ALI Leaders Delay Vote on Revised Model Penal Code

Source: ACSOL

According to early reports from ALI members, the leaders of the American Law Institute (ALI) have decided to delay their consideration of the revised Model Penal Code (MPC). This decision was made late last week during a two-day meeting of the ALI Council held on January 20 and 21.

Members of the ALI overwhelmingly voted in support the revised MPC in June 2021 and approval by the ALI Council was expected.  However, opposition to the revised MPC was subsequently expressed by Attorneys General in 37 states as well as by the U.S. Department of Justice.

The ALI Council is expected to consider the revised MPC during its next meeting scheduled in March 2022.

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Well, if the AGs and DOJ can stop this in its tracks with one or two letters, I see no reason why registrant’s can’t have a voice on it as well. Rationale thought has gone out the window, it’s just pure vindictiveness and retribution.

If the Ali doesn’t follow the science, then that just proves beyond any doubt the country has lost any and all chance of living under the constitution.

Don’t let them delay it again. Submit their previous votes to the california state legislature and keep lobbying for change. It’s only a matter of time before these unjust laws are ignored by previous offenders anyway.

If they don’t pass this, they’re nothing but cowards who bow down to emotions for votes over empirical evidence.

Just shows that it doesn’t matter what professionals think, its more about pressure from those in charge.
They are going to collapse based on mounted pressure from the AGs. This is why judges are too scared to make decisions that are huge. Political ignorance.

Is there any way to email board members? I’d love to tell them what the registry entails for me and my family, to include children. A draconian scheme for a conviction in 2000. I was in my early 20s and now I’m in my 40s and 13+ years post confinement with no probation or parole, I have had zero negative issues concerning conduct, so why am I considered dangerous and still on a registry, for life at that! SORNA was made after my conviction, so why is it just to hold me to it? Next year, if they decide to charge me $200 a month for being on the registry, do I have to pay it? At what point do they have to stop piling these “new” laws on!!!???

So multiple executive branches are trying to determine legislation in violation of the separation of powers.

Could they consider a compromise, or are any adjustments to this revised code too late to be considered, realistically? Overall, I thought the member-approved revisions were too good to be true, and I’d have been thrilled with changes that were not even half as dramatic.

🤔 Maybe it’s better that the vote has been delayed if you consider the existing level of “crazy” that’s present in our country right now. People rioting for all sorts of reasons, uncertainty of the COVID pandemic, political activism and rhetoric at a fever pitch….. While these are probably NOT the reason for the postponed vote, it is nonetheless probably a good idea to let things continue to cool down….. Or does everyone want the mob turning on us, attacking Registrants and family members, and pushing lawmakers for even more draconian “Registration” punishments?? 🤷🏻‍♂️

America keeps electing former prosecutor to governor seats.
The more we do that the more liberty we lose. Is the database driven infrastructure being used to impose affirmative restraint? Affirmative! Some of the people believe it was used to alter elections results. Others are in denial of the possibility. Never underestimate the ability of the infrastructure to consolidate wrongful authority. Bill Clinton & Andy Cuomo both example the heights of chauvinistic hypocrisy in political form. What was ALI’s original position concerning the registration regimen in Smith v. DOE03? The seed is DOA.

Tim in WI, David, TS, Dr, Truth and many on this registry. I’m glad I’m not as wise as you all or even know how to drop an atom bomb or even how to complain about the cost of being human even raising a family or even how to inflict punishment. While (ALI Leaders) can seem to agree and some seem to disagree who is coming together to help relieve some of this registry ordeal. Sure reasoning things out is very good. Guess everybody was wise to even get mixed up in this registry or where we all mixed up with fruit loops in our diets. Myself, well my tongue got me mixed up in all this and no one can tame the tongue. I even wonder why they didn’t even put me in prison or was the good old plea deal the icing on the cake to save another from shame and embarrassment.

Yes we all have our wisdom about data,or some thinking machine that is controlling others,when it just could be human behavior factors that are the least common denominator. Carnal Knowledge of a teenager when there is no teenager involved.Guess that wisdom makes a lot of sense in and of itself.Do these( ALI Leaders) have anyone actually on the board that has gone thru all this type of punishment to even say many on the registry are being over punished or who is trying to make alterations/revise the penal code today. Sure adjustments are good but the punishment and shame are still there. Justice is making things right which is a weightier matter in and of itself. Guess many can’t even agree on pardons either and other factors.

Tim n WI, David plus a few more actually you are both right. If ALI Leaders had you all on the team no wonder they would not be able to make a right decision. Tim with your computer data judgement and you David with his just cause Judgement. I would say Perry Mason couldn’t of done better job so why do we need Janice in all this registry ordeal or Chance and team or Vicki Henry and the other advocates in many more states. Guess you all don’t understand we all have an advocate in this who’s right or who’s wrong. Sure Janice has her own course of action as do the other advocates. A little bit of wisdom goes a long way. Selfish gain is not even gain.

I’m sure Janice or the other advocates are not computers data troopers that think out of the bun.I don’t even think they speak German but they do speak love, human understanding, compassion, and yes truth. Seems all you guys have to much faith in yourself. Lighten up a bit! Should many of you all go back to school, Learn a bit more about the Declaration of Independence or maybe the divisions of the war between the states. So who’s making divisions in these open and shut cases? Is it not better to be defrauded or to seek truth even compromise.

So without preaching use this “link”as a guideline even in these registry issues we all face and I can’t force anyone. I’ve even sent Janice a few of these links in the past. I’m sure the advocates that are helping in all this know the way to go about this. Look at it this way.We are not going to DC for ourselves but for others that might be caught up in all this.

Well 15 years of work gone with 37 idiots not wanting to free any registered person. I really thought that the ALI had a backbone when one reads up on whom is elected to their prestigious group. Erin Murphy a law professor at NYU was one of the reporters responsible for revising article 213.0 to 213.11 sexual assult and other sex related offenses which included revamping the registry altogether because according to her article 213 was ” ahead of it’s time when written” years ago. The new MPC was supposed to be “forward thinking” BUT it looks like they didn’t think far enough ahead to see how a letter signed by 37 AGs, and a letter from NCMEC could totally wreck in just two, 7 hour meetings 15 years of hard work by the ALI. With at least 400 +members strong they sat through years of hashing out the new MPC which turned out to be nothing more than wasted time and I’m sure millions of dollars in wages. Let’s see here, Erin Murphy clerked for Merrick Garland, then a judge on the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, and now US attorney general, she is currently but (temporarily) working as senior policy advisor for criminal justice for the White House Domestic Policy Council. Now we see what could have been the most important changes to these oppressive, unconstitutional laws changed by a simple ” yes” vote but they choose to set aside that vote because of say maybe 100 people who don’t want to lose power and control over our lives. This has to be the most disgusting, disgraceful, coward act that ALI and it’s members could have done. Obviously your prestigious group of members hangs by the puppet masters strings I see. What a let down to millions of registered citizens.

Does anyone know how to contact ALI. We should ALL send letters informing the absolute injustice the constraints have made on our and our families. WE NEED TO SEND OUR OWN LETTERS!

One million letters to counter the 37 AG’s. Has this ever been done? A national letter campaign. Can we make thus happen? Sure 250,000 may balk. But even 750,000 would send an organized message. Oh oh. Govt don’t like that.

For anyone interested in sending a letter: American Law Institute; 4025 Chestnut Street; Philadelphia, PA 19104. This is a viable response and course of action. In court, paperwork is king. If we tell how the registry has gone beyond its intention, affects our families, blatantly violates constitutional rights, and creates human rights violations, that in any other country, Washington would be the first to champion for. Dammit. I’m throwing my in the mail next week. Voice it then mail it. Three sentences makes the point. They don’t need manifestos. Just our truth.

Before I join the letter-writing campaign, I would want a little more information about why the ALI has decided to delay the vote. As it stands right now, we do not know the reason(s) for the delay. Frankly, I think it might be a better idea to wait. Bombarding the ALI with our letters would be a bit like the preacher chastising the choir. ALI’s Model Penal Code already makes recommendations that will benefit us. If they think it best to wait, why not respect that decision?

Yes, the ALI recommendations could be used by lawmakers to reform existing penal codes, but there’s no guarantee that lawmakers will follow their recommendations or when they might choose to do so. A delay of a few months is not going to make any difference to the timeline for the possible implementation of the recommended changes. 🤷🏻‍♂️

The ALI is already recommending reforms that would benefit us, so let’s not attack our allies. Let’s focus on those who are actually attacking, punishing, harming us and our loved ones.
(In the meantime, why not start thinking about how you will convince your elected lawmakers to take up the model penal code and implement its recommendations?)

(If you still wish to carpet bomb someone with letters, send them to Attorney General Merritt Garland in opposition to the new SORNA regulations. Maybe a million letters to him would get his attention.)

David and all their is an old saying “Strike while the irons hot” or you can just send a Valentine message but the bottom line is letters do matter. Whether they get read or not its the opinions of those on the registry from all states that want to understand more about these ordeals as much of this registry is frightening enough and change or revamping needs to be an issue.
I’m sure it is sucks in a lot of dollars and is more of a hardship to the individual that is caught up in all this registry issue. Nothing wrong with speaking out for justice but do it in a nice way even thou sometimes things can get ugly.There’s two sides to every coin.

Sandy at NARSOL brought up an interesting point. Every AG opposing the ALI changes all have financial or political interest in keeping the status quo.

Nothing to do with public safety. Just about keeping grant money coming in, keeping LE and related people employed with taxpayer money and keeping power. As my dad told me when I was a teenager, always follow the money to get to the truth.

Another good article by Sandy at NARSOL if you have not already read. “The Sex Offender Industry”. follow the money

ALI met today. I hope we hear the outcome soon.