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MI: Legal experts warn kids could face legal consequences for TikTok challenge

Source: 11/11/21

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — TikTok “school challenges” have brought up alarming trends noticed by school districts.

He said if it is not consensual and an investigation follows, you can be charged with assault and battery.

“If you don’t have consent to do something, a kiss, a touch, whatever it is, don’t do it,” Jones said.

Jones said it can be worse than that. Especially if you do more than just kiss the person without consent.

There can be a scenario where you grab them inappropriately.

If convicted of a criminal sexual misconduct in the fourth degree, you can be put on a sex offender registry which could ruin any future opportunities for graduating high school students.

“Talking about sex offender registry, that has to be disclosed to a university. A university can rescind what is going on based on that, it’s a potential public safety threat to the campus,” Jones said.

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Yep, they are waiting to brand your 12 year old boy as a Predator

More parents will be involved in the criminal injustice system and it’s treatment of those on the registry. How many will become anti registry?

The average age of a sex offender in the US is 14 years old so how long will it take before the ignorant brain washed public to realize they are coming for there kids?

I was so surprised about this statistic yet it has changed nothing on the registry? Goes to show you why this country is so racist and prejudice, they make money spreading hate.

Here is an article which backs @BA age stat: What is the Most Common Age of a Sex Offender? (Surprise!) ()

It’s not just people who are kids. I am genuinely appalled that people even think that 18 is the right age to hold people ‘accountable’ for their actions to the extent that someone who makes decisions at 18, 19, 20 – especially boys / young men are for the rest of their lives, treated as if they are dangerous people forever, especially those who do not repeat their mistake and I’m talking about across the board, not just sex offenses. While the standard of accountability should be higher for someone 18-20 than it is for someone who is 14, it’s clear that society doesn’t consider someone between those ages to be competent to be able to be able to make all decisions for themselves. This is clearly evident in alcohol use laws and more recently evident in changes in right to purchase tobacco in the USA being changed from age from 18 to 21. How is it that we can not trust an 18-20 year old to make competent decisions regarding alcohol and/or tobacco use (and their future implications) yet think they can make competent decisions to fully obey the law 100% of the time? And yet plenty of research backs up that especially men, continue to be teenagers until in some cases as old as 25. It seems so backward to me that we would ruin the life of an 18-20 year old also placing them on a registry for life or if not life, even as long as we do when we know enough about this to not want them drinking or smoking yet.

While the registry overall is still mostly useless, I’m also of the opinion that people under 18 should have less accountability than people between 18-20 and that people 18-20 should have less accountability than people who have reached an age that we consider smart enough to make their own decisions regarding drinking and smoking. So to that end its my opinion that nobody under 21 should be permanently and forever prevented from having a clean slate for nearly every crime, except maybe Murder BUT I will say that people over 18 certainly ought to have to provide more proof that they are changed in order to gain this clean slate than someone under 18 possibly should. Either way, as time passes, I think most rational people would agree that someone under 21 who has remained crime free for some length of time (maybe at least 7 years?) ought to never have to have that crime follow them beyond that unless they commit a new crime after 21. Otherwise, we should allow 18-20 year old’s drink and buy cigarettes again immediately because they must be competent enough to make the right decision about these things.

“Otherwise, we should allow 18-20 year old’s drink and buy cigarettes again immediately because they must be competent enough to make the right decision about these things.” Especially if they are in uniform and willing to die for their country.

Well thats certainly a debatable question. I was referring to whether someone should be given more legal leniency between 18-20 than after because we make laws that assume 18-20 year olds are incapable of making good decisions. If true, then certainly signing ones future over to the military prior to 21 might not be a well reasoned decision either. Waiting until 21 wouldn’t serve the military well though so that’s also a piece of the problem.

The whole thing is hypocritical. Either people are deemed capable of making all rational decisions at 18 or they are not. If not then it seems to reason that they should have more leeway with legal reprocusions and may not be of sound mind yet to join the military. If so, they should have all privileges of adulthood. It’s like 18-20 is partially an adult but not really an adult.

Personally I think a piece of it is societies interference with independence in the teen years and even the 18-20 age range so that they are delaying maturity bit that’s not really a discussion for here.

According to the article, the **most common** (read: mode) age of a PFR is 14. The average (read: mean) age is not 14, at least not according to this article.

A quick review of statistical terms is in order here. First, there’s the “mean,” or average, which is the sum of a group of numbers divided by how many numbers there are. Second, there’s “median,” which is the middle number in a group. Third, there’s “mode,” which is the most common number in a group.

Think of it this way: you, with your $100,000 net worth; two billionaires, one with $1B net worth and the other with $2B net worth; and two penniless people are hanging out. In this group, the median net worth is $600,020,000 ($100K+$1B+$2B+$0+$0). Yes, $600+ Million each! Hardly representative of the group. Looking at the median, the answer is $100K, because you are in the middle of two billionaires above you and two worth $0 below you. Also not representative. Finally, let’s look at the mode. In this case, the answer is $0, because it appears the most times. Like the other two stats, it’s not a fair or proper representation of the data.

As you can see, a single statistical measurement cannot guarantee to tell the whole story. Looking back at this article, it could mean in a group of 10 PFRs, two are 14 and the rest are 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, & 48. Since 14 is the only number appearing more than once, it is the most common age. Meanwhile, the mean age is 38.4 and the median age is 43.5. In this example, the median best represents the dataset. (This is also why home price trends are always cited as the median, not the mean/average.)

In closing, this article took a shred of data and made a story out of it. All it tells me is 14 is the most common age when people get caught! Given that’s right about puberty time, it’s of little surprise to me. I wholly agree with the thrust of the article about the registry; it just used an unreliable premise to push the narrative.

Nice! Everyone should carefully consider any statistics they see and interpret what they are and are not saying.

😳 Good to know! Thank you! 👍🏻

Disgusting. Criminalizing kids behavior

“Could ruin any future opportunities.”

It also ruins present opportunities.

Once on the hit list, society sees that label as your past, present and future.

But wait! I thought minors could not consent to anything according to those who know best (regardless of reality)! Is that not what has been espoused and yelled from the high reaches of buildings now against those who are not in a Romeo n Juliet age limit? Minors are so innocent and ignorant of things that consent is just a new word and concept to them and not applicable until they are legally adults even if their brains do not fully mature until their mid-20’s. Maybe they should not use the legal term of “consent“, but use the actual word minors do understand, “permission”, e.g. a permission slip, permission to use the restroom, etc, since they are synonyms ().

Typically double speak and standard by those who think they know best but otherwise show they do not.

Everything about this is and always has been hypocritical. Also, why would it ruin any future possibilities if it is not punishment, just regulatory. Will the dumb people who believe a registry should exist ever get a clue?

Looking back at my teens I’d bet most of my class would be listed. I don’t know how many classmates had or gave spider bites aka hickies. The excuse was Um we were vacuuming and the suction cup got ahold of our necks. Many had the nickname Hoover.

This Tik-Tok challenge seems rather quaint and a stupid, juvenile, way to put yourself in legal jeopardy. Trying to scare kids with the registry probably won’t have much effect.
Sadly, some kids have moved well beyond kissing.

I hope they sign up as many 14 year olds as possible, then the parents can deal with the “price club membership” that lets you come and go as you please its so easy…you know like wearing an ankle bracelet!

Then the legislators can come to ACSOL and say what do we do now with all this public outrage?

There will always be legal consequences but not for the social media networks as they have liability protection by federal law. They cannot be held responsible for those third parties posting content in the form of ” a challenge. ” Is this factually any different than ” monkey see, monkey do? ”
Same as the indentured servitude implicit in registration. Nothing damn new at all….same$hit different property.

So they are saying the registry is punishment? I thought it was only civil and not a big deal. Here’s an idea get rid of the registry for all because it’s punishment. Registration laws have caused more harm and made communities less safe.

Whew! Good thing PFRs are able to work and live like other citizens. Right, SCOTUS?

We live in a world where we’re not allowed to show our children or grandchildren any affection and they are not allowed to love their family. Our children are at higher risk because of The Registry and its false sense of security!!! We need to educate our children on social media and what’s allowed as inappropriate for public.

Its DEFINATELY NON-CONSENTUAL, by law unless you are 18+ YOU CANNOT CONSENT thus it is NON-CONSENTUAL. C’mon Mr. Fudd! Bust all those pervs and swell the list of punished until it crashes under it’s own weight or until so many are affected that real attention is payed to it instead of dismissive attention and virtue signalling.

Wait…. “If convicted of a criminal sexual misconduct in the fourth degree, you can be put on a sex offender registry which could ruin any future opportunities for graduating high school students.” 🤔
If the merely civil/administrative registry isn’t punitive, it’s certainly seems to be recognized as incredibly destructive and ruinous to one’s future opportunities! 🤨

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