FL: Jacksonville won’t require sex offenders to post ‘no candy’ signs outside home for Halloween

Source: news.yahoo.com 10/19/22

A warning to parents planning trick-or-treating routes: The City of Jacksonville will not require registered sex offenders or predators to post a sign outside their home indicating no trick-or-treaters allowed.

Typically, on Halloween, registered sex offenders and predators have to post a sign saying “no candy.” The requirement is being challenged by two registered sex offenders who filed a lawsuit against the city, saying the ordinance violates their constitutional rights.

Some neighbors Action News Jax spoke with said, they agree.

“I think the sign — it’d be like wearing a shirt on the back ‘I’m a sex offender’ don’t get near me.’ In other words, we’re going to the extreme,” Ricky Rodriguez said.

Action News Jax reached out to the Offense of General Counsel for comment. City attorney, Craig Feiser, said “Due to pending litigation, I cannot comment at this time.”

“There are these laws in place that will keep our kids safe,” City Councilwoman LeAnna Cumber said.

The following is a list of laws that Sexual Offenders and Sexual Predators in Duval County must abide by.

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“There are these laws in place that will keep our kids safe,” City Councilwoman LeAnna Cumber said.

You know what would actually keep your kids safe? You not being lazy and actually going out with them. You’re worried about a person who committed their crime prior to being on the registry, as in there was legally no way to know that the person would done that, just like you thinking someone without a sign is a safe place to go to.

Surprised that this isn’t reported with the same urgency as a couple of months ago. Kind of funny how the police department rep puffed his chest out to say they’re going to make sure they harass all registrants between now and Halloween.

Don’t need to post a sign, there’s an App for that!

The insanity of all this is angering, and saddening. People just trying to live their lives, banished once again from participating in society. Their children, forced to chose between the fun all the other children get to have, and a parent who is Bared from being with them.

Referring to human beings as, “Predators” like they are dangerous animals. This is what qualifies as progressive, in that they at least made a distinction between RSO and SVP. Neither of these things are acceptable. Both are be beneath the dignity a human being is entitled to. An actual human being would know that….but these folks don’t…makes you think about who the real “predators” are?

Also, almost makes me happy to know that Florida will soon be nothing but a horrible, memory. Thanks climate change!

Ok no…but almost….so close….but no.

The fact this is even an issue proves to me that America is a Shithole Country. Once someone has paid for their crime, in form of incarceration, that should be it. Period!

I couldn’t even talk to anyone who thinks this nonsense is sensible. It is just so shockingly, mind-numbingly stupid, that I just can not. Your typical Amerikan is simply a moron. Further, this nonsense is offensive to anyone who has ever fantasized that Amerika is a free or freedom-loving country.

I have a high I.Q. I’m not a genius but I really can’t even take most Registry Assholes/Supporters/Terrorists (RASTs) seriously. They are like 10 year olds. Dumber than f*ck.

This Halloween, I will do what I’ve been doing for the past couple of decades – leaving my home and going places where no RASTs, law enforcement, or criminal regimes have the first clue where I am or anything I am doing. I will be around random children for hours.

The Hate Lists are an act of war. Make sure there are consequences.

I actually hadn’t read much of the article before I last commented. It’s even dumber than I thought and that is REALLY saying something.

Dumbass City Councilwoman LeAnna Cumber said, “JSO is working diligently — starting a few weeks ago — to make sure their sexual offender tracking team will be out there on Halloween to knock on every door of every predator.”

Any PFR who allows that is a fool. I so wish I had a home where dumbass City Councilwoman LeAnna Cumber lumbers. I would make 100% sure that I was nowhere to be found on Halloween.

F*ck these criminals. Defund law enforcement. Shrink big government.

Worrywart mothers have been brainwashed already nationwide with fear and hate. They’ve already “signed up for the alerts,” joined NextDoor and FB groups. Trust me when I tell you…. they already know who lives in their neighborhood and whose house to steer clear of.

I see people all the time glancing over from the safety and comfort of their cars as they pass my house. Some even gesture with their fingers and hands to the other occupants inside the vehicle as if to say: “there’s where one lives.” They break their necks honing -in really hard and it’s not to admire my well-manicured grass – it’s to catch a glimpse of me outside in the yard. These ignorant people think I don’t notice behind their tinted windows, but I do.

I’m almost tempted to put a sign up year round that reads: “I know where all the Karens live.”

As a Christian, my family doesn’t celebrate Halloween. From our vantage point, the holiday house decorations have gone from cartoon ghosts witches to scenes today that would terrify a grown adult. The evil that lurks in this yearly homage is becoming more and more unmasked.

To me, being disinvited from this macabre jubilee is like being asked to step off the Titanic. I’m more than happy to oblige cause I know where this ship is headed.

Like Florida doesn’t have enough other crap to worry about. Recognizing that Jacksonville is the Eastern boundary of the famous Florida Bible belt, none of this surprises me. I just keep cheering on Climate change. It will soon sink the entire state in one of their ‘biblical floods’.

I got a laugh out of the comment “Action News Jax reached out to the Offense of General Counsel for comment.” Yeah, I’m sure its an OFFENSE. lol

“There are these laws in place that will keep our kids safe,” City Councilwoman LeAnna Cumber said. I really wish someone would explain to me, with hard evidence, how a law prevents a crime or keeps a kid safe. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; laws do not prevent crime. Laws only punish crime. No law, no matter if its written in a book or chiseled into stone will ever prevent a crime. Think about it. Laws are basically rules everyone is expected to follow. “Don’t do this, don’t do that”. When we were kids our parents had rules we were expected to follow. “Don’t throw any parties while your mother and I are out of town”. How many of you broke that rule?
I bet a lot of you don’t know that a yellow traffic light actually means to stop if its safe to do so, otherwise proceed with extreme caution. Most of us floor it when the light turns yellow, myself included (unless I got a tailgater, then I purposely stop just to irritate him). There are speed limit signs. The route I take to work has a zone that’s 35 for about 3 miles, then it increases to 45. I don’t like it so I usually do 40-45 after I check to make sure the cop who usually lurks isn’t around. Aren’t speed limits laws? Why didn’t those laws prevent me from doing 40 in a 35? There’s laws against drunk driving, but when was the last time anyone heard of someone not getting behind the wheel because there’s a law prohibiting it? I could go on and on but I think you all get the point. I won’t ever drive drunk, but I’ll continue to do 40 in that 35 zone. The law cannot and will never stop me because its just a law. If the cop gets me, I get a fine. If I continue, he’ll get me again and again until I get enough points to have my license suspended, but even then I don’t think that would prevent me from driving.
Posting signs is ignorant and a waste of tax dollars. No parent in their right mind is going to let their little kid go trick or treating unsupervised, and for a registered person to snatch a kid off his front porch while the parent is standing right there would be signing his own death warrant because all the parents in the area would storm the house to rescue the kid and beat the abductor to a pulp before calling the cops.
Sorry to rant, but I’m fed up with these statements saying these laws protect kids because they don’t.

Let’s take a look at each of those restrictions Duval County imposes:

It is unlawful for any Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator to participate in any Halloween party or event if the event targets non-familial children.

This seems to violate the First Amendment and one’s right to assembly and speech.

Any person designated a Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator shall avoid all Halloween related contact with children.

This, too, seems to violate Freedom of Assembly and Speech

All outside residential lighting must be off during the evening hours after 5 p.m. on Oct. 31.

This is a little trickier to my simple, laic mind but it would seem to be a violation of the Fourth Amendment, as the government is imposing (read: seizing) control of one’s private property (the lights). As well, one could have Halloween lights, which would then be a Speech violation of the First Amendment.

No Halloween decorations can be visible from the exterior of any Sexual Offender’s or Sexual Predator’s residence.

Yet again, the Free Speech clause is violated.

Nice job, Duval County! You managed to trash the First Amendment four times in a row, and tossed in a possible Fourth Amendment violation for good measure.