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FL: OPPAGA 2021 Sex Offender Registration and Monitoring Triennial Review

Source: OPPAGA

Report Summary:

Both federal and Florida law facilitate oversight of sex offenders and predators living in Florida communities, with state agencies and local law enforcement monitoring, registering, verifying, and providing information about sex offenders. Florida is one of 17 states that is substantially compliant with federal sex offender registry requirements. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s (FDLE) sex offender registry lists more than 78,000 offenders and predators, of which, just over 30,000 reside in Florida communities, a number that has grown 62% since 2005. Approximately 6% of registered sex offenders living in Florida communities are homeless or transient, with rates varying by county and ranging from 0% to over 25%. Sheriffs’ offices reported that homelessness among sex offenders presents challenges to verifying offenders’ locations and determining compliance with residency requirements.

In 2020, FDLE completed a multi-year redesign of the sex offender registry, improving functionality for both law enforcement and public interfaces, including separate mobile applications. While federal law establishes baseline requirements for state laws, registries vary in areas such as sex offender categorization, public availability of offender information, and registration duration. Sheriffs’ offices reported adopting various strategies for registration, address verification, and public notification to meet statutory obligations. Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic, sheriffs’ offices and state agencies reported making modifications to processes in response to statewide office closures and local conditions.

Federal and state laws require sex offenders to report if they are enrolled, volunteering, or employed at institutions of higher education. FDLE, Florida Department of Corrections, Department of Juvenile Justice, sheriffs’ offices, and institutions of higher education have responsibilities regarding campus notification when a sex offender attends, is employed by, or volunteers at such institutions. OPPAGA found that institutions of higher education are taking steps beyond the statutory requirements when sex offenders are present on campuses. However, OPPAGA’s analyses found differences between FDLE and institution records on the presence of sex offenders on campuses.

Download the report


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Let’s face it, we are cash cows supported by billions of taxpayer dollars and no one who benefits from a cash cow wants to get rid of a cash cow and people will lie to defend that cash cow. Jesus preached against the human nature of greed and people willing to lie, steal and murder because of greed.

I read the above and think of all the money that is wasted on completely unnecessary stuff and think how there are so many people benefiting from the sex industry cash cow that they all fight to not only maintain, but to expand. I also think of how the poor and middle class pay more as a percentage of their income to pay for the sex industry cash cow vs the ultra-rich who pay a smaller percentage of their income in taxes to support the sex industry cash cow.

Besides politicians wanting to say they are protecting the children so they can get re-elected where they can personally benefit from lobby money and contributions, the judges who won’t follow the constitution so they can get re-elected or will not follow the constitution as they put their ideology ahead of the constitution so they can keep the taxpayer money rolling into their bank accounts, the stupid can’t think for one’s self public who blindly follow what they are told to believe by those who benefit from the sex offender industry cash cow, the fact the US throughout its history has always needed a group of people to squash their civil rights and dignity, the many “religious” people who act like the Pharisees and think they are without sin and better than others, the low hanging fruit for prosecutors who only care about notches for promotion so they can make more money from the taxpayers pocket, the private for profit prison beds that need to be filled so the owners can line their pocket with taxpayer money, there is also LE who will lie to defend, maintain and even expand the sex industry cash cow so they can justify their jobs paid for by taxpayer money. Don’t forget there is also people who feel they have to show/exercise “power” because they feel inadequate and need to demonstrate they are better than others and who also could care less about others so need the sex industry cash cow to continue. And of course all the above also describes the whole prison industry from A – Z complex.

One of the reasons the US is dumb on crimes because it is a capitalistic society where so many people profit from the crime industry. – anything for the dollar, even if civil rights have to be violated so the almighty dollar can be obtained.

Maybe my registering sheriff should be out trying to stop drug and gang violence and murder vs sitting in the office updating paperwork because I obtained a new email address for work purposes. I think society would better benefit from the former. With the sex offender industry cash cow in place and because of other reasons, I don’t foresee major changes for the better in my lifetime within the US. Do I see some positive changes, yes, but will the golden cash cow be killed, no.

Off my cynical soapbox for now…

How long have you been on this BS? I have since 1997 when I was 18. Hopefully this Hearn vs McCraw get some traction and the state of the have to honor their word or mouth plea agreements. I suppose to be off this registry since 2017.


Good rant on the soapbox. Well said. One add, the politicians, judges, and legal professionals who won’t follow the oath of office they swore to when it comes to the constitution as they go against it.

As I wrote recently here, when legislatures/Congress/courts start cutting out exceptions to the Bill of Rights, when it is blatantly obvious, e.g. ex post facto, then I know the country lost it way (for a long time now and continues to do so). At the same time, when SCOTUS agrees with the principle of a case, i.e. Gundy, but won’t do a thing about it because someone feels it is not the right case, i.e. a person with a sex conviction making the case, to make changes that are obviously in need, then I know the legal standard of the country has lost it way too. Oh to get these folks in a room with a few folks to give a one way lecture on their being lost and errors of their ways, much like a Drill Sergeant would to their charge in the barracks. Sadly, I don’t think it would reach home with them.

I glossed over this report and found it interesting, but really found the homelessness issue rather prevalent and something FLA, IMO, does not care to address in earnest regardless of the data/stats/info. Between John Walsh and the Book(ends), FLA is really letting the heat and humidity cook their brains into a void of rational thinking.

Good points TS. What pisses me off the most is the lack of everyone following the constitution and making constant lies for self-serving reasons and then gullible people believing those lies – but this pertains to way more than the SO issues in today’s environment…I don’t care what the political party, person or issue, follow the constitution and stop promoting self-serving lies.

F-Texas, to answer your question, been on prior to Federal SORNA was adopted and prior to some TX SO statute amendments which were adopted and which of course were all were made retro-active, but less time than you. Hearn does not effect me.

I hope the Hearn case is picked up by the USSC as it blows my mind as it appears to me, the 5th Appeals Court made a ruling in direct opposition to a USSC decision.

If the Hearn decision is allowed to stand, in my opinion, this sets precedence where no Federal Appeals Court is required to abide by a USSC decision. What then will be the purpose of the USSC which is required to exist due to the constitution? The USSC has already allowed a state (TX) to not comply with a prior USSC decision and has allowed the state (TX) to ignore and undermine federal rights. A-hole Texas is behind all of these mentioned instances. Your F-Texas screen name is appropriate.

But I bet the Hearn decision will stand because as TS states/implies, God forbid the court should follow the constitution because following the constitution and USSC precedence will benefit SOs. Lol, I am cynical today…or maybe I am a realist based upon past and more recent USSC decisions?

I think Florida doesn’t want to upset the Applecart of John Walsh, Ron and Lauren Book, and those in bed with them. Florida loves the ole boy system of you rub my back I’ll rub yours and do whatever you want.

Florida is an embarrassment that looks like a _ and it’s government acts like one.

Yea, Big data firms knew ahead of the rest of the people how lucrative the database driven infrastructure was going to be. Many of the old-school financial sharks did not think it would catch on in popularity. They didn’t believe people would participate in their electronic properties at the levels they do. Rupert Murdoch purchased @Myspace for billions and that got the old-school sharks attention and tech start ups began to become profitable. But profits doesn’t necessarily included what’s going on with the various misuses of the database driven infrastructure.
man used app to hire someone to carry out most brutal rape imaginable of Wisconsin woman FBI says

Tim in WI you are exactly right. And yes,it is all about the data base which sounds like a good closing argument. I’m sure Randolph Hurst looked ahead at the data base and knew Patty Hurst was going to prison. That Roe vs Wade was a three strikes your out or that the War Between the states was going to be won by the Northern States. Tim get your mind out of computers for a bit, thank you.
So who’s mind is imprisoned in all of this registry garbage of in an out, or is justice delayed justice denied just a pipe dream of a social science so who’s accountability of thought in theory.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Further, if the law enforcement criminals (LECs) actually were useful professionals who could prevent or solve crimes, then they certainly wouldn’t waste their extreme talents on a bunch of administrative paperwork. After all, the Registry idiocy is all just a bunch of civil regulation. Why are LECs even involved? What a waste of skill, lol.

If these Registry Terrorists (RTs) actually cared about lowering crime, they would farm this administrative work out to low paid civil workers. Or what the heck, if RTs actually believe they are protecting children with their harassment, why wouldn’t they volunteer to do the work? They don’t care about children very much, apparently.

At the very least, the criminal regimes could put the nonsense online and stop killing a tree for paper every time a person Registers. Why are they operating like it is 1985?

Wow, I actually wholehearted agree with Will Allen and never through of what he stated. If the registry will not go away, Will Allen has great points. It is nice to hear viewpoints, ideas and collect knowledge from everyone.


Filing out paperwork and checking off boxes is extremely hard work with risks: breaking a nail, paper cuts, sore buns, and mind numbing. Besides who wants actually be on the streets protecting the community, when you can be at a desk inside harassing people for forced information.

Since federal and Florida LEA are closely monitoring people on the registry then they are well aware of how many humans they have forced to live in squalid camps under bridges and in empty lots without sanitation. Where are all the human rights groups so quick to condemn the US when it does some volation in another country?

They don’t care how many are people are there by actions they deem “of their own doing”. Paying attention to that would take away from their computers in stings they are doing.

People should petition the UN Human Rights council now that the US has rejoined it to show how the US violates the human rights of its own people in addition to condemn the US when it violates the rights of the others in another country. You want to stir the pot by bringing it to their attention and see the responses the US gives, if any, to the other countries who question US motives when sex offenses are mentioned. The council is controversial to begin with but why not use them as they exist?

Last edited 13 days ago by TS

TS this oppaga law is a bit new to me and others with this accountability issue. So keeping track of the good, bad and the ugly of society with this sex registry can seem in many ways a gap in constitutional justice. Talk about error’s in governmental monitoring or guidance. While their is good and bad in monitoring, human behavior seems like a keeping up with the Jones’s today, so Is government behaving badly? or is this computer being used to or as a spy type enticement or preventive weapon in this vain way..

Talk about a marital affair gone wrong or where is the accountability when The bill of rights is being alternated or usurped in many ways or was the continental congress just a history lesson story. One hates to say this but authorities are just as guilty for even allowing this sexual type of ruse or even the printing of material.

Because I am not a creative person, I usually am slow at understanding the points Saddles makes. Saddles possesses a talent I don’t have – thinking and writing creatively.

But I sure understood the post with my first reading. This was a great post.

Wait….so of the 78,000 individuals listed on Florida’s Registry, less than 40% actually reside in Florida. So why does Florida continue to clutter their registry with non-Floridians?? How exactly is that keeping Florida’s residents safe…in any way….. whatsoever?? 😡

In 2020, Florida revised it’s Registry…..yet 48,000 non-Florida residents remain on it. Exactly WTF did they revise!!??? 🤬

David, you never know, one of those out of state registered persons might sometime in the future visit Florida and the citizens of Florida need to be aware and on the lookout just in case so they can stay safe.

And for the dead people on the Florida list, you never know if any of them will come back to life like Lazarus in the Bible. So the citizens also need to be aware and on the lookout just in case so they can be safe.

OMG!!! A sex offender zombie apocalypse!!! Run!

SORNA grants are primarily based on the number of registrants a state has and (to a lesser extent) the compliance of those registrants. I would think that would be a good basis for the so-called SMART office to audit Florida’s SORNA grants over the years, if for no other reason to hear FDLE explain how their dead and out-of-state registrants are are compliant with registry reporting requirements and such.

But that will never happen. God forbid a federal office not use the money allocated to it any given year…

People been calling to audit FLA numbers for years on the same premise.

lovewilprevail back in the 60’s to the present date it was much in the news about balancing the budget with congress passing this and that. Yes computers to find out about if the moon was livable and now computers to control people in thought, deed, an/or theory. So who judges thy neighbor in this controversial manor. Yes we on the registry are being abused by much of this unbalance of Justice and government is playing cards on many with this poker deal. Even one of my friends said to me who did you offend or was Hitler killed for a reason. lovewil, its not over until its over or who is accountable.

Now I can even understand more why my Dad hated to go to Charleston, WV about taxes and yes auditing is a part of every CPA. I believe one still uses the term income tax avasion. So who’s invading today in much of this registry with their principals. I will admit their is some good in computers but still truth is still bland in much of this registry. Is this registry one size fits all?

Seems I don’ understand. I am nobody or are we all buffed by some pride. Sure everybody likes justice and truth in government. Guess one can skip school and the truant officer see them in some dime store reading some playboy mag and than instead of taking him back to school to sit down with a counselor, they take him in front of court to be judged. Or that gal that says she was raped says that so and so did this or that. Were is the justice determination. No one can pride themselves or does government pride themselves over in judicial matters.

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