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Recording of Emergency ACSOL meeting about new SORNA regulations


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ACSOL to Conduct SORNA Regulations Meeting on November 1 at 3pm PT

The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) will conduct a meeting on Monday, November 1 starting at 3 p.m. (Pacific) to discuss the proposed SORNA regulations. ACSOL President Chance Oberstein and ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci will lead that meeting using Zoom technology.

The recording of the meeting is now available here.

Click here to learn how to fight these terrible SORNA regulations


ACSOL SORNA Regulations Meeting: recording now available


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Will this be recorded for later viewing if I can’t attend?

Yes. The meeting will be recorded and available to watch on a later day and time.

Thank you. I will try to connect to this.

John Walsh is blaming all of the usa for his child,s death and it needs to stop!!!

John Walsh needs to take responsibility for his inactions of Adam’s death. Walsh’s should of been in therapy instead of blaming everyone. John and his family need to retire. Heck he thought Brian Laundrie was in Mexico. Guy has nothing but a bloated ego.

I agree @ brandon I am sorry Adam was murder. But for John Walsh too take it out on the usa and use his fallen son to pass unconstitutional laws. I understand he is bitter.. I would be too. But at some point you have too let go and move on… Kicking your dead son over and over will not bring him back …and begging people to pass laws will not help. Even if it might save one child. In the end it hurts more family’s and kids than it protects

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There is actually a documented case of the registry causing a young girl to be murdered. I forget her name or even what state it was in.

Her grandfather was dying and lived in a trailer park, but couldn’t move in with the girl’s mother because they lived too close to a school. So, the mother and daughter instead moved into the grandfather’s trailer. The girl was murdered by a man in the trailer park who was not a sex offender.

A quick google search says this was probably Aliahna Lemmon from Indiana.

But why do you think the Oppression Lists (OLs) contributed to the murder?

The original news article I had read about the case said their original plan was to have their grandfather move into their residence, but there was an issue with the distance restrictions with him being a sex offender.

They moved to his trailer park instead.

I got that. But moving somewhere does not contribute to murder.

Let’s pretend the Oppression Lists (OLs) don’t exist at all. These people still might have decided to move in with their grandfather. Happens every day. The girl still could have been murdered. So what would have been the cause of that?

I’m just saying that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Unless the OLs force a person to move to a patently unsafe location, then how much can we blame them? Was this trailer park safer than the other place they would have lived? Maybe more murders happen in the other neighborhood.

Having said that, if the OLs force a person into unsafe living conditions, like homelessness for example, then I would say the OLs are to blame for whatever extra problems are attributable to that living situation (e.g. a person is probably at higher risk of being murdered).

If you were really interested if the OLs had any effect on the murder or not, you could ask the murderer. I’ve done that before. Perhaps the guy would tell you. Maybe he hated the grandfather because he was listed? Maybe not at all.

I know of 2 innocent children who absolutely were murdered in retaliation for the OLs. Not just as a result or “side effect” of the OLs, but in retaliation. I think that happens a lot more than people realize.

Personally, I think the OLs are seriously idiotic. They do make “common sense” to me though. What could it hurt that the public is more informed? But obviously, I know better than that. I know the OLs kill remorse, empathy, and compassion. I know they cause good citizens to not care about being good. I believe the OLs help protect pretty much no one but they harm actually millions of completely innocent people. I believe the OLs create more crime than they could ever dream of preventing. I believe they cause an insane amount of anti-social behavior that is not quite illegal. I think all of that is reality and also that the “people” and law enforcement criminals who think the OLs are acceptable do not care much about its effects or worthlessness. They want to harass, gossip, and get paid.

Amerika is just not capable of responsibly having and using OLs. Even if it were, and it isn’t even close, there are zero legitimate excuses that millions of other people should not also be listed on Registries of some sort. It is completely unconscionable that we have SEX OLs and yet not the same for gun, violent, and other serious crimes. Unconscionable and immoral.

@ Will Allen
What could it hurt that the public is more informed?

I agree that an informed public is always a good thing. However, the mere existence of registries does just the opposite in that they create the irrational and misdirected fear that registries are believed to mitigate. Of course it is common sense to presume that registries exist because of a real danger.

It would be much more productive to eliminate public registries and use the recovered funds for an education campaign addressing the real dangers posed to children. That is not from registrants, but from family members and acquaintances.


Yep. But even if there is no danger, it SHOULDN’T hurt just to inform people. I mean, I would be fine with just knowing that a person who lives a couple of doors down from me committed crime X in year Y. I may or may not assume there was danger there.

Also, why does almost everyone assume that the Oppression Lists are for “stranger danger”? I don’t think that. They are to warn you about people you know. That is, the people who ARE most likely to harm you or your family.

All that aside, it is obvious that Amerika is not even close to capable of morally having and using Registries. Not even close. They are an act of war.

I will not refer to him as “john walsh” it only empowers him and others like him, from now on his name is “that man” and I’m sincere about using this in any blog!

Call him Hypocrite

John Walsh should go after killers not people who peed on a plant

Exactly, the guy that killed Adam said he did not sexually adult him,just killed him, and being that Adams head was the only thing ever found we will never know, but to me the interesting part is, that John Walsh should also be on the registry that he helped create. When he was dating his now wife, she was only 16 while he was 25 or so if I remember correctly, so why isn’t douchebag Walsh on it.

There are three reasons he is not on it. 1)He is useful and a willing assistant in crushing those on the list. 2) He has money, lots of it. 3)Neither he or his wife will admit to when he started banging her. My money is on before her 17th birthday, but with out one or the other squealing on when it happened there is no proof.

Thank God and ACSOL. Start dismantling this monstrosity.

It be a long road too dismantled this hate

Whether this guy was a good parent or not is totally irrelevant, I’m sure he has his regrets about what happened to his son but you gotta give it to the guy he put in alot of work.
John Walsh’s anger changed the lives of millions of people in America this one guys anger alone change the laws here in America, what have people forced to register done for themselves, wheres people forced to register’s anger.
People who got placed in tier 3 will never go free once SORNA kicks in next year, where’s their anger.
So dont try and knock this guy he saw something he didn’t like about the federal governments laws and he spoke up out of anger and changed it.

Stay focused

That guys anger did get results theres no getting around it. We need to be as diligent as he is and maybe they would let go!

You are right next year is not going to be OK for a lot of people! W need to stop this NOW.

It is one thing to channel your anger for the greater good, but it is another to do it with little facts and knowledge once the ball is rolling when it can be re-vectored more appropriately or when you know what you started may not be the best course. Inflaming the masses as he has with rhetoric as he uses is dangerous even if he wants it to be good.

Was there a lot of info back then? Remember, even SCOTUS used false facts as valid information to determine the registry was not punishment, but regulatory on a set of species that can never be redeemed with a [falsified] high recidivism rate of like 80% or more.

Right now, we do have someone like John Walsh that is spearheading in the opposite direction of the registry in Janice Bellucci. She is one person who saw the injustice in one registrant, in Frank and now she’s helped to create a national movement, including being already qualified to represent a case at the SCOTUS level.

Janice needs more help because she’s fighting an idea that’s been falsely perpetuated on so many fronts. John Walsh easily got support and, most importantly, funding to push his idea onto the nation. More funding for ACSOL means more fighting power on behalf of registrants.

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There was not a lot of info back then, but there is now and he STILL pushes that ball in the path to make it worse for those he knows are no danger.

It is relevant whether or not he was a good parent. Because if he was not, people can cancel him today. People can use that against him for the rest of his life. It is certainly relevant. Personally, I don’t know if he was a good parent or not. I know little about him and definitely don’t give enough of a f*** to care or learn more. Just my personal feelings. I have a very limited amount of time and if I want to learn about a person it certainly won’t be about a P.O.S. like John Walsh.

And did he put in a lot of work? Says who? Perhaps throughout his life he has put in less work than the average person living in America and he rarely works hard. Again, I don’t know and don’t care. Don’t assume that rich people work hard. Most do. Not all. The P.O.S. got a jump start on his work by his child getting murdered.

Personally, I have more anger than that P.O.S. does. But it’s magnitudes harder to advance my agenda than it is his. But I am happy with my successes. I get more every day.

I will “knock this guy” every chance I get. I’ll also pray every day that some serious karma catches up to him ASAP. There is ALWAYS hope for that.

I think you misunderstood AERO1’s recognition of Walsh. It was Walsh’s anger that created so many unconstitutional laws being passed. He pushed it and the masses soon followed. His anger put in the work to make registration a living hell.

Why can’t a registrant or more also possess that equall and opposite anger that tier 3’s can never get off the registry? Use that anger to educate or re-educate the masses. For those who are truly dangerous, they often are locked up behind bars for quite a long time. But the registry is an invisible prison, which is why is is unconstitutional.

Janice has asked us several times to contact certain people in government to rebuke bad laws when being considered. That’s how registrants can fight back en masse.

In fact, Janice is our Walsh, but on our side.

I would NEVER compare Janice to Walsh. Walsh is a piece of crap. I’m sorry he lost his son, but he has done nothing but monetize off it for years. Janice is so much better than that.

Maybe I misunderstood.

But all I was saying is that I don’t have any reason to believe that P.O.S. Walsh has worked hard or has much significant talent at all. I’m certainly not going to celebrate anything that any scumbag who pushes Oppression Lists (OLs) thinks or does. I think whatever he did or contributed could’ve been accomplished by any semi-competent high school student. The most significant thing he did was his child was murdered. The rest of it looks like it was trivial to do. Easy.

He didn’t have to do much. All a person has to do is mention the idea of OLs and the torches and pitchforks show up. The people who support it are dumb and crazy and don’t give a f*** that they are immoral morons. I think they are also “people” who probably have a lot of free time on their hands. Not like they are curing cancer or something.

There are plenty of PFRs who are angrier and more motivated than P.O.S. Walsh. The problem is what PFRs are fighting for. Few people give a flip. PFRs can do 1,000 times anything the P.O.S. has done and all the pitchforks have whine is “save the children!”

PFRs have been fighting back for decades. But I think there are far too many who just accept the OLs. This “tier 3” outrage/problem is just the latest BS. Why get so angry now? Why not decades ago? The tiers were supposed to be better so people should be less angry now. The OL pile of feces is being prettied up. Why would the “tier 3” stuff make anyone angrier now? It’s been like that forever. Should’ve been angry already.

War must be waged.

Maybe Walsh’s karma hit him on the front end, you know, punished on advance for later deeds. If so, he got hit pretty darn hard, I’d say.

Yes, might have. I guess it can work that way.

P.O.S. John Walsh doesn’t care about my children. So I don’t care about his. Too bad for everyone I guess.

I feel the same way about the Oppression Lists (OLs). There will be sex crimes in the future. Someone will be victims. I pray the victims are the “people” who think OLs are acceptable. They need to learn how their magic OLs are worthless.

I am trying to find what these actual proposed changes are, all I am seeing is how it would ‘harm’ anyone on the registry currently, but nothing that SIMPLY lays it out. Can someone please post a link or just write out a list of what these changes are. This stuff is so damn complicated and unless you are an attorney it is really hard to understand or know how this will directly affect me or anyone else. I plan to listed to the meeting once is it published from the recording, can’t make the live time. I would also like to know how, if any, contacting Garland or any other politician will make a difference.

I have no faith or optimism that they give a damn what anyone thinks or cares about [snip] Moving to another country that would accept me is possible, but difficult on so many levels, I think it is time to find somewhere where I can truly be free of these barbaric laws.

Todd – The original article regarding OMB’s approval of the proposed SORNA regulations included two attachments, a copy of the regulations as well as a copy of ACSOL’s response to the regulations. In addition, there are several articles on this website about the regulations which you can easily find by using the term “SORNA” in the search engine found toward the top of the home page.

I am filing the 406a motion for removal in Michigan. Can you give me some examples of what to say to the judge or if I have to be in court in person. What should I say, please.

Great meeting today.

I just donated $100 and encourage others to do the same.

Thank you so much, Janice and Chance!!!

🌟 Yeah, C, way to go!! 🤗
ACSOL can use all our donations!! 👍🏻
(Hint, hint, people!! Please step up and donate….. ’cause suing the government takes resources!! 👍🏻)

Thank you for your generous donation! You will help us to match the $5,000 grant.

Great call! Thanks, Janice and Chance, for all that you do for the Registrant community!

Does anyone know where to get in touch with Patty Wetterling? I know she’s against the registry as it stands today. I went to the Wetterling Foundation but couldn’t find any contact us information.


If you look at Patty Wetterling’s Wikipedia page, it shows she’s part of NCMEC as their Chair.

From their website, their physical address and phone info is:

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children®

333 John Carlyle Street Suite #125
Alexandria, Virginia 22314-5950

Phone: 703-224-2150
Fax: 703-224-2122

She and her husband are part of the Zero Abuse Project with her Resource Center.

Jacob Wetterling Resource Center
(800) 325-HOPE (4673)

Zero Abuse Project Headquarters
366 Jackson Street, Suite 300
St. Paul, MN 55101
(651) 714-4673

Virginia Office
1450 Duke St
Alexandria, VA 22314
(651) 714-4673

The Adam Walsh act has proven itself over and over again. This myth or this Act is all based on a big fat lie!! John Walsh needs to accept responsibility and move on. I’m clearly convinced this entire movement was part of a larger cover up.

Since most of the states were not complying with SORNA is there any indication our States AG and other states will attempt to fight this?

They’ll fight it as this adds substantial cost and labor to what they’re already doing. Theyre just not really doing anything now as it’s unclear how forceful the new regulations may be on the state.

@steve, I think it depends more on the allocation of funds for the Oppression List programs. If they money is there or allocation towards the lists lacks sufficient specificity, law enforcement actors could register someone regardless of the state law.
Most state laws don’t say they could not register someone who requested to be registered, the state laws only say who must register. The justice department knows this and is likely banking on the fact that even some law enforcement authorities might be willing to stick people requesting to be on the registry and others may not potentially even in the same state. If the state would wish to completely block this they would have to pass laws that prevented such registration at the peril of being pegged as being anti registry and if funds dry up because of all the additions to the list they would get the same blowback for refusal to fund it. Do you think there are alot of state elected Attorney General’s that will give instructions to LE not to register those asking to be registered outside of the state law? Do you know how that would look to the public if they do this?

I just wanted to highlight the comment from the gentleman who called in around 34:45 of the recording, who was in contact with a congressional member and how we should approach our intended audience:
1) be cordial
2) hit talking points (get to the point)
3) end the letter with a personal experience to let them know we are also humans that will be greatly affected by this

I thought it was a great piece of advise. Thank you.

Ok, step one completed. I left the below message on the DOJ comment phone line. I’m not the finest of contemporaneous speakers, so I wrote a script and sent the phone message after reading it out loud until I was comfortable. I must say that I felt relief and a certain sense of power upon leaving the message.

Good morning.
My name is MY NAME from CITY, STATE. I wish to register my opposition to the proposed implementation regulations regarding the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act. That is Docket Number OAG 157.
This ill-conceived legacy of the William Barr Justice Department does nothing to increase public safety, while creating negative collateral damage for many families. Implementing these rules will place unfunded burdens on the states, and compromise states rights by precluding them from applying their unique community standards. These ambiguous rules will unnecessarily burden the Justice Department and federal law enforcement agencies.
Again, I wish to express my opposition to OAG 157. Thank you.

I encourage everyone to develop a personal comment, and just dial (202) 353-1555. Now on to step 2, composing an email.


P.S. from

There is a correct way to address a letter to the state or US Attorney General. For the Attorney General of the United States address the envelope: The Honorable/(Full name)/Attorney General of the United States/(Address). The salutation of the letter should be: Dear Attorney General (last name).

I lost the address of Merril ? the Secretary of the DOJ concerning the SORNA regulations.
Please post it if you have it?

Mail a letter to Attorney General Garland at U.S. Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20530-0001.

The Honorable/(Full name)/Attorney General of the United States/(Address).

Attorney General Merrick Garland
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20530-0001

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