IA: Sheriff spreads lies about why registrants have lower recidivism rate

Source: qctimes.com 10/29/22

Compliance checks on Scott County registered sex offenders were held Oct. 23, 24, 25 and 26 that led to the arrest of 10 people for registration violations and investigations into seven others, Scott County Sheriff Tim Lane said.

“The ultimate goal of the registry is to eliminate recidivism,” he added. “The recidivism rate for sex offenders is actually lower than it is for other crimes. I attribute that to the hard work of the Sheriff’s Department and the Iowa Department of Corrections.”

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Again, none of these people committed a new offense. They failed to provide information that no other “free” person has to provide. Keep these stories coming so we can compile a huge list of why the registry IS punishment, and there is no question about it, no matter how you look at it. Round em up!

I was going to email this sheriff, but decided not to. Like it or not, there is some truth to the concluding paragraph:

“The ultimate goal of the registry is to eliminate recidivism,”

That is the stated goal, though no one can show that it actually does. Research indicates that at best, the registry is ineffective toward that purpose. Factoring in registry violations, it could probably be argued that registration increases recidivism by inflating arrests for otherwise normal conduct while making no impact on the sexual recidivism the registry supposedly prevents.

“The recidivism rate for sex offenders is actually lower than it is for other crimes.”

This is absolutely true. Drug offenders (users and dealers) are by far the worst recidivists, even without additional “regulatory” obligations and restrictions applied to them and them alone. Burglars and robbers, same thing. I am not personally aware of any rule or statute forbidding dopers and thieves from living, working, or standing in any particular lace or area and cannot believe that any such rule or statute would withstand even slight scrutiny by a reviewing court.

“I attribute that to the hard work of the Sheriff’s Department and the Iowa Department of Corrections.”

It’s phrased and reported as a personal opinion, misguided as it is. He may very well know the truth regarding registrant recidivism, but must publicly state as he did for his own political standing. While the numbers of registrants and affected friends and family members is steadily increasing, it’s not yet politically feasible for elected officials (sadly, including many criminal court judges) to publicly speak out against the registry and all its lunacy. It also stands to reason that he would publicly praise his own staff in any and all circumstances.

Sounds like a sales pitch to me for more funding and less about the truth there sheriff…

The sheriff’s attribution of low recidivism rates to the registry and his department’s “hard work” is pure speculation that belies data and common sense. States without residence or presence restrictions don’t have higher sex crime recidivism than those that do. It seems the sheriff should focus his department’s hard work toward actually preventing crime.

Note that not one of the registrants profiled was arrested for another sex crime. Indeed, they would not have been arrested at all if there was no registry. Is Sheriff Lane up for reelection next week?

Technical violation FTR is an, “Aggravated” misdemeanor, with up to a 2 year sentence?!?!? What’s, “aggravated” about it? How is this ” Aggravated”? Do these people even know what the word, “aggravated” means?

They come to your home, whenever they want, demand that you prove to them that you should not be arrested, then arrest you if you fail! They come to your home, hopping to find a crime…because that’s how they are going to eliminate recidivism?!?!?!?

How much more Nazi like does this have to get before it can finally die? Actually, it’s more Soviet…rounding up, “Counter Revolutionaries”?

Hate to say or even think it, but this is where we are headed. The complete break down of civil and societal norms. People in authority being allowed to throw away the rights of those deemed not worthy of those rights with the full support of the public. The politics of fear has taken over in every aspect of our society. Hate offenders because they are coming for your children. Hate minorities because they bring crime. Hate Jews because they want your property. Hate LGTBQ because, well just because.
The pendulum is swinging to the darkest area of man. It won’t be swinging back any time soon. This is becoming the modern inquisition. It was bound to happen.

To all,
I’ve just fired up my copy of Dragon Professional Speaking and composed the following letter to the Quad City Times, 530 3rd. St.
Davenport, IA 52801
It reads,

Quad City Residents.
I’m replying to an article published in the Quad-City Times dated 10-29-22 entitled Sex offender compliance checks nets 10 arrests.
In case you people missed it, your sheriff made a fraudulent claims in that piece. He claimed credit for something he or has staff had absolutly nothing to do with. Specifically, he was quoted to say, “The recidivism rate of sex offenders is actually lower than that of other crimes. I attribute that to the hard work of the Sheriffs Department and the Iowa Department of Corrections.”
This is a plainly fraudulent claim on its face. How convenient and self-serving for Sheriff Lane to take credit for the choices made by the sex offenders themselves to remain compliant, when he, nor his staff, nor the state’s DOC had anything to do with it. What’s next Sheriff, are you going to take creative credit for those citizens who registered their cars with the department of transportation too?
I am just wondering.
That isn’t the only fraudulent claim you’ve made in the piece. You also stated, “The goal of the registry is to insure voluntary compliance.” That statement is factually inaccurate, because (insuring compliance) is the purpose of the penalties attatched and not the aim of the registry database itself.
Sheriff Lane how often do you make false correlation in statements for aggrandizement? Sheriff Lane, you do know making false correlation statements could cost you your badge, especially if you make them in courts of law. In general, it’s best not to just make stuff up, because sounds good to the public. Because you’ve done so in this article twice, it could be used against you in these registry cases. While Miranda is gone, it’s not forgotten by the courts completely. Best to remember that point, because people have cameras.
Lastly Sheriff Lane, I would like to put a question to your constituents. How many masters are Iowa registrants supposed to serve anyway? Per this report, I count five: The Feds, your department, the auxiliary department, the DOC, and the database.
That is a lot of masters for Iowa sex offenders to serve, compliant or not. That’s five entities paid for with Iowans’ tax dollars and all doing the same or similar job. How nice. Please tell me it’s not overtime.
Most sincerely,

Anyone interested in copying this letter? Feel free or dress it up to your liking. Mine is in the mail to Iowa already 🙂 I hope they print it.

Does she recall if Iowa was the place where Miss Tibbits was murdered by the illegal immigrant? This was two or three years back.
Here name was Molly I think.

I see that 20 people have commented here on this article – and NOT ONE OF YOU has posted a comment to the article’s website!!
We need to Stand up, Speak up, and Fight Back every time!!

Here’s the comment I just posted:

“It is absurdly self-congratulatory that law enforcement declares itself to be the reason for low recidivism rates! Federal statistics complied by the USDOJ indicate the individuals convicted of sexual offenses have an extremely low sexual offense recidivism rate.
Do the research and find out for yourself.
BUT BE ALERT!!: Most state and local jurisdictions will consider a convicted sexual offender’s “Failure to Register” as A NEW SEXUAL OFFENSE – even if it is merely a civil administrative infraction with absolutely no new sexual offense whatsoever – this includes failure to notify law enforcement of a new tattoo, a second car one might occasionally drive, or a new work site address! Furthermore, these infractions typically result in felony charges that often come with prison sentences MUCH LONGER than the sentence applied to the original offense.
Don’t believe the law enforcement propaganda that they promote in order to justify inflating their departmental budgets!!”


And here’s the email message I sent to the articles author:

Hello Mr. Geyer, 

I read your article and I would encourage you to do some investigative journalism (simply via the Internet) in order to learn the truth about sex offender recidivism rates and the registry. 
Please don’t simply accept law enforcement propaganda as an easy news article.
I have posted a comment to the article and I hope you will read it. The United States currently has more than 1 million individuals listed on sex offender registry. Numerous countries around the world and judges throughout the United States have found these registries to be unconstitutional. Don’t just accept them as status quo – Registries are wrong and need to be abolished.

Thank you for your time and attention.

A reader, 
David ______

Ok Time out everyone go back to your corners. Talk about a blond bomber, or maybe a loser. Seems like everyone is right in their own eyes with this registry. I was watching a documentary about the Blond Bomber.. Terry Bradshaw…. actually the loser came out to be a winner. I think he brought the Steelers to three super bowl victories.

Sure signing a petition is good but nothing like writing letters to whoever about much of this sex registry. Like I said Janice and others can do just so much but completing a field goal or a winning pass takes determination, Hey each one of you all can do it if you want to solve the big problem or who lies today to make the cut. And he never gave up when the chips were down.

Hopefully it wasn’t something sinister, like poisoned commissary snacks.

And hopefully that kind of thing doesn’t happen…but sadly the truth is it does. San Bernardino sherrifs would know.