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Janice's Journal

Janice’s Journal: A Difficult Decision

The vigil planned for Washington, D.C., in March 2023 was my idea.  My idea was a vigil that would take place near the date of the 20th anniversary of a terrible mistake made by the U.S. Supreme Court. 

A mistake that has led to significant harm experienced by at least one million families.  A mistake that had led to unemployment, homelessness, vigilante violence and even suicide.

The purpose of the vigil was to educate the U.S. Supreme Court and the public regarding the tragedies that have flowed from this decision.  The vigil was to take place on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Three organizations approved the initial plans for the vigil more than eight months ago.  And since that time, members of those organizations have worked tirelessly in support of the vigil. 

What the organizations did not plan for, nor could have imagined, was the tremendous change in the political environment within the nation’s capital.  Those changes included barricades being erected on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court and the closing of public streets nearby.  Those changes also included a U.S. Supreme Court decision that, in essence, allows individuals to carry concealed firearms.

And during this period of time, Congressional hearings regarding the events of January 6, 2021, have revealed the presence of individuals armed with pistols and rifles on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol. Some of those individuals had concealed weapons.  Some of those individuals hid in trees.

In addition, the number of incidents involving harm to registrants continues to grow nationwide.  The most recent example is the murder of a registrant in Colorado who died of multiple gunshot wounds.  And discussions regarding “hunting for pedophiles” on social media sites, including TikTok, are increasing.  One of those discussions included a photo of a man’s jacket with the label “pedophile hunter” and a rifle sewn onto it.

Given these conditions, I no longer believe it is safe to conduct a vigil in Washington, D.C.  I no longer believe it is safe for individuals required to register or their families to gather at or near the U.S. Supreme Court.  That is why with a heavy heart I have made the difficult and personal decision not to conduct or participate in the planned vigil. 

Because I am an optimist, I believe we will find another way to educate the U.S. Supreme Court and the public regarding the terrible mistake made by that court on March 5, 2003.  I believe that society can and will understand that the requirement to register as a sex offender is not the same as, or even similar to, applying for membership at Price Club.

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Cowardice is what keeps us in the place society wants us, with our heads hung low and too afraid to speak up.

Today, ACSOL posted a registrant murdered by a vigilante but was the registrant protesting?

There have been a handful of public events by various folks opposing the registry and nothing bad happened.

Yet, from day one all I heard was cowardice from many who populate this network or registry reform groups. Every conceivable excuse NOT to protest was posted not just on this board, but across the board.

I think this entire movement needs to reconsider what purpose it even serves going forward. What can the actual registrants do to truly help others? Regular registrants gave no role in lawsuits other than have attorneys talk for them. But that is not activism.

Are we trying to help registrants by offering resources like housing leads? Do we offer support besides a place to complain about these laws?

This is a total breach of trust and I will no longer support ACSOL. All I have read by Janice is show up stand up speak up over and over and now when the time comes it is run away, down and shut up. This organization is in serious need of new leadership. It is sad what it is becoming.

there have been major civil rights movements in this country and none of them have succeeded due to the cowardice that this organization now displays. This is what happens when people are appointed to some board that rank in file has no say over.

ACSOL is happy to ask for and take your money saying it will go towards the fight but yet they don’t want to fight. Are people who donated to this cause going to be refunded?

This whole puppet board should be dissolved. What a joke!

I don’t understand the continued use of the term “educate,” as it applies to this context. It sounds like newspeak for “protest.” “Educate” to me, means to “instruct” or impart knowledge. Or am I missing something?

Janice works her ass off for us, how dare you even say we need new leadership, if you want to start a new organization just do it and see how much good you can do. This whole registration problem is very complex, we need to make sure everything we do is safe and going in a forwarded motion. Please cut everyone some slack here, we are all in this together and with good will we will succeed

I couldn’t make heads or tails out of the laws for each and every state that I would have had to drive through to get there anyway, so I was dead in the water before I even got started.

Probably a good decision Janice. Everyones safety is important and can’t be ignored.

Look, the truth is that with the Supreme Court destroying and going after reproductive rights, womens rights, gay rights, trans rights, voters rights, etc — no one right now gives a crap about sex offenders. We are not even low man on the totem pole – we’re not ON the totem pole. The Best thing ACSOL and all of us can do as a group isnt protest. It’s support those in this community who need Legal Help, Housing, Employment, Mental Health help, and LOW COST help with the Applications to be removed from the registry when we are allowed to do so. THATS what this group should be!! Not a sad bunch of protestors standing outside a bldg. I dont care about a Vigil, i care about getting off this damn registry and living my life. And thats what this group should be helping to facilitate!!

Thank you Janice for this recap. You made the right decision. It’s a heartbreaking situation. Thank you for your tireless efforts.

I’m sure glad Martin Luther King wasn’t so easily put off by the risks involved to those he led. I appreciate Janice’s concern for safety, and her unceasing efforts on our part as well, but the situation we are in is inherently unsafe and needs to change.

I just can’t see how anything will change if we are not willing to stand up to the bullies.

What can we do in place of this to make our voices heard?

Hey Janice Brian here, 10 years old and placed on registration. Supreme Court took me off to refresh your memory. If I can speak about my story to anyone that can help our cause , feel free to contact me or my mother Jennifer. Keep fighting the fight

I respect Janice’s decision. No one works harder than she does to challenge and change these unjust laws. Janice and ACSOL have done a ton of good work on our behalf, and hopefully will continue this work. I’m sure this was a heartbreaking decision. These laws destroy lives, and Janice and ACSOL have been dedicated to overturning them and defending our rights as much as possible. Live to fight another day makes sense to me, and I will continue to support ACSOL and Janice. I hope you all do as well. Janice, you are loved and appreciated by many, many people. -Dave A.

I believe a number of the points for canceling were credible, but not the one related to the Court’s recent 2nd Amendment ruling.

If you’re the type of person that’s going to pull out a handgun, or rifle, and start shooting at the people that would be part of such a protest, you’re not likely to care whether or not you are allowed to carry that handgun concealed. So in that regard the Court’s 2nd Amendment ruling has no effect.

And besides, if you’re a registrant or a family member and you’re not a felon or on probation, you could have your own concealed firearm and shoot back.

But that too is implausible because the effect of the Supreme Court’s ruling is NOT that people can now walk around willy-nilly carrying concealed handguns without certain local regulations coming into play.

But be that as it may, I’m convinced that there is going to be a “red wave” in the November election so the environment in Washington may indeed be less welcoming of such a protest than it would have been otherwise.

But even then, with all the other of what was once considered to be “sexual deviations” now for the most part normalized, the registered sex offender (who as we know are all only violent rapist of women and/or babies) has become THE punching bag they can all still rally against and use as a distraction.

And yes, Criminal as it would be, there could be some crazy guy out there with a firearm willing to go to prison if it means making a name for himself by shooting a “chomo”.

Janices job is to act as a legal representative for us not as a foot soldier. She has expressed concerns regarding safety issues for attendees and their families, as such she has decided not to attend the event she does not have skin in the game.

You are all being hunted, and safety concerns shouldn’t stop any of you from attending the vigil and acting as peaceful protectors. That’s a choice that you all have to make individually,

Respect existence or expect resistance

Last edited 16 days ago by DNBrower

Truly sad indeed.
Fear is what keeps fueling the bigotry, hate and flow of misinformation regarding sex offenders and their unjustified struggles due to these poorly conceived and ill-advised laws.
Without a visible and continuous public sign of support for sex offenders and the continued education of the plight of their families and communities, nothing in the United States will ever change since our politicians are gutless.

I think it was meant to be. I wasn’t too keen on it in the first place. I can only imagine what the headline would have been. For those who were imagining themselves in an a-la Martin Luther King Jr. scenario, I think you would have been sorely disappointed. I think when we, as opposed to our allies, like Janice for example, try to win our case in the media or by doing something public, it does more harm than good. Yet whenever Janice is on the TV or in the newspaper speaking on our behalf it’s always a win. But I’m from Florida, so I realize my perspective can be completely different than you guys kicking butt in California.

I give Janice a lot of credit for what she has done so far in a fight for us.
I can truly understand her concern for everyone’s safety as things have changed in D.C. because of Jan 6th.

Janice did say in her statement though that she would come up with an alternative. So let’s at least give her that chance. We have trusted her so far, why not now.

I legally came off the registry in my state in 2020 but I still pay very close attention to what is going on. I don’t plan on moving from my state as I own my house outright and I am now retired but in the past, people who came off the registry ended up going back on again so I pay special attention to what is happening.

Very smart decision. I was not planning to participate for the same reasons as you wrote. There are many other alternatives to chase this gross abuse. Thank you.

First, I understand that Janice has realized the implications of ACSOL being involved in a demonstration at the U.S. Supreme Court. She is right to “stay in her lane” and represent our rights as an attorney in court and via lobbying the relevant organizations.

I think it is wise to not participate in activism outside of the current organizations tasks.

I also think that the most recent activity at the Court and the volatile nature of other actions surrounding the court have much more impact than the ability to bear and conceal arms. I think Janice would do well to reexamine her message and not use the 2nd Amendment decision as a crutch for an otherwise good decision to cancel the demonstration.

Unfortunately, our safety is of no concern to anyone but us. Public sentiment for people who assault or murder FPRs has proven that time and again. Hell, I read a comment that said a convicted violent gang member should get their sentence reduced because he killed a “ sex predator “. We will never have public support , and we need to accept that. We might get sympathy for what our families endure, but never empathy and definitely not political support.

Janice Bellucci deserves a HUGE amount of respect from all of us!
This was an agonizing decision for her.
I, respectfully, disagree with this decision.
The rest of us can still show up, however.
The march can (and must) go forward!

What we have to continue to do is promote the idea that rehabilitation and regeneration creates a safer society for all than revenge.

I am not to keen on protests lately. They don’t seem to be doing any good against entrenched politics anywhere. I don’t think it would change the public’s biases at all
On the other hand, registrants that see other registrants protest may feel empowered to also get active in some way.

And more injured or slaughtered registrants I feel is not at this point going to change the public’s misconceptions or result in better laws. Somehow, you have to create the empathy. It’s not there now.

Wow…. Janice, you have lost touch. Registrants are being tortured behind bars, and abused at every level of the system when we get out. And you’re backing down because it’s “no longer safe to conduct a vigil”? Speak for yourself. You no longer speak for registrants. Thus, I too will be withdrawing any support and discontinuing my donations.

Janice has done great work for us. But this is absolutely unacceptable and she should step aside, she can continue being a legal advocate. But to make ACSOL into the pillar of the registrant community that it is today, Janice and the board now need to recognize that they have a responsibility to SUPPORT all progressive aspects of this movement. If they want to focus on legal reform and not advocacy, then it is their responsibility to hand this protest off to a sister organization that IS willing to organize the protest, because ACSOL has visibility.
It is unacceptable to say “We have decided not to do this”, it is acceptable to say “For these reasons, ACSOL is no longer going to be involved and we do not consider it safe. HOWEVER if you choose at your own risk to protest at the Supreme Court, [insert organization] will be moving forward with the event. [Insert link for more info].”
Because I know for a fact that other organizations are planning to continue with this event despite ACSOL backing down. One of those organizations being WARP at

Kudos for having the wisdom and humility to rethink and reverse a prior decision.

Along those lines perhaps it may be time to rethink a comment you made on one of your calls where you stated that both political parties are equally hurtful to our cause.

The current environment of armed individuals in DC is a direct link to Trump’s call to fight like hell, and the continued lack of condemnation by the Republican party for the assault on the Capitol. This has led to your fear of taking a public stance.

Further I have read many of the stances politicians list on their campaigns and it is clear that the Democratic party is the one talking a stance on criminal justice reform, while the Republicans continue to push the get tough on crime agenda that led to the US having the highest incarceration rate in the world, a most dubious achievement.

I posit a party that is more open minded and liberal thinking and actively seeks criminal justice reform will be the one which we we have the better odds of getting registry reform..

Understood, Safety 1st. For All. We’re NOT giving up, just other methodology is all.
Thank YOU. Not easy decisions for you nor The Board!

Yes, Janice, l agree. Even my name on my cell phone I.D. stops me from buying/selling, engageing in normal business practices, and prevents me from making new friends or acquaintances. Thank God l have my church to help me!


I appreciate your courage to speak your truth, even though it might not be what some want to hear, and your leadership as you continue to guide registrants and their families. This is a difficult decision, and given the political climate, a wise one. Bless you for all the work you do on our behalf. It is a lone road out there. Those without privilege and the protection of public office will become the scapegoat for those who want to believe action is necessary to curtail the abuse of children. We must be careful.


Don’t forget about the Kyle Rittenhouse situation He’s Practically a celebrity now, imagine if he would’ve killed a Registrant shiit,he would’ve been a hero.
In California,we only have one Person carrying the torch right now, until Another person is willing to steps up and carry the torch then fall back and respect one’s decisions because obviously as an attorney she might know a little bit more information on the situation than we do.

stay focused

In the current spirit of the times there is very little chance of influencing SCOTUS or our current political elite. Hate, punishment, hypocrisy are the zeitgeist of this generation. That said we have to try, nothing will change for the better if we don’t. Honestly, I don’t think that we can adopt the same tactics as others, we can make changes if we stick together and Janice has been and is one of the best champions of our cause. Let’s find other ways of getting the facts to the widest audience possible.

I respect Janice’s decision. She and this organization have accomplished so much, especially here in California. If you are upset with her decision, you are free to organize your own vigil or protest in front of the court. Nobody is stopping you.

“What It Was Like at the First Gay Rights Demonstration Outside the White House 50 Years Ago” [Note: now fifty-seven years ago] Among the marchers was gay rights pioneer, Frank Kameny, whom I once met. I consider this march to be more directly pertinent to our eventual march than MLK’s march on Washington. Our struggle is more closely akin to that of gays and lesbians and, indeed, includes many of us who are gay.

Here is a fantastic documentary “Before Stonewall,” cued at a particular point where interviewees discuss the importance of “non-violent confrontation” as having been critical to the gay rights movement. This includes Frank Kameny discussing and showing the biggest picket so far at that time, the 1965 picket in front of the White House (not the first such picket there). This is a must-see for us showing just how it’s done. You may want to then back up and watch the whole documentary. It’s quite good and extremely pertinent to our movement. I personally knew a number of the subjects, including Allen Ginsberg, Harry Hay, Jim Kepner, Frank Kameny and Jose Sarria. They were key to my own emerging identity in the 1970s and 80s and both Allen and Harry offered me wise counsel which I failed to heed, to my very great detriment.

Janice, you also overlooked the widely televised Jackson SCOTUS confirmation “hearings” earlier this year, which – and I’m being blunt – did absolutely nothing but propagate hate, outrage and animosity towards those forced to register. It was all the Josh Hawley show with his “grave concerns” over Jackson’s sentencing history – which was absolutely cherry pick to stoke outrage and controversy. I personally feel that is what they want, the hate and finger-pointing at those with a sex conviction to remain in the public’s eye to benefit THEM.

Hey, hey hey people, lets get back on topic and try not to wavor off topic. ..Thank you. Whether one is a demo..republician or not the goal is about the conference. Now these IQ’s that many talk about on here like their some road scholar or Princeton elite are nothing. God has more IQ than any man or woman alive and its all written down in the bible..
 I know you fellows and some of you ladies don’t want to hear this but did you ever wake up in a cold sweat, not even knowing where to turn. Seems like all of you want to justify yourselves or come to the least resistance or common denomator. You can’t and I cann’t. Prayer is the key, Faith unlock the door. Talk about Prohibition laws or motivation speakers or even inspiration speakers So how do many cope today. By your own faith or some guru slang today.

Furthermore whether that conference is in D.C. or your own home state can make a difference and yes you can make a difference in this understanding of truth. or do motivation speakers just sing to a son of a preacher man.Remember Dusty Springfield days are long gone!

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