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San Francisco Court Grants Registrant’s Petition

Source: ACSOL

San Francisco Superior Court today granted a petition filed on behalf of a registrant who was assigned to Tier 1.  Local law enforcement determined that the registrant was eligible to petition and the District Attorney did not object to the petition.  The registrant was represented in court by ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.

“Another person has escaped the bondage of the registry,” stated Bellucci.  “We must continue to file petitions in order to maximize the number of people who are released from the registry.’

After a court grants a petition, the California Department of Justice will send the person a formal letter stating that he is no longer required to register.  It could take a month or longer for that to occur.

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More good news to report! A court in Los Angeles County today granted a petition filed on behalf of a registrant who was assigned to Tier 2. He was represented by ACSOL President Chance Oberstein. Congratulations to both Chance and his client!

I was wondering. even though I petitioned with a public defender & now waiting in which public defender is free, so here’s the question, is it a faster result hiring an attorney based on its an attorney representing?

Hi Ms. Janice Will tier 3 SO have an chance to petition the court for removal?

We welcome reports of petition hearing results from attorneys, registrants and others. Please post the results in comments and we will contact you for additional information if you are willing to share.

Question: If you get “the letter” from CA DOJ stating you no longer are subject to registration; can you be “forced” to register if you move or visit another state???


Appears that way sorry. I am off MN but to visit Colorado if I stay more then a certain time I will have to register there.

Please forgive me for being lost. How do you really end registration then?
Tier II here.

Last edited 1 month ago by The Unforgiven

Thanks guys. So, effectively; we’re “trapped” in our state(s), unless we want to subject ourselves to the mini-IML… call it the “Interstate Megan’s Law.”

Do your homework – it’s worth it. My registration was terminated in Ca. My charges were expunged and I received a COR. I moved to PA and did not have to register. Every state is different. You have to do the legwork.

Did you have trouble with housing, Apt etc?

On November 16th, 2021, the District Attorney did not object to you being eligible for 290 relief. Since you xxxx register at the Sheriff’s office, the Judge at the Victorville courthouse transferred your 290.5 Petition Hearing to be held at the xxxxxxx courthouse and reviewed by the judge there. As of today, there is no court date set for it yet or update on the court database on the results. Once the court date is set or the court issues a decision, we will notify you of that hearing and the results. The judge at the xxxxxxx courthouse may provide a decision anytime from now to May 2022. Once the court issues a decision, the court will notify you and us on the results made by the judge.

Impatiently waiting 😬

Janice that is good/great news for all out in your area. Of course one doesn’t count their chickens before their hatched does one. Many on here amaze me. David with his quick wit… I am David, the computer guy that says its all about this internet or computer science and the many others that don’t know where to turn to. Sure I’ve taken my lumps and bruises a bit also. Now one has a donation drive and I’m sure LE have donation drives also. Lets see theirs’ breast cancer society, donations to help keep people out of trouble, Police funds etc not to mention campaign contributions among others.

 Sure giving is good if one can give but but which is better? I’m sure many on the registry could of been off of this registry a long time ago if they hadn’t been sucked in. So who is exploiting or sturing up dissension. I even think we talked about exploriting once on here. Can one say Government, or someone correct me if I am wrong. Hey maybe its best that I never came on here or got involved. While this site is good it seems to be getting a bit much when one is trying to understand today’s exploits.

  Many on here were never talking to a teenager in this game play. Government knows that for a fact. So were does the lying come in. Was government doing an act of kindness or who is quick to judge today or quick to give a plea deal to avoid the shame of a trial by jury. I’m sure we all can be mad as hell but who is pulling on the strings in these sting ordeals. I’m sure one could get all kinds of answers but who is being strung up by all this. I believe its an abomination.but still we all have to seek true justice. Lets hear it for Janice and the team.

I did Fight it!!!! now Without writing a book or Made for TV Series I was arrested without physical evidence without A eyewitness Just on say so I was arrested in a election year When SO was popular in the news And I finally gave in When my public defender said to me If you take a plea bargain you’ll do 2 months And get out Or take it to trial and you may never get out!!!!!! Tough decision And extremely scary I have family to take care of So I pleaded no contest. the same person that accused me tried adding me to social media a few times 3 years later And she was not a family member I would go in to more details but I don’t wanna write a book

Great work, Janice!! 🤗

Another starfish saved!! 👏🏻👍🏻

I love that starfish story. Been a long time since I’ve seen a reference to it. Very apt!

Sounds like you two are just getting people out of the matrix so to speak.

Now if we can only make it so that dropping off the registry is automatic and not subject to each registrant having to take it to court once eligible.

I’m a little caught off guard by this comment! Congrats otherwise. I obtained a COR this spring – LA county. I kept reminding people about the new DA George Gascon! I didn’t even see the court room/my presence wasn’t required! Zero opposition. If you live in LA County, SF, run to the courts! You should have already filed to be removed asap! My neighbor is an LA county DA. His comment: it’s now super easy to obtain a COR or get off the registry unless you killed someone! If you have a relative in LA county, register in 2 places hint! I’m looking forward to hearing about those who reside in OC /like I do. Hint! Once granted, you will obtain a court document with bold letters: no longer required to register pursuant to pc 290.05! Thereafter, you will receive a follow up document via the DOJ around 3-4 weeks thereafter. No LE ever called me! Retarded! I had to call the clerks who register you and they have a website they use! Registeration Terminated! Congrats! If anyone has the opportunity to get off the registry and hasn’t filed? No comment

Congratulations USA !
We are in LA county as well and my husband will petition in a few months time. May I ask where you obtained the petition forms from? I mean can you just print them off the internet? And did you use a process server to serve the P.D and court? Or did you just hand the forms to them yourself?

Hi, I ran into LA before the tier law went into affect and obtained a COR – removing me from the registry! The tier law went into affect Jan 1st and you couldn’t start filing until July 1st. Yet, you had until June 30th to obtain a COR and be removed from the registry! I wanted to get off asap and have a back up plan (file a petition to get off the registry later just in case)! The DA stated: you know you could have filed in 2 months? I needed the COR to re apply for a professional license. I would reach out to an attorney, the LA public defenders office asap! It took me 9 months/delays etc. If you live in LA, you should have done this a long time. The DA is very liberal. I never saw the court room and I was informed my presence wasn’t needed! Had (I called her) Janice not taken my call/making suggestions, I would still be registering! I’ve since petitioned a professional licensing board and meet them Jan 10th!

Ahh yes, I should have read your post more carefully. You were granted a COR. That’s great. Thanks for the info on the new LA DA. It gives us hope. I think an attorney is the way to go so things don’t get messed up in the petitioning process. I hope you get your professional license back and all things go well for you in the future.

Milton what can one say. One either fights for justice or put their guns’ away. Sure everyone loves a victory. I had a friend before we moved to VA that was a lawyer and being a lawyer can be stressful. Even looking at this registry and how many feel about this is disgusting. The average John Q Public doesn’t actually know what goes on in many of these ordeals.

Sure everyone is scared. In other words this registry isn’t always appreciated. Worse case scenario is that person could of been and I hate to say it “Jack the ripper” course I don’t know how mccabe he was. Their is good and bad in everything and yes for a lawyer to get an appeal or strive to refresh a case from the many other case loads that is a victory and very positive.

Which way it goes from their is up to that judge. After my old PO retired or changed departments they gave me a woman PO but actually she turned it over to one of her trainee’s to help in these last few months I have. And yes when Probation or Parole is over its done with. Course the slate is never whipped clean.

I have no problem with law enforcement Doing their job At all. I’m just one in the course of people who Went to jail for this particular Jane doe to My knowledge Only one person Had enough witnesses to prove their innocence. And when my lawyer pointed out The completely different stories Told to different investigators The DA Jumped up and Objected And a judge would sustain it And every time my lawyer would put out something in my defense The DA would object and the judge would Sustain it So at that point I felt pretty much doomed The evidence on my behalf Was thrown aside Like it didn’t matter Even the investigator did not remember the case So again I don’t wanna write a book lol

Just curious, does anyone know if someone in Orange County (CA) has gotten a petition granted? I’m waiting to see if they continue to be difficult.

My first hearing in Orange County is on Jan. 21. Given that the individual was assigned to Tier 1, I am expecting a positive result.

our son was given tier 1 and two years probation for 3 felonies and 1 misdemeanor. We are very fortunate that we had the money to pay for a lawyer and a forensic expect. our son was facing 13 felonies. he will have completed his first year of probation and the PO is talking about ending the probation early b/c he is doing very well.

Reading the posts that some people are able to petition for removal from the registry is encouraging. can we be hopeful for our son?

Charlene that sort of reminds me of my ordeals back in the 60’s and 70’s when I was in high school and college. What a parent won’t go thru for their child. Course dad gave me some advice not to get married. He didn’t even think he would get married. Course most all of my ordeals were for public intox or DUI back than and a little possession.

Yes we can all have a hard head in our growing stages but this registry is a bit much for many. Sure justice is good if its going about it in the right way. I know they say on “Dragnet” just doing my job ma’am. Well doing a job and undercutting or penning, pressing , or even forcing is a bit much.

Look at it this way and correct me on this please. IF someone paid you to set someone up would you or anyone else do that? Setting one up is a bit of a vain rush in and of itself.

Now I came from W,VA and yes we had coal miners and stills even the Buffalo creek disaster which I worked in at 16 as well as others was trying for those families, but something like this registry is a bit much and very degrading which many don’t understand unless they go thru it. Guess one has to thank God that we do have advocate’s like Janice and many others fighting for true justice in this ordeal that many face.

I hate to say this but compared to a weekend warrior this registry takes the cake with much of this con game. Its like when I got arrested I ask the person what was the reason for me bringing a milk shake down here.and he told me its all part of the game.

Hi, Yes- Janice and Chance are amazing. I joined ACSOL in 2018 when our son was arrested and sat in jail for 3 years as the case weaved through the system.

Charlene and many. You know Janice, Chance and the team are right in many ordeals that this registry takes and about why we should stay on topic and not vary at times or preach. YES, I’m glad they could help your son or anyone that is involved in these sex offender situation. Sure we can all preach a bit too much or go off topics at various times and I do apologize to all. While vain justice and blind justice can be two different faculities the truth is always better weather its in juvenile courts or adult courts. At times I preach a bit much and have to be called out course I’m thankful to Janice and Chance and the team and others, Even on a forum like this we should all stick to the topics but at times it sometimes vary. I appoligize to all and hope you forgive.

Proving in a court of law is good for everyone but unjust punishment is not good for any state and/or citizen. Even ending much of this registry is a goal for all in this American Justice System. Guess that’s one of the reasons I took Criminal Justice Classes in College. Yes my dad was a CPA but at times some parents can not do to much on their own. I am glad things worked out for you and I hope you all will forgive me as sometimes I preach a bit much. We all should have that team spirit and work together. 

❓❓❓ I have been curious about this question, so maybe someone will know the answer: Let’s assume you are a California registrant only (that is, you are not listed on any other State’s registry).
If you are granted removal from Cali’s Registry, how do other state’s s.o. rules apply to you? For example, if you visit a different State/County/City with a law that says “anyone convicted of a sexual offense may not be present in a public park”, does that still apply to you?
(I would assume it does still apply – you may have been de-listed from Cali’s registry, but you still have a sexual offense conviction on your record.)
And, for that matter, wouldn’t a similar law anywhere in California also still apply to you – even after you are removed from Cali’s Registry?? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

Does removal from California’s Registry only remove the burden of annual registration? Or does it also relieve you of the burden of all the other related regulations, requirements, and restrictions??

Thanks anyone with answers!

Being removed from the registry in CA absolves you from following any CA regulations pertaining to the registry.

Other states, its a mixed bag. Some states will only make you register if you have to register with your homes state. While others focus more on your conviction, as in your example. However, if you don’t have to register here, you realistically don’t have to register in any other place where you don’t permanently reside. And even then, they’ll send you a notification to let you know that you now have to register.

So being removed from CA registry and not being on any other, basically allows you to freely travel around the country as you legally are not expected to do something you weren’t notified of.

David its very understand justice you have to live justice. My dad was a CPA and yes he did a lot of taxes not only for the company but also for private families. Yes he had his government values also in tax siutuations. Yes he had to go to Charleston, WV a lot to the state capital to report on this or that and yes going to court is not easy. I have been thru that measure several times with my dad.

I have been on probation for drinking at times , maybe a dui in my past. Now this thing about Sex regristation and yes that is a bit much to stir anyone up. Yes lawyers can do the best they can and Janice team sounds good one but their always a principal or do we go to church for vain glory? That’s right many can’t go to church as they are around kids I suppose.

Now you have the Principal of the whole issue and this registry is a bit callous in many measures and means. Sure we are going into a New Year and True Justice is displaced in many of these registry ordeals. [Moderator removed text that violates guidelines]

Hey I wish everyone out in CA or any area in the states to come together on much of this ill gotten registry that is more of house divided justice system that is doing much hardships on the American justice system. And the truth will set one free.

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