Action Alert for CA: Assembly Bill Would Deny Medical Licenses to Most Registrants

California Assembly member Akilah Weber (Democrat, San Diego) has introduced a bill that, if passed, would deny a medical license to anyone required to register as a sex offender with one small exception.  The bill number is AB 1636 and it was introduced on January 12, 2022.  The small exception would apply to individuals convicted of PC 314, indecent exposure, provided that it was a misdemeanor conviction.

“As currently written, this bill will prohibit every person required to register, including those who requirement to register has been terminated, from being licensed as a physician or a surgeon,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “ACSOL opposes this bill and asks members of the registrant community to oppose it as well.”

Letters of opposition should be sent by U.S. mail to:
Dr. Akilah Weber
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249

Letters of opposition can also be sent by email using Dr. Weber’s website:

  • If you are in her district, click and then on the tab “Contact me”
  • If you are not in her district, click herethen scroll to the bottom.

In addition, ACSOL recommends that phone calls be made to Dr. Weber’s offices at 916-319-2079 (Sacramento) or 619-531-7913 (San Diego).  Please tell staff that you are a constituent if you live in Assembly District 79.

Additional letters of opposition can be sent in the future to committees that will review the bill.  However, the bill has not yet been assigned to any committees.


Download the PDF file .



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ACSOL is very concerned that this bill could be the first of many attempts to prohibit former registrants from obtaining a state license. The timing of this bill is not a coincidence as it was introduced shortly after petitions started to be granted under the Tiered Registry Law. Therefore, we must stop this bill in order to prevent other similar bills from being introduced and passed.

Incredible that a black woman who has risen to the hights of an elected state assembly person would immediately after being elected start discriminating against another minority group. The political love for power has no limits and no shame.

There is no “criminal justice reform” movement in the United States. There is a “make our base happy” movement, which pays lip service to “ban the box” and “restore voting rights” for Democrat minority voters, and a second “make our base happy” movement which punishes men (largely seen as white men, based on Law and Order SVU misconceptions) which punishes sex offenders to appease educated female voters. The Democrat party has no interest in true, sensible criminal justice reform.

I seem unable to email Dr Weber via her ‘contact me’ portal on her website as my address is not within her district.

Does anyone have her email address or can suggest a work around on her portal?


“As currently written, this bill will prohibit every person required to register, including those who requirement to register has been terminated, from being licensed as a physician or a surgeon,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.

The application also includes those no longer on the registry is evidence of not only a vindictive bill, but a bill that is evidence the registry scheme goes beyond its statutory purpose. What of those who have earned the CoR, which gives the benefits of gainful license? Are they denied that benefit as well? Does not this bill conflict with the CoR too?

This bill is beyond retribution and should be evidence the registry is being used as punishment. There is also the registrants who were military with base access that are now denied access.

It appears there is no pathway to becoming an equal citizen once you are on the registry because even if you are removed from the registry, then you are still penalized for ever being on the supposed statutory scheme.

I’ve had to jump through hoops to re-obtain my license. I highly recommend reading CA SB 2138. Read the details. The Dept of Consumer affairs is both very fair and understanding. I had to submit a psych evaluation, obtain a COR, have a clean record, I submitted letters of recommendation, write a letter and take accountability, document how I would avoid making the same mistake, hire an attorney! Ca SB 2138 is clearly for those who are applying for a license 1st time, but the department of consumer affairs is also applying this to those applicants who had their license revoked! So, I suggest reading it in detail. It states tier 2,3 can’t obtain a license ? Read the details. I just met with an admin judge/attorney general for Ca consumer affairs last week. So, I know the details. There was no opposition to my request. So, if you disagree with me, why? And, what do you suggest? Please note that before you (now) even start any type of medical/nursing school, you are required to a live scan?

Your comment is CNN – like. Let’s see if you post this. This bill would prohibit those MD’s who have assaulted/molested patients/clients! I concur

I feel like Akilah Weber, who happens to be a Democrat, as well as a Black person, should be more self-aware about discrimination. Something like about one percent of Black people are labeled as “sex offenders.” Why would Akilah Weber support a line of laws that discriminate and hurt her own people?

Akilah Weber already seems like a crooked and corrupt type of politican.

It’ll probably never get out of the senate public safety committee should it end up there.

Very little needs to be said except for 1 word:


Remember what I said yesterday about the assembly woman from California who is leaving her elected position and hope she has not replaced because armies usually have replacements? Hopefully this person is not her replacement. Bad law is just that, bad law regardless of who presents it.

I am dismayed by the content and tone of many of the comments that have been posted on this thread.

Please, let us stick to the important matters of striving for equal protection under the law and fair treatment for those on the registry. Descending into name calling, character assassination, and ethnic bashing does nothing to advance our purpose. Also, this forum is no place for political comments other than how those actions relate to those on the registry.

Thank you all.

Wow! You all sound like lawyers and your all clearly incorrect! I lost my license as a result of a conviction – not work related! There are murderers (one MD killed his wife), sex offenders – child porn and several who committed offenses against patients who are still practicing! The Ca Medical Board is very strong and it’s very rare when an MD gets their license revoked. Unless any of you work in healthcare, you wouldn’t know! I had to get a 17b/expungement and COR. I had to submit a live scan/clear, psych evaluation and numerous letters of support and documents showing continuing education. The board is now really insuring anyone within the medical community is safe to practice. I don’t want a medical professional who has sexually offended against a patient taking care of me? How many of you just so happens offended the 1st time and got caught????? Not. So, I actually support this. If the offense was something minor; I might understand. Typically the board will put the MD on probation or most MD’s require a female/or 2nd party within the room when doing exams. You all need to get your stories straight. I’m currently in the process of re-taking my boards and none of you can tell me differently. I’ve been there, done this and my offense was out of the hospital. You can argue all you want, but this won’t pass anyways. Best wishes

I sent this message:

As a fellow Democrat and parent, I am disappointed in your part in introducing AB 1636. I strongly recommend you review significant data as it relates to the extremely low recidivism rates for American living on the registry. In fact, murder is the only crime which has a lower rate of recidivism. Couple this with the fact that people integrated in society with employment and social acceptance have nearly zero chance of reoffending. Unfortunately, this bill, should it become law, would serve as a direct catalyze in increasing crime, not the other way around.

I had the CHP come to my parent’s residence and demand mine! while I was incarcerated. They won’t let me reapply post 40 years. We thought we were going the Newsome right direction when they were allowing past Felons to re-apply for FFighers and Cosmetologists(Barbers) licensure. My were also certifications to save lives, not MD and others. But we must fight and NOT let the bill pass, even from SDiego. WRITE, CALL. I thought CDC ‘ R was Rehab not stop all efforts regaining Gangful and worth employment ever again in our trades.

I decided to leave a message on her website even though this bill does not affect me. As Janice mentioned, this could set precedent to all future license bills.

My argument is why is she targeting almost all PFR even ones that have been removed. This really looks so vindictive for her to go after us to punish us further, when we just want to become a productive member of society.

Let’s all work together and be a cohesive unit and tackle these new laws in numbers. Our family members can also become voice multipliers and they can leave messages to her as well.