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LA: Lutcher Man Charged with Failure to Report International Travel as a Sex Offender

Source: 12/3/21

NEW ORLEANS – U.S. Attorney Duane A. Evans announced that WILLIE ______, age 56, was charged on Friday, December 3, 2021, by grand jury indictment with two counts of failure to report international travel as a sex offender under the federal Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA).

If convicted, WILLIE ______ faces a maximum term of 10 years in prison, up to a $250,000.00 fine, a term of supervised release of between 5 years and life, and a $100 mandatory special assessment fee.

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Praised, huh? You guys failing that hard at stopping actual crime that this is praise worthy?

I went and read the Indictment since I was curious…don’t waste your time. The only information that I could extract that was that the original conviction was in the State of Washington, (no date of conviction), and the Indictment was in the Southern District of Louisiana….New Orleans?

So, there is no There There…the news release of the Indictment provided no clues what this case is about.

Best Wishes, James I

The complaint on PACER (Case 2:21-cr-00173-NJB-KWR Document 1) has more information, and should have been uploaded to RECAP where it costs nothing. Apparently the day before he was to leave for Ethiopia, last April he confirmed to the USMS that he planned to take the trip although he had not given a 21-day notice. He also had made a trip there in February of 2020.

His conviction was from 2004 for touching his girlfriend’s 12-year-old daughter, for which he was given 41 months of state time. I’ll be willing to bet that he gets more than that from the feds for simply not reporting intended travel under IML. No doubt this will appear in DOJ statistics as recidivism by a sex offender. The Bureau of Justice Statistics plays fairly fast and loose with the numbers.


Bless your heart Rep Chris Smith for protecting children globally based on your biased of registrants. What a waste of tax dollars by not informing the government of your travel? People like this need a one way ticket to space.

so there it is. we
truly do not have freedom to travel. bullshit.

That is right. A PFR does not even have the freedom to travel domestically. A PFR must jump through all kinds of hoops and waste all kinds of time and resources just to visit a friend, who lives 50 miles away, for more than a couple of days.

If a person is on probation or parole, it’s fine whatever idiocy the criminal regimes require. After that, it’s not acceptable in any way. But it is up to good Americans to make the harassers/terrorists that think it is acceptable to pay real world consequences. They must all suffer.

And let’s never forget that this is only done for SEX. Nothing else. Just SEX.

BTW, LA is SORNA compliant so he twice busted the notification rule he was to follow there. WA is his conviction state.

I am here and you are here.
We are all here….. on the ACSOL website, reading & staying informed.
But there must be many, many Registrants out there who have NO IDEA that they need to submit a 21-Day Advance Travel Notification. Seriously, who tells them??? How in the world would they know what they don’t know??
Why would it even occur to someone that this requirement exists?

(What if I told you that, the first of every month, you’re required to stop by your bank and register every $20 bill in your possession and that failure to do so could result in 5 years in prison and a $100,000 fine???
Unless you are properly informed, how would you ever know of such a requirement??)

One reason I wish there were ways to get in touch with registrants about advocacy groups nationwide or at least locally. Maybe that could be one of the things to focus on during the Education in Washington. If your a registrant or have a loved one on the registry there are people fighting for you. It’s easier to deal with when you knew you aren’t alone and not everyone thinks your scum.

ACSOL has mailed out hundreds of letters to Registrants regarding events, upcoming changes to the law, etc. The response rate it unbelievably low…. just 1 or 2 responses PER 100 LETTERS mailed.
ACSOL is here to help them!! But still, disappointingly low responses to direct mailings even with hand-written names and addresses.
Any suggestions for rousing the troops??

In Ga the last time I did my annual registration, there was a newly added blurb about international travel. None the less, many won’t know for up to a year (between registrations).

BTW, two Halloweens ago when I was forced to show up and be babysat for a few hours, I had cards printed out with several websites listed. Not a single registrant, out of the 100 to 150 there, was interested in taking a card; they just wanted to get the hell out of there.

THANK YOU for that effort, LPH!! (Maybe you should have taken a cattle prod with you to get them of their @sses!! 🤣)

@David, I used to travel internationally a lot but then I had kids and my occupation currently just doesn’t give me the time to do this. The only way I became aware of this requirement is when I was looking through my new (currently unstamped) passport one day (I always have renewed it so I have it when I need it). I saw the endorsements page and was curious what sort of passport endorsements there actually were. I googled this and that’s when I found this site and found out about IML. Before this I knew nothing about these rules.

That said, I’m not a registrant currently in any state and my state doesn’t take 21 day notices from non-registrants currently – it seems I don’t need to have my passport stamped according to the rules either. I still believe I’d qualify for the advance notification of travel to the arrival country under the IML rules but have no clue if it would actually be sent or not.

Either way, In my case I only have like 2 years before federal SORNA would not apply to me due to expiry of the registration period. I have just simply made the decision not to travel internationally again until that time is up at this point. It’s just not long to wait and then I won’t have to worry about getting arrested, having the stamp or any other of this BS.

@ MC: The only way I know of that you might learn if the U.S. Marshals sends out a “green notice” to your travel destination country(ies) would be to submit a Privacy Act (like a FOIA, but for yourself) request to them after you return from your trip and request copies of any docs they sent the countries.

(I do this regularly when I return from overseas travel…. out of curiosity… and just cause I like poking the bear!! 😁)

Last edited 1 month ago by David ⚜️


You sure it isn’t the local Interpol office doing the sending once they’re notified of intended travel from USMS after Angel Watch is involved? I thought they’re involved. We’ve had this discussion here before on who does what on travel notifications.

Hello … this is not related to international travel, but it begs the question, “Has anyone been brought to trial for over staying a state’s limit of days a SO can visit a state before he has to register? Each states has a strict limit of days a SO can visit. For example, Kansas has a three day limit. Alabama requires that a SO register the day he arrives in the state. I plan to visit Kansas to help out my elderly sister who broke her hip. Was thinking of registering after 3 days, hopefully, I will be taken off the registry after I leave? I am guessing that SOs who visit a state think, “I’m okay … how will authorities even know I in the state?” MATT


I am far from an attorney and you should consult one but this is what I have learned to be true in my travels. If you fly, there is a flight manifest which can be used to track your in and out times. If you drive and get pulled over you can be caught. There is also technology that records license plates info in cities to know who is going in and out. There is is phone tracking “Stingray” that again can determine your in and out of the state like a time clock. Lastly anyone who knows could possibly turn you in if they are vindictive. My advise is to have someone call the the PD you are visiting to find out how to register and work around it. For example if the registering office is only open Monday through Thursday and you arrive Thursday night then leave Monday AM before they open again. Some times you can leave and go to different county for a night and return the next day. Every state is different but hiring someone to do some homework for you might not be a bad idea. Good Luck


If you are wondering how they would know, there are a few ways. Someone there might know something about it or might look you up on the internet and find out and tell on you. If you drive your own car there your plate might be scanned and it found out that you are a registrant somewhere. You might get stopped for something while driving or in public and forced to identify yourself and then found through that. If they suspect you were there longer than the number of days before registering, they might investigate further and/or just wait for you to be there until the threshold number of days and then come to arrest you. Maybe you can get away with being somewhere a few days beyond the requirements and be okay, but maybe you get caught.

Honestly I know a few people on the registry in my home state, no longer on probation that had no clue they were supposed to register in other states when traveling, including in Florida and traveled many times to these places without incident. Nobody ever told them they had to register there and they didn’t know it was necessary just to vacation for a week or two and really to them, who would look that stuff up for such a short term? In reality this probably happens all the time without anyone getting caught engaging in this sort of travel and getting hit with an FTR. These people I know, know now and now vacation differently based on this information.

We probably all think differently than the registrants who don’t pay attention to things on here and therefore because we know, through our dealings on here these constraints.

Summary of State Registration Laws Concerning Visiting and Temporary Residence.docx

Summary of State Registration Laws Concerning Visiting and Temporary Residence.pdf

Kansas – 3 business days for initial reg. and updates. §22-4905. “Residence” defined as 3 consecutive days in one location, or 10 days in a period of 30 consecutive days. §22-4902. Transients must register every 30 days.

I’ll be honest from my experience.

You will not have any problems if you have a plan and do homework.

1- know the state law of your state and the one traveling to regarding temporary lodging.

2- call and ahead and ask about local ordinance without giving personal information. You need answers about the law and not a babysitter.

3- have your significant other drive in case of accident or drive as safe as possible.

4- use cash or keep records depending on situation.

Example.- you plan to stay 5 days. According to the law you would need to register if you are staying in (1) place for (3 consecutive days). So if you stay at her place for 2 days 11hrs and 59min. Then stay in a hotel for a night you would not need to register. So I would keep a record of my hotel stay in case of a worse case Scenario. It would be up to whoever else to prove wether or not you stayed somewhere else for 3 days. And that is not possible if you have proof that you didn’t break the law.

To finish- the majority of the states registrations are not binding to you until you sign up for their registration. From experience, all the states say follow the laws that are binding to you in your current state that you register in when traveling.

You still have the freedom to travel and are not required to answer any questions until you have spoke to a lawyer in a worse case scenario.

*2 days 23hrs and 59min.

-brain fart

The big question mark for any of us dealing with state-to-state travel rules is that we don’t know how each state counts days. Do they count a day if you spend any time in the state that day? Do you need to spend the night? Or, are they counting 24-hour periods.

When I first started doing the math to try and protect myself I assumed that if I arrived in state XX at noon, I could stay till noon the next day and only be there one day. Then I realized that some states would count that as two days, since I was physically present in the state on both days.

If I’m at all concerned, I’ll calculate in the way which assumes the worst so that I don’t inadvertently overstay my welcome. If I needed to stay for longer, I’d call and ask. So far, other than a problem trying to get info from Texas once, I’ve never been given any grief when calling for information.

The incompetency of big government never fails to entertain me. You would think that these criminal regimes would get really, really, really tired of having to answer phones and talk with people about this nonsense all the time. If you HAD to be employed in such a “job” and answer phones, would you not want to murder someone because of that?! Don’t they care about the resources they are wasting dealing with this? Of course they don’t. They specialize in incompetence, waste, chaos, and causing people problems. That’s big government. That’s a core essence of the Oppression Lists.

If they were competent they’d make their “requirements” 100% clear, easy to interpret, and with no ambiguity. Any of my children were capable of doing that when they were in middle school. Not that hard. Write down the “requirements”/explanations and put them on your big government website. Done and done.

I get that these criminal regimes have over a billion “laws” so it is hard to handle all of them. But if you are going to have “laws”, then f’ing make them work. F these criminal regimes and their harassment.

Thank you… Alienated, MC, JJtop and Worried in Wisconsin, for your input about SO state, length of stay strategies. So many factors to think about. The best strategy is to be well informed. I know about the list of requirements for each state, but, like the “International Travel” section we’re in, maybe ACSOL should develop a section devoted to State travel to clarify, set up guidelines and simplify the confusing state requirements. 

One piece of research I found about Kansas is if I register as a visitor, I would be taken off the Kansas registry when I return home. This is important to know about each state. If I knew that I would be staying a long period of time in a state, and knew for certain that a state would take me off the registry after my trip, the fear of arrest vanishes. I would register upon arrival and be sure to contact the authorities to take me off when I depart the state.  I contacted a lawyer in Kansas to verify this law before I actual visit my ailing sister. 

I strongly believe that whoever created the list, describing the requirements for SO visitors for each state, they should add a declarative statement for each state, something like, “Kansas will take a visiting SO off the register upon departure.”

Thanks again to all of you for sharing your input. Matt 


Never heard of someone being arrested for a vacation. That’s why I stated that the state may try to register you immediately knowing your whereabouts to make sure you are compliant if they are suspicious of the information you provide. Some places may want you to call and check in so they have a time stamp. As I have heard someone else say “there is no flying saucer keeping track of your time once you enter a state or knows exactly where you go”.

Here is another useful link that I find provides the most useful contact information to talk with a knowledgeable person in LEO. state rso registration requirements 08 15 .docx state rso registration requirements 08 15 .pdf

Source: Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs

Could you please give more detail on that document? Source? Production date? Meaning of the asterisk ahead of some States’ names?

Also don’t forget… I learned this the hard way. Even if a state removes you from their registration when you leave. There are a BUNCH of STUPID third party companies that will exploit you. You may not be left on the state registry but if you get on a third party “find out the sex offenders who live near you” websites. You may be on that database and who knows for how long. Keep that in mind.

Be careful on the states. You must also read the city ordinance where you plan to stay. Some cities have restrictions on how many temporary days you can stay before required to be registered and some cities have a limit on the number of day a year you can be inside the city limits. Two that come to mind is Albuquerque and Galveston.

I comply with the state and city requirements when traveling with the intention to avoid having to register with any state and any city. The reason I recommend you comply is because if you get pulled over, get in an accident, someone reports you or for any other reason you could end up on a registry other than where you reside.

Even if a state will take you off the registry after you visit, I would avoid having to register in the first place as a visitor. You never know down the road if the state will retroactively adopt a state law that states that anyone ever on the state registery, even if now off, must be put back on the registry. I do not trust politicians. And this could cause you trouble.

Just read the state and city rules, comply, plan your trip accordingly and stay under the radar.

I like how you calculate the worst to protect yourself.

But I would not rely upon words from a phone call because I have found people even if trying to legitimately help you, may not necessarily have read the law, know the law or understand the law but just repeat what they have been taught. And you relying on incorrect information even from LE or the agency maintaining the registry is not an upholdable defense in court. You have to rely upon the law. You have to read each state law where you want to travel.

I have found this observation to especially be true with non-sex registration issues with a local county and city governments. The employees don’t even read the law passed by the county or city and the workers just tell you what they have been told or taught.

This shit is unbelievable

I wonder if all these continued punishments (and extensive restrictions and requirements such as those set forth in the new federal SORNA) – which we, as Registrants, know them to be punishment – are actually the results of extensive lobbying by the prison-industrial complex. 🤔
Consider this: they’re facing a dwindling number of incarcerated individuals as the public opinion pendulum now swinging away from long prison terms and towards greater rehabilitation. With lobbying groups for the prison-industrial complex aware of this shift, they doubtless realize that “sex offenders” remain a group they can always, forever, and repeatedly punish and incarcerate with plenty of vocal support from the hysterical fear-and-trembling, torches-and-pitchforks general public.

What a great way for them to continue filling their prisons – especially when sentences for infractions of Registrant requirements are routinely running 10, 20, 30, 40 plus years in length.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x