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I heard that there’s a law in Australia where if you troll someone online you could be arrested. Honestly I can see that happening here and I don’t want to think about it. Right now I don’t like being associated with Let’s go Brandon because I’m not pro Trump and anti Biden. I’m pro accountability on both sides and till I see some movement there forget both parties.

Good for you Brandon! Sorry the tik tok thing used the name Brandon. Accountability on both sides, yes.

In regards to SORNA, Janice why don’t we try to argue the RETROACTIVE portion of the proposed law first? At least start there: anybody convicted prior to 2006 SORNA would be unconstitutional.

Now that’s something I could get behind.

The BIG reason we don’t argue the issue of retroactivity is a decision issued by the U.S. Supreme Court, Smith v. Doe, in 2003 which has been interpreted as a blank check that allows government at every level (city, county, state, federal) to pass new laws affecting registrants and apply them retroactively. This decision is a MAJOR impediment and must be reversed. That is why we are going to Washington, D.C., in March 2023. We need to educate the U.S. Supreme Court as well as the public regarding the grave harms that have resulted from this decision. Hope you and everyone else who reads this website as well as your friends and family members will join us.

How about why Janice do you not argue for individual dynamic risk assessments in CA courts? such as by the way, every sister court of CA has determined is required. Please enlighten me as I just do not understand why.

Well have you donated to ACSOL? Donations would help them to be able to address this.

Last edited 1 month ago by JC

Actually I have before. I have also taken a case all the way thru the 9th as well with the help of a few people on this site. Cost the state hundreds of thousands I am sure. How about you? have you done anything besides complain and wait for others to fight your fight? I am about to go to the CA courts myself if nothing happens soon with this individual dynamic risk assessments issue. Especially since I have just been put in tier 3 with what the state and public will think is the worse of the worst for a 288.2 internet conversation.

Now you’re being overly defensive. Your original statement, that I was replying to, had an almost belligerent/entitled tone to it implying that ACSOL was being neglectful/complacent when in reality they are clearly spinning many plates simultaneously.

As you know, everything requires time, resources, and money so venting your anger at ACSOL is misguided.

I went to SCOTUS 10 years ago. Their action? They cashed my Money Order and told me ” Cert Denied” with no explanation.
Quite the racket.

I would be the first to donate if there was a clear statement and verifiable intent on filing such a suit as well.

Mike r, how dare you confront Janice or ACSOL in any way. She has fought for our rights on her own time and is genuinely concerned about both our children and families rights as well as our own. You can expect an outpouring of demands that you apologize to her and the entire staff. If I had my way I would FINE you or you can leave this site and never return. You are grossly selfish !!

Whatever pal, I have been on this site since it started. Was a question and my opinion that is all.

Mike r has been fighting for his and our rights for a very long time on his own dime and has provided documents to this website proving so. He isn’t “confronting” Janice/ACSOL. He does not owe anyone an apology for asking a question. Link

I know some states utilize their own state constitutions to rule parts or updated rules to be unconstitutional such as Alaska and Maryland. Michigan and Penn recently did similarly.

Since the registry is regulatory, then why can’t CA use the right to privacy laws, which is distinctly identified in its state constitution? Shouldn’t that be restored via 1203.4 for all who earned it? Then show how the standard for registrants to regain life again is not as equal as other convicts b/c the threshold of regaining full rights was negated by disregarding 1203.4 and pushing towards a Certificate of Rehabilitation, which is a minimum of a 10-year wait. There exists no science to make the threshold for liberty go from 1203.4 to 1203.4 AND a CoR.

Hi Janice,

I wrote to the AG regarding the retroactivity in the regulation comments. Wouldn’t it be the Attorney General’s call at the moment regarding if SORNA is to be applied retroactively? With these new pending regulations, he has the power to not make it retroactive, since congress gave him that authority.

The SORNA law never said it was to be retroactive. Congress left that up to the Attorney General to decide. I have seen a lot of posting comments on the USDOJ regarding the regulations, but I have not seen hardly any comments regarding asking Merrick Garland to not apply SORNA retroactively (ie, those convicted prior to 2006, or when the AG made the interim rule regarding it). In my opinion, that would’ve been a start. I did comment on that on the USDOJ page, but i didn’t see many comments regarding that.

SORNA also did not define “conviction”, but left it up to the AG. He has the authority to change that as well

@Lawrence, that was discussed on here a little. I talked about that in my DOJ comment as well. After the original proposed changes, there were proposed changes to the model penal code that also suggests that such retroactive application going back that far is unnecessary because the model penal code would have most people off the registry who had committed offenses before the 2006 passage of AWA and had not committed a new offense since it’s passage. As a member of ALI, I suggested that he (Garland) should want to impose terms in line with this new model penal code and thus remove the retroactive application of SORNA entirely as congress had given him discretion to do so. This was not my only argument in that letter but it was one of several I made.

@ Lawrence: Please see my comment above regarding the SCOTUS decision in the Gundy case which allows USDOJ to apply SORNA retroactively.

@ CA:. You may also want to look at the SCOTUS decision in the recent Gundy case regarding non-delegation. In Gundy, the court ruled that SORNA issues and implementation were delegated to the Department of Justice and that U.S. DOJ does have the authority to make SORNA retroactive.

if this isnt allowed you can delete this, but figured I’d post this here just in case: Anyone in NC there’s a cool group called the fearless group that meets online. It’s there for anyone to support each other in our causes, and to plug in a bit. It’s open to NC registrants and their families. Contact NCRSOL if you are interested.

ACSOL should be asking their members to participate in the open discussions over the Colorado SOMB label change issue. If you go to the Colorado SOMB website, at the top of the page is a link to a survey to give your input on this issue. We have only 3 more days to get our input in and rest assured that the victim advocates are doing the same.

I am up for early discharge from parole this month. I am hoping everything goes well. I was told that I would be the first to do it. My questions is does anyone understand the process of who approves my early discharge? I was told that the final approval is the district supervisor for my review. I heard others early discharge was the Board of Parole hearings. I was told if it gets denied I should fight it. I have passed everything on parole so far I should not have any issues but who knows.

Last edited 1 month ago by Dee From California

Has anyone seen where some state wants to free those of us who were charged based on a STING since there was not a true minor involved in our offense? In CA my charge was 664/288(a) and the person in my correspondence was a 40 year old MALE Sheriff Deputy. So there was not a Minor (under 14) who was in a chat room with me If someone finds where this is let’s see if we can make it all 50 States

That will never happen in Texas where I live. Remember, Texas kills more people who have been arrested than any other state. But Mot, I hope somewhere what you say happens.

@ Mot: Someone on one of the websites posted a link to a petition for challenging sex sting arrests & convictions, but it was not a law and it was not tied to any State – it was just a petition someone was pushing.

Thanks for the information… guess just hoping it was true

I have still yet to see a reply or explanation why ACSOL or any other org will not bring this issue of individualized dynamic risk assessment hearings. Janice and team have been a mixed blessing for all of us. They have been successful at blocking all the restrictions and have helped in obtaining the tiered registry. Both have issues that are bad and good. On the one hand all the restrictions would have helped extremely in my case as it would of changed the dynamics of the case for an ex-post facto claim as well as could’ve bolstered the right to travel and several other claims. On the other hand none of us have to face all those presence or residency restrictions. With the tiered registry everyone knows and I am sure agrees that first and only time non-contact non-violent offenses should not be included in tier 3 but yet know one has the gut/will/or incentive to fight it. Nor are anyone willing to file suit for individualized dynamic risk assessments when all the sister courts and surrounding states have already ruled in their respective state SC the Gov has to provide.

Mike r, you are at it again, criticism of Janice and her group is not the purpose of this site. You ARE NOT an experienced professional attorney in the area of sex offences. Stop the crying about your particular situation, many people are hoping for successful outcomes, I am a tier 1 and am waiting to be removed. You don’t hear me crying and blaming Janice for my issue. Now STOP. Grow up.

Whatever again dude, Janice can fight her own battles BTW. Always someone wanting to get but hurt on this site. Pretty much why I do not even comment anymore. Must be buddies with old USA. And no whining either or complaining or waiting for others to fight my fight, it was a question, learn the difference.

while I agree that Janice is off limits to our criticism because NOBODY has done more for us & our cause. I wish she’d been handling things here in Michigan all along because we’d have already had REAL substantive change but I digress. @MikeR is one of the oldest of the old school when it comes to this forum. While he’s not a lawyer(none of us are) he’s attempted more law then probably all but one or two contributors here. I believe he has the right to ask questions. He doesn’t need me to defend him but I will anyway. He’s more informed & more proactive and if more people were like him then maybe something would get done in this country

Mike r or Josh, you are probably one in the same. This format is to learn and share information. Speaking only for myself I request you cease and desist your criticism.

@David3…I just reread my post and I didn’t criticize you in any way shape or form. Just for the record @MikeR lives in California and I’m a resident of Michigan. Quit being so thin skinned. I actually agreed with you that Janice is off limits and to inform you as someone who has been here for the better part of 5 years that Mike R is also been a valued contributor. You’re new here and you’re welcome but I didn’t do you wrong. Toughen up bro. As a tier 1 you’re problems are likely over soon anyway

Man I really despise people like you, So condescending and rude. No manners. Great your tier 1, have fun… And not that I need to explain to you but I ask for one reason. Because I am about to file suit in CA courts and fight my own fight once again if no one else is, That is why I keep asking…….Talk about the crying and grow up insults, sound like someone needs to practice what they preach. For those that are here and remember sounds like another USA.

Mike R – You are more than welcome to contact me (not sure how) as I am very interested in your approach regarding the dynamic risk assessment.

Mike…we should communicate. Similarly situated here and without going into too much detail, something is in the works that might apply to you. let me know if you wish to discuss this.

Yeah, IDK how we can do that. I put my email on here before and it comes up anytime anyone does a email search on me and I do not like that. Thanks guys for having my back, wish people on here would just keep their focus on the issues without character attacks. We can pretty much talk about whatever avenues that you may have on fighting this shit on here. Done before and will probably do it again when I get ready to file.

Curiouser and Mike R – Since the current law seems to be written such as the Static risk assessment is the only one being considered for placing someone in the Tier 3 category, how can it be addressed that dynamic/ changing factors should always be considered as well along with the static factors? All sites, including the website, CASOMB, and Karl Hanson himself can’t emphasize enough that dynamic factors need to be part of the overall risk assessment equation. Any thoughts on how this could be addressed?

David 3,
Well if you are tier 1 waiting to be removed what is your concern with Mike r. tier 3 situation ? they are night and day sorry!

So I have to do my annual registration with the sheriffs department in San Diego. The Viewhaven Ct.location still requires that we show up in person. It used to be they were open 4 days a week for walk in or appointment. Now they have reduced that to only two days available for walk in, and one day for appointments, but mornings only. They also have a notice that only 10 people are allowed in the waiting room do to Covid, understand that all licensing is done in that one location so ten people is not uncommon.

I tried to make an appointment and found there were no instructions on how to do that I tried calling three different numbers and couldn’t get a person, and I went to the website which says I can register by appointment, but doen’t tell me how to get the appointment.

So they offer two days a week for walk in opportunity and that is it. That really concerns me because we have to do it within 5 days of a birthday, so depending on when your birthday falls that might only leave you two or three possible days in a small window to get this done.

It seems with these reduced hours that there is a great possibility for a violation just because of the small window. I am working, and I have to commute to the location. I am feeling a bit stressed because I have one day available next week to do it, and if anything should go wrong and I couldn’t make it then I would only have one day within that window the following week, and then I’m on the brink of violating if anything should happen. This is just unfair, it isn’t right. Why can’t we have the entire month of our birthday to do this?

It’s indeed unfair, a la Kafka. Do as much documentation of your efforts as possible, in case you have a problem.

The Other Eric – Isn’t there a phone number you can call? Or try calling any other sheriff’s department in San Diego to get direction.

Sure, there are several numbers, one specifically designated for this, but they are endless phone trees. I think they have done it deliberately to discourage appointments.

The law technically says you have 5 “working” days within your birthdate. If your registering agency is only “working” 2 days per week, it may be interpreted that you would have 2.5 weeks on either side of your birthday to be in compliance. I would confirm this interpretation with an attorney to be on the safe side, and document all your attempts to comply.

That is a great argument, thanks.

Unfortunately, this argument has lost in at least one California court

Thanks for providing that clarification Eric. That’s a shame it was interpreted that way. Puts registrants who live in jurisdictions that significantly limit the days they are open for registration at risk of being technically out of compliance by the letter of the law and relying on those officers not to enforce it out of the goodness of their hearts.

“Will this institution survive the stench that this creates in the public perception that the Constitution and its reading are just political acts?” Sotomayor said during oral arguments Wednesday morning. “I don’t see how it is possible.”- Justice Sotamayor.

I’m certain the Rehnquist court had the same thoughts on the registration constitutionality issue. That court forsake court functionality for court popularity.

I recently learned there is a wiki for “fans” (read: sycophants) of the long-dead 2000’s TV show to catch a predator. The editors of the wiki routinely stalk men who were involuntarily portrayed on the show and add new information, for commenters to gloat and mock.

The great thing about a wiki is anyone can make an account and edit it. I’ve already destroyed most of the “predators” individual pages, from A-G. This is some fun anyone can partake in. Delete the predators pages and replace them with your favorite poem, an image of a middle finger, whatever you want. Now we get to tear down their little castle.

Looks like my edits were reverted. Oh well, makes me happy knowing I gave their moderators a headache. I suggest contacting the site Fandom and letting them know they have a wiki whose sole purpose is to harass real people and get their whole wiki taken down. They clearly spent a LOT of time on it – would be a shame if all those hundreds of hours of work vanished!

I imagine some of the participants are saying unsupportable things on the forum. It would be fun if they were sued for defamation…

Absolutely, they put up the names of real men who’ve had no say in the matter, yet they cowardly hide behind screennames. a summons can quickly fix that. In the meantime, some more folks should get cracking on these pages. It took me five minutes to vandalize the wiki but 15 minutes for the head moderator to fix it, after much consternation behind the scenes. In an arena where we battle for years for some meager shred of hope, this is some wonderful instant satisfaction. I’ve also emailed Fandom to advise them that the continued existence of this wiki poses a substantial liability risk for them.

Be sure to use a VPN first.

I’ve been thinking of making a generic handout that registrants can use when the gestapo wanders by for a “home check” (ONLY APPLIES to those OFF PAPER!):

Dear Officer,

Thank you for your service to the safety of [city or county name]. I understand my rights and responsibilities as a registered sex offender under the laws of [state]. As such, I am under compliance of all restrictions that are imposed on me to date, and have nothing further to say. If any of my registration requirements need to be updated, I will do so within the time periods specified by state statute. Finally, any other conditions will be discussed at my required [annual; semi-annual; quarterly] meeting with my registration officer at [police station]. I have nothing further to say.

(NOTE: Attorney disclaimer notice in last paragraph. Read before deciding.)

If you must make contact with the officer, then hand this statement to the officer without another word. If you have actually consulted with an attorney about this, you can even mention that “My lawyer instructed me to give this to you on home checks. I have nothing further to say.”

You can change the wording (make sure you replace the bracketed items with your applicable ones), but don’t give them an inch to be used against you later on.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an attorney, so before you actually use this, consult with a real attorney. IF ANY REAL ATTORNEY wants to comment on this, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

[Michigan high school shooter] “Crumbley, 15, was charged as an adult Wednesday with terrorism, murder and other counts …”

Wait…let me think.🤔
Oh, that’s right:
criminal = adult;
victim = child.

Sorry I was confused for a moment.

Last edited 1 month ago by David⚜️

He still won’t be on a registry for murdering his classmates. Shooting someone is okay, anything sex related is the devil.

And notice how all that state-of-the-art security along with”hyper-vigilance” active-shooter drills did absolutely zilch to thwart this tragedy.

All that security theater with the cameras, metal-detector checkpoints and on-site security protocols wasn’t even a modicum of deterrent!

My point? That’s exactly how the registry gives the public a false sense of relief as well.

In general a major sales push by school safety packages such as RAPTOR is to save the school from “sex offenders”. Not shooters.

An excellent point, Facts!

For real. They want to keep children in schools safe from registered persons who pose no threat at all when the real threat to their safety is in the schools itself.

That was the first thing that crossed my mind when the DA made the announcement.
By the way, one of my nieces is a sophmore at Oxford HS. She’s physically fine, though still a mess mentally over that.

@Disgustdd in Michigan, Glad to hear your niece is safe, but sorry she is having a hard time with it. Did she know any of the young people that past or that is in the hospital. I couldn’t believe the copycat’s that came out of the would work and got schools shut down including my town, they should just cancel classes tomorrow as well.

Hana St Juliana was a classmate in her math class. She died on the scene. The 14 year old girl who is on life support is also a classmate of hers. I cannot give her name at this time due to her condition. She was shot in the chest and neck. She knows who Ethan, the shooter is, but doesn’t know him personally.

To think what those parents must be going through…absolutely soul crushing.

Yep. “Charging as an adult” is just government being the criminals that they are.

Why not just charge him as a murderer? Not good enough? Because government wants to act like tough guys and like they are being nuanced and have brains. In reality, it’s just more of their idiocy.

The fact that shooters are not listed on Registries is complete proof the Registries are nothing but a criminal act of war. I’m up for it.

In fact, the shooter is somehow an “adult” who killed “children” who were older than himself. 🤔
Very perplexing. 😒

Brought to you by the same psychotically hypocritical society that rejected the Rind study. With kids forced to grow up in this shit hole, I’m quite frankly surprised there aren’t more shootings.

STOP, I am a Michigan resident, formally of near by lake Orion. My children had friends who graduated from that Oxford High School 15 years ago. How dare you use the tragidy to make a point you think may contribute to your personal cause. The parents of those injured and dead students are in misery no parents should have to endure !! STOP IT NOW

He’s not wrong, if harsh. The government only considers children to be miners when its convenient to them. Likewise the other way when they want to get their pound of flesh. It’s like when they choose to prosecute a minor for “producing child pornography” because they took a nude selfie. They even site the minor as both the victim and perpetrator to themselves.

Sadly, I believe they all stopped being “children” when they had to participate in “Active Shooter Drills” in their schools. Since when do children have to prepare for “active shooters”??
What’s next? Do we have children participate in “Casualty Triage Exercises”?? 😠
Yes, sorry, I guess the sanctity of human life, the ending of violence, and the safety of children is a personal cause. 😡

You probably care too much. Obviously not that many others do. They can’t even be bothered to create a magic Gun Offenders Registry. They love it when shooters live by schools. They love it when shooters are in schools. They let them walk around freely all the time.

The children don’t need “Active Sex Offender Drills” because all sex offenders are kept away from schools by the magic Sex Offense Registries. Or because the only people who commit sex crimes in schools are the teachers.

😂 LOL! “Active Sex Offender Drills”! 👏🏻🤣🤣🤣


Don’t forget those children who had to learn duck and cover drills of the cold war era when it was really scary then for them to think of nuclear missiles being launched at them.

This is not in response to anything in particular, but I have been reading de
Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, and some bits I stumbled on recently, particularly in the middle chapters of vol. I part II discussing the tyranny of the majority and the absence of checks on tyranny resonated to the degree it was almost prophetic, for 1835-1840. I don’t know whether this should be taken as a dark prophecy, but for better or worse – an attitude I think the author himself would have endorsed – here are some quotes I found particularly relevant (translations vary):

“”When a man or a party suffers an injustice in the United States, to whom can he turn? To public opinion? That is what forms the majority. To the legislative body? It represents the majority and obeys it blindly. To the executive power? It is appointed by the majority and serves as its passive instrument. To the police? They are nothing but the majority at arms. A jury? The jury is the majority vested with the right to pronounce judgment; even the judges in certain states are elected by the majority. So, however iniquitous or unreasonable the measure which hurts you, you must submit.”

“The master no longer says: ‘Think like me or you die.’ He does say: ‘You are free not to think as I do; you can keep your life and property and all; but from this day you are a stranger among us. You can keep your privileges in the township, but they will be useless to you, for if you solicit your fellow citizens’ votes, they will not give them to you, and if you only ask for their esteem, they will make excuses for refusing that. You will remain among men, but you will lose your rights to count as one. When you approach your fellows, they will shun you as an impure being, and even those who believe in your innocence will abandon you too, lest they in turn be shunned. Go in peace. I have given you your life, but it is a life worse than death.'”

“A few years ago some pious people undertook to make the state of the prisons better. The public was roused by their exhortations, and the reform of criminals became a popular cause. New prisons were then built. For the first time the idea of reforming offenders as well as punishing them penetrated into the prisons. But that fortunate revolution in which the public cooperated with such eagerness and which the simultaneous efforts of the citizens rendered irresistible could not be accomplished in a moment.

Alongside the new penitentiaries, built quickly in response to the public’s desire, the old prisons remained and housed a great number of the guilty. These seemed to become more unhealthy and more corrupting at the same rate as the new ones become healthy and devoted to reform. This double effect is easily understood: the majority, preoccupied with the idea of founding a new establishment, had forgotten already the existing ones. Everybody’s attention was turned away from the matter that no longer held their master’s, and supervision ceased. The salutary bonds of discipline were first stretched and then soon broken. And beside some prison that stood as a durable monument to the gentleness and enlightenment of our age, there was a dungeon recalling the barbarities of the Middle Ages.”

Again, whether all this bodes good or bad, I don’t know. But it is eerie.

Hey MH hard to believe it was spoken in early 1800’s, but the third paragraph should resonate with all on here. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, I’m glad (in a perverse way I suppose) that it resonated. I agree that said paragraph is particularly powerful. It hit me like a lightning bolt when I read it. There are few thinkers I have found truly prophetic about society, whether American, Western in general, or indeed global; but he is clearly one of them, along with the Nietzsches and Emersons of the world.

Has anybody received the “we are going to rescind your exclusion” from Megans Law website letter yet?? you know the 30 days advanced notice???
for Jan 2022.

@CA – I believe the changes for exclusion don’t go into affect until after January 1 and then I have to give you a 30 day notice so I don’t anticipate anybody receiving any letters until sometime in January

No disrespect ,but I don’t think that’s accurate, I think they have to let you know before January 1st! 30 days in advance

CA – That is how I read it, too. They have to let you know 30 days before 1/1/22, but you can’t actually apply for exclusion until then. So, how would that work? They tell you you will be listed on 1/1/22, put you on ML, you then apply for exclusion and get removed if you qualify? Wouldn’t that leave people exposed, even if just for a short time since the process will probably take weeks, months? Makes no sense. Or will you apply for exclusion on 1/1/22 and if qualified, they will make that decision on that day to not post you?

I can’t find an intelligible list of who is being rescinded and who remains off. And reading the legalese is like trying to read runes. A simple, comprehensive list of what PCs/Tiers are being rescinded would be enormously helpful instead of folks waiting for the state to post letters. But nobody’s prepared that list as far as I can tell. What is published requires a lot of jumping back and forth between PCs listed in law/legal publications.

Any help or insight?

If the letter would come from CDCR:
1. I can guarantee they don’t give a sh*t. And….
2. You are unlikely to receive such a letter because CDCR is unlikely to send it AS REQUIRED BY LAW.
Time and again, CDCR has shown blatant disregard for laws and contempt for judges’ court orders.
So, yeah, don’t hold your breath! 🙄

🤔 No, I have not received any such letter. Where do you anticipate would be the sender? California Department of Justice? Maybe the CDCR? 🤷🏻‍♂️

The hypocrisy of the DOJ is absolutely stunning. My 288c reduced via 17b/dismissed via 1203.4 is still so dangerous that even though I’m technically not considered to have a previous conviction they still put me in Tier 3 (thank goodness Janice and team are fighting this for us). But when I applied to the DOJ this fall for my background for my firearm permit no issues – approved! I’m so dangerous that I still have to register but hey, feel free to buy an assault rifle!

Yup. It’s all a bunch of rubberstamping, with one hand having no idea what the other is doing.

288.2(b) PC from 2012. Reduced via 17(b), expunged per 1203.4 PC, had my firearms rights restored, and even served on a jury, post conviction/post relief. The misdemeanor version of my wobbler isn’t even registrable, but here I am, along with you and Dahmer. See you at the firing range!

For those in Ga who are interested in what Restore Georgia is doing, the next statewide meeting is on Dec 14th

Wow! Glad to hear of this organization. Our support is growing.

Yeah, there’s not many registrants in Ga who even know there is a group who is on our side. Restore Georgia has been around a while (was under a different name before) and really could use some support/members.

ACSOL has a list of known advocacy and support groups. Feel free to let ACSOL know if any need to be added: support-groups

If online commenters, even those who are anonymous, are saying damaging, untrue things about you, you may have a viable claim for defamation. Document everything and contact personal injury attorneys about the case. You may have to talk with a number of attorneys before finding one that will take the case on a contingent fee basis.

Does anyone know if Connecticut requires out-of-state registrants to register for the duration of their required registration period using their state of origin’s rules? Otherwise, it looks like all non-violent, non-repeat offenders are 10 years, which frankly sounds too good to be true. I can’t find anything suggesting I’d have to follow another state’s rules if I moved there, but I may be missing something.

@ Literally Nobody: I believe if you go to the ACSOL website via computer/laptop, you will find a tab at the top that says “Legal”. There you should be able to find the relevant laws for each state.
(NOTE: This “Legal” tab does not seem to appear when viewing the website via smartphone, so you’ll have to use a computer to check it.)

An interesting event occurred yesterday.

Riverside County. There’s been an on going domestic abuse situation down the street from me. I have known the woman since she was a teen. She was friends with our kid for awhile in fact. Since she started having kids, we have barely talked outside of hello. She basically did not want the stigma of being friends or friendly with the neighborhood sex offender.

Yesterday I was leaving to go to the store. She started yelling for help, saw me and yelled for me. I went down there just as he was leaving. She was smacked up pretty good. To point, I walked past my brand new neighbor, who was outside and who has caused me some problems on the local social media pages (they did not check the registry before overpaying for their home and now they are furious that their house isn’t worth shit because of me, lol)… anyway, she was just standing there watching a woman with two kids screaming for help, not doing ANYTHING to help, nothing….. NOTHING…

I stayed with the victim and she said he said he was coming back, sure enough he drove back, saw me and did a U-turn, not sure why, he is bigger, younger and most likely stronger than me, but he took off. After about 30 minutes of listening to her frantic “I do not know what to do, he is a good guy” battered woman syndrome shit, she mentioned a restraining order. I had her fetch it, yup. I told her quite simply, she MUST call the police.

Long story short, he fled, bailed out of the car, hid and was caught, had warrant(s).

There was a cookout party two doors down from her, her immediate next door neighbor was hosing down his driveway, the guy across the street was working on his car and my neighbor was in her yard….. and who helps this woman and her two kids? A sex offender….. from the other end of the block… a sex offender… I am trying not to act like the hero, because I do know her and would have helped her regardless of my status, but ALL of these neighbors except the ones having the cookout, have given me problems due to my status…. but they leave it to the sex offender to help her? To the point of watching me walk to her place…. watching the sex offender that they hate going towards a woman and two kids in an extremely vulnerable situation. So much for using the list to protect each other, I guess the list is truly just so they can get on the Facebook local page and threaten me. As though they cannot fathom that I have friends who sent me screen shots of what they said. Really brave upstanding Americans.

She was frantic, said she had been screaming for help for 10 minutes as he was trying to drag her in the house. None of my pure, loving empathetic “do no wrong” fellow Americans lifted a finger to help her, not even a call to the cops, nothing.

I have learned one thing, if these scumbag Californian citizens will not lift a finger to help a young mother screaming for help with two children crying, they sure as hell will not help ME if I happen to need help. The emotions are still rather high and I currently feel like I would ignore their pleas for help too.

@C, I’m proud of you that you had the courage to stand up for that woman. I feel like a lot of Americans (and maybe just people in general) have that bystander syndrome that causes people to watch or take pictures of people who are in need of help instead of helping (people who fall onto subway tracks, for example). There was an interesting podcast on peoples brains when they react to a situation in which they save others on Radiolab. I can’t for the life of me remember the title of it- but it was interesting.
Anyhoo, if you ever need help- I’m in Riverside and you can call on me. Just know that you are not alone, and you never are- even if some of your neighbors want you to believe you are completely isolated!

Totally off that topic.
I’m curious to know if any attorney ever argued in court that lifetime registration on the sex offender registry was illegal according to the 8th Amendment which states, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” I think everyone on this site can give an endless list of reasons in support of why the registry, especially us lifers, is cruel and unusual punishment.
I’m just asking.

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In a country that has 27 states which support capital punishment, I don’t ever see a registry being seen as cruel and unusual.

The registry is legal because it is not categorized as punishment. The registry would be considered cruel and unusual punishment if the registry were considered punishment b/c none of the other convict class are subjected to the same punishment.

@ Just me: In their 2003 decision in Smith v. Doe, SCOTUS indicated that S.O. registries are not punishment. (However, much has changed since then – many, many new restrictions, requirements, regulations, etc., so more and more courts are ruling that the Registries ARE punishment and, therefore, cannot be applied retroactively. [See the recent Tennessee decision.])

@David, it’s certainly questionable that the registry still meets the stated goal of protecting the public by reducing recidivism and with today’s tech, law enforcement doesn’t really need a registry for investigative purposes either. This can all be done with the same tools they use for investigating any other crime. I am not sure if this site has been mentioned before but it you search rated programs for the sex offender group you will see that implemention of federal SORNA by states who have has not reduced such offenses. Nor has implementation of presence restrictions.This by the federal governments own admission.

good job brother.

ThankYOU rc or Not for helping her and her dependents. Be Cautious so the contact does Not come back and nip u in the rear, post release from RSO CJ and returns voids the R/Order in place and goes dn to your res. Then has her lie after back together especially if they are also his dependents too. Be Careful, atleast you responded and offered assistance at their time of need when no other would reply.
Riv Co. Courts might help YOU with the P>Def. Off. to remove after your bday post relief since you are off Probation from them. I grad from UCR and went to RCC too and used to cruise hot rod cars on Market and don’t expect the RC PD or RSO if Co. to respond for assist. for YOU and Your Fam if he comes back. Good Luck! I have responded to enough distress calls in RCo over decades and got bit by female due to lies and was not cautious nor forethought for responding to calls for help. Be Safe.

What about moving to an Indian Nation in the continental USA ? Do you have to register since it is a different nation ?

I believe the Indian Nations are in compliance with federal SORNA.

Ya, they made all the reservations on U.S. soil comply with SORNA before it became a loophole.

I want to be happy again. I want my life back. I looked at a photo of a possible nude 17 year old. Because I used a file sharing program to download, I was convicted of distributing. 25 years of my life as a tier 2 registrant. I will be 80 years old before I can seek removal. This is cruel. The punishment does not fit the crime

In America:

Shoot a couple people in a fit of rage?

Court of public opinion: “He was just having a bad day.”

Possession of CP?

Court of public opinion: “Drop this subhuman into a live volcano!”

I find it very hard to believe having one single picture of a nude 17 year old could get you a Tier 2, I mean no disrespect, I simply am looking for someone to verify if this is possible. 25 years ? Maybe it’s a mistake, have you had a competent person evaluate the charge ?

This came up recently in a different thread – are people actually fighting against the oppression of the Oppression Lists (OLs)? Are people making Registry Aholes/Supporters/Terrorists (RASTs) pay real consequences in real life? I got the feeling that maybe not so much.

It doesn’t do a lot of good to just sit around and complain on the internet. Actions must be taken in real life.

As I said in another thread, if you are not a RAST, how about learning about all of the PFRs that live near you and see how you can enrich their lives? Can you hire them for work you need? Hire a company they own? Start a company with them? Empower them in any way. You probably can.

On the flip side, never hire or support RASTs. We need to cancel those “people”. Neutralize, marginalize, and ostracize them. Wage war on them.

There is a lot that can be done. Make the OLs cost as much as possible.

Come on MC, David and others get with the program. Question.. What is public safety.. is it two cars colliding with each other or who is the biggest liar or who shoplifts for public abuse.. Talk about Otis Campbell with public intoxication. Guess they put him in jail for public safety in a character role…….. that’s the key character role. Never knew when they let him out for an appointment what that was about. Talk about a guidance counselor.

Guess one can say all are like greedy dogs. So who is just today or who is out of character in this character role of blind justice today? Yes laws have changed and the sex registry is a bit of an over punishment for many and all involved myself included. Course things could and should be different. Killing is one thing but this inducement on those on the registry is a bit of a mockery of justice and christian understanding or doesn’t even government have a dark cloud handing over them.

California Megan’s Law
From everything I am reading, ALL RSOs will be listed on the website from January-onward, with the exception of those whose victims are related to the offender and the crime did not involve most sexual acts.

Is this the case? Are there exceptions for tier level? What data will be listed? Photos, addresses, PC?

Thank you!

It’s a mixed bag. Majority of people who are Tier 1 will NOT have their information on a public website. The only exception is if you’re guilty of 647.6. In which case, you’re information will be displayed per Tier 2 rules.

People in Tier 2 will have their pic, offense, and zip code listed publicly.

People in Tier 3 will have their full information listed.

People can reapply for internet exclusion for all tiers based on the rules you’ve mentioned of the victim being of certain age and a family member.

It should be interesting to see what CA DOJ’s Megan’s Law website does with all of us whose Tier level is “TBD”.

(Anyone care to bet that all TBDs will be publicly listed with all information appearing? 😒)

David, I’ve been wondering the same thing.The text of 290.46 tier 2 says that TBD’s “may” be listed under under that subsection. Tier 3 also says that TBD’s “may” be listed under that subsection as well. However, both subsections list specific penal codes that fall under those subsections. If one’s index offense is tier 1 , ( and never been listed online) but the conviction is so old that they are lacking a risk assessment ( and no risk level will ever be able to be determined) , it seems they are being placed in this obscure category. If the DOJ places these people on ML website with all information listed including exact address, then they are proclaiming the person to be a tier 3 while also admitting that they haven’t determined the tier yet. They would not be following the text of the law.

I got my charges reduced and dismissed a couple of years ago. I tried contacting my local PD earlier this year to get my tier and never heard back. By all accounts I should be Tier 1.

Later this month I get to go in and do my annual so I’ll finally find out my tier. I’ve never been on the public site. That was actually a main reason I took the plea deal I did, because I wouldn’t be listed. I’m really afraid I will be listed now and that’s just not right.

What about all the privately run website’s that list RSOs ? Once it’s decided in the court what is to be displayed, must they comply as well ? If they violate by publishing a Tier 1 or listing to much information regarding a Tier 2, is it litigious ?? Financially ??

Has anyone in Michigan figured out how the new sorna affects pre-2011 email exclusions?

If you can find the Michigan state police sex registry site,
Prosecutors pdf file sort of lays it out, so you can read it for yourself,,,,,,
but January 7th 2022 it might change again, if it does I will no longer be on these forums ,,, good luck 🍀


Gratiot co. Michigan

advice needed:
well actually i’m hoping Janice could help
or anyone please

can a news publication be forced to remove comments? turn over commenters information?

my name along with a hand full of others may or may not be posted in the comments along with false and incorrect statements most damage false allegations is done by 1 commenter

The problem in these situations is that you have to prove that you were damaged in some way. Saying your reputation was damaged, usually doesn’t cut it. If you were fired from your job, evicted from your apartment, turned down for a car loan, or some other provable damage as a result of the false comments, you may have a case.

I plead guilty in 2018 for CP 311.11a I had it reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor in 2021 and had my Probation ended also. completed all my classes. I had talked to my Attorney and he said it was now a tier 1 is this true. please help. I was also told that if it was listed as a tier 3 that it was wrong and they would fight it.

There was a poster who was in a similar situation as you such that the DOJ did not recognize his 17B felony reduction. So the poster emailed the DOJ and attached the 17B file as a pdf. The DOJ fixed it and the poster was able to earn the CoR.

It is important that the DOJ receives that 17B felony reduction file and enters it onto your file case. Otherwise, you are listed with a felony conviction and be in tier 3.

If I were you, then I would try to find out if DOJ accepted your 17B felony reduction either by you or your lawyer contacting the DOJ or by checking with your local registration unit to confirm what your current conviction is to date. Make sure you have copies of your 17B reduction paperwork on hand as well as on a pdf file.

Good luck!

Thank you

I love the work you folks are doing for us. I will be donating to the cause, but I can only send money orders to what Address.

Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws
1215 K Street, 17th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814


However, since your felony offense was reduced to a misdemeanor on February 11, 2021, this places you within tier 1 per CA PC §290(1)(a) (1) (A) A tier one offender is subject to registration for a minimum of 10 years. A person is a tier one offender if the person is required to register for conviction of a misdemeanor described in subdivision (c), or for conviction of a felony described in subdivision (c) that was not a serious or violent felony as described in subdivision (c) of Section 667.5 or subdivision (c) of Section 1192.7.
Is this true?

Yes. 311.11a misdemeanor is tier 1 in CA.

Why do they still have me listed as a tier 3 and they confirmed it through my registration personnel and the DOJ sent me a tier letter. So I am confused to what is the real tier,
And thanks for your reply

If you had the reduction done in February of this year, it’s highly likely the letter you received was crafted prior to that (they likely had everything ready by the end of 2020 to get out when the new system went into effect on Jan. 1). It’s not uncommon for these reductions and other such changes to take 6+ months to fully trickledown the system. I’d suggest you contact the DOJ now to get a fresh update. I know for a fact that you should be Tier 1 both because of how the tiered law is written as well as that a friend of mine who was in group with me had his 311.11a reduced and was placed on Tier 1.

Thank you so much.

Sincerely Mike

Who is the idiot that started ANY registry ? Double jeopardy in full speed ahead mode , selective discrimination , ex-post facto galore , lying / perjuring / tampering / false accusers making up crimes for conviction profits. DISGUSTIING.
Just put real offenders who have a real victim on an EX CON REGISTRY like in Kansas —- sex offenses are just one category

It was started in the 1940’s to punish gay men for being gay.

I thought the registry originated to track gangsters in CA? Then it incorporated sex offenses, but gangsters were no longer part of the registry.

So what I understand is that with Sorna even though we have completed our time probation and our 10 years registry. We will still have to comply with Sorna rules for the rest of our lives? do I have it right ?

No. Only for the time period of the tier which relates to you. And T1 and T3 people if meeting certain conditions can petition to get off earlier.

How and where? Cause NV says tier 3 for life

If the state requires a longer time period than the federal, then what I stated will not apply to you. In that case, even though the federal law no longer requires you to register, the state still will require you to register.

In your case, after no longer required to register by the feds, I would then move to another state so you no longer have to register. But don’t move to a state that requires a longer time period than the feds or you will be right back on the registry.

Where are you getting your information? Also you followed Court Cases: Hearn v. McCraw?

What I stated to Feeling Sad applies to you too. If the state requires you to register longer than the feds, then the fed law does not matter for you unless you are willing to relocate. SORNA does allow you to petition for removal after a certain time period if you have a clean record and if you are a T1 or T3. If you are on life in TX, I am betting you are T2 or T3. So read the SORNA law and be willing to relocate if necessary.

Yes, the 5th really screwed up on its opinion in Hearn and their opinion directly contradicts the supreme court. I bet if it were not SOs as plantiffs they would have followed the supreme court decision on the issue.

If the supreme court does not take the case, it has been petitioned, and if the ruling on the case would have gotten you off the registry, then you might consider relocating outside the 5th district to try to get off the registry.

You know it’s a shame that after over 20 long bs years of this shit. I will have to move out of Texas just to have a chance to not to have to Register after per I was told I would have to Register after 10 year post probation which would have been 2017. Have you thought about relocating yourself?

F-Texas, not at this time.

State requires me to register 10 years post punishment. Then I will have another 5 years for federal SORNA after I am done with the state.

I would only consider relocating after I am done with the state and it will not matter (other than it does matter to relocate to a state where I am not required to be put back on a state registry or is not a SORNA compliant state) where I move as federal SORNA will still apply.

Texas will automatically remove me at the end of the 10 years. Many other states that have an equivalent 10 year time period requires one to petition the court – I don’t want to gamble, is better to be automatically removed. So there is no advantage at this time to me relocating. And I have some other reasons to not yet consider relocating.

Here’s a half-hearted effort at fair and balanced reporting:

TV6 Investigates: Does the sex offender registry keep the public safe?

Because there was no “Comments” section available, I emailed the reporter with several questions:

“Hello Ms. Sparks,

Thank you for your piece regarding “TV6 Investigates: Does the sex offender registry keep the public safe?”

I did not see a comment section on the web page, but I wanted to suggest that you ask the law enforcement officer some more pointed questions. For example, most states have had sex offender registries in place for more than 20 years. As the number of individuals listed on those registries continues to increase each year, has there been an equally significant decrease in the number of sexual offenses committed over that same period of time? I would guess the answer is “No”, since most sexual offenses (more than 95%) are committed by individuals not listed on any registries. (If parents are only looking at registries for potential sex offenders, they are looking in the wrong place. Just scan the recent headlines. The individuals to be aware of are stepfathers, uncles, teachers, pastors, little league coaches, swim instructors, etc. – as indicated by recent headlines of sex offense arrests and convictions. Registries did nothing to prevent any of those offenses.)
If public safety is the genuine concern, why isn’t there a registry for DUI drivers who have an exponentially higher recidivism rate and whose offences can often lead to the death of innocent individuals? They pose a much greater risk to the general public than individuals who have been convicted of a sexual offense in the past.

We tend to let lawmakers and law enforcement officers off the hook far too easily with regard to sexual offense registries. The registries have existed for many years, but have they actually proven effective in preventing sexual offenses?? Or are Registries just a “feel good” measure that lawmakers lean on in order to pander to the base and that law enforcement officers endorse so the public believes officers are preventing offenses?

Thank you for your time.

Best wishes. … ”

When you see news articles like this one, please respond to them either in the “Comments” section under the article or directly to the reporter / journalist. People (the general public and reporters /journalists) need to be made aware that there are a huge number of registrants in the US – currently, approximately more than one million – and that these laws are irrational, unfair and unconstitutional.

As a general comment, I am curious why the attorney who I paid in full two months ago has delayed filing the motion to remove me from the Michigan registry. As a one count Tier 1, it should be a simple matter. Having met every requirement and having been advised that success is immanent, I’m wondering if perhaps he is aware of changes upcoming to the registry regarding Tier 1. He is well known and successful in this area. Any ideas ?

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Out of curiosity how much did he charge you?

Lawyers in the know probably saw what was coming January 7th.
Holding your money until they see which way the wind blows before using it for your case? Maybe, just a guess,,,

Yes, David 3, I have an idea:
Instead of wondering aloud, why don’t you call the attorney you’ve paid good money to and ask him why!!
🔹You paid him good money.
🔹He is working for you.
🔹You have every right to ask him your questions with an expectation of receiving straight answers. 👍🏻

Does anyone know the process for ALI’s proposed opposition to 213 .model penal code. Looks like some registry changes are possible. Which us why so many AG’s are against the changes.

Not sure if any of that would pertain to us.

FYI, YouTube now includes disliked videos into your history. Previously disliked videos may have been a way for a viewer to mark videos they have watched (there is no “I watched this video” button/mark).

Seems many can’t fix a lot of things in one’s personal life. Many on here got into this offender ordeal by different means. Yes we all can get into trouble. Even the bible says we are all born into trouble but be bold, their is always a rainbow at the end of the tunnel.

Sure my mouth got me in trouble but who was being taunted? Who can tame the tongue? Yes my actions were to prove when I went down to see what was going on. And many of you all on here need to prove in this game play behind closed doors. If one can say con game this registry is.

The Oppression Lists have radicalized me. I woke up yesterday to the news of the deadly tornados in Kentucky and all I could think about is what awful people they are.

Kentucky is a P.O.S. state, full of terrible people. Not all of them, of course, but most of them. They have no problem harassing my family. They don’t care if we live in the streets. They don’t care if we are dead.

So I can’t really care what happens to those people. It is terrible that it probably affected some good people also. I’d help those people if I knew them. But I won’t help the others or care. The Oppression Lists require that. We are not all in this together. We won’t be as long as Lists exist.

Kentucky has some damn moonshine though.

Also, I’m sure the U.S. Marshals are out “rounding up” those forced to register in Kentucky and everywhere those tornadoes touched down. This is part of the misguided crusade that is SORNA. I’m sure those on the hit list with destroyed homes are out on the streets scavenging for children first thing.. /s

Yeah, what if a Kentucky registrant loses his house and goes to register his temporary address … only to find that the building that once housed the police department has been obliterated and no longer exists? Where then does the registrant go to register??

(@ Will Allen: When these tragedies befall such “good folks”, I always remember the “good folks” who used to say “AIDS is God’s punishment of homosexuals”. So why aren’t these tragic events ever questioned as God’s punishment for some communal transgression?? It’s still the same God, isn’t it?? Or, God forbid, it be thrown back in their faces in their time of suffering …. as they threw it in the faces of people dying of AIDS?? 😡)

You don’t have to look very hard at all to see that most “people” who support the Oppression Lists are not good people. I’ve seen thousands of them. Most are garbage. They lash out at other people because they are terrible and have done awful, immoral things in their lives.

And yep, these tornados are God’s punishment for having Oppression Lists.

Will they be out there? You think they will be out there and instead of saving lives and helping people, they will be looking for PFRs? I wouldn’t doubt it. They are dumbf****.

But that is another thing that I thought about with these tornados. I do feel like Amerika has way too much free time on their hands and not enough real problems. That is why they can pay more attention to messing around with Lists of families to oppress. Way too many Karens in Amerika. And they don’t have enough real skills and hobbies to fill their empty lives. So they harass. Things like these tornadoes keep them busy. It keeps them out of trouble and minding their own damn business.

I also feel like the more that a person supports the Oppression Lists, the dumber in general that they are, and it is much, much more likely that they will be greatly affected by something such as a natural disaster. They won’t be prepared for it. They won’t be able to deal with it very easily. And they don’t have decent resources, including brains, to help them out. All good that they will need more effort to try to recover and will have less to harass other families.

Puzzling? Guess we all can get in deep waters. Will Allen, put your guns away. Sure people will take advantage of another if you let them. This computer age as Tim in WI says is a bit misguided in much or who’s got all the answers to why a crow crows at midnight or is a dogs bark worse than his bite?

While Janice,Chance and many others on the team strive to solve this registry one wonders who is the David and who is the Goliath or why did Janice say… Stand up, speak up and of course show up! Yes their is a time to speak and a time to stay silent. One wonders if one is working on getting a quick fix to all this registry taunting or is this a scavenger hunt to see who has the winning combination to right this wrong in this registry ordeal.

Sure law enforcement want to be proud for what they do but are they really proud or foolish as many. Who is killing who worrying about all this registry. Just and Justice are two different issues and none of us are just. True Justice always has an end to it but one should always remember that their is always a right way to do everything. So what is this court of American Justice today a fools game or a fools parade.

I’m (one) David. 👍🏻

I have a Federal CP receipt conviction from the late 80s.

Note that possession was still legal at the time.

The fed jurisdictional hook was use of the mail.

Receipt is analagous to possession.

Im trying to find out in which states was possession legal prior to 1990.

I know California is one.

Anyone have a suggestion how to research state laws?

If I look up state laws, it tells me current CP law, but I cant easily find what laws existed, if any, prior to 1990.

CP possession was a misdemeanor in most states prior to 1990.That was,before the never-ending whirlpool of insanity started..

I am curious to know, not anything that is really addressed here, but being on parole for a sexual offense in Texas means that you have to take polygraphs at least once a year. You have to pay $200 for those polygraphs and, if you fail, you have to take another one within 30 days at your expense of another $200. I’ve been failing a few polygraphs in which I did tell the truth. I don’t know why but they keep telling me that I have failed and they keep taking my money from month to month.

I never knew anything about polygraphs before but I know by first hand experience that they aren’t accurate. It seems inhumane for them to keep taking my money, especially when I struggle at a hard, laborious job to try to provide food and shelter for my family. I wouldn’t mind donating from time to time either but between parole, therapy which costs $40 a week and polygraphs monthly I have hardly anything. I had a panic attack a couple of weeks ago. A friend of mine had a heart attack because of this. It seems that life goes all right until they keep seeping money from you. Out of 6 years on parole this is my first complaint because I don’t want to feel as if I am using thinking errors or making people feel sorry for me.

What I did years ago was a bad decision that caused consequences that I deserved by making those choices. I spent 16 years in prison and 6 years out. These people (parole and therapy) keep siphoning money from me. The only thing they see wrong right now is that I cannot pass a polygraph. I have trouble breathing sometimes and all I am told is that there is something that I am hiding or something that I am thinking and they will not stop unless I disclose some type of information. My life is transparent-what do they want me to disclose? They could do anything they want to prove otherwise. Man, I am just tired of them taking my money and I want to get a better home before my mom passes.

Polygraphs don’t work. There aren’t any serious people who think they do. Charlatans do. Grifters do.

You shouldn’t worry about the polygraphs. When they tell you the “results”, just shrug your shoulders and ask them what they expect from lying, junk “science”. Don’t even help them pretend that polygraphs have any meaning.

Regarding the money situation, it helped me just to think of it as a huge pile of fines that I had to pay. A lot of people want to make money off of you. Certainly polygraphers do. That is all that it. It is part of the punishment. Just keep paying. The great news is that people will try to fleece money from you forever. It’s not just you, that’s Amerika. People care more about money than anything else.

If you are struggling, don’t worry about donating for causes or whatever. Let others with more money cover you for a while. You can pay more later.

Though quite a long time ago now, lost the plea deal because unable to pass the polygraph by the D.A.’s deadline. As soon as it didn’t matter anymore, I started passing them. Was telling the truth the whole time.

Polygraphs are basically ’emotion’ detectors, and have nothing to do with whether you are ‘lying’. Anyway, no point in rehashing my disdain for the polygraph.

Perhaps practice telling yourself that you don’t care about the result, it doesn’t matter. The thought of having to pony up another $200 next month is probably enough to trigger an ’emotional response’. No matter the outcome, you are doing the best for yourself by not going in there with major stress and worry.

I should mention, though, never disclose to the polygrapher that you don’t care if you pass or fail. I know people who have been violated for telling them this bit of information.

Anyway, don’t stress about a donation at this time. In solidarity with your plight, I am making an additional $50 contribution toward the SORNA matching challenge. When your situation improves, then donate to this worthy cause what you are able.

Will gave you great advise. I understand your stress, but if I can add to what Will said, keep doing what you know is right, and NEVER admit to something you didn’t do when undergoing the polygraph. A lot of times they will tell you that you failed just to get you to admit to something when in reality you passed. Polygraph results are not admissible in court, so don’t ever worry that they might use the results against you.

All I can say about polygraphs is that their main purpose is to get admissions from someone who believes they actually work. In other words, failing a polygraph question proves at best that the question asked bothers you but even that is questionable garbage. If you fall a question, the real purpose is to get an admission out of you. Without the admission the polygraph is useless trash. Never admit anything because of a polygraph result and just make sure every question bothers you a lot.

Got a reply back from Experian… No changes to the app. The change in display of addresses with Tiered Registry shouldn’t trigger, I think, but will keep an eye out.


Prince Andrew called New York’s Child Victims Act ‘unconstitutional’ in a request to throw out a sex-assault complaint against him

You know the old saying that talk is cheap and yes lying is still lying no matter how you stack the deck. If one listens very carefully they should understand that they do these registry morality games on the internet to keep adults from talking to teenagers when the proof is in the pudding.. Yes law enforcement will say… you thought you were talking to a teenanger when they are covering up in this whole ordeal. Its a situation type encounter of enducement.

So how cheap is true justice. Just as cheap as the person setting the other up in this Law enforcement ordeal that has many on pins and needles. Who is doing the evil in this controlling type factor of sexual enticement. Do we or should we all learn lessons from these ordeals? This practice by LE is a great downfall or who sinned in this prevention type decoy of a morality play.

Just checked my tier status as I was tba for most of the year. Tier 2. will be starting the process january 2nd Sorna and alll.

Author bell hooks passed away yesterday. She wrote “Once you do away with the idea of people as fixed, static entities, then you see that people can change, and there is hope.”

Let that soak in as we discuss first-person language and the way labels are applied with their lack of analysis to the person(s) who have a prior sex crime conviction. People are not fixed static entities, but can change, grow, mature, etc away from their prior conviction, regardless of what the crime is, to lead healthier lives for themselves and those around them. Those in position to make such changes possible must believe in this and show maturation of their own as people and leaders because they must believe in people who can do what is needed (especially when given the right tools and environment to do it in). 

This idea is what needs to be challenged in the status quo of today when it comes to labels, less than adequate tools and proper environment to grow, etc, in. This is what legislatures/Congress need to be called out on when they show lack of leadership behind the dais as they propose legislation. Those people who have a prior sex crime conviction are not fixed or static, but neither are victims who can grow, mature, change to not be victims without forgetting the event while leading healthier lives for themselves and those around them. 

Life is not fixed or static and neither are people. Both are dynamic and need to be cared for in manners of growth and maturation, not stifling it to prevent growth and maturation. Hope exists and people should encourage it for both those impacted in a negative life event.

I noticed that another well known personality was arrested for issues of improperly registering. Lawrence Taylor (NFL hall of fame) was arrested recently in Florida for failure to register a new address and possibly other related issues

If the link does not work a quick search produces several stories on the topic.

Yes he is another hall of famer who had consensual sex with a 17 year old who said she was 19, I quess we should always ask for there birth certificate and picture documentation with finger prints?

When you hook up with a girl at a bar don’t you assume she is 21 ? All the registration laws are a catch 22, america you really have very bad karma!

Check out the movie Unforgivable on Netflix. I cringed through most of it because the leading character played by Sandra Bullock brilliantly had been in prison for 20 years for killing a cop and was having an impossible time re integrating into society. Needless to say I identified completely with her although my crime was in my opinion far less serious.

Me and my wife saw it and said the same thing. I swear her PO was based off of mine. SMH!

Just want to double check a couple things here with you fine people here I just got my response back from the DOJ in California And they took me off megan’s list meaning I am In Tier 1 now only 10 years of Registration? Is that correct? and my time began the first year I registered?2018? meaning I will finsh in 2028?

This seems weird:
Undercover sex sting nets 16 arrests in Cook County

Were the “sheriff’s police officers*” bored and just said to each other, “Hey, let’s place some sex ads and arrest some folks!”??
It’s just seems weird that they intentionally created the illegal situation, created the circumstances of the crime. 🤨

*In any case, the “sheriff’s police” should stick to policing the sheriff and deputies!

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