PA: Rep. Matzie introduces bill that would require Megan’s Law guidelines for nursing homes

Source: 3/9/22

HARRISBURG — State Rep. Robert Matzie, D-16, Harmony Township, recently introduced a bill that would establish care and reporting requirements in nursing homes, through Megan’s Law.

“Right now, when a registered sexual offender is admitted to a Pennsylvania nursing home, the home is not required to disclose this to other residents or staff – or to develop any special plans to ensure their safety,” he said. “The situation has resulted in attacks on residents, and the threat will only grow as thousands of registered sex offenders continue aging and require medical care.

Matzie added, “My bill would put essential protections in place by requiring all Pennsylvania nursing homes to check the sex offender registry before admitting a new resident;

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Attention all PA residents: Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up! Do your research on this bill using or the PA website. Call your state reps. Write those letters. If not, you may have a nightmare future when you need to be in a nursing facility and wonder why you didn’t fight.

Not in PA? It is predictable that registrant hate bills like this are coming to YOUR state someday. Click the Resources menu at the top of this page, then How To Search For Bills.

where is the proof that such a stupid law is even needed ? whats next a registry for dolphin’s ? I will say this they should think twice about these laws when dealing with folks on their last leg in life , they are begging to create a bigger issue , some places don’t even want PFRs buried in the sames resting places , thats why I am looking into being mulched because I want to help the earth grow trees , no one ever need take me to a home , just a ride out to the mountains, I don’t need those people CARE people , because each year that goes by the CARE gets worse , the ones I go to hate me and and know I am a PFR , so it really sucks when I have to go to the Doctor and they always turn a one day issue into many days , something needs to be done about how the doctors and nurses treat PFRs , they have signs all over that say no recording devices so you can’t catch them at what they are saying and doing , they push your buttons so much that when you complain they make it sound as if your a trouble maker , they have got away with this far to long , if you disagree with them at all they jump acting like you need a psych as they stand outside your door profiling you , I take someone with me every time and they have tried to separate us in different rooms and we both say noway , but this is an issue in cali , all of the attorneys for medial are in another town , strange being the size of the city I live in , but what would I even tell them ? I should have brought this up along time ago here , are others feeling this ?

Ah, election year, what do all the low IQ, uninspired, dim-witted politicians do who have been liiving free off the tax payer and really have nothing to offer or contribute to the communities they represent, but they desperatly want to keep their high paying, low production job? Simple, stand on the roof top and scream Sex Offender and point the finger. That is guaranteed to garner enough votes for the year so they can go back to gifting from the bottomless tax base while doing nothing but gloating for another couple years.

Nursing home residents are for those who are either physically or mentally unable to eat and bathe themselves. Such individuals are no physical threat to anyone – the worst they could do is hurt someone’s feelings. The truth is that any sex crimes committed in nursing homes were committed by staff members, not other residents. And those staff members were not registered when those offenses occurred.

IF a nursing home resident commits a sexual assault on anyone (a very rare event, if it has ever happened), no special plan is needed. Call the cops and put him/her through the ringer of the “justice” system.

Why not just propose a law that no nursing home may accept sex offender registrants? Or add nursing homes to the list of residence restrictions? That’s the inevitable result (if not the point) of the bill, no matter how Matzie tries to dress it up.

Call this what it is – frivolous pandering by a politician who is either obscure and wants to make a name for himself or has a dirty secret or two that he’s trying to bury.

the only stories that i have read are stories about the the abuse towards elders by care givers and yes some molestations by care givers, i really do not think that an old dried up prune male is the problem , do you think… FU PA

Last edited 1 year ago by bruce w

i don’t know is me or what! it seems it always demarcates that come up with crazy bills towards registrants

Last edited 1 year ago by bruce w

It is an election year and it’s coming to the end of most state legislative sessions as well so the crazy bills could just keep on coming I would imagine.

As someone that has worked in a care facility, I can assure you that sex offenses go on daily by residents. In the memory care units we would find residents having sex on an ongoing basis. Others would masturbate in the hallways. These were not registrants, just residents with severe cognitive decline.
‘this bill is going to do nothing to address the issues that his representative thinks are a problem. As usual.

PA is not the only state thinking on these lines, CT is also: Nursing home background-check bill sees strong opposition