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Living with 290

Recent Registration Experience

This is basically a check in on my most recent visit to the Sheriffs office to do my annual registration. One thing that surprised me was I was able to register for my annual registration 26 days before my birthday. I knew they required an appointment to register, so I called on September 1st, and much to my surprise the told me to come in the next day at 10AM. The Detective told me this counts for annual registration. Another thing they told me after asking about any short travel out of state, like 3 days, they said I am required to check out with them regardless of the amount of time I would be away. That sort of surprised me as well. Basically I feel like I am a prisoner in my own home or at least in my own state. I really wish we could get this freedom of travel fixed. For me I grew up with the famous saying of Give me liberty or Give me Death school of thought. The other thing that was different is, I had to give them a name address and phone number of my next closest relative. Just posting this, it’s been weighing on my mind.

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Maybe 5 days is 5 days, before or after birthday.

Carmony failed to register with the Redding Police Department within five days of his birthday—October 22, 1999—even though he had registered on September 16 and again on September 23 in order to notify the police of his new address.

Got 26 years to life under 3 strikes!

They told me it counted because I was in my Birth Month. Last year they gave me an appointment of October 16th, and that was 18 days past my Birthday. This stuff is crazy because they seem to be playing by different rules, depending on where you register at.

If you trust a word of mouth situation that can become nothing by him saying he didn’t say that you are way too trusting. Register again, by the book and have it documented if they say the same.

A word of advice is for any registrant told to register past one’s birthday outside of the statutory legal limits is to come to the police station on one’s birthday and get some sort of documentation that you were there. A sign-in sheet should be good enough as well. If there is no sign-in sheet, explain to the desk sergeant / equivalent that you are a registrant that has been ordered to register outside of the statutory legal limit, and you want legal proof that you were present at the police station on your birthday. While this may seem overkill, paranoia is required when one is a registrant.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT construe this suggestion as actual legal advice, and as always, consult with a legal representative before ensuring your local compliance.

Last edited 8 months ago by Eric Knight

Good advice. Get it in writing.

to me it looks like they evidently don’t actually know the procedure and are just winging it at the possible expense of your freedom. Worst case for them is a talking to, but worse case for you is possible arrest.
we are responsible for knowing all the restrictions and registration laws that applies to our offenses. Don’t rely on L.E. to be up to date or even care about you.

You mean the outcome was precisely as was planned. The real reason behind regime in the first place. To provide state ample opportunity to incarcerate again those with prior sex offenses! Pure retribution. Nevertheless, made good marketing for purveyors of the database as it lent benevolence to their industry. Unfortunately the machines make poor crime condoms. In fact, exponentially more crime has been enabled than disabled or circumvented by it’s broad unchecked use. Consider that in the context of FTR.

Long Beach police department had me initial by my address and phone number for the first time I’m not stupid I know why they wanted my phone number, so they can track and monitor phone with their new STINGRAY technology, and by signing my initials by my phone number if I gave them the wrong number they could say I lied to law enforcement which is a crime and could probably turn it into a FTR charge.
The last compliance check I had 5 years ago they just asked for my phone number and left immediately after obtaining it like they we’re in a hurry to go check out what was on my phone something.
I know for a fact the District Attorney’s office uses that annual registration paperwork with our initials on to prove in A court of law we willingly and knowingly FTR in the state of California.
As far a leaving the state of California there ain’t no where on the annual registration forms that I initialed next to that says anything about haveing to notify Long Beach police if I plan on go to see my mom in Denver,
But to be safe I never stay gone longer then 5 working days just incase the SAFE taskforce shows up at my door knocking and after 5 working days surveilling my home with no contact they’ll put A warrant out for my arrest for FTR

Good luck

Never give these assholes your phone number… NOT in the STATE of CA !! it is NOT REQUIRED under 290… just NAME ADDY,JOB,CARS thats it ! These F**KS do not pay my cell phone bill therefore I dont give it to them (the number). And when they come to my door… If they ask anything I flat out tell the goon squad I dont answer any ?’s… the LAST 2 years I had the SAME guy and he was chill only requires that he SEE me on the property (if im home) and he leaves that is it doesnt ask me ANYTHING at all period.

Why would you give them your phone number in the first place? It’s not required

Last time I tried to only fill out a portion of the forum and leave some fields 290 doesn’t require blank, the clerk registering me went and got a big cop and had him come out with her boss and tell me that if I didnt fill out all the forms DOJ supplies, they would not submit it and I would then get an FTR. I didn’t feel like fighting at that point so I just filled in some more info that I had. Didn’t want to make my family have to go through anything or lose my job.

Yes, I’ve seen this phone number controversy here and I’d be wise to stay away from this….But, I pulled my most recent registration dated 1, 2021 (Rev.) and a spot for my phone numbers is directly on the front of the form. This is true also for the Revised 1/2019 form.

Some of you may have been able to get away without providing your phone number, but I wouldn’t bet my life on this if the Registering Agency insisted on it.

This is not legal advice, everyone has to do as they think best. I like the comment below from Steve….try to stay off their radar. Seems good advice to me.

Best Wishes, James I

“Try to stay off their radar”? No, we need millions to be on their radar. We all need to stop acquiescing to oppression. It does not help to be nice to bullies. Bullies aren’t nice, decent people. When you are nice to them, they only want more and will bully more.

It is the same with “compliance checks”. Know how to stop harassment at your home? Don’t allow it.

If the criminal regimes want a phone number, then make them be competent enough to make it be part of their law and follow it.

Having said that, I’d likely give them my phone number, lol. Simply because I don’t care about that. But where I live they ask for all kinds of additional nonsense and I’m never going to give them that information. Personally, I think they don’t put it into the law because they know they couldn’t get away with it. So they just “ask” for it and far, far, far too many people just give it to them.

Well, the law enforcement criminals are nearly always going to try to commit crimes and they will if they are allowed. I really wonder why they do. Why are they not capable of following simple laws? It seems to me that would be even easier for them instead of trying to commit crimes. I really just don’t get it. Why don’t they care about following laws, being moral, and not being a**holes? It’s like a mental disease or something. Anyway …

I have had this exact same thing happen before. I have always been able to stop them from breaking the law before they did. I don’t think I’ve argued with any criminal for longer than maybe around 5 minutes or so. But obviously you might run into some serious criminals who are intent on breaking the law no matter what you tell them.

I’ve been successful at stopping their crimes by just saying something like, “I’ve come here to comply with the law, not to do just whatever someone feels like today. There is certain information that is required by law and I’ve come here to give that information and nothing further.” Some will argue back and I just continue with something like, “The law lists the information that is required. Are you telling me that you are trying to force people to give more information than is required by law?”

If they insisted that they would not accept the Registration then I would probably do just what you did. But I would write something on the form perhaps like, “I am being forced to provide information that I believe is not required by law and if that is the case, the information is not guaranteed to be accurate or maintained, and I request that it be destroyed.” I have written things like that on the forms before, although I don’t think it matters much. In any case, after it was all done I absolutely would start to try to have the information destroyed and get them to agree to stop asking for it. I would start by writing to them, their attorneys, and their bosses (people who control their budget). I would take it to court if I had to.

The Oppression Lists are unacceptable. Their “laws” are BS. Don’t let the criminals break them.

Will wrote “although I don’t think it matters much”, but I disagree. It mattered for me. I told police that information that they typed on my form was incorrect and needed to be corrected before I would sign it. They told me they were not going to change anything and that if I didn’t sign it they would arrest me on the spot. I wrote just above the signature line: “Information on this form is incorrect and the officer refused to correct it and forced me to sign it under threat of arrest”, Then signed it just under that. A few months later, I was arrested on FTR for not providing correct information on the form, and in court I presented a copy of that form to the judge and prosecutor, they immediately dismissed the charges. I think I could see the steam coming out of the 4 police officers ears when they heard that. It looked like their heads would explode.

Thanks for sharing your story. This is really incredible. Great to hear you won your case, but still I am sure defending yourself was not cheap!

Yeah, I don’t know exactly what I meant by that 🙂  I think I meant that it likely would do nothing to get help get the information destroyed. That would have to be done after the fact, starting with demanding it in writing, ending in court if necessary. When I write comments I am usually in too much of a hurry and rarely trying to write a very well thought out piece like a person would write for a publication or something. Half the time it is just barely structured ranting.

Anyway, thanks for your interesting story. I’m very surprised that they allowed you write on the form that basically any information on the form might be wrong. I would expect them to demand that you attach that to specific items/information. Great job stopping the criminals. Did you investigate the feasibility of suing them for compensatory and punitive damages? The criminals can’t be sued enough.

State Law specifies “within 5 days of one’s birthday”. State Law exists for public safety, and public safety alone. How is it that these police departments get to violate state law, which exists for public safety, as they see fit? Who knows what other rules they are bending. This is beyond upsetting……

What County was this in?

San Joaquin County.

San Joaquin County

I did call the San Joaquin County Sheriffs office again today and asked if I could come back in during the five days before or after my birthday and they refused to give me an appointment. They claim what they are doing is okay and that the California DOJ is aware of what they are doing. They said because of COVID they are limiting the number of registrations they do per day and so they have to spread people out throughout the month. They told me I am good to go, they will not come after me as I am in compliance for the next year. I really don’t know what else I can do in this situation.

I think you will have to follow their guidance…my Police Dept registered me 12 days before my birthday….which I was unhappy about and objected to this being outside the 5 day forward of birthday window…they told me it could be a month or more till they registered me other than the date they gave me. I politely accepted their offer.

I don’t think we have any choice in this case of…They can break the Rules, we cannot and dare not….

I admire Mr Allen’s pugnacity…but it is not for me. As the old song goes…”I fought the Law and the Law won….”

Actually I have fought the Law twice or maybe thrice now and come out OK, but it was a miserable and expensive and anxiety full experience…that I do not wish to repeat.

I suggest that this should be your attitude also…be polite, do as they ask, volunteer as little as possible and be done with this horrible yearly experience, (horrible, even if done fairly well and efficiently) as soon as possible.

Good Luck

Best Wishes, James I

Thank you James, I really appreciate your words. My attitude going in is to be as polite as possible and to not get myself onto their radar. I show nothing but a great attitude and in return they do the same to me!

Just moved into San Bernardino county and checked in and was given a temporary mini card to carry around. Permanent will be mailed. Never got that from LAPD.

No tier letter was offered until I asked. They gave me my tier letter and expected tier 1. But had to ask. 10 years on and will petition next year on my birthday.

This is a recipe for disaster. The law reads a certain way. You must comply with the wording of the law, not an officer’s interpretation.

I don’t live in CA and I’m too busy/lazy to learn CA’s laws, however I would bet piles of $$$ that this sheriff’s office is breaking the law. In the state where I live I have yet to see a sheriff’s office that does not break the law. It is expected. They are called law enforcement criminals (LECs) for a reason.

If the law says “x days before your birthday” (and/or after, whatever), then that is what the law is. Does anyone have the authority to move that around as they like? If I decide I don’t like the “x days” part (e.g. perhaps I’d like to travel on my birthday), do I have the option to change the law around as I like? How much slack do you think the LECs are going to give me for that? So I think they deserve the same slack. Less, even.

They are the criminals who created these “laws”. Are the laws important or not? The least they can do is be competent enough to follow them. I’m really not interested in their excuses about why they can’t. They have far more resources than they should have. They have no excuse. Perhaps they will have to put some effort into it just like every PFR, their spouses, and their children must all of the time. Where I live I have 3 days. F that! To me, that proved just what a bunch of scumbag aholes they are. They could allow say 2 weeks around whatever events and that would not affect public safety AT ALL, not in any imaginable way, even idiotic. But no, they say 3 days. So, F them every day. All year.

You said, “I am required to check out with them regardless of the amount of time I would be away”. That is unacceptable. I would force them to put their beliefs/stance in writing and if they were wrong, I’d get an attorney involved and take it as far as necessary to correct them. I have had to do that numerous times, but it has not been very hard. I find out what I think the law is, write them and tell them, and ask what their position is. I copy in their attorneys and the people who control their budget. They have always responded. I’ve always been able to get a concrete resolution that I think was correct. Your results may vary.

Quick rant about that “notifying of travel” BS too. The criminals could do a lot of things to make the Oppression Lists (OLs) more intelligent and acceptable. I’m not on probation or parole and haven’t been forever. It is not acceptable to ever tell them when I am traveling. It could probably be acceptable if they set the timeframe at like 2 consecutive weeks or something like that. Anything less than that, then they’ll have to continue suffering consequences for their harassment. They don’t care, of course. The OLs have nothing to do with public safety.

You said, “I had to give them a …”. Did you have to? Or did they just ask and you did it? Where I live, they ALWAYS operate outside of the law and ask for more information than is required by law. Always. They’ve fixed that a couple/few times, briefly. But they always recidivate back to breaking the law. They are criminals, of course. Personally, I only answer what is explicitly required by law. I also write something on it like, “I think I have provided all of the information that is required by law but if I have missed something, please inform me and I will provide it.” The only issue I’ve had with that is some LECs will cry about it. That’s it.

I do find it hilarious that they brag and think they are brilliant that they force PFRs to initial every item of information on Registration forms (on pages and pages) because they think that “proves” that a PFR knows that item is something that is “required” of them and so if they do not follow that in the future, it will help convict the PFR of a felony. They brag about that like middle school children. So dumb. But the problem for them is that there is a pile of stuff on the forms that is actually not the law, lol! The only thing that a PFR knows is that the forms are inaccurate and that they do not reflect the law. Pretty much the opposite of what the criminals think it “proves”.

The OLs are a simple idea that any moderately successful company could easily administer. It takes big government’s special skills to F them up as much as they are.

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