AL: Jackson County child pornographer sentenced to 320 years in prison

Source: 10/20/21

A Jackson County man has been sentenced to 320 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges involving child pornography.

Stephen Frederick ____, 51, on Wednesday was sentenced to 3,840 months in prison followed by a lifetime of supervised release. In August, Stephen Frederick ____pleaded guilty to 10 counts of production of child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography.

He’ll also have to register as a sex offender.

“The sentence handed down today ensures that this man, who stole the innocence of a young girl, can no longer take advantage of her or any other child,” U.S. Attorney Prim Escalona said in a news release. “Children are the most vulnerable victims, and our investigators and prosecutors will remain vigilant in pursuing justice for them.”

More from the release:

“Stephen Frederick ____ is a predator that repeatedly victimized an innocent minor and created horrific images of the abuse, but thankfully he is being held accountable for his crimes,” said Special Agent in Charge Katrina W. Berger, who oversees Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) operations in Georgia and Alabama. “Cases like this demonstrate the power of everyone being vigilant and reporting anything that doesn’t seem right, because this predator might have been able to continue his cycle of abuse had someone not come forward.”

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I think the judge is a pedophile and is ashamed of it. Draconian sentences like this are usually meted out so nobody would ever suspect the person doling out the punishment.

Can someone please check to see what some of the persons convicted of terrorism are sentenced to – even domestic terrorism. Timothy McVeigh does not count.

I wonder if this guy may appeal his sentence.

If this is the precedent AL wants to set, better start building more prisons now!

I didn’t know humans could live that long or are they thinking about possible future advances in medicine.

Since he was a first-time offender, this is yet another data point indicating that the registry would not have protected the young victim. As an aside I thought it curious that his ex-roommate claimed that he “mistakenly took the SD card that he thought was his.” Just sayin’.


Brandon I have to agree with you and many more. My dad was on a famous Rape case. You all can read about it if your all interested, I even looked it up… its called “The Legon of MamieThurman and it was a famous Rape, Murder case in Logan County were I grew up. Course it was back in the depression days. Dad was a on the jury and he told me they railroad that person. That’s about all I know about the case.

I haven’t read the book but yes I am from a mining area. Goes to show you how things can get a bit shady even in this internet ordeal today in comparison but I doubt if anyone on her needs to worry about that case back during the depression days. I think Dad told me he was a bailiff in the case at that time. Look up Oscar Townsend and he should be in their.

In no way am I excusing what the man did. (Something worthy of punishment mind you), but the man who KILLED my father in cold blood years ago only got 15 years. Apparently murdering someone isn’t seen as bad……

Forgive my being so morbid, but if he had murdered the child, what would his sentence have been? 30 years? “Life”?
I suspect he would have received FAR LESS time if he was simply guilty of murder.
Moreover, if she had been killed while he was DUI driving, he would have received MUCH MUCH LESS time in prison – probably 5 or 10 years at most.

I’m sorry he was a witness and living up in that area in an apartment at the time but knew the defendant and yes he said to me when I was taking my criminal justice classes back in the late 70 that the man was railroaded. I even think much of this registry is a bit of a confusion of a railroading in much of this registry issue.

This case is weird. A fair number of cp cases are, but this one in particular is a bit out there.

That whole roommate situation under most circumstances would result in the roommate being charged with cp possession. I guess that was prevented here because the guy who took the pictures probably appears in some of them?

What’s up with the general description of the images? Usually federal agencies are all about sharing how terrible it is for someone to have possessed, distributed, received, and/or created cp. Here there’s little indication as to what kinds of conduct was depicted other than “sexual acts”. Under federal law sexual activity can include far more than the typical things most people would think of to the degree that some people might wonder why they are considered sexual within the context of law. The article mentions molestation, but that again could be a wide range of activity.

Got to love the Assistant U.S. Attorney throwing in life time supervised release after the 320 year sentence. Since the guy accepted a plea deal he lost most of his options to appeal the conviction. The only way he is being released alive is if there was some massive misconduct from the court or the prosecution or if he got a presidential pardon. In either instance his registration and supervised release requirements would at minimum be put on hold.

I’m sorry again but their are many things that one wants to forget and are weird or seem weird and get a bit mixed and sorted . While murder is bad enough and Yes this story of Mamie Thruman is bad. As my Dad told me they framed that person the handyman . Here is what I found on the internet 
Sure my dad told me that he suspected Harry Robinson but that would open up a possible chain of events . All the people in that event are passed away now but it is still History. Hey I even went to school with Dwight at the Logan Banner. I’ve really never read the book myself but from what dad told us they framed the handyman.