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The sexually violent predator next door

Source: 10/29/21

Lawtis Donald _____ sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl in Florida in 1969 and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

When he got out — but while still on parole — he came to California, where he sexually assaulted three more underage girls, separately, luring them each into his car by posing as a fashion photographer. Then, while he was being investigated for those crimes, he traveled to Nashville and attacked another 13-year-old girl. He was convicted of rape in both California and Tennessee and sent back to prison for two more decades.

I think it’s safe to say that this is not the kind of guy you’d want living next door.

But unfortunately for the people who live on 25th Street East, in the unincorporated portion of Los Angeles County near Lancaster, it may not be up to them. Lawtis may be coming to the neighborhood whether they like it or not.

But I also believe this: The state shouldn’t continue to hold people indefinitely beyond their sentences if they’ve been found unlikely to engage in criminal behavior again. So Lawtis needs a place to live.

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Yeah this dude should have never been let out of jail but hes out and needs a place to stay.
Sounds like California law enforcement agencies problem I could careless I dont care if this guy gets a job a daycare facility he’s not my problem.
And I hope he waste alot of law enforcement agencies time and money monitoring him.
I dont care about what goes on in society unless it affects me directly.
Thank you DOJ for Liberating me from society’s pointless rat race now I can spend my time on more important things like organizing protest and freeing souls from the registry.

Good luck

Last edited 2 months ago by AERO1

AERO1.. now lighten up a bit. Remember this is an article and I’m sure we all have viewpoints. Sure the sexual behavior was a bit much and yes I would say he does need counseling and even being off the streets for a long time. My dad always taught me when reading an article look for the key words of the article … such as criminal behavior. So what is criminal… stealing a car, breaking into a house, intimidating another as in much of this registry ruse or provoking by presenting an opportunity as in a rape ordeal or sexual nature. So were does the guidance come in with this good, bad, and ugly registry that is causing so much pain to many.

Well I think Janice and her team are pretty good at counseling. I even had counseling growing up and yes sisters and brothers can also counsel sometimes in a good way and at times in a bad way, even parents.We all should help one another the best we can, but at times situations can overcome another. Hence the scripture those without sin cast the first stone.. I’m sure thats still in the bible. Rape effects everyone.. one way or another. So who’s doing the raping in much of this registry… even the presenting and provoking?

The articles author, Nicholas Goldberg, appears to be a well educated man. His writing stated the facts instead of myths that perpetuate fear mongering. He could be a good ally to us and I think it would be a good idea to write him and ask him to write more articles stating the facts that registries do not keep the public safe.

I’m a little confused. Wasn’t this guy listed on his State’s registry? I thought the registry is supposed to prevent sex crimes and keep the public safe? I could be wrong, but it appears the registry didn’t prevent anything.

Complete proof that the registry is useless. It should be abolished, except [moderator edit: No Exceptions, the registry and everything associated with it is a violation of human rights. and is unacceptable for everyone listed on it with no exceptions. people that are very dangerous should be in prison as part of a court ordered sentence based on their crime, not on the public registry.]

The moderator’s note is EXACTLY what I have been saying for years. If someone is labeled so dangerous to society, then why are they not buried under a prison? When I received my life sentence in the mail in 2011 designating me a tier 3 (without ANY kind of evaluation), it essentially labeled me as the “worst of the worst”. I’ve elaborated about my offence many times (consensual), so there’s no need to say it again. Since finishing my sentence all I have done is maintain steady employment, pay my bills, go bowling with my league once a week, and occasionally go out on a weekend for entertainment. Yet I’m a danger to the public? My offense was in 1992, and since then I have been in a healthy relationship with a girl for 11 years, have an 8 year old daughter with her, and haven’t even had so much as a traffic ticket. On top of all that, I haven’t even looked at porn. So will someone please explain to me how the hell I am a danger? I’m a high risk of reoffending??? I am more financially secure now that I ever have been. Everything I own is paid for. I have a life, a family I have always wanted, an employer who appreciates me and tells me so on a regular basis. Why would I throw all that away? If I’m such a danger and risk, then the police need to come to my house and take me back to prison, because THAT is when I will become the real danger because I won’t go quietly or willingly. Waco would seem like a summer picnic compared to what I would do. SORA needs to leave me the hell alone.

Right?! It’s nonsense.

I’ve said this a billion times – I’d like someone, ANYONE, with an I.Q. over 70 to look at me and then look at some gangbanger they are releasing from prison today and tell me I’m the dangerous one. Any person in the entire world with an I.Q. over 70. I challenge them.

The Oppression Lists are f’ing nonsense, 100% unacceptable, and an actual act of war. There is absolutely not a shred of doubt that they are not for public safety, protecting children, or any of the rest of liars’ lies.

The ONLY reason that I am dangerous is because of the OLs. THAT danger is real.

I’ve wondered for a very long time if the criminal regimes and their law enforcement criminals have not created national, public, lifetime Gun Offender (Etc.!) Registries, and all the ensuing nonsense, because they are afraid to harass those people. They are afraid to harass people who are actually quite dangerous. There are probably millions of those people. I’ve wondered if they harass people who have been convicted of sex offenses because the vast majority of them are not violent or dangerous.

But personally, I think they seriously underestimate the radicalization that the OLs cause. The destruction of remorse, empathy, and compassion. They do underestimate that. But I also wonder if they care. Their job/goal is to keep their carceral business running. They need chaos, people committing crimes, people being arrested, trials, plea bargains, people in prison, people on probation/parole, people in “therapy”, people hiring attorneys, people “petitioning” to be released the oppression, etc., ad nauseam. That’s their business. It gives so many jobs to losers.

That’s enough ranting. If these criminal regimes cared about public safety they destroy the OLs. Or in the very least, they’d remove all obligations that any PFR had regarding any of it and do some actual work themselves. They’d also create all of their other OLs that should exist. If they only cared.

But they don’t, so there must be war. I have to say that I’ve already decided that if I’m ever even only arrested for anything related to the OLs, just arrested and nothing else, I’ve got some serious retaliation planned. There will be nothing kind about it. I’m not interested in the Waco crap though because that didn’t end well for a lot of them. I’ll be a lot more hidden and careful. I would be morally obligated to retaliate.

In the meantime, I’m retaliating as much as legally possible. I’ve got a lot going on. Amerika is paying for their OLs. I hope getting their jollies is worth it to them.

I’m a little confused. Well who wouldn’t be a bit confused. Even labeling is a bit confusing and yes labeling can at many times bring out the worst when others dab one with such label. So who’s the thief in the story? The one that stole the life or sucked it out of someone else or the innocent person. Put it all in prospective and you will find out the mens rea of much of this registry is a fluke.

Hey even Will Allen is to the boiling point and many more in this registry issue. True justice is not some LE overshadowing one with a label or a plea deal. True justice is taking the bull by the horn and coming to true understanding of all this registry. So who is killing who with this registry ordeal or dare go to court in front of the unjust. Who is being camelflague as worthless and violent.Who is given/giving a defamation by intimidation type ruse.

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