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IL: Democrat-Sponsored ‘TEXAS Act’ Would Allow $10K Bounties On Sexual Abusers…

Source: 9/14/21

Two weeks after Texas effectively banned abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, a Democratic state lawmaker in Illinois is proposing a law based on Texas’ model — but turned on its head.

State Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago), who in 2019 sponsored law defining abortion as a fundamental right in Illinois, is introducing a bill dubbed the “EXpanding Abortion Services Act,” the acronym of which spells TEXAS.

The Texas law is uniquely designed, allowing private citizens the right to bring a civil lawsuit against anyone who performs an abortion, gets an abortion or aids in someone getting an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. Opponents of the law have described the minimum $10,000 in damages up for grabs as a “bounty.”

Cassidy’s proposal instead would instead give Illinoisans the right to seek at least $10,000 in damages against anyone who causes an unwanted pregnancy — even if it resulted from consensual sex — or anyone who commits sexual assault or abuse, including domestic violence.

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“…give Illinoisans the right to seek at least $10,000 in damages against anyone who causes an unwanted pregnancy — even if it resulted from consensual sex…”

What the actual F***?!?!?!?!?!?!

A lot of gals will be getting knocked up for that easy 10k and since only females can get pregnant you know what this law will turn into. Where do these lawmakers actually come from? Why is “must have a brain and be able to think” not part of the job description?

I hope this legislator is only presenting this bill sarcastically to punctuate the absurdity of the Texas law. I had to laugh at the consensual sex provision. Would this only apply to men, or could the woman be sued for ovulating and causing an unwanted pregnancy? Really, this can’t be a serious bill.


@Ed C,

I think this is a great law because I would think they would have to allow men to sue women for also causing an unwanted pregnancy or there would be an equal protection issue with the law. We could have men use the law more than women because of this actually. From my experience, for consensual relations, it’s actually more common that the woman contributes to the unwanted pregnancy than the man. I’m not saying it can’t happen both ways but there are plenty of women who want to get pregnant without the consent of the man for all kinds of different reasons and when they do this, they do so by deceit or omission. If a woman tells a man she is on the pill and isn’t or forgets to take the pill during her cycle and doesn’t tell the man, and it it results in an unwanted pregnancy (for the man) because the man didn’t use additional protection based on incorrect information, I would think she caused the unwanted pregnancy and would be liable for the damages instead of the man. That would actually be a wonderful change whereby there is some accountability for the women who try and pull this crap. BTW, this never happened to me but I know a half dozen or so people (with good jobs) who had deceit about birth control happen to them result in pregnancy where the woman was only after the $$$ for the child support so she didn’t have to actually have a job.

Yes, the woman should also be held to the same law. It may be her body but a child requires BOTH an ovary/egg and a little squirmy semen bent on hell to get in.

Great observations! I have experienced women claiming to be pregnant by me only to have it be false. The first time she wanted 1\2 of the cost of the abortion. I thought she should have th kid and let me help her support it. She didn’t want to do it. So I asked her about the doctor, who what when etc. Finally I found out she never was actually pregnant by her friend who told me at an army post bar where I’d met them both. The second time was also BS, but I was again made the fool of my own transgression. These were adult women and not some teeny boppers.

I would oppose this law on the simple basis that it does not go far enough. How many times must we hear about from friends, or from the media, or witness for ourselves individuals who are wholely unsuited to meet the burdens and carry out the responsibilities inherent in being a parent??? No, I am not joking. If SCOTUS allows the new Texas Anti-Abortion Law to stand, State’s should begin enacting laws that REQUIRE prospective parents to take classes and pass a test in order TO BE LICENSED to reproduce and raise children.

Why wouldn’t such laws be reasonable and appropriate??

The state where NARSOL is hosting it’s annual conference, the state where citizens have free rein to sue and abuse women who get an abortion, the state where there are no gun laws, the state where the white racist politicians are doing everything they can to hurt those of color from voting, the state where every ICU bed is full because the gov is trying to kill people rather than prevent them from getting covid. Texas sucks.

Sooner or later – and I’m betting on sooner – Texas is going to become a blue state. The ludicrously absurd abortion law is going to greatly expedite that process. And once Texas falls, the Republicans are going to be on the ropes nationally for decades to come or, at least, until the Democrats completely screw it up, which they are capable of doing (the AOC/Sanders/Warren socialists). People like the current Governor and the insanely unconstitutional abortion law are actually a gift to the Democrats.

Maybe but most of them are heavily vested in the ongoing exploitation concerning big tech and the general welfare. So I wouldn’t be writing big bro out of the picture yet. Never underestimate the value of the database collective, and ubiquitous tech firms to consolidate authority. The thing about electronic imperialism is that both sides of the wheels are greased and always in favor of the King.

Sure the grass roots efforts that have been augmented by the database driven infrastructure are apparent, as the ability to assemble in common cause now occurs faster, nonetheless, provides the establishment an ability monitor groups as they begin to communicate and coalesce online. Plenty of political advantages to that gov ability to practice subversive activity upon groups and advocacy early on in their development. Take FB TOS for example. Denying offenders access not only lends the appearance of benevolence to the database driven firm but simultaneously silences those who would use the property to protest big techs abridging of rights all on there own accord and not by law( imperial like), while simultaneously cozying up to the political and law enforcement agencies in efforts to engage in rent seeking behavior.

Towards the bottom of the full newspaper article is this little passage:

“Ralph Rivera of Illinois Right to Life Action didn’t find Cassidy’s bill very funny, though he did say he would be on board for legalizing bounties for rapists…Otherwise, he speculated some of the broader strokes in the bill might be found unconstitutional”.

But putting bounties on sex offenders? Well, to him, that’s constitutional. May he and all other right-wing extremists rot in hell.

These folks are in need of bounty.

This is the insanity you get when a bad idea gains momentum. We all know how that worked! Copy and paste laws require ZERO creativity or educational background to pass. Ironically, usually constituents with low education and absent of critical thinking skills are the ones that are easily swayed and duped.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am actually really loving these idiotic laws. They will expose the abuses of civil penalties and how they’re an end-around on the Constitution. I say bring them all on! Let’s come up with as many horrible, oppressive, BS “civil” laws we can in order to achieve some sort of change! The more the everyday American is burdened or at risk, the better.

I do think it is funny when millions of people living in America (“Americans”) are burdened and at risk. However, I think most “Americans” care very little for anyone beyond themselves and people they know. I think they could be burdened and oppressed for decades but they are such awful “people” that it wouldn’t change their feelings about the Oppression Lists (OLs). They are fine with oppressing others. They only lose their minds when it affects them. That is America.

I find it very hilarious and entertaining to see so many people losing their minds about masks and vaccine mandates. I’ve had people whine to me about it and I tell them I couldn’t care less if it bothers them. I’m supposed to care if their rights are violated? LOL, sure. Tell me again all the places where my family is not allowed to live.

I’ve said it many times before – I think most people who support the OLs are scumbags. I think those maskless people you see on videos assaulting helpless teenage store clerks about “masking” are exactly the people who think the OLs are just fine. They are basically just a**holes at the core.

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