USA Today Fact Check: Some states require special IDs for people with a sex offense

Source: 9/17/21

The claim: Sex offenders don’t have to carry cards because it ‘violates their privacy’
President Joe Biden announced COVID-19 vaccine requirements Sept. 9 for federal workers and companies with more than 100 employees. That means millions of Americans may soon have to prove they’ve received the shot.

A widespread claim on social media attempts to make a point by comparing that potential requirement to those for sex offenders.

“There are 800,000 registered sex offenders in the U.S. and they don’t carry a card because it ‘violates their privacy,'” reads text in a Sept. 13 Instagram post. “Keep that in mind.”

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“Sex offenders have no expectation of privacy.”

“Have argued ids are compelled speech.”

Man, they are really just making the argument that it is punishment crystal clear.

Gonna be 1980s Psychology Today vs 2020 USA Today pushing public policy.

A sex offender ID and a vaccination cards are also not really comparable. A vaccination card proves vaccination and you can be either vaccinated or unvaccinated and still choose not to prove it. The general assumption being that until you show the proof, we assume you to be unvaccinated and act accordingly. Otherwise nothing is different. People will CHOOSE to prove vaccination to invalidate the assumption that they are not and showing that proof will be of benefit them. Nobody would ever CHOOSE to provide proof that they are a “Sex Offender”. There would only be negative benefit to doing so. There would be only positive benefit in proving one is not a sex offender if the assumption was that everyone is a sex offender unless proven otherwise but people don’t operate in this manner. Ironically though, the best protection against sex offenses is to assume everyone is a sex offender unless proven otherwise. In any case, the proper comparison would be assuming everyone is a sex offender the same way you would assume one is unvaccinated until they prove otherwise and then ask for such proof to refute.

This actually exposes why registration and marks on IDs are so useless (though vaccination proof is the opposite). To be useful, the prevailing assumption would need to be that everyone is going to commit a sex offense and force them to prove otherwise This is however impossible because lack of a sex offense history proves nothing and assuming everyone is going to be a sex offender would not be useful information. Having the prevailing assumption be that everyone is not a sex offender is even more useless because nobody will choose to prove otherwise. A vaccination proof is different. You are either vaccinated or you are not and the prevailing assumption can be easily proven wrong. If you instead consider risk based on label then you have a grey area for vaccines too but the difference still is that you are proving the risk is mitigated with proof of vaccine. There is no such proof for an ID someone can choose not to produce.

What do they mean not required to carry a branded card? We in Oklahoma have to to have it branded on our drivers license. In big bold red letters “SEX OFFENDER”. Not once but its on the the front in two places!

What does branding licenses of registrants have anything to do with driving? Are people molesting and raping cars now? Geez it’s punishment and pure harassment!!

They are becoming so ridiculous and obsessed with sex offenses and sex offenders aka “forced to register persons”. Maybe, the USA should make sex illegal altogether. It seems like it causes nothing but problems and brings out “criminals” right and left. Make it illegal and be done with it (sarcasm).

What’s next conservation camps for all sex offenders, it’s sad how many people forced to register would line up like cattle on their way to the slaughter house and turn themselves in to local law enforcement agencies just like in the beginning of WW2 .

Good luck

Last edited 1 year ago by AERO1

I really think it depends upon tier level! I

Here in Arizona, we are Required ti get a new DL every year. If you don’t, that’s considered a failure to register which is a Class 4 Felony punishable by 2 years in prison. When I got year-end by this kid with expired plates, as soon as the cop saw my DL he said he wasn’t going to cite the kid. When I asked him why, he said ” you know perfectly well why I’m not going to “. Everyone here knows what the 1 year DLs mean. So there is your ” Scarlet Letter “m

Speaking of ID checks. Does anyone else recognize what a PLC is? A PLC, or parameter limit control, is used by/in machine language to operate-say a milling machine for instance. Anyway, when a parameter limit control is breached or ceases to function the machine will always stop, until the function is restored. This is important to safe system function the same way the prohibitions on congressional use of ex post facto language in laws serve a function in our justice system. Article 1 sec 9-10 and other parts of the constitution are essentially parameter limit controls upon government. Parameter limit controls also accurately describes the general purpose of jurisdictional sovereignty and separation of powers doctrine.

Luckily for the DOJ I’ll be able to petition for removal next year on my birthday. I’ve been working with the Los Angeles public defenders office setting up my petition, they said because I was so young and I’ve never been in any trouble since it’s looking really good for me.
people forced to register who got placed in tier3 for possession of CP or got busted in one of those sting operations should have took to the streets in protest I can’t believe people just rolled over and let the DOJ do them like that.
If I was placed in tier 3 for a crime that didn’t involve an actual victim I would of flipped my lid the DOJ would of been begging me to stop, my name would of been known all over the country I would’ve literally been sitting there side by side with Janice Bellucci and chance and the ACSOL team fighting the good fight, Kamala Harris would’ve had to sit down with me to calm down the peaceful protesters outside of her office.
People forced to register need to stop hideing behind their computer screen waiting on Janice Bellucci to come rescue them people need to start organizing in their communities because People like me won’t be here with you guys forever after im release from the registry I will be forced to move on with my life while you guys are still trapped in this virtual jail cell

Good luck

Last edited 1 year ago by AERO1

Now Will Alllen cut that out.. or who is tossing sticks and stones at some. Who is labeling who as some oppressive monster. Oppression is a state of mind. Who is labeling who as a “Brood of Vipers” or do we all forget. Sure you are right one can’t force someone to do something and at the same time intimidate by so ruse or crafty means can they. Guess Samson was intimidated than?

Sure I would be against ID’s and yes I would be against Labeling if it was my decision. One wonders should we label all American’s with a label of Justice breakers or should we say bad government produces bad people or oppresses one. Should we say let them eat cake as I mention once on here or is it impossible to have your cake and eat it too?

This special labeling or ID is wrong and government in many ways is playing to the piper in much of this misguided offender ordeal. Sure one can use all the force they want but were does the label of love come in, were does the label of Justice come in, or we all have troubles.