NC: Flat Rock Middle employee arrested, terminated on charges of having registered sex offender husband on campus

Source: 12/17/21

A Flat Rock Middle School employee has been terminated after her arrest by the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office on charges of having a registered sex offender on campus, according to police.

The Sheriff’s Office was notified Dec. 16 that Maria ____ is married to a registered sex offender, Jeffery _____, and that he had been seen in a vehicle on the school campus, according to a HCSO news release. It is illegal for a registered sex offender to be on school property at any time.

Jeffery is a registered sex offender in North Carolina due to a conviction of second-degree sexual assault of a minor in Florida, according to the HCSO.

As a result of the HCSO’s investigation, the couple was arrested. Jeffery was charged with two counts of felony sex offender unlawfully on premises and is being held at the Henderson County Detention Center on a $50,000 secured bond.

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The registry is supposed to be statutory, not punitive. Apparently, that punitiveness extends to spouses.

Prime example of “The Law” keeping our community safe. Really??!!

Then again any news article with $ex Offender in the title will draw “clicks”.

The title makes one think that the employee was up to no good having a $ex Offender on school property.

So this is near us. My spouse and I have a similar situation. Our hearts are borken for this. We even thought about reaching out to them, we just don’t know how.
That being said, even if just dropping off for work, every SO that falls under the premise restrictions law should know better then to risk that. That’s a class F felony here. More punishable than most sex offenses here. The wife will be more than likely get probation and forever have a felony her record for aiding a sex offender and will effectively kill her career. But that husband is looking at prison. Heck even if you aren’t under the premise restrictions, don’t go on school property without permission. That said, NC over punshies for this. No wrong was reported done. He may have just been helping each other get to work or pick up. This is a far over reach. And proof, people forced to registry are not the only ones on the registry. Spouses, kids, families(like mine) are all forced in punishment over these damn laws. Registry is on thing, but being prohibited within 300ft of where children congregate is just insane. These are the thing I do think we should go after and could win legally. The premise restrictions and living restrictions.

Also sould be noted: in another article on wlos 13 it was stated that this was an “anonymous tip” that led to the investigation. Aka someone with nothing better to do,that probably knew the couple and wanted to make their lives miserable. It’s never about keeping the children safe, it’s about punishment and making some predator stalking and watching People forced to register happy about themselves.

If there ever was a case of “wrongful termination,” this is it! I trust she’ll get an attorney on the case.

An anonymous report of a person being in the wrong place leads to two arrests and an employment termination over liability fears. What an absolutely cowardly society we live in.

And the person who turned them in is sitting at home like they just saved the world. Assholes.

Guess who the scumbags who support this want on school campuses? People who have shot children with guns!!! People who have spent time in prison for attacking children! People who have used children as drug dealers!

Who else? I’m sure the list is long. Any crime is good as long as it doesn’t involve sex.

People who support this are abject morons. They really are. The school should be protecting the children from all sex crimes. There is no reason or benefit to keep certain people away. I guess the molester teachers don’t want keen people to detect their crimes.

Heaven forbid a registrant was in a car on school property. Thank God he wasn’t wearing a mask. Registrant wearing a mask to hid his identity, while in his car on school property.

Here in Maryland I can’t be on school or daycare property all year, so it sucks during the summer with farmer’s markets on the grounds. Never knew produce was a turn on.

My 3 year old daughter has been asking me all week, “I want daddy to take me to school.”(daycare) it breaks my heart so much, that she has to be punished for my mistake. I just wanna care for her, take her to the playground, attend her life and not live in this constant fear.

$50,000 bond….
Bond should be < $2,000, if existence of it needs be…

Punitive or prudish justice in many respects this registry is lame justice for many in a family way.. Talk about file association and yes we all have a file. Getting to the whole root of the issue is very constructive in this registry abomination in many issues. Talk about errors in judgement.

About mask people that hide behind windows looking to track one’s every move. One wonders who changes diapers today or should a police woman be on call to make family matters worse. Course its only temporary in many cases. Guess their actions were its better to be safe than sorry to justify it all. Doesn’t get any lamer than that, course one can’t go to church as their are kids their in many respects. Guess that might give that person a compulsive behavior syndrome. Always did like putting ABC blocks together as an adult.

is this a sorna law? one that we will all have to follow? thank god my kids are done with school except for one college graduation in may. they can kiss my ass if they think i won’t attend that.

Brandon even in my ordeal they texted me if I was going to bring condoms and I said what do you mean or what are those and than they explained. lol. That’s what one would call a gathering evidence give away if you listen to the text so who is testing who. Hey we all fall into temptation but when it involves a third party such as kids or even the wife losing her job because of this report of being picked up at school than one has a lot of guilty consciences in this ordeal…. were talking judge, DA, those other neighbors that back bite you let alone the pain and sufferring of the one that was enticed or induced by this registry surade.

This paranoid delusional asshole with a badge gun, aka Sheriff Nerves of Steel, aka Sheriff Nervous Nelly, brandished his weapon at a bunch of young girls expressing gratitude for people in their community including his wife.
Who’s the real threat to out kids and will they lock his ass up?

Too bad she wasn’t married to a guy that was convicted of selling meth to kids, or maybe something like dog fighting or armed robbery, then all would be well.

Actually I like the theme of this thread or article and while the little article presents a third party involvement it also presents responsibility and understanding and is a bit of a backstabber. Course the wisdom is not there in this ordeal. Sure this whole registry is a tightrope in many ways but who is the real guilty party. The one that try’s to avenge or the one that try’s to comprehend.

Setting one up in bad enough whether its that 21 yr old girl they met at a bar and one finds out she was 16 and just looking for a hayride or a night move or someone getting induced thru internet means. One wonders who the self righteous folks are today. Is it the some know it all guy on Wall Street.. that would be judging in itself. Even the bible says all righteousness is of filthy rags.

This whole article presents more general basis of why the registry should be banned in many ways. I would think someone needs to read Romans’ 13 again and understand the difference of doing evil and doing or planning wickedness or even coveting thy neighbor.