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The Great (Fake) Child-Sex-Trafficking Epidemic

Source: 12/9/21

A poster in the window of Cahoots Corner Cafe—great potatoes, good coffee—advertised a family event at the Oakdale, California, rodeo grounds. There would be food trucks, carnival games, live music, a raffle, and the opportunity to support the cause of “freeing child sex slaves.”

The event, called the Festival of Hope, was a fundraiser for the anti-child-sex-trafficking group Operation Underground Railroad, which was founded in Utah in 2013 and has achieved immense popularity on social media in the past year and a half, attracting an outsize share of attention during a new wave of concern about imperiled children. It is beloved by parenting groups on Facebook, lifestyle influencers on Instagram, and fitness guys on YouTube, who are impressed by its muscular approach to rescuing the innocent. (The nonprofit group is known for taking part in overseas sting operations in which it ensnares alleged child sex traffickers; it also operates a CrossFit gym in Utah.) Supporters commit to “shine OUR light”—the middle word a reference to the group’s acronym—and to “break the chain,” which refers to human bondage and to cycles of exploitation.

“PEDOPHILES CAN BE ANYONE,” Laura Pamatian, at the time a Palm Beach–based volunteer team leader for Operation Underground Railroad, wrote on Facebook in June. “They look just like you and me. They work with us … they sit next to us at our favorite restaurant … they are shopping with us at the grocery store.” To raise awareness, and funds, for Operation Underground Railroad, Pamatian helped organize a statewide motorcycling event. “It’s about saving children who are being raped and abused by pedophiles 10, 20, 30 times a day!” she wrote. “And I don’t say that to sensationalize the topic, I say it because it’s TRUE and it’s happening and NO ONE is talking about it!” Her volunteer chapter claimed that “upwards of 300,000” children are victims of sex trafficking in the United States every year.

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— “PEDOPHILES CAN BE ANYONE,” Laura Pamatian, at the time a Palm Beach–based volunteer team leader for Operation Underground Railroad, wrote on Facebook in June. —

I’m wondering if Laura can even give a basic accurate definition of “pedophiles”. She is probably throwing out that term as loosely as so many others do that don’t have a solid understanding of this word/term.

— ‘Her volunteer chapter claimed that “upwards of 300,000” children are victims of sex trafficking in the United States every year.’ —

And the data/research that backs up your statement is where Laura? Oh, that’s right she just listens to J.Walsh and all his other idiots.

The BBC History Extra podcast recently did a series on the Salem Witch Trials, and the “paedophiles can be anyone” language really has parallels in the 15th and 16th century hysteria over witchcraft. In continental Europe for nearly 100 years, and later in the English colonies, accusations of witchcraft led to terror, violence, and mass arrests, with the fear of neighbors secretly being evil and wanting to harm your children at the center. Eventually the hysterias die out, but even in 19th century England you could use “this person was practicing witchcraft” as a legal defense if you were accused of murdering them.

She is absolutely right. Pedophiles and molesters can be anywhere. What she fails to clarify is that your children are in greater potential danger from the people attending your backyard barbeque than from a registrant down the street. Since leaking into the common vernacular, the term “pedophile” has lost any relationship to its original diagnostic definition. It has now merely descended to the status of a “dog whistle” used for fear mongering. Jeffrey Epstein is consistently termed a pedophile. He may have been many horrible things, but he was never accused of abusing prepubescent children. Be afraid! Be very afraid.


I have to call BS on their entire idea. I have been attracted to kids for some 40 years or so. I have been around and online and have never – not once – even seen or heard of any such thing happening. Does it happen? Sure. (In so much as anything can) However it would be extremely rare and private given the circles i have been around and never come across it myself. My point being, this “group” they have made up (made up being correct term) is pure bullshit. There is no way in hell they could have any effect on such a thing were it to exist. I still have my doubts. Most pedophiles (by my personal experience) do not want a kid that is “used” that way and I don’t see it as being a thing. This group is in it for the money and in no meaningful way intend or have any ideas of how to prevent such a thing from occurring.

Wow, those “pedophiles” have some awesome stamina. Perhaps us men who cannot keep up should research their genes to find the stamina producing portion. raping children 10, 20, or even 30 times a day? Who the hell can have sex that often without flagging and/or chafing the hell out of our equipment? Assuming they sleep the standard 8 hours per day that means

10 times per day = every 96 minutes
20 times per day = every 48 minutes
30 times per day = every 32 minutes

Or so. that is ridiculous a statement right out the gate, but even when you break down the time frame it still even more ridiculous. if the times are off its just because I did a back of the napkin calculations.

Actually I think she was, with no evidence, implying that trafficked children are being abused that many times per day. Pure speculation merely to enrage those with pitchforks and torches.


The basics of the article are alright after getting through everything not related to the subject matter.

If law enforcement doesn’t have a good idea of how much of any kind of trafficking happens even including the expansive definition used then anyone claiming to know the facts is simply lying. People seem to confuse completely different scenarios as the same incident and since not a lot of data exists on either they run with wild assumptions. If trafficking was as much of a global problem as it’s sometimes advertised most of it would have been taken care of decades ago.

One simple reason most sex rings are not commonly talked about is because they are small and difficult to uncover. The larger ones of international legend intentionally don’t draw attention to themselves and likely have far more noticeable illegal activities completely disconnected from sex. Figuring out how they operate is even more challenging. Clearly if either type of operation were as widespread as claimed more news coverage would be devoted to them. While both could have ties to brothels with minors under the age of consent the brothels may also be independent. Additionally in some countries families rent out or sell their children for sex and the “brothel” might just be the central location where the activities happen with the children going home at the end of the day with money for their families. To put it mildly all of these are complex situations and often get lumped into instances where someone crossed state or international lines for sex or under the law trafficked themselves. Moreover each of these can be combined into someone running away from home, being taken somewhere by a guardian or parent under circumstances that raise concern among other guardians or parents or any number of other situations.

Yeah trafficking happens, but not like most people believe and not to the degree assumed. As for the repeated rapes each day, that’s likely going to be under a brothel operation and there’s a lot more going on with the clientele. Could someone under the age of consent be expected to have sex 10, 20, 30 times in a day? It’s possible, but remember when people are treated as objects and commodities there is an expectation that they are in good working shape especially when money is involved. That kind of treatment wouldn’t keep business going for long.

People who want to significantly want to reduce trafficking certainly can. Just don’t expect law enforcement to be the answer or sting operations. Sadly there’s a lot of money in crime fighting and prosecution and far less in prevention. Just like in medicine there’s far less money in cures than treatments.

“Trafficking” is pimping and prostitution, which exist in every society that has a currency. The “trafficking” these groups raise hysteria about is nothing more than the “white slavery” myth that has permeated less reputable discourse for centuries. People loved spinning yarns about sultans with harems of white slaves a hundred years ago, and drive-ins were full of schlock horror in the 70s of white girl runaways being pimped (and worse) in inner cities (Blood Sucking Freaks, Go Ask Alice), and today we have vaguely ethnic Eastern Europeans and container ships (the Taken films, Law and Order SVU). These are fairy tales, designed to scare young women into being careful, but are obviously titillating, and play on the xenophobia du jour. What does fear does O.U.R. play on? “Global elites” and the Internet I think.

Unfortunately there are real cases where the type of trafficking people are hysterical about happens. Given time and resources certain people will absolutely scour the world for what they want. Then one way or another what they desire will be brought to them.

One example I know of is an American girl who was specifically targeted by traffickers. She was taken from the United States to South America given drugs which she got addicted to and got put in a brothel with other girls from all over the world. If I remember correctly she was taken at age 11 or 12, found and rescued at 16 and ran away by all accounts back to South America in less than a year. This stuff does happen. It’s just rare to hear about.

Operation under revenge of registrants. I don’t know anyone who has sex 10,20,30 times a day with the same person or numerous partners. Anything to fear the mob creating more theories in the Q crowds. Gee we must live rent free in these people’s brain. Time to collect my fees.

The notion that pimps need to kidnap young women and children to enlist sex workers is absurdly wrong. In Las Vegas, 1,000 young women showed up to try out to be strippers at a single club.

There is no shortage of willing sex workers, and that is our society’s shame and what we are unwilling to deal with.

FAKE * FAKE * FAKE what is FAKE or is their nothing new under the sun. Trafficking is one of the oldest Crimes under the sun. Course I’m sure many could use a strip club. Oops thats stink’n think’n. Trafficking is a form of slavery much as this registry is a form of slavery. Call it a mockery of Justice if you’d like but as they say “its for public safety or community safety” This internet stuff is inducement and very distastful to put it mildly.
Yes some wonder about slavery or even why they even have strip clubs in Vegas or who’s prostituting who today Should we call the sex regristrant an internet slave caught by the net in much of this inducement of a sexual type.

While one can understand safety law enforcement seem to overlook true justice and that’s when things get out of control. Wish I could of plead no contest but after all aren’t we all guilty of something but Trafficking in this type of computerized inducement is a bit out of a twilight movie and is out of balance in many respects but it is what it is until it is what it ain’t. If trafficking adults weren’t bad enough during the turn of the century. Sure police may try to clean it up but the method of internet is a bit callous on their part. its like bribery of true justice.

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