CA: California just showed why a national gun registry must never happen

Source: 6/29/22

While liberals hold up California as their blueprint for the country, the Golden State often proves why no one should consider it as an example. Now, the state has shown why gun registries must never be allowed.

California’s Attorney General’s Office leaked the personal information of Californians who have a concealed carry permit while launching the state’s 2022 Firearms Dashboard Portal. According to the Reload, the leaked information includes “the person’s full name, race, home address, date of birth, and date their permit was issued,” as well as “the type of permit issued, indicating if the permit holder is a member of law enforcement or a judge.”

…some 200,000 concealed carry permit holders had their personal information, including their home addresses, made available for anyone to see.

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Wow, those poor Californians who have a concealed carry permit had personal information disclosed on a public registry?

They must have the misconception that someone on a registry can be hurt.

Thank goodness we fellow registrants can reassure them that none of us has been fired from a job, evicted, threatened with violence, attack, or had anything at all ever done to hurt us.


Maybe if something bad happens to one of them they will have some empathy for us.

Hmm. Probably not.

Just like registering at Costco. We have a right to know where all these potential deadly people are that have guns. I mean gun violence is one of the top child killers in America.

I envision hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of ‘gun enthusiasts’ (not only in California but throughout the nation) who possess ‘carry permits’, preparing their arguments that:

This is both a legal and moral travesty; that the government has NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to publish these ‘personal identifiers’; that such steps are a clear violation of every individual’s constitutionally protected civil rights – eviscerating the right to privacy, personal safety, and the inalienable right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness; that the government is unnecessarily placing not only the gun owner’s personal safety at risk, but that of their family members as well; that their employment may now be placed at risk; that their reputation in the community is being adversely impacted; that they are being held out as ‘different’ from all others, and that such ostracization visits shame upon them. They will also argue that the government has failed to demonstrate that the possession of a weapon/carry permit presents a clear and present danger to the community (serving as the government’s rationale to take such actions). And of course, they will point to the latest U.S. Supreme Court ruling with respect to the 2nd Amendment and the right to openly carry a firearm.

Yeah. We know.

I believe that we (i.e., all organizations and individuals working on behalf of our community) should offer to provide advice and counsel to these newcomers, as we clearly have far more experience in this area than they.

So what’s the big deal? We have our information and a lot more plastered all over the internet for all to see so they can come to our homes, schools, or work to harass or attack and kill us.
Do away with all registries NOW!

Using the same logic (illogic) applied to sex offender registries, this could totally be justified as a civil public safety measure. Wouldn’t it add to community safety if everyone knew who owned a gun in the neighborhood? Parents may not want their children to play with the children in a gun owner’s home. Children have been shot while just playing with a gun. With the spate of school shootings, perhaps registered gun owners should not be allowed to live within 2500 feet of a school. One might be more careful about making crabgrass complaints to an armed neighbor. Police could stop by to confirm that the weapon is being properly stored. If a crime involving a gun occurred, police whould have a place to start their investigation, etc.

Personally, I think California should institute a public website exposing selected personal information about gun owners. If a website was public, then address information could not be leaked. Problem solved. The outrage over such a website might just stimulate a conversation about the effectiveness and harms of sex offender registries.

I say go for it, Golden State!

Attention gun owners! Don’t worry, it’s all done in the legitimate interest of public safety! After all, what are YOU “concerned” about? You do have a firearm to protect your person and family with, correct?

Personal information and home addresses are being disclosed? But, I am sure it says somewhere that this information should not be abused, so what’s the problem (sarcasm intended).

Registrants no longer on paper are free citizens compelled to be on a registry for all to see due to “public safety measures”.

Similarly, gun owner who are free citizens are now also compelled to be on a registry for all to see due to “public safety measures”.

Want bad law to be reversed, then enforce it fully. Registries are not a punishment scheme, just a civil scheme. If gun owners are upset about their civil rights being trampled upon as a free citizen, then why are they not upset it being done to any other free citizen?

The registries came for the registrants and I did not speak up. Now they come for me, the gun owner.


It wasn’t just the California DOJ leaking the database. It happened in multiple states, multiple systems at the same damned time.

This was done ON PURPOSE. This was a deep state operation, likely operated by members of a far left fascist group who identify as an anti-fascist group.

I promise you, we will NEVER hear of anyone being held accountable. This was PLANNED.

I can’t give my name here or I will be targeted.

Good attorney’s need to get together and find this as an opportunity to push to prohibit gun registries and background checks. If there was ever an opportunity, this is it.

Everyone has a right to bare arms, including felons. The government just proved it will dox people and put them in harms way. We’ve known this about the registry for decades. People have been harmed and murdered.

It’s time we get our damned gun rights back but WITHOUT a gun registry involved.

We know (based on a 70s era “Highlights” magazine article) that for every known gun violence victim, there are an average of 110 unreported victims. Some would even say that the level of gun violence in the U.S. is ……
…. “frightening and high”! 😲😳

Last edited 1 year ago by David ⚜️

Welcome new GUN REGISTRANTS to our wonderful world of fear and paranoia! Enjoy all the amenities afforded to us like suspicion, ostracizing, and the best part of all -HATED by your neighbors and communities – just by a cursory glance at the GUN REGISTRY they will know all they want to know about you – regardless of your character and all the good things you have done in your life – because no one cares about that – just what kinda heat you got packing!

Enjoy the fear of your neighbors as they might suspect you go off the deep end and mow everybody around you! Perhaps if you’re really lucky – you might get swatted by local law enforcement by having your door kicked open in the middle of the night!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

I came across a headline for this story in the past couple days and thought to myself “Oh really? That’s not already public information?”. Setting aside concealed carry it would make sense if there was a public database of every owner of a registered firearm in the United States. Maybe not their exact address on the public side, but name, general physical characteristics, occupation, and if it’s a concealed or regular license.

I think this is good. If all the people and politicians and law enforcement now start squawking about dangers of releasing such information to the general public, surely that can then be used against our registry.

It’s not like personal information on a publicly accessible registry or database could ever be harmful or used against that person unfairly, right?
I’m sinking now, trying to find employment…..just got turned down at Walmart of all places, for completely unrelated to the job charges of CP possession. 15ish years later, I’m still paying. Maybe these concealed carry permit holders need to start losing jobs and start having trouble finding new employment due to anti gun positions of perspective employers, for some of these people to realize just how effed up online publicly accessible registries are. CA has all of these nice new rules about employers not being allowed to use criminal pasts for job consideration after enough time has passed…. just not for us….. maybe these other people need to start feeling that struggle?

OK…this is too easy…. but let’s change the words…

CA: California just showed why a sex offender registry must never happen

Seriously. NOW write the story, reporter.

What’s wrong guys?… What, you don’t like that? You think it’s wrong your information was leaked and your privacy VIOLATED?… Just remember, it’s it’s only procedural and you should have no expectations for privacy of that information… At least that’s what the courts keep telling us!
Cry Babies…
Maybe a little of their own medicine might do them some good…