up putting a memo so any future viewing of my medical files, by any henry ford personnel would see I was on the list. Prior her, u was treated normal. After, I have been treated differently . Sideways remarks, and sometimes refusals to see me for 6 months for serious conditions. (All pre pandemic) I know I have to pay for my crime. But medical care has been different. Their hypocritic oath(spelled correctly) crosses the line. Shame on me for being honest with a shrink. All I can say, is guard that you’re on the registry from every health professional. Prejudice will manifest.

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