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NJ: Police officer admits having sex with underage girl

Source: 11/15/21

A New Jersey police officer has admitted to having sex with an underage girl and exchanging nude photos with her.

Mark Stinnard pleaded guilty in state Superior Court Monday to endangering the welfare of a child. The 37-year-old former Pompton Lakes police officer admitted having a sexual relationship with the girl and requesting that she take nude photos and videos and send them to him.

According to the Passaic County prosecutor’s office, police in Riverdale received a report in April 2018 of a minor being sexually involved with a police officer in Pompton Lakes. An investigation revealed the sexual relationship and that Stinnard would request that the child take nude photos and videos and send them to him.

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According to this article, investigators concluded the relationship (with a minor) occurred during Stinnard’s personal time and didn’t affect his employment as an officer. What an interesting point of view. Looks like there is a very different standard in New Jersey for police officers as compared to the general public.

“…didn’t affect his employment as an officer…”
Hmmm….correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t law enforcement people supposed to live upright and moral lives?
Five years probation. Yeah, anyone else would have had the book thrown at him. Just another example how there are two separate sets of laws. One for police officers and one for everyone else.

Yes, and sex offender therapy but no registration.

Maybe this case should be brought to Chris Smith’s attention so he can create a “Law Enforcement Megan’s Law” website. 😒

Huh? Endangering the welfare of a child? Anybody else would have been hammered for statutory rape and production of child pornography, perhaps at the federal level. My wrongful possession didn’t affect my employment as an engineer, but I didn’t get a break.

I had a CP charge, I never touched anyone, I never contacted anyone, I did not share the images with anyone. The images showed the minors in various stages of undress, but none of the images showed them engaged in sexual activity. I was sentenced to 70 months in federal prison, three years supervised released, and I was on pretrial for 2 years in which time I had an ankle monitor, and I am on the registry at present for life. I also took full responsibility for my actions and regretted my actions . I publicly stated that in court and wrote a letter of acceptance to the court, which the prosecutor said she didin’t beleive it was sincere and so I was denied any reduction because of that (these prosecutors today are gifted with the ability to see into your heart and can tell if you are sincere or not, amazing talent). Hmm…I read the article above and have to conclude that there seems to be a slight incongruity in the laws in these here United States.

Sorry but he’s on duty 24/7 whether on the clock or not. If needed to respond to a call off-duty by his supervisor, he would if he could. It may not have impacted his on the clock time but it brings a discredit to the force and adds to the stats of who the real offenders against minors are, including those in positions of authority.

I wonder what Rep Smith would think of this, in his own state no less? Would he clamor for a stamped passport for this guy and notification to overseas travel? Maybe he should be asked as should the state AG of why this is ok in his state.

It has been my experience that most law enforcement is above the law I have Witness beating on the street of people in handcuffs not resisting My youngest daughter is a police dispatch Even my grandson puts his aunt’s name on his car title so he don’t get speeding tickets

The initial officer that investigated my case for statutory: dated and had the girl move in with him.

True Story

Wow. That’s gotta be maddening.

Anonymous, wow…

Another true story. In the small town in Texas I lived for a few years (the town where the police broke into my house, stole items containing my DNA and did $1,000 of damage and stolen property), prior to me moving there, the chief of police was caught having sex with a 14 year old female in the police car on public property.

The chief of police threatened to arrest anyone in the small town who reported him. He then married the girl to try to protect himself when she turned 15. Nothing legally ever happened to him over this incident.

This guy was the city administrator by the time I moved into the town. After I instigated and gathered public support for getting this guy kicked out of office, he stalked everyone coming and going from my house for awhile including my parents and stalked my friends. He even got one of the local Mexican drug gang members to drive by my house to attempt to scare me.

Due to negative public media I initiated which resulted in pressure from the town citizens, the mayor eventually decided he could not have the liability of this guy being city administrator and fired him.

And due to negative public media I initiated against the mayor, the citizens then put pressure on the mayor to resign and the mayor resigned within 6 months after he had fired the city administrator.

The new chief of police was almost as corrupt, in bed with the local drug gang tipping them off whenever the DEA undercover agents were in town and was the one who ordered his police staff to break into my house after being told by either the new mayor or the new city administrator to break into my house.

After I went to the FBI about the chief of police and the city leaders being responsible for the break in of my house and then letting the chief of police, full city council and the city attorney know on public record in front of town citizens I went to the FBI, I never had any more problems with the Chief of Police or the city leaders and the mayor even pushed a local developer (who had publicly admitted to giving bribes to most of the city council), to hurry up and buy me out to get me out of town. So I made a profit and moved out of town.

Serve and protect has a different meaning now to Law Enrochment. Keep your pants on while on duty pigs!!

Oh yes, I posted a comment!! LEOs get away with this crap all the time!! 😡
And then the frustrated public takes their anger out on the rest of us!! 😡

I have 0 problems with with police officers doing there job But if that was a school teacher charged with the same thing They would lock them up and they may never get out And would get fired immediately From their job

At least it was on his own time and NOT in his squad car.

MPD employee= A Police lieutenant. Odd how the folks on this source always lean pro police and pro union in their coverage.
Mostly this story doesn’t get much space but the Rittenhouse case is on every media source. If you didn’t know, the Rittenhouse case was offshoot of the case about a cop emptying her firearm into the back of a( black) man under felony arrest warrant for sexual assault. It was that story which erupted via social media and triggered to the riots in Kenosha, WI. The man who was shot and paralyzed from the officer’s bullets cut a plea deal completely absent of any sex charges. Rittenhouse lived in Antioch Illinois and without social media he likely would not have been in Kenosha at all.

Looking up other online news media accounts, I gathered the following information about this “law enforcement officer’s” case. :

“In addition to his job as a police officer, Stinnard was a member of the local volunteer ambulance squad and met the teen after she had been hospitalized for a suicide attempt, according to an affidavit of probable cause filed by the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.”

“Stinnard had sex with the girl, requested she send him nude photos, sent her nude photos, and exchanged messages with her on social media, often taking screenshots of the images she sent him on Snapchat, the affidavit stated.”

“Authorities said he met the girl in 2017 when she was 16 or 17.”

“Mark Stinnard, of Pompton Lakes, was arrested Monday and charged with endangering the welfare of a child for manufacturing child pornography, as well as three counts of endangering the welfare of a child for engaging in sexual conduct with a child, plus possessing child pornography and causing harm to a child, according to a statement from Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia M. Valdes.”

And D.A. Valdes is asking 5 yrs probation cause he “regrets his decisions”.

I suggest we discover who the judge is and perhaps start a letter-writing campaign. I would also suggest we write to D.A. Valdes and suggest she petition the court seeking a reduction of ALL sentences of convicted sex offenders in the NJ courts, and of course removing them from registration requirements. I’m sure she’ll be open to the idea.

Excuse me while I go vomit.

Further information from media accounts: “He broke up with the victim after she became pregnant with his child and miscarried, according to the affidavit.” So..impregnates the girl, then breaks up with her after miscarriage. True love. What a guy.

so where do we send our protesting e mail too? what senator, or governor or maybe the attorney general! like we did for the opposition of the new sorna rules, these stories have become to common these days! The rules for me not for Thee! We should be flooding the inbox of every official in every state every media outlet! to cost effective what could it cost to send multiple e-mails to flood there inbox’s

This article illustrates the very problem when the media and the police lay in bed together to produce the “news” we consume. This article reads like it was written by the officer’s buddy or maybe even himself. Was he charged with violating a sex offense statute? What was the age of the victim? Will he be on the registry? We regularly see these details when law enforcement parade their stings or prosecutors proudly declare their convictions for the media.

How should we trust anything the media says?

RE: This article illustrates the very problem when the media and the police lay in bed together to produce the “news” we consume. 

Bingo. But for a different reason.

For such a light sentence, I have a hard time believing that the facts were anywhere near as explicit as the stories imply. And based on personal experience, the reactions above that the light sentence was because of the accused being LE is incorrect. I was a deputy sheriff when I caught my charge and got no mercy whatsoever, in the press or my employers.

I would also argue that the overall cause to abolish the registry is diminished when we clamor that certain people with similar convictions – prior LE, celebrites, the wealthy, whoever – should also be on it.

A friend of mine is a cop- did approximately the same (one time only), no photos, no pregnancy, same ages. He got some time, 5 yrs supervision. The city is distancing themselves from him. He may end up with a civil suit. I’m not sure if he was off duty, he most definitely has remorse. I think it really depends on the current social and news situation whether a cop gets off easy or gets slammed. (Wisconsin Judges get hit hard)

Another law enforcement officer sexually assaulting women.

This is insane and we’re the monsters. I hope cities and police departments get sued for hundred of millions till this disgusting and disturbing behavior stops.

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