White House defends Jackson against GOP attacks on sex offense sentencing

Source: miamiherald.com 3/17/22

The White House sought Thursday to combat a sharp attack against President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee by the same Republican senator who led the unsuccessful effort in the Senate to overturn Biden’s election.

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., posted a lengthy Twitter thread Wednesday evening that portrayed federal appeals Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as taking a soft approach on child pornography cases during her tenure as a federal district judge from 2013 to 2021.

The White House initially declined to comment on Hawley’s Twitter attack Wednesday evening, but by Thursday afternoon White House press secretary Jen Psaki attacked the Missouri Republican by name for making what she called “faulty accusations” about Jackson’s record.

“Attempts to smear and discredit her history and her work are not borne out in fact,” Psaki said Thursday in response to Hawley’s attack.

Psaki said that in “in the vast majority of cases involving child sex crimes the sentences Judge Jackson imposed were consistent with or above what the government or U.S. Probation recommended.”

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It is interesting to watch the political posturing of elected officials on issues directly affecting our community. It is possible that a benefit could flow from this posturing if this nominee is ultimately confirmed by the Senate. For example, if the U.S. Supreme Court grants review of a case that could overturn Smith v. Doe, a new justice with an open mind could tip the balance in our favor. No certainty there. We need to be patient and listen to what the elected officials say and how it is received by the public.

Every elected Senator should be reminded that they took an oath of office to defend and protect the Constitution, not their respective political party or their respective political position (re-election run this year or not). In that course are positions which are viewed unfavorably but still are Constitutional and, thus, required.

This is why calls to them from across the country are needed since there are those who are on the judiciary committee which represents the American citizen, not just their states. If she passes committee voting successfully, then call your elected official to pass her in the entire Senate. This is not a vote just for the person, but the Constitution overall.

Interesting.. GOP would prefer we appoint sex offenders who were never held accountable for their actions ( Thomas and Kavanaugh) to the bench and then block a judge who takes a rational approach to sex offender laws in this country. GOP acting as the typical hypocrites they are .

This is the same court that said native Americans have no title to the land because they were not Christian in 1823 but it is the same politics that run . We need to learn if you judge someone you don’t give yourself time to love them . It’s time to stop this madness.

I’m Caucasian but I’m from a minority area and I can tell you that this is a racist system from top to bottom there are probably three times as many blacks registered than white hopefully with a black supreme Court Justice where will be a voice for a real justice for all system.

Just as predicted by some here on this blog here. I am however, very disappointed in the position of Mr. Hawley R-MO, as he knows damn well the election of The Don was very much an indictment of the ENTIRE political class, and especially both parties dereliction of duty to uphold limits on government power. BOTH parties engaged in the use of plain on it’s face ex post language in law upon crimes. Judges who were indeed appointed by the two derelict parties were in fact the very ones who chose to uphold those prohibbited statutory schemes utilizing the government database. There is regulating the violent human, but there is regulating the database too that must be considered in defense of plain liberty. Some few demand unfettered application and use for there own personal gain. How could facial recognition tech even operate without the electronic database? It couldn’t at all. Same goes for residential restrictions!

Hawley is nothing, if not a grandstanding opportunist. I suspect he gets privately laughed or scoffed at even within his caucus. He certainly should!

The general pop is not racist or bigots, at least it is not a major issue for sure now days, that is a red herring and always has been for the most part, it wasn’t and isn’t because of race that certain races have been used and treated the way they have, it is because they did not posses the wealth, power or corrupt mindset and were easily used for those with power to gain more. It is the same old crap that started before civilization even kicked off. Inequality by wealth, which is power over others. It has always been and always will be the ruling class, which means the upper end of the middle class and above. Started with tribal leaders and those believed to be connected to the gods, then comes the kings, lords and barons, now it is the dictators and the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the so called free world, and the upper middle class and above, all torturing, robbing and keeping you down every way possible. Plain and simple, if you have wealth you have power. Only way to ever move up is to learn their ways and use those against them in every way. Sooner people wake up and stop believing what these truly evil and inhumane people are saying is BS, and see what I just outlined, before anything can happen. Do it through the courts like I am doing and if anything cost them every penny you can, get every penny you can from them in any way and and never believe a damn word from these draconian professionally lying monsters that would rather have you tortured in the worst possible ways literally except that they need you for your indentured servitude to live their lifestyles and for their enjoyment in seeing you suffer in every possible way.
What is really sad besides all that, is that at least the FKing dictators own what they are and do not lie much because they do not need to, and the free world and NATO better realize these ruthless killers do what they say they’re going to do when it comes to how they rule and protect their personal interest, which is their personal power and lifestyle, AT ALL COST. Peace……

I am watching some of the confirmation hearings and reading the comments that viewers write in, It is frightening how pretty much across the board the average person does not know the difference between viewing CP on the computer, manufacturing CP, distributing it, and actual hands on violent offenses of children. When it is cited that she sentenced numerous cases of CP viewers below the guidelines, the board blows up with how could Biden appoint someone who supports child molesters, and other statements that have absolutely no relevance to the case, but they don’t know that. The general public has been so indoctrinated with the fear mongering that they don’t know the difference, and they certainly don’t know the data.

Barring Jackson’s questionable interpretation of the Constitution on 80% of her rulings, this is the absolute WORST TIME to be bringing out the past rulings with regard to sex offender sentencing and rulings. The fact that this is being politicized in a hyper-partisan manner will only set back any RATIONAL discussion on sex offender policies, and only HARDEN illogical positions that need to be brought to the light of an actual policy discussion.

The ironic part is that Jackson’s confirmation is all but sealed as at least 10 Republicans have indicated that they will confirm her, the problem NOW is that with logical sex offender arguments that are presented–sex offender registration issues, civil commitment issues, and even sentencing issues–will now be rendered IMPOSSIBLE to discuss, and will most probably CEMENT civil commitment, as well as render the sex offender registration process all but impossible to reform.

Neil Gorsuch had been the one justice who I had hoped would inject reason into the mix, as he is the most libertarian justice on the course; hence, the most Constitutionally-adherent. As someone who looks at the entirety of both political and judicial issues with regard to sex offender registration and civil laws, I can say that his input will now be rendered useless with the current climate now being perpetrated.

This is probably the worst event since the actual Smith v. Doe ruling to happen, and I do not have any hope that we will ever see relief.

SCOTUS nominee Jackson rejects GOP claims that she gave light sentences to child porn offenders

Interestingly, in the article here, she goes into the sentencing calculus she does. A Judge who still thinks on the bench even with guidance from Congress. How refreshing.

I have to also disagree with @Eric Knight here on his thinking. Now is a good time to think of such things because at the rate things are going with sentencing, burning at the stake and high noon hangings will be in short order in the law to do with too much emotion driving it and not any rationality of thought done in the process. No where in law school does one have to kiss up to those in the political establishment with their student papers when they should be bold enough to question the reality of what happens in legal arenas.

To those Senators who are grandstanding on their soapboxes in the new town square of the internet via their dais in WDC, no one legal professional is going to be 100% in your lane of life as opinions are rendered you will like and not like. However, you should appreciate they at least took the time and effort to consider legally what they felt they needed to do and not just do a coliseum seat thumbs down and off to the lion they went.

Last edited 2 years ago by TS

Wow, I’ve learned a lot from listening to this Supreme Court nomination hearing.

Did you know that you can just click one button on your computer screen and tens of thousands of illegal images will instantly be downloaded to your computer? I had no idea!

I wonder where these senators and judges learned these things…