CA: Two More Registrants Gain Freedom When Petitions Granted

Source: ACSOL

Two registrants are no longer required to register today due to petitions granted in two different counties — San Luis Obispo and Stanislaus.  In the San Luis Obispo county case, the registrant was convicted of PC 288(a) and assigned to Tier 2.  Prior to petitioning for removal, he registered for more than 30 years.  In the Stanislaus county case, the registrant was convicted of PC 647.6 and assigned to Tier 1.  Prior to petitioning for removal, he registered for more than 10 years.

“California courts are continuing to grant petitions filed on behalf of registrants,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “We need to spread the word that many registrants are eligible to petition for removal.”

The petitioning process under the Tiered Registry Law began on July 1, 2021.  The process includes an eligibility determination made by law enforcement followed by a decision by the District Attorney in the county where the registrant resides regarding whether or not to object to a petition.  That process can take up to six months after a petition is filed and served.

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Thank you Janice !

Yes, tell another @ your annual, tell another. This IS working, donate a couple bux on PayPal here to help us all leave The Tiered REGISTRY!

Great. Hope this is still available in 2 yrs when I’m eligible. With the decisions the U.S. Supreme Court is handing out like candy to conservatives, our heads are definitely in line on the chopping block. It only takes one whacko to challenge any of the current guidelines and we are sent back to the dark ages faster than you can say ,”Chris Smith is an A-hole!”

I’m curious what the ratio of “granted” to “not-granted” registration petitions is. Do we have any data on this?

Nice to hear , and in my home county at that , even know I can no longer afford to live there . but why is it that Ca was aloud such a breach of our 4th amendment rights to begin with among other breach’s? and still allowing to this day ? No one has seen any proof that the registry has made anyone safer , So why is it anyone would have to petition a court to get off of something that is (Clearly) unconstitutional ? regardless of a stupid tier . been on this over 30 years and not one time was anyone safer . Matter of fact me and my family became in danger due to this registry , so the registry is back wards , It is creating danger for those that have done their time /paper , and as we get older it gets more dangerous , for it gets harder to protect your self as we get older , I have been in fights and been to jail for protecting myself and , my wife has been in threat , just because of this list , you never know when its coming either , you can go a long time and every thing and be smooth then strangers show up and your in danger , real stranger danger , everything from informer showing up and stirring things up at home , to out right punks trying to make a name for them self ! The registry is strait up punishment ! so while I am truly glad to see people get off this registry , I am left with how is the registry even legal with even basic understanding of the constitution ? and human rights , where did depivation of rights 18 US code 242 go ?

Inapplicable to federal convictions?

Petitioned to get off registry way back in early December. Haven’t heard anything. Emailed the public defender handling this several times and have had no response. I sent him all the proper paperwork early too and he verified he got them. Called their office recently and got no answer. Guess I’m at the mercy of when they have the time to do it. I’m tier 2 by the way. Was verified tier 2 by my local police station. Looks like I’m going to have to prepare to register another year as my birthday is in a few months. Funny…I was told it would take 3-4 months tops.

Last edited 1 year ago by Rob

Things are not going great in Fresno County, at least according to the Public Defender. It is my understanding that the District Attorney in Fresno is objecting to every petition and requesting a hearing. I also heard that the one judge that is assigned is holding these hearings and he is denying all petitions and requiring you to still register for a minimum of at least 2 more years. Apparently they are saying that public safety would be compromised if they allow people off the registry.

🎉🎊 Congratulations!! 😃🤗
Registrants no more! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I want to give a big Shout Out to Janice. Thank you for all you do.

I am another success story of Janice’s. I am from Ventura Co. Although I was initially told that the Ventura Public Defender’s Office was handling many of these petitions, I needed to do my own homework. I initially contacted a few criminal defense lawyers, some of whom I actually had to explain to them SB384. I stumbled upon the ACSOL site, and contacted Janice for a referral to a local attorney. To my surprise she worked most of California. Long story short, we filed in February and in 3 months and one day, I received my formal letter from the DOJ stating that I was officially off California Sex Registration!!! Thank you ACSOL.

My conviction was 21 years ago in San Diego California. We-me, my wife & son,- tried to add me to the rental lease. I was disqualified because of criminal history PC 290. Is there any legal recourse. I’ve been homeless for a year and a half & I left them in the apartment so they can have at least a place to live till this is all sorted out. Any legal help would be appreciated.

Does anyone know if they are granted relief from registering without even putting in an Petition? I am no long on the Megans law and I never even submitted one.

HI ..Question I am working with LA Public Defenders Post Conviction group to get off the Registry and Megan. I have a Cert of Rehab and feel confident from the person helping me WHAT is the list of time from the submission of the petition until awarded and things improve? I am Tier 2 and it has been 20 years for 664/288(a).
Thanks for any feedback

I know the ACSOL people are too busy doing God’s work to keep track of everybody throughout the state, but stories like this make it sound like there’s only one or two registrants a month throughout the whole state that are fortunate enough to be released from registration through this process.

But here in Orange County I was told over a month ago, by the Deputy Public Defender who handles these things for that office, that they have had ~20 people released from registration since Inception of this program.

Here’s a good information crowdfunding project for everybody:

Call the public defender’s office in the county in which you are registered and ask them how many people they have helped get off the registry so far.

Also ask them what the tone of the District Attorney’s office has been related to the process.

For example, I was told by that Orange County DPD that the Orange County DA’s office is NOT objecting (and therefore going to a hearing) to about 90% of the Tier 1’s and for the Tier 2’s it’s about 50/50.
And in either case it doesn’t seem like they were particularly slow walking the paperwork.

Then once you have that information you can send it to ACSOL and they can collate it.

And MAYBE the next article can report that more than 500, or even 1,000, people have been released throughout the state since the program’s Inception

I think its totally wrong that Im not able to get off the registry cause of a deliberate abuse of authority I’ve complained for over 40 years of my innocents and YES I’m aware of all of them who say their innocents… I have proof in my transcripts.. I’ve writing to the governor ( Gorge Dukmajain) and they even did a three part. Report exposing the corrupt DA’s .. While others inmates who could afford attorneys got cleared of their crimes I have not been able too. Now because in part of their actions Showing 2 convictions INSTED OF ONE on my abstract of judgement I’m not afforded that opportunity to get off the registry under the new provision Im a level three. But still no risk assessment. So the PD won’t file since the DA will abject to it .. The courts not the DA are the ones who decide again abuse of power…not even the ACSOL WILL HELP ME !!

For those whose cases are in LA County, the downtown LA public defender’s office no longer handles registry relief. The following is the info for paralegal at the public defender’s office you want to contact. I’m told that Tawny rarely picks up or returns phone calls and that it’s best to email her:

Tawny Rucker
(310) 534-6230

I am pleased to report that there is one less person required to register as of this morning. Today a judge in Contra Costa county granted his petition after the DA’s office did not object to his petition. This person was convicted of a Tier 2 offense (PC 288(a)) more than 20 years ago and had no subsequent felony convictions.