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Iowa: Sex offender from Iowa arrested after failing to register phone number

Source: 11/30/21

A sex offender from Iowa was arrested after failing to register his phone number with local authorities.

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Iowa needs so much help. I don’t know if it’s we are the the last to do everything or if people are crazily scared here, but SO many court challenges against the registry, and every single one has been shut down. Even at the Supreme Court level. Iowa is adding and adding and not one person has ever showed up to contest or speak out due to fear of retaliation. Help, please.

Not all have been shut down, and some have identified the necessary substantive constitutional issues implicit in government use* of the database. NC v Packingham, for instance identified the intent of imposing affirmative restraint on speech via a ban on internet use for registrants.

* Use is the key word here. No reasonable person can disputes state’s right (obligation really) to have an electronic database of known felons.
It is the application of the gov database that anti registration advocates challenge. Ultimately SOR Database are not all that different from the invention of opiate base pharmaceuticals( pills). Each is popular thing but widespread use and misuse has resulted destructive collateral consequences. Naturally this results in the necessity for further gov action. All of these lawsuits are also necessary further gov action- even the ones being shot down. One honest federal judge called it “cruel and unusual punishment.” People are usually far more honest just before they meet their maker. RIP Mr. Matsch.

I’d refine your comments even further…

True, no reasonable person can dispute state’s right to have the database. So let them have the database, but let THEM have the responsibility of gathering the data and ensuring it’s accurate. Why is it my responsibility to make sure that they have the information they desire? They’ve got lots of people working – let them get out there and do the research and see what they can find. Then put it on the registry. Just don’t push off the onus on us to put together a registry that we don’t want.

Can’t think of any other government database out there which doesn’t have some way to opt out of active participation, even if opting out means foregoing some privilege or opportunity. Sure, they can keep the database but no one is required to submit data to them about themselves under penalty of law besides the SO registry.

Iagree there is a vast difference between having a database and indenturing someone to a life’s worth of maintenance. One is slavery one is not. Historically where you find Imperialism you’ll also find slaves.

FL: The Registrant was from Iowa, but the situation occurred in Florida. Both States need help. 😣

Iowa may indeed need much help. However I think this arrest happened in Florida where the guy was either visiting or had moved to. Perhaps the headline for this ACSOL article should have read “FLORIDA: SEX OFFENDER FROM IOWA…

There are a lot of people replying here with the ‘frightening and high’ recidivism rate and many do NOT know the real facts!
We need to go in there and start replying and giving the people the truth with appropriate links

For a phone number. So the tax payers get to house this person in jail. At say a 1000 dollars a day plus paying for the cop and all the court people like the judge. Wow this guy my hero. This guy just made the cop and judge and law makers cough up more and more money too charge it to the working taxpayers. Over a phone number… Pure genius!!! Once he back out i hope he does it again… Maybe the taxpayers will catch on to this scam.. Oops its Iowa.. Never mind they I O W A.. I owe Washington anyway…

What a total freaking SCAM from a CORRUPT Government. When I register (CA) I NEVER give these TYRANTS my phone number. It ISNT Thier Phone number that they pay for… Plus I dont want them tracking me/my phone number/device. All CA has is NAME/ADDY/WORK and CARS I drive,thats all I give them, they even ask for a # in emergency, I say NOPE, leave it blank.

Next time they ask you for an emergency contact number, tell them 911.

Jeff, that is a “corrupt” government that can easily deprive me of liberty and property. I for one am not willing to stick my neck into their noose. I’ve read my state’s registration laws very carefully and know precisely what information is and is not required. I also know my statutory responsibilities, and it sounds like you do too. Knowledge is power.

I’m not required to verify my address or to even speak to officers if they arrive at my door. I actually had a quite civil conversation with deputies who came to my house–in civilian clothes–asking to verify if I lived there. In the end, we both agreed that they could ask me anything, but that I was not required to answer. I thanked them for not showing up in uniform, and they left.

I push back when I am on firm legal ground, but am not willing to defy actual registration requirements. Nor am I willing to be handcuffed again I save statutory fights for the legislature and implementation battles for the DOJ. (P.S. I hope everyone wrote Merrick Garland.)


Yep. Their “laws”are their weapons. Don’t allow them to use them against you. Neutralize them. And continually attack from all other angles.

Please correct me if I’m wrong folks but don’t some challenges lack standing unless some harm has been caused? If so, it is a catch22 – if you comply you can’t challenge the rules in court, but a violation will typically destroy a person’s livelihood and risk a future free from the registry also (if violations make a person an elevated risk).

Arrested for not telling the government your number. Well if a scammer can find your number and everything else on a person, so can the government. Government needs to get off its behind, away from the desk/coffee/ donuts, and do something productive making society better.

My number is 1-800- if you-want it- find it!!

Just realized something…

The state justifies putting out the information in the registry by saying that it’s just publicly available data regarding us and our convictions, etc.

Then they require us to submit the data to them.

If it’s so publicly available, then why do they need anything from us?

Either 1) they’re lying about it being publicly available, or 2) they really have no need for us to submit anything which means that it’s just being done as punishment.

Let them go make their own phone directory.

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