MI: Changes to sex offender list cause confusion

Source: upmatters.com 9/14/21

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Nearly nine months after the state made court-ordered changes to the sex offender registry, there’s still a lot of confusion and questions about enforcement.

Michigan State Police say they are not enforcing violations of the law, which is meant to track offenders, while other agencies are.

The registry includes more than 40,000 names.

The confusion started a few years back when a federal judge, in response to a lawsuit filed by the University of Michigan Law Clinical Program and the American Civil Liberties Union, ruled parts of the sex offender registry unconstitutional.

Among the flaws: requiring sex offenders to immediately report whenever they moved, got a new car or got a new phone number; and banning sex offenders from living or loitering within 1,000 feet of schools.

The school safety zone was important to Jessica Monteith and her daughter, who was 11 when the 40-year-old father of a school friend molested her in 2010.

“Knowing that sex offenders were not allowed on school property was almost a sigh of relief for her,” the mom said of her daughter.

The state responded to the federal court ruling with a new sex offender registry law in December 2020.

It eliminated the 1,000-foot school safety zones.

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So how would the school zones have prevented her daughters molestation? Willing to bet it happened at the friend’s home and not at school.

Well this seems to be on its last legs there. Oh well. Abe Lincoln said it best. The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.

So the man was at the school to watch his son graduate and this woman thought he was there to molest her daughter. Give me a break…

The situation the mom describes is exactly why anyone with common sense doesn’t want the safety zones—it turned a minor bit of awkwardness into a massive spectacle, potentially ruining graduation for all in attendance. These laws are idiotic and enforcement does more harm than good. No one has ever been “molested” at a high school graduation. I’m sorry if seeing someone who committed a crime against you is triggering, but that’s life! 15 years ago I was robbed at gun point—should I be able to throw a tantrum every time I see the two guys who did it? No, and I don’t care!

What if a person forced to register is a single parent by law they have to enroll their children in school so what, their barking the law and abiding by it at the same time, sounds confusing the system is definitely rigid to destroy sex offenders lives.
First they attack the registrants support group by breaking up their family’s then they go after their financial support job loss which often leads to homelessness and eventually FTR and prison.

Good luck

I promise you the same kind of confusion existed among the people after the Emancipation proclamation was promulgated circa 1865. There was great fear and paranoia from every corner.

Sounds like bs!! To me… The victim is trying to play a horse and pony show. Or is it the lawmakers who want the victims to play this game to get votes to stay in office. Who will pass useless laws which will make the victim think they are safe. But this just in!!!! You can never be safe (ever)!!!! Things happen and you should be prepared. To think the guy was there for your kid. You need help with yourself

If I may I would like to say a word or two on confusion in much of this registry. Is it better to do the wrong thing than to do the right? Sure at times we have all done the wrong thing no matter what it is and yes doing the wrong can be the right thing. We all make decisions. Take for instance taking a plea deal. Even going down to meet someone that claims to be someone of opposite sex which they are not to be can be a wrong thing but in the end one is proving. So who is keeping their code of ethics in protecting and serving by this ruse of confusion. Their is a lot of cofussing issues not only in the registry but other issues in American Government.

See God is not the author of confusion man is. Even taking a plea deal may be confusing or intimidating to one but doesn’t the bible say dare go to court in front of the unjust. Sure confusion and wronging a right or righting a wrong can be just as perplex as the ordeal but remember their is always a silver lining to every dark cloud.

Sheldon your right but remember their is two side’s to every coin. Could one say the registry is an intimidation factor, the plea bargain, or deal some harliquin romance to digest or is the flavor of the registry have a sexual twist to it to trap those in this wrong or right ordeal.

Did any of us create the registry? Did anyone create dirty drive in movies,pornographic material, or are governments going a bit above their authority or are we all sinners in all this right or wrong. Are we talking about sin factors or cussing out the boss on the job when he tells you to sign out and leave. So if righteous is above government judgement than its morally to cuss out that boss that makes one work on over time, do extra work to merit a promotion and than be overlooked as still a nobody.

Who is making sense today. Do we judge based on trapping or was that trapping the right thing to do when we can all talk about the lesser of the two evils. So is their a lesson in all this or are those many that got caught up in this registry been brain washed like some dead end kid serial. Actually that serial had a bit of common sense in those days.

So i just got home after having an interesting conversation with a sergeant at the Oak Park State Police post. I had noticed some incorrect information on my name and went in to get it corrected, however, it couldn’t be done today because they only do SORA up to 3 pm, and it was 3:30. Anyway, he told me verification is still voluntary. I said I thought Judge Cleland’s final order ended all that and he said there was an executive order from the Governor making it still voluntary while Lansing makes some changes to the website. He also told me that if I’m pre 2011 I don’t have to worry about any mistakes on my info because, and I quote his words, “pretty soon guys who are pre 2011 won’t have to do it any more.”
He told me he will look for the memo from the governor and to stop by tomorrow before 3:00 and he would give me a copy.
Now, I don’t know what’s going on because there was nothing in Cleland’s final order that says pre 2011 are coming off the registry so I’m not going to get my hopes up. It is interesting though when I told him there’s certain things that pre 2011 guys don’t have to do any more, but he told me Lansing was working on getting us removed. I don’t think that is something he would make up, but I’m certainly going to keep my eye on things. It kind of makes sense how when I look myself up sometimes that I am not listed, then a few days later I am, then later I’m not again.
I don’t have any more information right now, but once I get a copy of that memo, I will post it.

@@ Bobby s ,
You still out there,
Just a reminder Wednesday 20th @ 4pm ,, Michigan aclu webinar

When I die of old age in forty years from now I wonder if they remove me from sex offender list.

Hello everyone, I’m not if anyone know the answer to this but I just checked profile on the registry. I am compliant, but we’re it says 2nd degree attempted next to it it says false, I’ve never seen the word false there does any one have a clue what that means. Thanks in advance.

I have an appointment with an attorney next week to discuss filing my own lawsuit based on the recent Betts decision. I, like Betts, was convicted in 1993 before sora existed. The Michigan Supreme Court in the Betts case held the retroactive application of sora violated state and federal constitutional prohibitions on ex post facto laws.
I’m tired of waiting around so I’m going to at least talk to an attorney about it.

1000s are on the registry FOR NO LEGAL REASON. The prosecutions are/were BOGUS. See www. SpeakAgainstTheCharges. com for legal proofs.
It’s beyond egregious and is quite HEINOUS what the State AG in conspiracy with Oakland, Macomb, and Genesee counties – especially Oakland County where they routinely PERJURED VENUE to get the most convictions ( 100% it appears ) for 20 years.

Thanks for bring this article back to one’s attention Grinch. This article talks about a ban-aid law , or if one is using/practicing a Byzantine type law in Government. So were there is no guidance the people fall, but in the abundance of counselors the people have victory. And yes Janice is a counselor as well as other advocates. Yes man can be the author of confusion.

Many can get on ACLU but they are their when one needs them. Yes many don’t have all the answers. I was studying on this last night. Can we all say who’s right in this government confusion as many have been played on from all across America 
 Is registry for community safety, public safety, or vain vanquish efforts to punish with unethical means and measures or practices.

Let true justice ring again or is true justice getting a bit more out of hand. Even efforts can be in vain in American government Justice. Should we all say its about computers or how one controls the tongue.Is it all about incriminating subject matter or some court of law distributing blind justice by scrupulous/scandalous means. Even signing papers can be incriminating and intimidating.