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OK: Registered sex offender back behind bars after attending own child’s birthday party

Source: 11/15/21

A registered sex offender in Edmond was arrested on Friday night after attending his own child’s birthday party, where he was illegally surrounded by children.

“Doug ____ had been on my radar for quite some time,” said Brian Bates.

Local private investigator Brian Bates had been looking into registered sex offender Doug ____ for years before this happened on Friday night.

“I received information from some parents that Doug ____ was getting ready to host a child’s birthday party at a local trampoline park,” Bates said. “Sure enough, his truck’s parked out front.”

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So, now they want to know if his work has brought him into any home where a cold may be present, probably so they can add more charges. If society really wants registrants to not even possibly work in the vicinity of any kids, how about a law to guarantee annual payments to registrants of $250k each per year to not work at all? If that sounds ludicrous to anyone in the general public, they need to shut up rather than try to find the odd child in a place where a registrant is working. We all need jobs to survive!🤦‍♂️

You know, if they simply offered slightly less than the cost to incarcerate, many probably would jump at the chance, and save the taxpayers as well. Of course this would be idiotic, but then again, so are the law in question pertaining to this case.

Sick and twisted! Does this PI not have anything better to do than harass a father attending his own daughter’s birthday? Not only that, but now trying to mess with his employment. No care for how this father is supposed to help support his child. Not to mention the trauma from seeing your father get arrested for being at your birthday party.

shouldnt he be charged with stalking? there must be a lot more going on here.

Brian Bates is a P.O.S. I’m praying he gets the karma he so richly deserves.

Because the Oppression Lists (OLs) exist, I go out of my way to be around random children. All the time. I did so yesterday from early afternoon until late in the evening. I will do it today and tomorrow. It is legal and it always will be, unless Amerika continues to devolve as scumbags like Brian Bates want. Such “people” must be neutralized. They have nothing productive to contribute to society.

The OLs are an act of war. Everyone needs to act like it.

Thank you for saying exactly what I wanted to say but would have probably not been posted. […]
I would call this PI a maggot, but, in reality, he is probably the waste that comes from a maggot. Or maybe even less that that.
Nobody seems to give on F*** about the trauma that this caused the poor daughter of this guy!?!?!?!? This is sick, twisted, and evil. But hey, being registered is like a Costco membership, right??? God help our failing country!!!!!

Nice going Oklahoma for causing trauma to a daughter of a registrant. If his daughter’s friend’s parents’ were concerned they could of stayed at the trampoline park. What private investigator follows someone for years just to find a reason for an arrest? Now will he be looked at because he’s a contractor and might come in contact with a minor? How many times do minors come in contact with people who have done terrible things that nobody knows? Trying to survive isn’t a crime unless you are black listed, so how is this not punishment and punitive. Common sense has left the country!!

“How many times do minors come in contact with people who have done terrible things that nobody knows?”

A very valid question!

Whenever media or law enforcement talk about “sex offenders” , I immediately wonder “Oh, are they referring to ALL sex offenders – including those who have not been discovered, accused, charged or convicted …. and reaching back 30, 40, 50 years??”
Just ask law enforcement and child welfare advocates – if there are a million current registrants in this country, then there must certainly exist tens of millions of undiscovered sex offenders residing in the United States!! 🤔
(Wait…. Are you suggesting law enforcement and media are always and only referring to those of us who have already been convicted, punished, “treated” and forced to register year after year?? But what about all the others?? [Knowing what I do, I would suspect “the undiscovered” present a much greater threat than most of us current registrants.]🤨)

Yes. I find it hilarious when they arrest people like this and apparently they fantasize that they’ve done something that actually matters!

What they’ve really done is protected no one and radicalized a lot more people. They’ve put people in immediate danger. They’ve put people in future danger.

All just so they can pat each other on the back and jerk each other off.

De-fund these morons.


You should be in public relations. What would your slogans be for registrants groups? Personally I would want “ The buck stops with Janice.”

I think I could be good at public relations if I kept my emotions out of it and focused exclusively on what is factually known to be effective. Maybe I could do that, maybe not, lol. I doubt I would ever speak because I find it too easy to be condescending and make fun of people. Not effective.

Anyway, I do think ACSOL and everyone else should treat this as a PR problem. People who support the Oppression Lists don’t care about facts or reality. So they are not going to be reached by that. They will be reached by trite, simplistic slogans, memes, and similar. I think that should be done incessantly.

I’ve proposed that all advocacy groups find some common, good slogans and use them all the time. Basically, to create a consortium. Create some slogans, tag lines, symbols, etc., and just keep using them. It would take significant work of course. I’ve proposed some things for it but really have done little. I won’t now either because I have a pile of work to do today. That’s life.

This PI followed this guy for years? Really?!
I guess this PI needed some more business so figured he would have an easy way to get his name in the papers/online – as long as $ex Offender was in the title of any news article with his name in it will bring him new clients.

Why would this PI say he has been watching this guy for years? Easy, he wanted to make it seem like it was a long hard journey and the payoff was well worth it. It adds a bit more meat to the articles.

All nonsense!!!!

I’m tired of reading crap like this!!

This is what Brian Bates does for a living. Video vigilante. Drone vigilante. Prostitute buster. Sex sells. This PI makes cases to investigate. Really surprised that law enforcement doesn’t stop him. Can’t believe they condone it.

Someone needs to investigate the investigator, methinks.

Police wonder why they’re hated.

For the rest of that child life. She will never trust law enforcement.

Yep. And people wonder why Amerika is hateful and violent. I’m glad people who support Oppression Lists suffer. Amerika is a divided country and that is what most want.

Aside from the argument that this is unconstitutional, I feel like a good attorney could, based on the presence restriction statute argue as the person arrested already argued that he wasn’t loitering, a necessary condition for a this presence restriction violation. Secondly, whether or not it’s called a park in the name, it doesn’t seem to fit the definition of ‘park’ as it is defined in the statute. I of course didn’t look at OK cases to see if courts have somehow broadened the definition but who knows.

Either way, this is ridiculous but I won’t rehash others posts.

Oklahoma law states anywhere that children can congregate.

Please cite what oklahoma law says this. The applicable law I am aware of 21 OK Stat § 21-1125 (2014) says nothing about where children congregate (though there could be local laws that say otherwise). In this statute the definition of park “means any outdoor public area specifically designated as being used for recreational purposes that is operated or supported in whole or in part by an association of homeowners or a city, town, county, state or federal governmental authority.”

I’m not going to bother reading their laws. But I agree with you – if anyone is going to be saying anything about this then let’s see the actual laws and not just go with feelings.

I find it so hard to believe that there are apparently places where PFRs can be banned from parks and such (e.g. Missouri, I believe, for one). I live in Georgia and I’m not aware of any ban anywhere. PFRs are banned from loitering in a lot of places but I’ve got to think that every citizen has that same ban.

Didn’t Shawna Baldwin live in Oklahoma so she would know the laws in the Sooner State? I thought I heard her mention she was unable to take her children to the park, but I don’t know what their definition of a park states. Does she still have her YouTube channel?

Okay, let’s be honest. Was he convicted of a child related offense? Yes! Was he on parole? Yes! So, he obviously needs to accept the terms of his status and move on. This really sucks, but he needs to at least respect his parole requirements! If you violate the law, you have consequences!

@TMZ, Please show me in the article where it says he was on parole? While perhaps you found such a thing from a different source, since the article did not say this, I assumed he is not. If he is on parole and being there was a violation of that term or condition its much different than if he is not on parole.

I agree. Brian Bates is a scumbag P.O.S. who deserves very serious consequences. I’m praying for justice.

I hate to imagine what future birthdays will be like for that poor traumatized child.
Good work, asshat law enforcement. 🤨🙄

Yeah, I’m sure the victim
feels worst! It’s his fault! Not LE. He can resume party’s once released upon Parole! Duh

What laws did he supposedly break? He mentioned not loitering, was this a loitering law he broke? No actual specific charges were mentioned by LE in the piece. Interesting.

It is against the law to break “laws” that Karens have made up in their tiny little minds. P.O.S. Brian Bates is a model Karen.

Unfortunately, the subject in question (Doug D.) is in fact on active probation for his prior offense (I did the research), and therefore, sadly, very well may be in technical violation. Hopefully, if his probation officer (and judge) is at all reasonable, there will be no re-incarceration. But finding a reasonable p.o. (and judge) in the state of Oklahoma could be problematic. Well..we’ll see.

As to this p.o.s. Brian Bates, he has been a “vigilante” for decades, who has up to recently targetted johns, pimps, and prostitutes. He claims to have started this to clean up his own neighborhood which was infested with street crimes/sex trafficking, etc. He purports to have compassion for these folks. He says that he just wanted to get the city to do something to clean up the area, and the publishing of videos of citizens “in flagrante delicto” was his method. I have strong doubts as to the veracity of such claims.

But it seems that this “compassion” does not extend to registered citizens. And I am curious as to why this particular subject (Doug D.) has been “on his radar for quite some time”. Perhaps ‘Citizen Bates’ has changed the focus of his vigilantism from johns, hookers, and pimps to registered citizens.

He makes $$$ off his video recordings by marketing/licensing the recordings to media around the world. What a vulture.

PLEASE do not think that all private investigators are this way. I was a criminal defense investigator for 25 years. I do not know of any other p.i. who would even dream of doing anything even remotely similar to this. Citizen Bates is an outlier, and I strongly condemn his so-called ‘activism’ that does nothing but cause harm and increase the likelihood of a registered citizen recidivating. I am deeply saddened by this story.

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