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OH: Ohio to Pay $17.5M to Convicted Child Sex Offender After Prison Guards Boasted About Paralyzing Him

Source: 11/4/21

“It feels good to know that I played a small part in paralyzing a cho, LMAO.”

A convicted child sex offender in Ohio is to receive $17.5 million in compensation after prison guards left him paralyzed — and boasted about it afterwards.

21-year-old Seth Fletcher was left in a wheelchair and unable to move from the chest down after he was tackled and dropped multiple times while handcuffed.

The incident occurred Chillicothe Correctional Institution on around 6 PM on April 2, 2020, when during a strip search, prison guards caught Fletcher with a cigarette they suspected was laced with drugs, The Columbus Dispatch reported.
Maazouz Family/Facebook

After handcuffing him and escorting him to the medical clinic, the guards claimed he tried to pull away from them en route; when Corrections Officer Christopher Coy failed to leg sweep him, he tackled Fletcher to the ground.

Fletcher told them his neck hurt and he couldn’t move his legs, so they picked him up, face down, and carried him the rest of the way. The nurse deemed he was okay and sent him back to the segregation unit.

Still handcuffed and face down, the guards carried him by his arms and legs, dropping him a number of times on his face on the way back, before leaving him on a bed in a suicide watch cell, his arms hanging limply over the side. Cameras along the route were reportedly inoperable that day.

Unable to drink himself, he asked for water; guards poured some on his face, some of it going up his nose.

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The fact that prison guards not only cruelly harmed a fellow human being, but also bragged about it is totally disgusting. The amount paid to their victim is only a small down payment on what is owed.

Even more disgusting is zero outrage from the general public Had this been a black man in on drug charges, the Twitter army outrage would’ve made the story go viral and he would’ve appeared on GMA and various other news outlets for interviews. Just like what we saw last week with the Charleston survivors settlement.

America has a pervasive selective outrage / empathy problem.

Americans have a I’m better than you, self righteous attitude, super ego, ignorance, arrogance, and azzhat syndromes. Not all but to many in the Land of the free, however if they were brought up that way that’s on their parents.

Thanks to the Oppression Lists, I have a deep hatred for most of them. Amerika is a hateful place and it matters.

The absolute most disgusting part is the fact that no one involved has been criminally charged. How can he win the a record settlement without criminal charges being filed against those directly involved, particularly with this level of evidence? And people complain about the semantics of Black Lives Matter movement name.

I have to disagree janice sorry

Last edited 2 months ago by Ditto

I think this young man was railroaded and these laws we have now are so unjust and unneeded, if you are young and have a girl friend or friend, you cannot let people know

of any of your sexual inter actions or any communications etc. or you simply somehow become a “sex offender”. It is like being black in Mississippi in 1930’s you could walk

down a street and a white woman would say you were starring at her, and you could be hanged! Are society has regressed so much since the registry has evolved and created a

false set of paranoid standards. If you are 18 do not get a 16 year old girl friend you are better off buying a hooker and that is the dam truth. On another subject I think all prison workers should be tested annually as most are sociologically compromised.

I don’t think it has regressed. Amerika has always been a sh*thole country and the Oppression Lists (OLs) are exactly on-brand. Even more so today, because most people in Amerika are afraid of working hard and are lazy, entitled, self-righteous, opinionated, know-nothing-know-it-all dipsh*ts. The truth hurts, sorry.

It was well within my lifetime that all the EXACT same kinds of “people” who think the OLs are acceptable were oppressing “coloreds”. They didn’t want them living around them. They were outraged THOSE people thought they could share the same water fountains with them.

The OLs are Amerika. Especially today.

Unbelievable. And he was apparently serving just a two year sentence for a CP-ish offense. *SMH*

I guess the paper should be given some credit for trying to be accurate with the title, but was still vary misleading. In place of “child offenses” should have included “consensual sex with teenage girlfriend”. Wrong and against the law, ok,, but still not a “cho”. I only wished I believed in hell, so I could believe these guards will end up there. They deserve it.

I am SO sad for this boy. This is a real shame!

Prison guards who do that should be locked away with key thrown off a cliff. Totally barbarism in America!!

17 million is no where near enough to compensate this man. And no one was ever charged? This is outrageous!!! Everyone involved, included those who may have looked the other way, need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Its unacceptable! And I don’t believe for one second that the security camera was not working at the time. Its a damn prison! Security cameras ALWAYS work. I sincerely hope everyone involved run into the wrong person and get a severe beat down.
Utterly disgusting.

You’re right. It’s not enough. A third of that money will go to the lawyers while the remainder goes to this kid’s very expensive care for the rest of what is likely to be a significantly shortened life. His best hope is a medical breakthrough that repairs his spine. I’m sure he’d trade that for 17 mil real quick for working limbs.
The criminal prison guards should be charged and held accountable as though they’d attacked and injured a random citizen. Their punishment should be twice what the average person would receive for such mayhem. Same for all criminally convicted cops who violate the public trust.

Those thugs should be put behind bars, dropped and water boarded while those involved say, you are the barbaric ones Buford T Justice, Elmer Fudd, and Deputy Dog.

I saw this in the news the last few days and really didn’t want to read about it. I knew I would be pissed and cry for our society. I am and I did today. WTH have humans become? We are supposed to be different from other animals as we have the ability to feel emotions such as empathy, care, and love, but we have sunken deep into the bowels of hell. F*k you assholes of society.

I dont think the public knows what’s really going on with the registry, if they knew 18 year old kids are being sent to prison and placed on the registry for life, for dating one of their peers, people who have teenage sons would be shaken in their boots right now.
I was this kid, luckily for me riverside county didn’t send me to prison, here in California the prison gangs are no joke and the prison guards dont like cho’s ether so your basically walking into a death camp.
Next year I’m starting a support group/nonprofit organization for people forced to register that are teenagers from ages 17 to 19 and everything we do will be publicly broadcast through social media.
Also my mom owns property out in Denver Colorado and in Portland Oregon so I have ties to bout states so I’ll also be able to organize out there too.
No more talk it’s time for action

Stay focused ✌🤓

Well, it’s good that you care about the BS inflicted upon youth and certain others. Kudos to you that you will do something about it.

However, it seems you keep assuming that no one will or has. The fact of the matter is that organizations have been working for decades. Lots of people have sacrificed a huge degree. So if your “No more talk it’s time for action” is directed at yourself, that is awesome self awareness. And if so, again, congratulations. But it doesn’t need to be directed at anyone else.

I’ve been heavily, heavily supporting civil rights organizations for decades. Many smaller, local ones (some with national prominence) that have made serious impact. But I won’t support organizations or “people” that support the Oppression Lists in any way. In fact, I’ll work to harm them. No one should support anyone that agrees to “exclusions” or oppression only for certain people.

This is right on and i agree that we need to broadcast there children will go to prison ? Then lets see how the “karens” and “kens” face the new reality.

For those in LE that use there position to hurt people well “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” ! Please announce when this will happen.

He should be awarded a total over 200 million. I don’t care what his crime was; yet guards shouldn’t cause you more harm by looking the other way or being involved. He needs to bring the people involved in a civil suit. We’ll forever accountable for our past; however these azzhats get a firing and get another job as a thug.

More justice will be done if that facility was shut down/burnt to the ground and all of the supervising employees were put on a public list available worldwide.

Why is nobody stating that the Prison Guards should be prosecuted and sent to prison for their crimes? They got fired? That’s it? Nobody is pursuing criminal charges? Obviously, guilt was determined and that is why he is getting a settlement, but now they need to prosecute the real criminals.

Good point. In Boulder, CO, two LEOs were just sentenced to jail for manslaughter of the person that was in their custody at that time.

I hope they drop the soap. 8 ball straight ahead

Yeah, 6 years for one and 3 years for the other for causing a human to die.

“Former Boulder County sheriff’s deputies James O’Brien and Adam Lunn were sentenced to six years and three years respectively for the 2018 death of 23-year-old Demetrius Shankling. O’Brien and Lunn were found guilty in August of manslaughter.”

And surely they will be listed on a public safety Registry for the rest of their lives.

There is a bad LEO list, not registry as we have discussed here previously, out there that will show these two from Boulder, but the bad press will follow them for a long time with this career break.

“Bad press” is not enough. They need to be listed on a public, national, lifetime Oppression List so that they can be subjected to all kinds of special harassment for the rest of their lives. These people certainly should not be living anywhere near schools, for example. These people should never be allowed to travel freely. The list is long.

I have read the comments from the public on several websites that have posted this story. There is general agreement by the responders that the kid got what he deserves or that he got off light and should have been killed for basically sexting with his girlfriend. There is no talk of prosecuting those responsible and that they are viewed by the general public as heroes.

I find it very discouraging and I wonder if anyone can really combat this evil?

Last edited 2 months ago by Etenne

People are f’ ing sick

What you have to always keep in mind is that most “people” living in Amerika are serious idiots. They don’t want to think. They don’t want to have to work. They are trite, shallow, lazy, entitled, self-righteous, opinionated, know-nothing-know-it-all dipsh*ts. If you always keep that in mind, all of this makes complete sense.

Just take a casual look at everything that is going on in Amerika. That is what these “people” are. People need to stop saying things like “we are all in this together”. Of course we aren’t. No one cares about my family and I don’t have to care about theirs. I can clearly see who is winning though and that gives me great joy.

Those commenters will change their minds once they or one of theirs gets a sex offense. Otherwise, they follow the majority of mindless NIMBY peons.

In this country combat is either through the courts or through mass demonstration. Those who create and/or support laws mostly do the will of the people (those who speak loud enough or those who pay enough).

To me it did not seem even enough to live a lifetime as a quadriplegic. Figure after attorneys get their 1/3, say he is left with $11.67m. The Christopher and Dana Reeves foundation says $1m for first year and $185k each year thereafter. So perhaps he will be able to live a decent life worry free of living expenses. Still, not enough to compensate a young man having to live wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. God damn it, this just makes me angry. The F’ers deserve to be put in a wheel chair for the rest of their lives.

All LE think they are beyond the law and can do whatever they want, an exclusive protected class of citizens. As John Oliver recently said “So next time someone says to you, ‘Not all cops are bad,’ you can respond to them, ‘No… just their favorite ones…’”, referring to their elected Chicago union president who was suspended 8 times and received more misconduct complaints than 96% of officers on the police force. As John noted, this was the guy the union members elected to represent them. This shows they are really all bad apples…the barrel is full of putrid shit holes LE. BTW, watch Oliver’s video on this, it is great.

I do watch john oliver vids and most if the time he is spot on. But he will not do a vid on sex offenders. It would kill his hbo and you tube. It funny how sex offenders can kill ratings of a show unless the show is demoting sex offenders

“wheelchair bound” is the least of his issues.

He is forever forced to rely on others. He can’t do basic functions to keep himself living such as feeding himself. I guess he can breath as pics show him so. He can’t scratch his nose or ass, he may be able to pee and poop but certainly can’t clean himself, he can’t have sex to promote his family’s future, he can’t experience running, playing sports, consoling others, or even changing the TV channel as he lays in bed helpless.

He will never have “a decent life”.

Not to mention he’s probably going to remain on the registry for the rest of his life as well, so he may not even be able to be safe in his neighborhood. Sometime in his life he will be easy pickings for an attack.

The cams stop working BS!!!! It just a coverup. The cams have a off and on button check the times when it got shut off than it come back on. There your story…

Plus a guard has two jobs 1 is to protect you from the people and 2 is to protect the people from you. You never cross that line. Cause you as a guard is standing on that line. A true guard would not take any sides… No matter of the crime..

I sent the AG of Ohio an email demanding charges be filed against the guards and nursing staff. Noise should be raised on this also, nobody should go into prison walking and come out in a wheelchair( unless of old age).

Gov DeWine should be hit up too with this AG charge suggestion since he is the top person in Ohio who should be pressing for it, unless he condones the behavior because $17M is ok for the state coffers to afford.

Almost all prison guards are members of unions. More often than not their membership provides them a certain amount of cover for bad behavior. More and more we’re seeing it play out where these administrative branch types act more like unionized thugs just like what happened in Germany in the 1930s. Then too it was Judges of a certain religious ilk who turned blind and let the socialist workers party feed on ” the dirty ones. ” We are headed toward civil war and there isn’t a database collective that will change that.

It is wrong and unfortunate that individuals that support the Oppression Lists (OLs) cannot be held individually and directly responsible. Many of them belong in prison. All of them deserve consequences.

Amerika is already in a civil war. I’m not sure it can end. It won’t as long as OLs exist

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