Janice’s Journal: Proposed SORNA Regulations Can Be Defeated

Perhaps it is fitting that the proposed SORNA regulations, which were dormant for more than a year, have resurfaced during the week before Halloween. That is because the proposed regulations can be viewed as a creature often reported to be seen on Halloween, that is, a vampire.

Vampires come in many shapes and sizes. For example, there are vampire bats which are small in size but are capable of killing much larger animals, even humans. There is also Count Dracula, a vampire, who may or may not have lived, but is often represented by young children in costumes on Halloween.

Unlike Count Dracula, the threat of the proposed SORNA regulations is real and its prey includes almost one million people who are currently registered as well as many more who are no longer registered. And the potential prey of the SORNA regulations extends to additional millions of people who are registrants’ family members.

The specific threats of the proposed SORNA regulations have been described and will continue to be described in articles posted on the ACSOL website. Therefore, they will not be described in this column.

Instead, the focus of this column is upon hope and the potential to defeat Count Dracula, that is, the proposed SORNA regulations for once and for all.

What do I mean by that? We currently have an opportunity to flood the U.S. Department of Justice with phone calls, emails and letters demanding that Attorney General Merrick Garland reject the proposed SORNA regulations.

Can you imagine what would happen if the Attorney General and/or the U.S. Department of Justice heard from millions of people who are demanding rejection of the proposed SORNA regulations? Surely our voices would be heard.

This is the time like no other to Show Up – Stand Up – Speak Up! Call the U.S. Department of Justice and leave a message for Attorney General Garland. Then send them an email and a letter.

How much time would it take for you to perform these three simple tasks? My guess is an hour or less. Is your freedom and/or the freedom of your family member worth an hour of your time? Only you can make that decision.

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I wish I could pay AG Garland a personal visit. I’ll be near Washington DC on Halloween. Right now I need time to process everything and respond with a clear head. Ugh this is our live free or die moment and silence isn’t an option.

It’s my hope that if this passes , registrants and their loved ones will still come to Washington in 2023. Never give up, give in, because failure isn’t a option.

It’s no coincidence they sat on this thing all year, then pounced with the announcement right before Halloween. It’s all toxic social engineering, fear mongering and virtue signaling. All so we can get “up to speed” and acclimate to the new slave routine. They’re crazy as hell if they think I’m going to start going to the pigpen 4 times a year.

My hope is that all affiliated organizations to ASCOL also flood the federal courts all over the country,
IF iGarland signs on, with injunctions to halt this bs.

Man, I am tired of these continuously changing laws. Been dealing with this crap for what will eventually be at least 20 years. If the bogus government makes us live under this Barr-Garland contraption, then does that at least mean we don’t have to “petition” when our limits on the registry expire?

Surely if the corrupt government bureaucrats just pick the worst of each law for us to live by, that would be unfair… right??

America is looking worse than a lot of Banana Republics now. Over a million “sex offenders” in the United States, and a larger prison population than North Korea, China, and Russia… COMBINED… is not a good look for the “Land of the Free!”

Now we shall see if Merrick Graland is actually for the people, for the oppressed, for the minority, or if he is just a political puppet.

Thank you for your leadership, Janice. I have sent a letter urging mercy toward registrants and our loved ones.

People forced to register please send letters, emails and make phone calls to the to the Attorney general and the Department of Justice to oppose the new SORNA law.
ACSOL needs to throw an event once a year and invite people forced to register from all around the country after a couple of years this event would be massive.
I’m done talking about what needs to be done and I’m done dreaming about fighting back, even though I’m done with the registry next year they took 22 years of my life when I was just 18 years old, i want revenge.
You be surprised how much work one person can put in if they real put they mind to it, California is on the front line in this war it’s no coincidence that I’m here, I guess it’s time to put an end to this nightmare.
When you see a sex offender on the news organizing events and speaking out just know that must be AERO1 from California.

Stay focused

I always believed the registry would get so bad that it has no choice but to self implode. This seems like a big step in that direction.

The United States was founded on principals and equality and equal representation. Depending on the circumstances such a Convid shot or say this sex issue it comes down to a decision. Sure many had views of President and vice president but the way things go in a court of justice, and especially with this registry what is equal? Guess a gunfight at the OK coral would be equal but that law would leave someone dead in the streets.

I think schoby got it right in much of this bias challenge of humanatrism in many issues. Hey I don’t want to see anyone on the registry or who is calling who out in a vain trumpth of vanity of a sexual intent. Guess one can look at much of the registry as a “Dog Day Afternoon”of intimidating carnality gone wrong.

This is why I dreaded the possibility of Merrick Garland (der schtunk!) on the Supreme Court and why I was elated when Neil Gorsuch (an ardent civil libertarian) got the job (possibly the only thing I’m happy with the Trump administration for having done; he then went on to nominate two dreadful additional specimens). Garland’s track record on criminal justice issues is pretty awful so I’m not surprised at this.

All of this whack a mole reminds me of, “ Don’t hate the player hate the game.” In this scenario I definitely hate both. Our government creates more drama than a soap opera.

Is there a way to see what these regulations are? I’m new to learning about this and need a basis of what’s going on.

I am calling, filling out the form and writing a letter.
This new rule seems to be just another attempt by the pro punishment cabal to hold onto a dying system, that new research is continuing to uncover is not protecting victims like it says it is doing. Why are they not using their resources to rehabilitate repeat offenders, track down missing indigenous women and girls, solve the backlog of murders and rapes? Because they only care about defending their faulty world view increasingly invalidated by reality, so they choose to double down. This is a very human response to unwanted change, but we must fight knee jerk reaction or this country is not going to be a safe or livable place for us or our descendants.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tim Moore

With this proposal there’s more questions than answers and that bothers me the most. Anything could happen and it’s best to knock this monstrosity down now, yet we must prepare for the worst. I’m not trying to be doom and gloom but it’s reality.

Janice is correct, it takes only an hour of your time to call the Attorney General’s office, send an email and a short letter asking him to reject the new SORNA regulations.
Imagine what we could accomplish if every registrant and every friend or family member of a registrant took just one hour to do this.
Miracles can happen!

Just in case anyone was curious about why demands for email address and other online IDs are being demanded by law. Facebook warns LAPD to stop using fake accounts to spy on suspects

This was always on the agenda from the jump.

You know Janice you are right about this SORNA thing. Even trying to preach has advantages but the advantages can be overshadowed by evil. Yes its our right to stand up, speak up, as that is part of justice. Sure many on here have their ups and downs with this registry, these SORNA laws or this dracula type laws as Janice says can bite with a sting, but one still has to remember .. theirs a time to kill and a time to heal, even a time to break down and a time to build up.

Yes their is even a time to “speak up”. Sure letters even to the editor of newspapers are good. Letters to the officials are good. Radio is also good but the key is communication to help in fixing the problem. I hope this forum is not getting out of hand as results can either be positive or negative and so far the registry has brought negative results.

Have we all broken the commandments in many ways even government? Wonder who shot Billy the Kid or who wants to paint black even blacker. Who is the slave in this registry hi-jack, or who has dominion over another? Who is Forced to Registar..FTR or who is guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. Does government need a dose of their own medicine or are many still in limbo.