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Federal SORNA Regulations Litigation Fund Now Has Matching Grant Program

UPDATE FROM JANICE 12/15/21: We made it! During the past 6 hours, we crossed the finish line and will be able to fully match the $15,000 grant. That means ACSOL has raised at least $30,000 to challenge the new SORNA regulations. Sincere thanks to everyone who donated $5 to $500! Your donation made a difference and so will our litigation.

Of course we welcome additional donations so we can continue to increase the fight for justice!


The federal government published final SORNA regulations last week that cause great uncertainty for all registrants and could significantly harm most registrants and their families. 

In order to stop or at least minimize the harmful effects of the new SORNA regulations, it will be necessary to litigate many of its provisions.  An essential requirement for litigation is funding. 

To that end, a total of $15,000 has been offered for a matching grant program.  That is, for every dollar donated, the matching grant program will also provide a dollar. 

It’s easy to donate using the “Donate” button on the right side of ACSOL web pages on our

It’s also possible to donate by sending checks or money orders to:
1215 K Street
17th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Click here for a full list of ways you can donate to ACSOL

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Isn’t this action usually undertaken by various ACLU’s?

I trust Janice more than the ACLU. Time for Janice to drop the hammer on this and to be put in the history books. Janice saves America from Washington.

ACLU’s have rarely represented the interests of registrants in litigation and we don’t expect them to participate in this litigation.

Unfortunately, the various ACLU’s very rarely initiate or even support litigation that helps registrants and their families. The big exception is Michigan where Miriam Aukerman has done a great job.

Please don’t take this the wrong way,,,,

I red where Miriam ( ( has done ) )….. this has me wondering if it was supposed to read (is doing) a great job, I’m trying to focus on one set of problems at a time, ( ex post facto and due process),,,,, if these two constitutional rights are no longer in place I will have to rethink my position.

@Janice Bellucci
While Miriam is one of the only aclu attorneys who is defending our cause and should get some small amount of credit for that, I would respectfully disagree with you. The aclu and the Oliver Law Group have a massive amount of egg on their faces. I believe they were extremely naive or way too trusting of the Michigan legislature. Their mistake was thinking that they could negotiate in good faith. The state was backed into a corner with a judge who was clearly annoyed by the state’s antics. As a result we have 3-4 minor concessions that basically amount to a hill of beans in the broad scheme of things. We have a new law that is worse then the old one and now SORNA if implemented here in Michigan will take back 2 of those minor concessions. I wish to God that you were handling Does III here in Michigan about now….As it stands I will donate shortly and wish you God speed because you’re the GOAT and pretty much our only hope. Thank you for what you do for us! Merry Christmas & God bless!!!

@Dr…..I know what I said. I respectfully disagreed with @Janice Bellucci about the job being done by the aclu in Michigan. I stand by that statement.

Once again, what lawyer has done more in Michigan for the anti registry?
I’m not saying a better outcome should have been done, just what lawyer in Michigan has done more?

(For those readers who might not know, “GOAT” is a compliment that stands for “Greatest Of All Time.”)

@David⚜️…..Thanks for clarifying that I was complimenting @Janice and not being disrespectful just disagreeing about how Michigan is being handled

@Dr…..To be fair and answer your question about Miriam, technically nobody. That doesn’t change the 10+ years of litigation with SO little to show for it. The aclu got played. We got nothing. They expect us to be grateful for the inconsequential little they did achieve. Unless they come out asking for immediate injunctive relief with Does III it’ll be a long painful experience…because we ALL know that it’s basically the same bullshit law. Barring that happening then we can reasonably expect another 2-3 year wait if ever. They’ll pick 5 or 6 people with the least “icky” convictions and make them Does. One key ally is apparently gone now as well. Self preservation is the name of the game in politics and Dana Nessel is going to run again for AG. That means absolutely no support for us publicly, as she joined those 37 Attorney Generals going against the ALI recommendations……That’s why I wish that Ms. Bellucci was handling Michigan but I’ve got every confidence that she’ll fight for ALL of us at the federal level. The season of my life when real results would have mattered most is almost past. I’m so tired!

The big doners of ACLU would not want the ACLU to support our rights. Of all the civil rights that people want the ACLU to support, we are at the bottom of the list. Frankly I don’t trust them to do a good job. I trust Janice and Chance far more. Any failure in court can adversely effect us for decades.

just donated 100.00..sorry Janice thats all I can afford..Good Luck and Go Get Em!

$100 is great. It might not seem like much when the amount needed to fight this is so huge but everything helps.

Your donation was very generous, Ross. No need to apologize.

Thanks for your sacrificial donation, Ross. That means a lot!

I feel so helpless…it’s paralyzing. Registration feels like being in a hurricane with no shelter. Are there 15,000 people who can donate $1?


We can sit on the sidelines and complain all day long or we can give what one can afford and let Janice do her work.

@ Tony: I would certainly hope so! After all, there are more than 1,000,000 Registrants in the United States. I just wish they would all wake up, start donating and start fighting back!!

If you could get every registrant in the US to donate $1.00 every year or better yet every 6 months there would be way more than enough money to fight SORNA.

As of tonight, we have raised about $4,000 toward the matching grant program. Only $11,000 left to go.

In the past 12 hours, we have raised an additional $2,500 for a total of $6,500. That means we only have $8,500 to go! Thank you everyone who has donated!!


I’ll ask my parents about donating since they asked me what they could do to help. My parents have always been generous. Even though they have medical bills because of my mom, I know they would contribute.

We are on a roll toward justice! Woohoo! Thanks to everyone!

Give the bastards hell Janice. Make em rue the day they messed with us.

Hell yes!

It is very necessary to fight the criminals in court. But it’s not enough. I think as long as the Oppression Lists (OLs) exist then supporters should have to deal with negative consequences every single day. It has been my goal forever for them to be so sick of hearing about the OLs that they are dying to get rid of them. The OLs need to be a problem and constant source of irritation and worse. A million+ families are being oppressed and most are just chilling out and loving it. I’m going to keep treating these people as the terrorists that they are. People need to stop being nice and massaging the weak egos of the terrorists.

But I’m still donating a lot, of course. The criminals should be fought from all angles. I would say though that people who are really struggling could skip donating. This isn’t like how Amerika taxes people – in this case, wealthy people should pay most of the costs.

Hello All, I just donated $300 for this just cause.

We appreciate your generosity, David!


I just donated $50. Thank you for all you do. We appreciate you and your efforts!

You are awesome, Jacob!

Just ponied up $500. Come on you guys, let’s fund this.

Thank you, Jo, for your generous donation of $500. We truly appreciate your support and the fact that it will help us receive an additional $500 from the matching grant.

Your generosity will go towards our fight for justice, Jo!

I just did $50.00. I am poor and I skid row LA. I know there is none better to do.

@ Todd in LA: Thank you so much, Todd! 🙏🏻
Your donation (especially given your circumstances) puts the rest of us to shame. 😌
I am mailing in an additional $50 contribution right now to match yours!!
God bless and please stay COVID-safe, Todd!
– David ⚜️

Last edited 1 month ago by David ⚜️

Todd, your gift is very special. I will remember your sacrificial gift towards the fight for justice!

Another $100 donated.

A lot of people talk and talk a lot on here, now it’s time to put up or shut up.

Folks – $150.00 donated to the cause. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Thank you TP for the help in this fight. But like i said before there is hundreds of thousands of people who don’t know about this website . or the Huge needed in fighting this unconstitutional laws.

And I am constantly sharing this organization and mission to friends, family, and other registrants, as everyone should be doing.

Donation made. Best of luck on the battle! (WTF will the “it’s technically fine” ever end?)

Hi Janice,

I am on Parole in CA and wanted to donate. I was just told by my parole agent that if I donated I would be violated as I have a condition that says I shall not associate with any known sex offenders. I think this is a common condition for 290’s on Parole. He even said if I participate in meetings, etc that he would violate me for association. Is this legal?

First off we dont know what your crime was with? Man Woman or child? Second off what acts happen? With the above. So no one can tell you.. Why your parole agent telling you this..

It doesn’t matter. These are general parole and probation conditions. Follow them.

These are just tactics to keep us from organizing and uniting. We are becoming a considerable poitical force with our numbers and they know it, therefore they are doing all they can to keep us isolated. All the attempts at banning social media, wanting all passwords, not allowing us to associate with others are all tricks. I have many friends from being incarcerated, but once we get out and are on probation then we aren’t allowed to comunicate, even though they are a tremendous support group as we all went through hell togeter and lived, well, all but one made it out alive.

Give the money to somebody you trust to donate for you.

@ Steve: I would suggest you contact Janice directly, by telephone. You can ask her your questions directly.
Janice is a civil rights lawyer.
I doubt your parole officer can restrict you from speaking to a lawyer.

Steve – You can not be prohibited from making a donation to a non-profit organization such as ACSOL that protects your civil rights. You also can not be prohibited from reading what is on this website and/or participating in our Zoom meetings. All of these activities are protected by at least the 1st Amendment right of freedom to associate with others. Please feel free to send me a copy of your parole conditions if you want to know more.

Steve..if your ahole p.o. threatened you with this please send Janice what she asks for asap!!smfh……….

Off subject a little, but still relevant to this section. I would like to see a suit such as the one I am preparing and would be more than willing to donate to such a cause of action. [edited due to bad link]

@Mike R – what’s the suit? Willing to donate.

$500 to this cause

I guess it was a bad link, here it is again. It is my suit…

Last edited 1 month ago by webmaster

Try this again, here is the link if anyone cares to look,

Wow whatever happened to the link sucks. This is just a draft anyways. I have to move stuff around and tweak it to make it complete. And the formatting is all wrong on the site

Is this a case against the registry?

This will if anything cost the state at least hundred G I would think to defend against it, again. LMAO at the terrorist oppressors.

There maybe over a million sex offenders. But hundreds of thousands don’t know about this website. Or the help that is needed We have a whole list of people with all their address and emails. All Thanks to the hit list.. If I had the money I would drop them all a postcard in the mail to donate and to join this website.

I have personally (snail) mailed more than 1,000 people. The response rate is abysmal. The fact of the matter is that most people are just simply not up for much of a fight. They will sit back and let the criminal regimes do whatever they like. They cooperate with the criminal regimes. They talk to law enforcement. They act all contrite and compliant and do pretty much anything that is asked of them, even if it isn’t part of one of the illegal “laws”. They just want an easy path in life. They are a wet dream for the criminal regimes and the low self-esteem scumbags that support the Oppression Lists.

I think all people who want to fight and care about it can easily find organizations like ACSOL. Most don’t care as much as you do.

I am sorry Will allen. But most people our scared. And been displaced. There world been turned upside down…

Everyone’s world has been turned upside down at some point.

If you have not been on probation for over a decade and are just sitting back and letting the criminal regimes harass your family without fighting back, then I’m not sure what to say. Personally, I wasn’t interested in putting up with their stupidity for very long. Further, I get more done with it every day and my desire to fight back grows every day. In that respect, I get more dangerous every day.

People have a lot of excuses to hide and let other people fight.

@ Will Allen: I completely agree. 😒 I have snail-mailed a couple hundred direct letters and, indeed, the response rate is abysmal. (Only 1-3 responses per 100 letters.)

Yep. Also, I made sure that the letters that I sent were very concise and included none of my typical inflammatory insanity and whatever! They were factual, brief, and clear. I had numerous people review them. It was simple and simple to respond.

And frankly, who needs a letter or invitation inviting them to fight? As soon as I saw the first indication that the criminal regimes were going to be criminals, I was looking for people already fighting against them. I found piles of people immediately. I bet there are still plenty of PFRs today who haven’t even contacted the PFRs who live around them. Still. Those people are simply going to get whatever the criminal regimes want to do to them.

I remember back when the criminal regime where I live first passed their “residency restrictions” harassment. I was attending forced “therapy” once a week at the time. The therapist was actually quite good and seemed to care more about helping people and society overall instead of just being an a**hole. I wasn’t at war with the criminal regimes yet. I accepted that the “therapy” was just part of the punishment I had to pay. Same with all the forced “fines”, like paying for BS polygraphs. Just all part of the punishment.

Anyway, I knew the criminals were trying to pass the “law”, but I didn’t hear the results of the vote until we were discussing it during our group therapy session. I really could not believe that it passed. At that time I still thought Amerika was a decent country. In retrospect, that was naive, given our history. But, what can I say, I was young and dumb.

That was way over a decade ago and the war has done nothing but intensify. I’m done with the criminals and they must pay.


Someone sent me a letter in the mail and at first I thought wtf thinking it was a scam. I looked the guy up and sent him a response.

I bulk mailed that pile of letters long, long ago. Pushing 2 decades ago. So I haven’t sent you anything recently 🙂

I was concerned that people would think it was a scam. So I carefully worded it. We had an initial group of people formed from it as well. We moved on and helped build bigger organizations that still exist today.

Back then I was thinking of having some organization(s) where every single member would be a known, vetted person. I considered putting unique codes on each letter and requiring each person to use the code to create their login. Go from there. But I didn’t start out that way and haven’t tried anything like that (i.e. verifying) since. There would be value in that though. Keep the trolls and terrorists out.

I think various criminal regimes share their list of email addresses with NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Cash), Facebook (???), and others. I’ve suggested to F.A.C. that they have the same legal right to receive that list. Do they? Does ACSOL? Why not any citizen? Because that would obviously be insanely useful.

I am sorry but no one need to be responsible for some other parents child. The parents our of the said child is in total control and if the parents miss handle the child it should fall on them not society… Parents like too pass the buck to much. Like john Walsh.

SORNA and IML are straight up genocide and hate crimes embodied in lying legalese. A journalist could win the Edwin R. Murrow award if they reported on this scandal effectively. The NAACP should be front and center in this fight since African American registrants are disproportionately represented. The Anti-Defamation League’s moto is “to secure justice and fair treatment to all”. Have well-funded civil rights organizations been asked to stand alongside ACSOL on March 3rd or at least contribute funds? Does ACSOL have a publicist prodding prime-time syndicates for coverage? Does it need one? Janice, Chance, and team have already earned the Presidential Medal of Freedom… they just need it to be awarded. 
THANK YOU to the person with the matching grant!

All from the guy who sided with registration as a civil regulatory regime and not a punishment.

Good article @Tim in WI to post here.

$100.00 more towards the SORNA grant challenge.

If it is of concern to anyone, I believe for the 2021 tax year, individuals can make up to $300 in non-itemized donations, married couples $600 w/out revealing the recipient of your contribution to your tax preparer.

irs joins leading nonprofit groups to highlight special charitable tax benefit available through dec 31

I get the motivation of “w/out revealing the recipient of your contribution to your tax preparer”. But how about we do the opposite of that, lol? Stand up, speak up.

Don’t we want to show people that there are organizations like ACSOL that all good Americans should be helping? I practically advertise that I donate to ACLU, ACSOL, etc. Might as well put up a billboard! I want people to know that I have to fight against criminal governments. I tell everyone. I want people to know that I give to good organizations and that I want them to do the same thing.

Also, I pay a pile of money to my CPA. I know that she and their core company think the Registries are horse manure. I wouldn’t employ them if I didn’t know that. I won’t employ Registry Terrorists.

I’ve got $80 in change I need to turn into a money order and send it to California. I’ll include a note that I don’t want a thank you, but a juicy steak.

$100 donated towards the cause. Many thanks to Janice and to you Chance for helping me getting my petition approved in November.

Brandon and Benny, thanks for your generosity towards the fight for justice!

To my surprise, I recently received an unexpected and sizable bonus of “combat pay” for my work in the ongoing battle against COVID-19. 😃
I have donated the entire bonus to this ACSOL SORNA Challenge fundraising effort! 🤗 👍🏻

David, you are a vital part of ACSOL’s fight for justice!

Wow, very impressive. That’s serious commitment.

I’ll do more.

I am happy to report that as of today at about noon (Pacific), the total amount of donations is $14,500! We only have $500 to go in order to receive the total matching grant of $15,000. Thank you all so very much! I am sure we can make it over the finish line today if only a few more people donate. Donations have ranged from $5 to $500 which we believe represents the amounts people are able to give. Such generosity!

My husband will be able to petition to get off this demonic scheme they call a “ registry” in a few months. I will never stop advocating for the restoration of everyone’s civil rights.
I just sent a donation to the office in Sacramento because I do not use PayPal. It is in a Christmas card. I hope this helps to reach the monetary goal.

Many thanks to this organization for your time and noble dedication.

Merry Christmas

We made it! During the past 6 hours, we crossed the finish line and will be able to fully match the $15,000 grant. That means ACSOL has raised at least $30,000 to challenge the new SORNA regulations. Sincere thanks to everyone who donated $5 to $500! Your donation made a difference and so will our litigation.

Last edited 1 month ago by Janice Bellucci

Janice, I know you are busy but I am curious if you could share any of your strategies or issues you are going to bring. I know it is kind of premature at this point but I am sure you already have something in mind.
Thank you so much for alll you do….:)

We have a small group of legal professionals analyzing possible claims to include in one or more lawsuits to be filed in federal district court. We will announce our decisions on this website in early 2022. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for responding Janice. Yeah, I would love to see the tier designations challenged as there are no dynamic risk assessments in the federal SORNA just like CA I believe. Might as well throw in the arbitrary nature of the registry since SCOTUS relied on false statistics (as high as 80%) and all the enormous amount of reports and date we have now to rebuke that assertion by the government’s own experts showing that well over 90% of the people who have been offense free for over ten years will never re-offend. That would be a beautiful challenge.

Might as well throw in the arbitrary nature of the registry since SCOTUS relied on false statistics (as high as 80%) and all the enormous amount of reports and date we have now to rebuke that assertion by the government’s own experts showing that well over 90% of the people who have been offense free for over ten years will never re-offend.

I still maintain that trying to say SCOTUS got the data wrong is a fool’s errand. I further maintain the best way to attack it is via “legal judo.” By this, I mean taking our opponents’ position (“attack”) and using it against them. IMHO, this can be done through Chastleton Corp. v. Sinclair, 264 US 543 (1924). This is still valid case law and says in the holding (not dicta) that, “[a] law depending upon the existence of an emergency or other certain state of facts to uphold it may cease to operate if the emergency ceases or the facts change.” Taking that wonderful statement and applying it to the BS stats of Smith, a litigant could assume arguendo that the stats from 2003 were correct but decades of governmental and academic research prove that “certain state of facts” have changed and the regulation should “cease to operate.”

An interesting side note is that the genesis of “rational basis review” came out of what’s simply known as Footnote Four from United States v. Carolene Products, 304 US 144 (1938). In that case, SCOTUS relied on Sinclair! Sinclair has been sparingly used by modern-era courts; it has never been overruled.

I would love to see what a Federal Court would do when presented by the long-standing precedent of Sinclair, which would require the court to reconsider what SCOTUS found in 2003.

Just donated $500 this evening.
I’m proud of how we’ve all bonded together to fight this.

Last edited 1 month ago by Bay Area RC

You are a true freedom warrior, Bay Area RC! Thanks for your generosity!

$350 in the last month donated. Keep it up everyone with what you can!

Just donated $20

Sorry folks it’s been a tough month for me but I will help spread the word!

Mike, your donation of $20 is very much appreciated! For those of us struggling financially, small donations mean a lot!

I wonder if these new Laws are going to effect my petition to be removed In San Bernardino County? The DA already had no objection As of November 17th I’m just waiting on a court date Which could be between now and may next year, I tell everybody to donate to the cause whatever you can afford I do

I was wondering, when you filled for petition. how long was it before you received a letter from the court stating you are relieved? thankfully your off this Rollercoaster.

@ Milton: Because California is non-SORNA State, I really doubt whether the changes to SORNA will have any effect on how our CA laws are applied.

The entire objectives Janice are to not attack the registration laws but in cases of complaintant being 16/ accused is 20’s up to 27 (like Iowa Age of Consent, for example) to attack the ridiculous notions about 16yo not being able to consent. These are under United States v Rodriguez-Guzman (9th Circuit) not crimes of violence. Yes it’s an immigration issue case but the nucleus is what is the ordinary contemporary and ordinary meaning of a minor. Janice I presented this in a recent 2019 18 usc 2250 case but the Magistrate thought the arguments to be creative. However, if you limit SORNA to under 16 years of age offenders then most likely they would not fall under SORNA as that definition would be an overbroad definition of minor in SORNA.

Given Doe v Snyder (6th Circuit) your official argument SHOULD be that SORNA registration requirements constitute a form of probation-which right there is where the courts missed out on- because you have
A) CONDITIONs of release ( appear to register etc before law enforcement officers) B) TERM of Confinement aka registration definition of 10,15,25 or life terms.
C) a means of REVOCATION in that you’re arrested and brought back to court for new charges that RELATED back to the supposed to be collateral Estopped case.
D) A term of confinement for your disobedience to the laws.

This exactly is what SORNA amounts to as a form of probation regardless of if it’s civil or criminal scheme.

Another (Equal protection) great aspect is that you should litigate this in the fashion that other similarly situated CRIMINALs never have to register for murder or car jacking etc. Categorically we’re all in the same boat as “felons” but (without any evidence that Romeo/Juliet cases pose any risk of harm ) or vice versa that that old serial killer next door to you Janice is not harmful as a teenager or young adult who slept with his girlfriend who her parents disliked the guy or divorce revenge cases.

I just gave a donation to help with the SORNA litigation and will give more as I can. Thank you so much for the work you are doing on behalf of registrants. After all the trauma the legal system has put me through and all the destroyed lives of registrants that I have witnessed, it means the world to me that someone is willing to stand up for us. Thank you! Thank you!

I’m interested in bicycling to D.C in protest against the laws. Anyone want to donate along the way?

That it is interesting considering you could bike across several bridges from VA and MD into WDC and be construed you are biking from out of state, which technically you are, but the distance is minimal all things considered.

Just be sure you comply with the state laws on how long you can be present in each state before being required to register.

Yes, I would be willing to make a personal donation and will check with ACSOL board of directors to see if the organization can donate as well.

Maryland requires visitors to register after 3 days and Washington is up to 20 days I believe.

I just donated $60.

I’m sticking with us.

Janice, can you guarantee that our posts and identity will stay 100% confidential after the new SORNA rules take effect? Or will we have to disclose our identifyers to the police on this site too?


But know you addressed your question to Janice, however I found the ruling by the 9th CCoA to be worth looking at again. It is binding here in CA.

Link provided below.

California sex offender internet identification law held unenforceable

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