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CA: Registrant and Wife Removed From Plane in Los Angeles Due to Revoked Passport

Source: ACSOL

A registrant and his wife were removed by from a plane they had already boarded in Los Angeles earlier this week.  According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials who removed them from the plane, the registrant’s passport had been revoked because it lacked the unique identifier required by the International Megan’s Law (IML).  

According to the registrant, he received no notice that his passport had been revoked prior to boarding the flight from Los Angeles to Amsterdam.  After the registrant was removed from the plane, the DHS officials demanded that he surrender his passport to them.  The registrant complied with that demand and is now required to apply for a new passport.

“Without a passport, the registrant and his wife were unable to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary with friends in Europe,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “In addition, they have lost the money they paid for their flights as well as for their lodging.”

Although requests have been made of DHS, the agency has so far refused to provide information regarding how or when the registrant was notified that his passport had been revoked.  Due to COVID restrictions, it will take the registrant one month or longer to replace his passport.

“Due to this incident, it is highly recommended that registrants covered by the IML who lack a unique identifier in their passports, apply for a new passport with a unique identifier in order to prevent a similar experience,” stated Bellucci.  “Registrants with passports that include a unique identifier are still allowed to travel to many countries, including 26 countries in Europe.”

Registrants covered by the IML’s passport requirement include individuals convicted of a sex offense involving a minor (under age 18) and who are required to register in any state.  In accordance with the IML, the registrant notified local law enforcement more than 21 days prior to his departure of his overseas travel.

Download a PDF of a list of European nations registrants can visit:

The 26 Schengen Nations – Aug 2018


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Not good enough. We need to kill HR 5150 so this FASCIST law can no longer be enforced.

There is a reason it is HR5150. Law enforcement code for crazy is 5150. This fits the bill.

They need to place a Privacy Act request with DHS pronto to get to the bottom of this. Not FOIA, but Privacy Act. At the same time, engage any elected official who will assist with this matter.

So, instead of traveling and having a revocation notice sent afterwards, they’re now doing this? This reeks of the new administration changing the rules without informing the masses possibly.

So he had a valid passport that had not been revoked previously? From previous experiences, it was that upon returning to the good ole US, they would send you a revocation letter. Did he do anything wrong? Doesn’t sound like it to me. He went above and beyond to give the 21 day notice and was treated like a terrorist, trying to board a plane with his wife. What an embarrassment and scare that must have been for him and his wife. This registry is the grossest thing that ever existed, and those who support it and make up more and more rules should be punished to the extreme. Nuremberg Trials come to mind. Tiered Registry, mu A%^*. This has to go!!!!!

How many Forrest Gumps work in our government? Stupid is as stupid does and these tyrants are beyond stupid. How many registrants go overseas and commit crimes, let alone one sexual in nature? How many tyrants go overseas and commit sexual crimes than blaming it on registrants? Chris Smith where you been since your the expert in sex trafficking.

Brandon, Chris Smith really has nothing to do with how these laws are enacted except for submitting them to congress for votes. Until everyone on this site understands who’s behind such laws and how/where they are originally conceived we’re just pissing in the wind.

I wish Janice would enlighten the folks who participate on this site on who’s behind these laws.

Just the same for when the last minute deals where made on the new California tier system. It was a few senators and attorneys in the back room. what Attorneys well the one’s employed by the law enforcement associations. they do not call them unions anymore there associations. and they create work for themselves by creating more/sticker laws which in return create more agencies and more members. It is as simple as that.

Once everyone here understands who we are up against I feel we have a better chance of combating them.


Actually, Chris Smith, et al, can have everything to do with how these laws are enacted by writing into the law how it is to be enacted and by when with financial consequences if the enactment is not met as detailed in the law as it is passed. Happens all the time.

But remember, it’s totally not punishment.

Nor is it intended to impose affirmative restraint.

There seems to be a new level of harassment against any RSO leaving the USA now. The 21 day required warning gives them the necessary time to cancel passports. Some unusual events happened at the airport while I was leaving the USA late last year. I will eventually explain on the international thread but don’t feel safe in revealing my story on an open forum. Let’s just say that I suspect I was extremely lucky and have no intentions of returning to the USA till these laws are gone. I suspect that future RSOs will need to sneak into Mexico or take a small boat to Bahamas in order to leave the USA. I also expect our passports to eventually be revoked like in Australia. It won’t be punishment of course …

Need help and advice on leaving the U.S., I want outta here forever, please help if possible, here is my email

My experience with this process demonstrated that the different parts of the government responsible for issuing, revoking, and associated passport functions do not communicate with each other well, and that they do not yet have a unified system for checking passports at point of entries as relates to the registry/IML.

I did just as was suggested – knowing I was required to have a marked passport I submitted mine for early renewal. Instead of the proper marked passport they just sent a regular one. Apparently the people that issue passports don’t have a fully updated database and/or don’t check against it when issuing passports.

In the end I received a revocation letter and had to do it all over again. At that point I discovered that what went wrong the first time I tried to get the IML passport was that I did not specifically request a marked passport and just assumed they’d issue one.

My point, if you’re going to do an early renewal to get an IML passport you must specifically ask for a passport compliant with the IML marking requirement or you might not get it.

And no, in spite of admitting they made a mistake when issuing the unmarked passport to me, they will not issue a refund.

I requested a passport a few years ago. By law, I am required to have the identifier. Someone from the passport issuing department called me and asked who my community supervision officer (under the parole department) is. I told them and gave them her name and phone number (as that is why they called).


Technically they broke the law as the law states I MUST get the identifier. In the end, I will be the one who pays for a new passport.

@ Worried WI: The Department of State issues passports. But it is the US Marshal Service – a unit of the Department of Justice – which identifies which passports require the IML unique identifier. So indeed, it is two entirely different bureaucratic departments handling these two intersecting activities.

Hey there, Janice,
I wanted to know if ACSOL is planning on filing another lawsuit against International Megan’s Law, just as you did when the law first went into effect ~half a decade ago. (I remember somewhat that when the first lawsuit wasn’t successful, you had expressed with grand confidence that one day in the future ACSOL will do it again.)

AC and Others – ACSOL will challenge the International Megan’s Law when we locate our Rosa Parks plaintiff, that is, an individual who create great sympathy even within the federal government. In the 5 years since the original challenge was filed, we have yet to find that person.

I fear that such a sympathetic plaintiff might also incline the Court to so narrowly tailor relief to the point of excluding the less sympathetic which, apparently (and as John Doe #1 in the first such challenge) would exclude me. In the meantime, I have completely given up on ever traveling again, my career having been effectively killed by IML.

@ Notorious D.I.K.: I need to correct you on an important point regarding the initial IML lawsuit. As I recall, it was dismissed by the Court because the judge felt that – at that point in time – no one had yet suffered any harm as a result of the new law.
No injury = no standing*. 🤷🏻‍♂️
*In the judge’s opinion.😏

David, I’m fully aware of why Judge Hamilton dismissed the case, having watched it very closely as a plaintiff. In fact, I had already suffered from the policies of this law since the foreign reporting component of it had already been in place for several years. She was wrong to dismiss it on that basis. Nothing about Hamilton’s dismissal was legitimate as she had nothing but animus for me and the other plaintiffs.


Losing a career that was killed because of IML seems like harm to me, especially if it was a business you owned or you were the sole contact for that specialty. It is not like one can always just get employed by someone else in the same job field (which is what a court could say like it is easy to move to another place as a PFR).

I was one of two owners of the company. It died along with my career.

I’m sorry to hear that @NDIK.

I’m sorry Janice, but if you are waiting for the “Rosa Parks” of the IML you will never find them. Those who are required to have the IML are already considered the lowest of the low and as such NO ONE in that category will every elicit sympathy from the courts.

Just go find a little Caucasian 18 year old kids fresh out of high school and placed on the registry for dating one of him peers, white America would eat that s***t up, they’ll probably start him a go fund me or some s***t

Sadly, that will help 18-year-olds who dated 16-year-olds; not sex offenders on the grander scale.

I’m guessing the logic behind the courts decision is simply that business owners “can have their international associates come into America”; that you, the business owner, “don’t need to go over there”.

Janice, I am certain the candidate you seek is a person who refused to sigh states standardized waiver of civil rights in the qualifying case. That is all the virtue you would need for standing in advocacy for the client. I assure you Rosa didn’t plea guilty to sitting in front. Neither did Norma Grace Constantineau 400/430. So 95% do not have standing but 5% still offers hope. Perhaps and advert in the paper.

Obviously they already knew he is a registered person, otherwise, why would they storm the plane to remove him? How is a marked passport going to change anything? Freaking stupid.

Agreed, Disgusted! God forbid that Registrant fly overseas and land in a Schengen Agreement European country that doesn’t give a sh*t about IML identifiers on US passports. 🙄
Who knows? Perhaps the Netherlands might super-duper not-give-a-damn!! 😲🤣

What a joke. America is a Nazi, fascist, joke. The country is broken apart, 1/3 of Americans have a criminal record, and over a million sex offenders in this country. Each day we get closer to a civil war because incompetent politicians can’t unite our country together and move forward/make progress. Again, America is a joke!

“Due to this incident, it is highly recommended that registrants covered by the IML who lack a unique identifier in their passports, apply for a new passport with a unique identifier in order to prevent a similar experience,” stated Bellucci.
How about renewing the suit to get rid of this requirement?

Another California sex offender pretending to be a normal resident, I can’t believe people forced to register are still trying to live a normal life while on the registry.
Once your placed on Megan’s law your nolonger a normal person.
All that time and money this couple wasted on trying to leave the country they could of helped ACSOL spread awareness about the endless punishment of Megan’s law, and
I highly doubt he didn’t know his passport was revoked, I’ve never been sent any kind of notification about changes to my 290 registration requirements and I haven’t violated any of them yet but you can’t knock the guy for trying.

Good luck

Last edited 3 months ago by AERO1

Without this “unique identifier” on ones passport, you get denied leaving the country. With it, you get denied at the airport of your destination. Ugh. I just need a vacation.

I am sorry but I have to disagree with Janice here:

“AC and Others – ACSOL will challenge the International Megan’s Law when we locate our Rosa Parks plaintiff, that is, an individual who create great sympathy even within the federal government.”

This wished for discovery is not going to happen. It is like being on a snipe hunt…the first challenge to the IML was good…the dismissal for lack of harm and standing was wrong….and cowardly.

However, this couple seems to have suffered grievous injury, have been married 30 years…if this isn’t Rosa Parks, I don’t know who is.

Contra, there may be some hidden facts here I am unaware of….

But this occurrence really makes me crazy.

An ancillary question…if a Petition to be Removed is granted, under the new Tier System, must one still have a marked passport? And another, I am surprised there are not more reports on people petitioning to be removed….I would have imagined that LOTS of people would have filed in July…and yet there are very few reports of progress or Petitions being granted.

Best Wishes, James I

🇪🇺 Visit Europe! I have had no problems entering France 🇨🇵 (a Schengen Agreement European country) with my IML unique identifier marked U.S. passport (except for the time USMS misidentified me as a “fugitive” – but that’s another story.)

Dear David (Friend to Everyone Here):

Here’s the problem, I have a new (unused) passport, but it came without the stamp. Which I though was good, but now maybe not if I board a plane just to be taken off.

The question is, Do I turn in this new.ish passport now, or take the risk?

My life being as it is, I won’t be going anywhere until next year anyhow so I have the time to send it in if I wanted too.

I think I am going to hold off and hopefully this will clarify over time.

What is irritating is…who knows? We are always subject to shifting and unknowable regulations.

Best Wishes, James I

Maybe the 1st step is to connect the IML to the tiered registry. Tier 1 and 2 that have an exit off the registry shouldn’t have to have a mark. Not saying that tier 3 should, but I can see their concern with SVPs, serial offenders and those falling under lifetime parole. I know this is not the ultimate answer since there are still states that have only lifetime registration, but I’m spitballing.

Even svp and others doesn’t make sense. Svp doesn’t mean multiple offenders. The difference of being labeled svp is a victim 12 years old instead of 13. It’s asinine for one to say they’re more dangerous because of that.

This whole thing really points out how utterly useless the passport screening is that we all go through when entering the international terminal. Obviously their scanners are not connected to the database to let them know if a passport is valid or not, or they wouldn’t have even let the guy get on the plane.

Curious what happened between his initial TSA passport screening and when they stormed the plane to tip them off that he didn’t have a marked passport.

⭐⭐ EVERY Registrant who travels overseas should submit a Privacy Act request to the US Marshals Service for any information (about himself/herself) that was sent to a foreign country – including a copy of any “Green Notice” that was sent. ⭐⭐
If EACH of us does this, EVERY time we travel overseas, it will become an enormous pain-in-the-ass burden for the federal harassment bureaucrats. ⭐⭐

(Yes, perhaps it is just throwing sand in the gears of the Registry machine, but it’s better to do something small than do nothing at all!) ⭐⭐

For the sake of pattern analysis, every overseas trips should be analyzed through Privacy Act reqs by the travelers so info can be gained on the process, data, and for personal knowledge.

(FWIW: I received the revocation letter two or three months after returning home from an overseas trip. And, as I recall, the letter was slow to arrive because it was dated 3 weeks prior to the date that I received it. Clearly, that allows a pretty big window of time between when a passport is designated “revoked” in the Federal system and when the passport holder actually receives notification of the passport’s revoked status.)

@ Hyperbole: Umm, not sure they “stormed the plane.” (Nor do I recall any mention of full riot/SWAT gear, guns drawn, military-style assault weapons, flash-bang gernades, etc.)
While not defending the asshats, I suspect it was more along the lines of “There was a problem with your passport, sir. You’ll need to come with us.”

Is there a way to check the current status of your passport?

They may not have stormed the plane, but you can be sure Chris Smith will take credit for the plane boarding for the man when he gets a chance because they were for sure going to do bad things overseas. Chris Smith just knows it…anniversary or not.

Last edited 3 months ago by TS

How do you request an IML passport?

This is taken from the website…

How do covered sex offenders apply for a for a new US Passport Book with the proper endorsement?

If you were never issued a U.S. passport or if your passport is expired, please apply in person for a new one. You must submit a signed statement with your application that says you are a covered sex offender under International Megan’s Law.

If you currently have a valid U.S. passport book without the proper endorsement and/or any valid U.S. passport card, you will need to return them with your application for a new U.S. passport. You must submit a signed statement that says you are a covered sex offender under International Megan’s Law, and include the U.S. passport(s) with your application.

Please note: Covered sex offenders cannot be issued U.S. passport cards. (22 C.F.R. § 51.60(g)).

Now I’m really confused. My wife and I traveled to Portugal in Sept. 2019 with no difficulty, but I have not since then received a notice of revocation. My passport does not have the marker, although I believe I would be required to.

Now, perhaps what’s happened is a result of not having to post the 21 day notice in Illinois. It’s not possible to do. You just register a change of address with you local police within three days of leaving (not before) and that is supported by the state police as sufficient. I have done this numerous times with no problem. Maybe it’s the 21 day notice that triggers the revocation, not just foreign travel.

We are planning on returning to Europe next summer, when the Covid permits, and I don’t know if I should voluntarily send in my current passport and apply for a new one with the marker.

Doesn’t anyone have any definitive information on how this all works. Is there a way of checking with the State Department whether you passport is valid? Or if it has been revoked and you just haven’t been informed. Surely the guy dragged from the plane didn’t know his passport was invalid.

Very distressing.

same with me. traveled in 2019. no revocation. not chancing it will apply for the one with the stamp. bastards.

My revocation letter came about a year after my most recent overseas travel and didn’t seem to be directly connected.

When I spoke to some working in that area at the passport office (which took hours to do) they told me that they are working through the list of registrants in the US and that it will take time to get to everyone. Apparently it’s somewhat a ‘luck of the draw’ type of thing.

If you can pre-empt a problem by renewing early, perhaps it’s a good idea.

Good luck trying to find out. I decided I better call the State Department number myself, and I am still on hold… 3 and a half hours later.

The information from Worried in Wisconsin is accurate. In order to ensure that you receive a passport with a unique identifier, you must “submit a signed statement that says you are a covered sex offender under the International Megan’s Law” and include the U.S. passport with your application.

Like I said – it took an enormous amount of perseverance to reach someone on the phone. Then another amount of perseverance to get transferred to a supervisor with more information about IML passports. After all those hours, it took me about two weeks to get the return call from the actual office that issued my erroneous unmarked passport where I was finally able to get answers.

There are real people with knowledge working in the passport offices, but unfortunately it takes much effort to get to them through the various levels of script-reading phone answering people. I got the sense that they would have like to replaced my passport without charge, as the agent I finally spoke with acknowledged that they screwed up. There was simply not an option for her to do so. But, she did mention that I could submit a complaint and file a request for a refund, but it just didn’t seem worth the stamp.

Thank you, Worried in Wisconsin, for correctly identifying how a registrant can and should apply for a new passport. Fellow readers of this website, please note that your must submit a signed statement along with your passport application to ensure that a “unique identifier” is added to your passport. If your passport does not include a “unique identifier” your overseas travel may be abruptly stopped in the same or a similar manner as what occurred to this registrant at LAX airport.

Here is the question, Janice (and anyone else happy to chime in)…many of us will be Petitioning for removal early next year, and so the unique identifier will not be required since, if the petition is granted, registration will no longer be necessary…understanding that actual removal or anyone’s name will take a while to move through the system.

Still, am I reading this all wrong? Will Federal regulations supersede any benefits of removal in reference to marking of passports and, even more importantly, the giving of the 21 day notice?

I think I know the answer to the above…but I think lots of things that are wrong…so any advice would be appreciated.

Best Wishes, James I

I agree completely James! If we ever do get released from having to register, how long before this information reaches Satan Watch and CBP? I fear they will be in no hurry to delete registrants from their hit list 😒.

A person who is no longer required to register in any state is not a “covered sex offender” and therefore a unique identifier cannot be added to his/her passport.

Janice, the phrasing, “is currently required to register under the sex offender registration program of any jurisdiction” leaves it open: Does that mean required to register in the state of residence or could be required to register in ANY state – even if they never go to that state? Some judges would likely interpret that applying the rule of lenity – though some might not. Have there been any challenges on that vagueness?

James A and Janice:

No James, I don’t think what you are suggesting is possible…unless one of us screws up and stays in Florida (3 days) or  Nevada (48 hours) and gets caught for whatever unfortunate reason. I presume none of us are going to make that kind of mistake.

For Janice:

I would like to thank her for getting back to me, (and all of us), on my question regarding Post Petitioning, if successful.

Janice is really good that way in sharing her time with us…but we should, I think. give her some free time also.

Lastly, I was not strong enough in my comments regarding the IML lawsuit she filed on our behalf…it was better than good, it was excellent: the writing clear, concise and to the point…the Plaintiffs were fine, the arguments were good…and I sure Ms. Bellucci felt a little bad over this…for herself, these things take their toll, and for us.

But she is a good soldier, stoic, leading us forward…and we can never repay her gentle kindness and honest concern for our welfare.

This is what I should have said before, but didn’t.

So thank you again, Ms. Very Good Person.

Best Wishes, James I

Last edited 3 months ago by James I

@James I, When it comes to the unique marker, if you are not required to register in ANY jurisdiction then you should not have the marker. So if you go to Florida or some other place to visit where you must register and where you are never removed from the registry, you would then be required to have the passport marking forever even if you received relief from registration in the state of conviction and/or the state where you reside.

Otherwise, I don’t think the federal regulations can supersede your benefits of removal for passport markings otherwise as registration as there is no jurisdiction that requires you to register as the federal jurisdiction requires you to register in a state jurisdiction and the federal does not have its own registry.

The way I read IML though and I think this kind of is somewhat of an an open question, (I think Janice has said they don’t do this?) is that you can still be Green Noticed without the passport marking requirement. The green notice is a greater impediment to international travel than the passport marking.

Someone might be able to demonstrate that I’m wrong here but by my reading of IML, If you are not required to register but you are still within a federal Megan’s Law/AWA tier, you are supposed to give a 21 day notice. The issue is that jurisdictions where you are not required to register would also not likely be able to accept your 21 day notice and you would then have an affirmative defense for not doing so. That said, you might still have to somehow try to give the 21 day notice.

I’ve been pretty confused about IML laws overall because I haven’t traveled since IML and I want to but I honestly don’t know what will happen if I go to a country that denies entry to past offenders. I’m not on a registry in any jurisdiction so I know I shouldn’t require a passport marking. What I don’t know is if they would possibly send a green notice or tell me I didn’t give my 21 day notice.

Mostly my decision to travel was not due to uncertainty in IML but rather I’ve been much too busy in recent years to do this. Eventually I will again and will see what happens. I still wouldn’t even attempt to give 21 day notice though and if that ever came up I’d challenge it.

The green notice is a greater impediment to international travel than the passport marking.” I’ve always said this and why I thought it was a mistake to make IML overwhelmingly about the passport marking.

Before people go shipping their passports off for reissuing with the stamp, and possibly get one back with no stamp and lose more money in an effort to do the right thing, I am going to suggest people go to a local passport agency office if there is one in their local area to do so. Here is where you can find one around the country:

LA, SF, and SD, CA all have these offices which may be the first step for @Janice, et al, to reach out and get specs on getting stamped passports either in person or know they will be issued with it. In person visits will be more beneficial I believe than an email or phone call.

There are rules for using the office and when travel is supposed to happen; however, I believe this is a better first step to getting the correct passport than mailing it in hopes of DoS doing the right work they need to be doing.

@IL Contact – there is one in Chicago where you can only give three days notice and they really prefer folks who have travel rapidly upcoming to use the office. This might fit into your travel paradigm. You may want to reach out in person to them at the office to help solve your question.

TS – It appears that you are sharing out of date information regarding the speed at which one can get a new passport issued. In the good old days, one could get a new passport in as little as 24 hours (after paying extra fees). I did a lot of research last week and called several local passport companies around the nation in the hope of helping the registrant and his wife get overseas for the second week of their two-week vacation. The fastest turn around I could find was 30 days because the State Dept. is blaming COVID for slowing down their issuance of passports.

Thanks @Janice for the update. The State Dept is in error on their website which makes it my error in passing it along. Apologies. Just trying to help the forum with their passport matters. Maybe a passport agency visit would be good to get face to face info.

@ TS: When my passport was revoked, I went to the local passport office at the public library to make sure I was filling out the application completely. The individual working there said she had never seen such a revocation letter before and had no idea what the process should be. And there is no place on the form to indicate that your previous passport was revoked. (As I recall, you have only 3 choices: #1-first time passport
#2-renewing passport or #3-replacing lost passport.)
Ultimately, she asked me to please let her know how it all worked out. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Sorry, but in-person will NOT be more effective than phone calls or emails if the passport agent you’re visiting has no idea how to proceed.


A passport agency office is different than a passport processing office; hence, the website I provided from State Dept.

After hours of effort I got the answer to this from the Passport people – a letter specifically addressing what happened should be attached to the application. I did not send my passport back to them with the revocation letter but rather submitted it with the new application and letter.

The State Dept website is currently erroneous and thus, my post is in error about timeline processing. @Janice has more info in her reply. Apologies for that.

There are passport agency offices in select cities across the country as seen on the website but they too may be impacted by Covid.

I just spoke with someone when I dialed that state department number they give you for passports (waited 3 hours on the phone), and they said they cannot tell you on the phone whether or not your passport is still valid. You must write them. She said it could easily take 4 to 6 weeks to get a response. Outrageous, if you ask me.
They take it away from someone, and you can’t even find out if yours has been revoked without waiting for a month.

How would this work for dual citizens? I know you have to leave the US on a US passport, but once you board the plane, haven’t you technically left the US?

Could someone challenge this by saying you’re also x citizen and you’re being unlawfully detained?

Long shot but I’m genuinely curious

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x