Path to Freedom

Please post comments here regarding the path you or your loved one took that you hope is leading to, or has already led to, freedom from the registry.  Comments could include information regarding the petitioning process in California or any other process in any other state.  Sharing this information with others could help them achieve freedom, too.


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For anyone who has been removed from the CA registry, you can expedite your removal from the CA Megan’s Law website as well as receipt of a letter from the CA Dept. of Justice confirming your removal by sending a copy of the court’s order to the CA Dept. of Justice using the following email: Be specific in your request, that is, tell the agency you want to be removed from the website and/or you want a letter from the agency confirming that you are no longer required to register.

For those who have been removed from their state registry, it is recommended that you notify the federal Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) that you are no longer required to register in that state. Send an email to According to communications from DHS, a person who is no longer required to register in any state is no longer required to have a “unique identifier” added to their passport and is no longer required to provide notice of at least 21 days for overseas travel.

Today a judge in El Dorado County granted a petition for a person convicted of a Tier 2 offense more than 25 years ago. Congratulations to #68 who is no longer required to register in CA.

A judge in Orange County has granted the petition of an individual who was assigned to Tier 2 without a hearing. Therefore, he is no longer required to register in CA. Congratulations, #69! I think the newly decided case, People v. Thai, may have helped the judge grant this petition and I believe many more petitions will be granted in EVERY county until and unless that case is challenged by the District Attorneys and possibly overturned by the CA Supreme Courts. That means it is a good idea to file your petition NOW if you are eligible.

Today a judge in Yolo county granted the petition of a person required to register who had been assigned to Tier 2. Although the DA initially objected to this petition, the DA withdrew that objection after we filed a supplemental brief describing the recent appellate decision, People v. Thai. During today’s hearing, the judge thought it was important to state in the record that he had read that case before he made his decision. Congratulations to #70!

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A judge in Riverside Superior Court has granted the petition of a registrant convicted of a Tier 2 offense. The DA did not object to his petition and therefore no hearing was conducted. Congratulations to #71!

On May 5, 2023 I had my petition granted by a Judge in Pomona CA. I was not required to attend court. I was a Tier 2 and worked with LA County Public Defender Post Conviction Division.
I was not notified until May 30 and within a few days by name was removed from WEBSITE an next is to get a Passport without the MARK
Thanks to all on here for information and support

Hello. I am in search of the help to get off the registry. and if possible, having my record expunged. My wife found this site a few years ago and found a fantastic amount of resources and knowledge. I know this is a leap of faith for me; But at this point, that is all I have, my faith. I was arrested in October 2019. And released in May of 2020. I pleaded guilty to a deal that wish I didn’t plea to. But being ignorant to the whole situation, I was backed into a corner, and out of fear, I felt forced to plead guilty, when deep down, I knew I was not guilty of the charges. And to this day, I am more sure of it now. I won’t drag this out for too long, but I know there is someone that can help me. That is all I’m looking for help. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hopefully one day, I can have a testimony of getting off the registry as well and getting my life back on track with my wife and daughter. Thanks again.

Another person required to register has escaped to freedom! I filed his petition in Los Angeles county in late January, and after only four months, his petition was granted. There was no hearing despite the fact that he was assigned to Tier 2. Congratulations to #72!

Many thanks to Janice! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Happy to be #72 and finally free!

I am happy to report that I have helped two more individuals required to register escape to freedom. One of those individuals lives in Sacramento and the other in El Dorado county. In the Sacramento case, the DA did not object to the petition and the court granted the petition 3 days later. In the El Dorado county case, the DA initially objected to the petition, but withdrew the objection at today’s hearing. Congratulations to both client #73 and client #74! You are free at last from the requirement to register in California.

I just listened to the 6/24/23 recording, but I did not hear ANYTHING about someone with a 1203.4 expungement being put into Tier 3, the highest Tier. A 1203.4 vacates the conviction, and not every offense qualifies for a 1203.4. So, obviously the person with a 1203.4 is not considered a risk and received probation and/ or jail and is considered low or no risk. It was also mentioned that if one is to petition for removal, the DA has to prove that that person poses a risk to the public. How come a person with a 1203.4 does not have the same chance? One can not be rehabilitated via 1203.4 and at the same time pose the highest risk and is put on Tier 3. Why is that never brought up? It is absolutely ridiculous. Especially if that person was never publicly listed prior to the new law, and has been offense free for 10 years. With the new law and without due process, they are placed on the public website as a high risk person, where there technically is no longer a conviction at all due to the 1203.4. Is that not separation of powers at its best? ACSOL needs to make this right.

Without much confidence I’m ready to file a lawsuit against the 2 corrupt branches – judicial & executive – in Michigan that refers to other filings wherein I declared under penalty of perjury that the wayward officials kidnapped, assaulted , extorted and defame me and thousands of similarly situated victims — these officials never disagreed nor did Fed judge Thomas Ludington back on 2011 while suing a very harmful court appointed fake defense attorney — he chickened out and claimed Heck v Humphrey applied so its on eternal hold.
The communist system is rigged against the laws and constitutions but I’m diving in anyhow. Kyle Rittenhouse level financial demands plus it qualifies as a Class Action.
Imagine Judicial and Executive branch officials owing billions to thousands.
Gee Wally, is there a judge who isn’t owned by those branches?
Gosh Beav ya still gotta’ believe human beings can be found in the Fed courts somewhere and hope to land one.
Golly Ward, there is hope even for Eddie Haskell .
Say June, you’re right ! ( break for Ovaltine commercial and Slinky too )
Is America gone? Constitution dead?
Stay tuned.
Oh…anybody arrested in sting ops in Michigan where NO VICTIM EXISTS you were scammed by corrupt officials and hopefully the Fed judge does the class action.
No lawyers will take this so far.
They are afraid of the State corrupt AG.
Governors deny pardons for no legal reason. It appears impossible to untie and remove the gag from Lady Justice but I’M GOING IN!! PRAY FOR ME !!😉

Follow up : Received a letter from CA DOJ confirming my removal from the CA Sex Offender Registry and that all LEO have been notified
Next step is to get a Passport that is UNMARKED
REACHED THE END OF THE TUNNEL and did not run into a TRAIN
GOOD LUCK to others and THANKS TO ALL on here for support

Frank Lindsay has been relieved of the duty to register. He is client #75 to escape on the path to freedom. I am so damn proud! After 44 years of registration, Frank is a free man.

Still on my path to freedom, I can’t petition till 06/30/24 no disrespect all my people who are forced to register in California but this is the longest 12 months of my

Today a judge in Orange County Superior Court granted the petition of a person required to register who was assigned to Tier 2. The DA’s office objected to the petition but failed to prove he poses a current risk of re-offense as required by the case, People v. Thai. Congratulations to client #76!

I was very fortunate to be removed from California’s Registry last month. (Thank you, Janice! 🎉)
As a bit of on-going celebration, I just got my first tattoo – and I don’t have to report it to the authorities!! 😝😃🤗

Judge Thomas Glazier of Orange County Superior Court today granted the petition of an individual convicted of a misdemeanor offense about 12 years ago. The Orange County DA had objected to his petition although the individual was assigned to Tier 1, the lowest tier, and successfully registered for more than 10 years. It is notable that Judge Glazier made this ruling today because he was the original trial judge in the case, People v. Thai, who denied Mr. Thai’s petition and was later overruled in an appellate court decision. It appears that Judge Glazier learned his lesson in the Thai case and made the right decision today by granting the petition of my client. Congratulations to client #78!

A judge in Ventura County granted the petition of an individual required to register who was assigned to Tier 2, which requires at least 20 years of registration. The DA in this case objected to the petition solely because of the original offense that took place more than 30 years ago. The individual successfully registered for more than 30 years with no failures to appear. Because the DA’s office failed to provide evidence to the court that this individual poses a current risk of re-offense, the judge granted the individual’s petition. Congratulations to client #77!

Congrats to all who have had their duty to register removed in California I wish you well wishes on your future endeavors and nothing but great success. Congrats to Janice for her pursuit of fighting for registrants and their families getting their lives back.

Hi my boyfriend’s ex girlfriend lied about him her daughter was forced to lie about him and he got illegally charged. Without any evidence and coarced to sign a plea deal. He is from Sacramento, CA but got sent to Shasta County and it is the most corrupt county to illegally charge innocent people without any evidence. He didn’t do anything wrong. Can you please help him petition and overturn his conviction? He doesn’t deserve it. We are homeless and need help. Thank you!

Hi everyone. First off, I wanted to say that I am very happy for those who were able to be removed from this horrible registry. With that said, I wanted to re-interate again that I am bit disappointed that ACSOL has not yet addressed the fact that some of us here are worse off since the implementation of the Tiered Registry. I understand that ACSOL can not help everybody on the registry, but I believe that it should be a priority to help those who were better off with the old system. I understand that many will say that with the old law, everyone was on for life, and now many have an off ramp. I am not saying that lifetime was better but I AM saying that being publicly listed for the very first time, when under the old law one was at least not public, is just not right. After not having been deemed a threat for decades, who decides that public disclosure is now warranted to protect the public when there was not a threat previously? And all that without due process. In our case, simply by applying an outdated risk assessment to justify a Tier 3 when the score had not changed in decades. With the same score 10 years ago, my fiancé was not public, and on top of that, his offense was expunged and would have been a Tier 1 if it weren’t for the ridiculous Static 99-R that consists of 10 questions to determine he is High Risk??? Has ACSOL looked at the Static 99R? It should not be the only tool to use. Even Megan’s Law’s website shows the decline in risk after just two years. There has to be a way for the court to realize this. And others who were formerly not publicly listed but now are should also be offered some form of assistance or hope. Nobody was supposed to be thrown under the bus.

Sonoma County Superior Court granted my petition for removal July 5. Was a tier 1 only through timing of conviction. Felony 311.1 and 311.11 but no prison. Successfully reduced from Felony to Misdemeanor on Constitutional grounds then expunged. Filed for removal in Jan or Feb and a judge signed on 7/5. Not represented by the team here but had same team for all work with courts which helped. Sending copy to CA DOJ and emailing DHS as suggested. Thanks for all the support and info.

Success story time!

When I was in 5th grade, I was charged with a serious sex offense. I was shipped off to juvenile detention where I had no idea what was going on. In Washington state, they offered offenders a program called the SSODA program – intensive therapy with reporting to police often. Thing is, I hadn’t hit puberty yet and didn’t know how to answer all of the super intrusive questions they asked me. My answers didn’t seem to fit what they were looking for, so my diversion program was revoked. Off to kiddie prison I went at 12 years old. I was sentenced to 7 to 14 weeks and given 2 years of parole, and dumped into the foster care system. I was housed with other SOs who were also around my age. 3 out of the 10 that I knew ended up dead or back in prison. Odds were against me. The worst part was Washington required me to register. I didn’t really pay much attention to the registration requirements as my case workers handled all of the details for me. That ended up biting me in the ass 5 months after I turned 18. I moved back to be with my family in Florida and registered there; however, I didn’t let Washington know I was leaving. Felony failure to register warrant was issued. I turned myself in and was sentenced to time served while waiting for my court appearance. So here I am, a registered SO now with an adult felony conviction for failure to register.

After I got out of jail, I moved to Delaware and was placed on that registry. So now I was registered in Washington, Florida, and Delaware. The latter of the 2 were pretty hardcore in terms of their registration requirements. I kept getting kicked out of housing, lost a few jobs, and was basically couch surfing with friends for years. I decided to see if I could get any relief. I mean, I was in 5th grade when I committed my crimes. It can’t follow me forever right? Right?!?

Turns out I would qualify for post conviction relief when I was in my 30s. I hired a lawyer who was able to set everything up for me. First step was to remove the requirement to register. Since I was so young, I only needed a 2 year window free of any crimes to qualify, as well as a lie detector test, and psychological evaluation, statements from 2 close friends who were not related, and a statement from myself begging for a chance at life. I received word that my requirement to register was relieved. Next step was to seal my juvenile record. The prosecution office tried their hardest to contest sealing my record. The judge called them out asking if they were contesting this, why didn’t they contest the registration relief. Judge sided with me again – juvenile record is sealed.

This paved the way to get relief from my failure to register charged vacated. Since my charge that required registration no longer “existed”, this made getting this charge vacated rather easy. I got the final court order and cried so hard. While it felt good to have been freed from this, I still had to get myself removed from the infamous Florida and Delaware registries. I walked into the Delaware state police station with all of my orders in my hand and handed them over. A month goes by and I noticed that I’m not on the Delaware registry. Next was Florida. I emailed my paperwork to the FDLE who never responded to me. I was crushed. Until I noticed that I was ALSO removed from the Florida registry.

And that was that. It has been 10 years since I went through this. Still testing the waters with traveling internationally. I have dual citizenship, so I exclusively use my second citizenship when entering countries. My US passport never had the IML marker in it. Best of all I was able to get into the UK using the automated border gates. I was sweating bullets as I scanned it. Took 2 seconds and the gates opened.

If anyone needs assistance in Washington state, I can refer you to my lawyer. He was amazing.

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I am looking to be on my Path to Freedom. I would like to know the steps to make that a reality.I understand it is a process. Are there Attorneys i need to speak to?

A judge in Long Beach has granted the petition of an individual required to register who was assigned to Tier 1. The DA did not object to this petition and there was no hearing held. Congratulations to client #79!