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ACSOL Conference Oct 1, 2022 

Janice's Journal

Janice’s Journal: A Difficult Decision

The vigil planned for Washington, D.C., in March 2023 was my idea.  My idea was a vigil that would take place near the date of the 20th anniversary of a terrible mistake made by the U.S. Supreme Court. 

A mistake that has led to significant harm experienced by at least one million families.  A mistake that had led to unemployment, homelessness, vigilante violence and even suicide.

The purpose of the vigil was to educate the U.S. Supreme Court and the public regarding the tragedies that have flowed from this decision.  The vigil was to take place on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Three organizations approved the initial plans for the vigil more than eight months ago.  And since that time, members of those organizations have worked tirelessly in support of the vigil. 

What the organizations did not plan for, nor could have imagined, was the tremendous change in the political environment within the nation’s capital.  Those changes included barricades being erected on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court and the closing of public streets nearby.  Those changes also included a U.S. Supreme Court decision that, in essence, allows individuals to carry concealed firearms.

And during this period of time, Congressional hearings regarding the events of January 6, 2021, have revealed the presence of individuals armed with pistols and rifles on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol. Some of those individuals had concealed weapons.  Some of those individuals hid in trees.

In addition, the number of incidents involving harm to registrants continues to grow nationwide.  The most recent example is the murder of a registrant in Colorado who died of multiple gunshot wounds.  And discussions regarding “hunting for pedophiles” on social media sites, including TikTok, are increasing.  One of those discussions included a photo of a man’s jacket with the label “pedophile hunter” and a rifle sewn onto it.

Given these conditions, I no longer believe it is safe to conduct a vigil in Washington, D.C.  I no longer believe it is safe for individuals required to register or their families to gather at or near the U.S. Supreme Court.  That is why with a heavy heart I have made the difficult and personal decision not to conduct or participate in the planned vigil. 

Because I am an optimist, I believe we will find another way to educate the U.S. Supreme Court and the public regarding the terrible mistake made by that court on March 5, 2003.  I believe that society can and will understand that the requirement to register as a sex offender is not the same as, or even similar to, applying for membership at Price Club.

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Yes, Janice, l agree. Even my name on my cell phone I.D. stops me from buying/selling, engageing in normal business practices, and prevents me from making new friends or acquaintances. Thank God l have my church to help me!


I appreciate your courage to speak your truth, even though it might not be what some want to hear, and your leadership as you continue to guide registrants and their families. This is a difficult decision, and given the political climate, a wise one. Bless you for all the work you do on our behalf. It is a lone road out there. Those without privilege and the protection of public office will become the scapegoat for those who want to believe action is necessary to curtail the abuse of children. We must be careful.


Don’t forget about the Kyle Rittenhouse situation He’s Practically a celebrity now, imagine if he would’ve killed a Registrant shiit,he would’ve been a hero.
In California,we only have one Person carrying the torch right now, until Another person is willing to steps up and carry the torch then fall back and respect one’s decisions because obviously as an attorney she might know a little bit more information on the situation than we do.

stay focused

In the current spirit of the times there is very little chance of influencing SCOTUS or our current political elite. Hate, punishment, hypocrisy are the zeitgeist of this generation. That said we have to try, nothing will change for the better if we don’t. Honestly, I don’t think that we can adopt the same tactics as others, we can make changes if we stick together and Janice has been and is one of the best champions of our cause. Let’s find other ways of getting the facts to the widest audience possible.

I respect Janice’s decision. She and this organization have accomplished so much, especially here in California. If you are upset with her decision, you are free to organize your own vigil or protest in front of the court. Nobody is stopping you.

“What It Was Like at the First Gay Rights Demonstration Outside the White House 50 Years Ago” [Note: now fifty-seven years ago] Among the marchers was gay rights pioneer, Frank Kameny, whom I once met. I consider this march to be more directly pertinent to our eventual march than MLK’s march on Washington. Our struggle is more closely akin to that of gays and lesbians and, indeed, includes many of us who are gay.

Here is a fantastic documentary “Before Stonewall,” cued at a particular point where interviewees discuss the importance of “non-violent confrontation” as having been critical to the gay rights movement. This includes Frank Kameny discussing and showing the biggest picket so far at that time, the 1965 picket in front of the White House (not the first such picket there). This is a must-see for us showing just how it’s done. You may want to then back up and watch the whole documentary. It’s quite good and extremely pertinent to our movement. I personally knew a number of the subjects, including Allen Ginsberg, Harry Hay, Jim Kepner, Frank Kameny and Jose Sarria. They were key to my own emerging identity in the 1970s and 80s and both Allen and Harry offered me wise counsel which I failed to heed, to my very great detriment.

Janice, you also overlooked the widely televised Jackson SCOTUS confirmation “hearings” earlier this year, which – and I’m being blunt – did absolutely nothing but propagate hate, outrage and animosity towards those forced to register. It was all the Josh Hawley show with his “grave concerns” over Jackson’s sentencing history – which was absolutely cherry pick to stoke outrage and controversy. I personally feel that is what they want, the hate and finger-pointing at those with a sex conviction to remain in the public’s eye to benefit THEM.

Hey, hey hey people, lets get back on topic and try not to wavor off topic. ..Thank you. Whether one is a demo..republician or not the goal is about the conference. Now these IQ’s that many talk about on here like their some road scholar or Princeton elite are nothing. God has more IQ than any man or woman alive and its all written down in the bible..
 I know you fellows and some of you ladies don’t want to hear this but did you ever wake up in a cold sweat, not even knowing where to turn. Seems like all of you want to justify yourselves or come to the least resistance or common denomator. You can’t and I cann’t. Prayer is the key, Faith unlock the door. Talk about Prohibition laws or motivation speakers or even inspiration speakers So how do many cope today. By your own faith or some guru slang today.

Furthermore whether that conference is in D.C. or your own home state can make a difference and yes you can make a difference in this understanding of truth. or do motivation speakers just sing to a son of a preacher man.Remember Dusty Springfield days are long gone!

Janice, I support this decision. I agree it is too dangerous given the climate of the Nation today.

However, a public display of protest has educational value. Perhaps a change if venue? Perhaps to SCoCA?

The more read, the more I think the next judicial course of action is through State Courts. Obviously the decision in PA is a major factor in that thought. Also, Professor Carpenter’s wonderful work with, “Panicked Legislation” seems to point to State Courts.

Let’s educate them instead?

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