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VA: Professor’s redefinition of pedophilia could help offenders demand rights

Source: 1/1/22

On Nov. 8, Old Dominion sociology and criminology professor Allyn Walker gave an interview in which he asserted the need to destigmatize pedophiles by redefining them as “minor-attracted persons” (MAPs). Walker stated, “We have a tendency to want to categorize people with these attractions as evil or morally corrupt,” and that when people “hear the term ‘pedophile,’ they automatically assume that it means a sex offender, and that isn’t true.”

Shortly after this interview, students at Old Dominion protested over the professor’s attempt to obfuscate the nature of sexual predators. Although the university furloughed Walker, the professor continued to defend his stance while attacking his critics as hostile to academic freedom and misguided by “rightwing media.”

The Walker incident is not a standalone event. In fact, his advocacy for pedophiles highlights the crisis that critical theory poses for higher education, as it attempts to dismantle every social taboo and normalize every form of immoral conduct. 

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This could get interesting as amerika loves to categorize and rename people in a shaming manor so society can ostracize them. I don”t know how a learning institution

is so far right it actually becomes the opposite of what it stands for? When the low educated baby boomers die off the system will change and there will be hope.

Interesting. You blame a group for being low educated that are well past their days of college but the story clearly states it was the students that protested. All this while Boomers are better educated than today’s youth by a long shot

Perhaps some reading comprehension classes at your favorite college?

All academic decisions start at the top and this professor was under “old dominion” scrutiny already. It was easier to remove the professor than explain there stance on this “taboo subject”. Students had nothing to do with this…insiders notes.

@my say

Education does not have to be in an academic environment to be taught. It can be through the school of hard knocks, aka life, and being educated on the info/data/stats of crimes and those involved with them does not take a degree to understand it, if they’ve got an open mind and willingness to educate themselves through reading, listening, and generally considering everything without a bias. People should continually learn through life until they cannot learn anymore.

As it has been said, you can have a college degree and still be an idiot. That applies to any generation.

I can agree with a lot of what you said. However when some asshat starts attacking an entire class of people he sounds a lot like the people he is complaining about. In this case he is attacking a generation because they were successful and now younger people resent them for all they had/have. If we want what they had we have to put in the work. Unions coming back would greatly help the new generations, from unskilled to skilled and even those not in the labor sectors. but they wont vote them in. Point being there are solutions to the issues in the general society but just bashing on a generation wont get it done.

I have the same objection to term “minor attracted person” as I did when I first heard of the controversy. The term “pedophilia” is a clinical term with distinct diagnostic criteria in the DSM-V. Pedophilia denotes a primary sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children. A pedophile is someone who acts on that attraction. The term “minor” is a legal term of art. Conflating the two will cause considerable confusion.

The public already misuses the term pedophile to include a person who finds any late teen attractive. The definition of a minor varies depending upon the laws of a particular jurisdiction. For example, in the federal system 16 is the age of consent so, as the judge in one case said, “she [a 16-year-old] was not a minor for the purpose of that [sexual relations]. However, a person is a “minor” for the purposes of child pornography until he/she turns 18. Does this mean that someone who views explicit photos of a 16-year-old is a pedophile, whereas someone who has sex with that person is not?

The area of sex offense laws is convoluted enough without further blurring definitions. If anything, we need to increase the public’s ability to differentiate between the terms pedophilia, hebephilia, ephebophilia and minor. The first three are clinical diagnostic determinations while the latter pertains to the law. Although he may have been many undesirable things, Jeffrey Epstein was never accused of nor diagnosed with pedophilia. Nonetheless, he is consistently referred to as such.


“A pedophile is someone who acts on that attraction” (to children)

To be perfectly honest, I think that’s the modern social mis-use of the terminology. Contrarily, ‘pedophile’, by raw definition, refers mainly/solely to the mere attraction; regardless of whether it’s being acted on.

The reason people use the term “minors-attracted” is because of the social stigma that comes with the word “pedophile”.

Last edited 18 days ago by AC

Definition of according to Wikipedia – Pedophilia

It references DSM

Last edited 18 days ago by TS

Thank you for the Wiki reference, TS. The term pedophilia has leaked from its original clinical context into the common vernacular, where it has lost its original meaning. It is now merely used as a “dog whistle” to enrage those who metaphorically carry torches and pitchforks. That’s why I argued that the public needs to be educated.

Pedophilia is not a crime. Only acting on those impulses is. It is very much like a priest who has sexual desires but does not act on them. He is still celibate, unless one gets into the thorny theological question of sinning through thoughts (cogitatione). But that is irrelevant to this forum.


You’re welcome @Ed C. Just so you know, it was meant for the masses here to refer to and not you specifically since the meaning has grown as you say and used in the manner you share.

Have to love how society takes something incorrectly and makes it the truth when spoken enough to be believed (as we see all too often in comment sections of articles by those who are ignorant overall when it comes to those who have a sex offense conviction).

Oops, missed the closing quotation mark after [sexual relations].

Interestingly, this particular “news source” has a bunch of videos interviewing Marjorie Taylor Greene, who’s misinformation has been proven. Still, she is allowed to speak of her opinion just like everyone else, right? Oh wait, except for that professor.

Also noted how they pride themselves on being patriotic while simultaneously trampling on the constitutional rights of said professor. Laughable but sad at the same time the point our country has come to.

This article totally missed the point of what the topic was about. The point is, would you rather help someone with an attraction issue before, or after they offend? This professor was advocating for compassionate help before offending takes place, but he was treated like he was advocating for opening a Jeffrey Epstein brothel.

Interestingly, sex offender treatment implements elements of coping methods and strategies that likely align with Walker’s focus, so this should not be viewed as objectionable by even those on the right. But then again, people don’t use their minds before they open up the holes in their faces.

An old dominion school of thought is just a thought to make a news journal. Guess a mother isn’t attracted to their child but a man is more. Sounds a bit hypothetical even for many that are learned scholars induced in these inducement ordeals. But if you do evil that’s the question?.

Sure many can write papers about his or her theories, adventures or achievements or about the registry issues, but when it comes down to true justice is all the paperwork covered up with truth and honesty. Sure I’ve been on probation and sure we are all guilty of something even with much of this vain registry issue..
This registry is interesting for everyone but true justice will come out in much of this type of railroad /plea bargain justice. I hope many are not lost in limbo over this registry as true justice does and should still have value.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x