IL: Anglican church informs parishioners of sex offender attendee after three years

Source: 12/6/22

Church of the Resurrection, an Anglican church that serves as a diocesan seat in Wheaton, Illinois, whose leaders have faced criticism for how they handled sexual abuse allegations, informed congregants Friday (Dec. 2) that a registered sex offender has been attending the church since 2019.

“We take with utmost seriousness the presence of someone who has committed a significant crime and will continue to show extreme care in the future,” Church of the Resurrection cathedral dean Steve Williamson wrote in an email to church members.

Hays was permitted to attend the church but was required to be accompanied by a chaperone selected by church leaders. He was allowed only in the church sanctuary and narthex and was specifically banned from church events “geared toward children.” Williamson’s email also asserts that “all pastors and children and youth staff” were made “aware of his identity, crimes, and the requirements of this policy.”

In a 2020 post on this topic on her blog, Diane Langberg, a clinical psychologist and abuse expert with long experience in Christian communities, said, “When churches have asked what I recommend when dealing with someone whose has sexually abused children my response is — do not allow him/her to attend church.” Instead, Langberg suggests an alternate model where a small group of adults gather with the abuser to pray and worship outside of church settings.

“Given the statistics available about the rates of recidivism for people who are pedophiles and who sexually assault children, it’s inadvisable to have them participate in a church service when children are present,” …

“If Church of the Resurrection chooses to minister to convicted child sex offenders in spaces where children are, they have a moral obligation to inform parents that this is their policy,” ACNAtoo said in a statement to RNS.

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Wow, I can understand the hysteria since the guy reoffended after grooming many kids at his church for 3 years…

No, wait, he didn’t reoffend, did he?

But it’s great that the rest of the church welcomed him with open arms and did not react with hysteria when they found out his past…

Hmm, actually, the hysteria is explosive enough to end up in national news. They want him to be quarantined.

However, it is reassuring that the article did not quote any false information about recidivism …

Well, that is obviously not true either. I’m surprised they didn’t use the words “frightening and high” since that always sells more newspapers and clicks.

I’d like to know the percentage of registrants who used to attend church versus currently. I’m guessing I know what it would show. How many registrants are excited about potentially being in a glass observation room, stared at and avoided?

Does this so-called church show the same concern for someone who used to sell drugs? How about someone who was involved in a fatal hit and run? Probably not.
Isn’t a church a place where all are supposed to be welcome, no matter what’s in your past? Isn’t a church a place where sinners go to repent and to better their lives?
Most of the churches I have been to put on the impression that their members are “perfect” and can do no wrong. They would look down on others who they deemed to be “sinners”. Well excuse me, but their very own Bible says that ALL humans are sinners. Even the most upright, God-fearing person is going to slip up. Its human nature.
I stopped going to church a long time ago because I was either made to feel unwelcome or simply asked to leave. I’ve walked into churches wearing clean blue jeans and a clean Harley T-shirt and got stares of contempt from people in attendance who were wearing 3 piece suits. Well I’m sorry but the Bible I’ve read says to come as you are. I once attended a church where I thought I might be welcome because I knew someone who was on trial for manslaughter started going there for spiritual help. But when my past was found out, the pastor asked me not to attend any more. I asked him why someone on trial for murder, who actually admitted guilt, was welcome, but I as a person who had already done my time was not. His soul can be saved but mine can’t? He had no answer.
So now if I decide to go to “church”, I do it in the privacy of my own house in my office room or wherever. I used to give to charities on a regular basis, but not any more. I actually call out the salvation army bell ringers as a bunch of hypocrites right to their faces. If I want to give to charity now, I find a homeless person on the street and buy him or her a meal. I won’t support any “organized” religion or charity any more, and I’m looking forward to the day when those who judged me will be judged in the same way.

What a crock…not but CYA at this point.

This line stuck out to me, “She believes church leaders should have worked to find a middle ground that allowed Hays to receive spiritual care in a place where no children were present.”

What are they saying here? What is “spiritual care”? I thought people went to church to worship together, to offer their thanks to God, and to be a part of a spiritual community. I don’t think I ever heard someone refer to it as “receiving spiritual care”.

My faith community welcomed me as a member of the congregation. There are plenty of people who are aware of my past, including the clergy who I personally informed before stepping foot in the building. A safety plan was put together, and my then probation agent approved it.

This church had a safety plan in place. It was working just fine. To make such a statement three years into the process was nothing but CYA.

“Jesus calls us by our name not by our sin”. The Christians that are so outraged about this man attentding church are hypocrites and they should be repenting not judging.

Last edited 1 month ago by Paula

So who sinned? Who gives the increase? Who backbites or gossips? Who do we thank for the internet or who is deceiving mankind in many ways with their plans? Who do we thank for guns or tight fitten jeans or women that flaunt their stuff? Is not Government bad enough in flaunting many of these registry ordeals? Is mankind overcoming man. All the computer science in the world couldn’t tell you that but God knows.

Did not Paul cause many to blaspheme or did the Pharisees trick others others in those days or what about today. Should we call it like it is or write a letters to Congress to lesson the burden of many of these registry issues. Some can call this registry for what it is and call out people on the registry.

As far as the church well who sinned or do we all sin daily in thought and deed yet who knows the thoughts and intent of a man. Tim n WI could never understand that or tell one the IQ of another. Guess the man computer could. Now it all comes down to the church or the who’s who in society today.

Sure ACSOL and the people on it can comment about this recidivism rate or even the high and low of pay wages but what are the wages of sin. Sure we can all say those without sin cast the first stone but who is being true in many ways. Should we all take a look at ourselves or … Let God be true and every man a liar.

Remember the women was deceived so now we have a lot of “Geraldine” cops that want to instill on mankind this registry ruse. Physical encounters are a different issue in nature. Yes one is going to have abuse in many different ways and yes their are many different abuses in life. Even commenting can be abusive in many ways.

 Getting back to churches. All churches have a responsibility but when they get information from from third party sources it can be a bit upsetting and in a church type environment also embarrassing. Should one let others know they have been in prison or been abused by their spouse. Guess thats up to the individual if they want to address the issue.

To many gunho people on here that think they are better than others that is not why we are here is it. Life is a learning process and we all learn daily the good, bad, and the ugly. And yes this registry is the bad and ugly of government.

To me, this would be like going to a judgement convention, not church.

Might as well require him to wear an orange shirt with the words “toxic” on it.

This takes “know your fire exits” to the extreme.


 Safety in numbers at a school play, a church event or any other. Doesn’t get any reverent than that. Whats next leg monitoring going off at church or pulling up roots or pulling a gun in church and I’m sure its happened somewhere. I’m sure a faithful computer could tell you all about it if one searches for such garbage.

 Is mankind wanting to be better than their fellow man or woman. This registry is a subject that can get out of line quickly or should we read the directions before taking the pill. Guess women would know all about that
I happened to of went to an Anglican church no problem. This past last month went to one church and it seems they found out by some busybody at church and an elder looked me up on the good old internet. Hey the past is past and yes when one’s probation is up or should be it, This labeling is a bit of extra baggage. 

Warnings are good. I’m sure if one got a warning during these internet encounters there would be a lot of people not getting abused by so called police in drag. Who’s causing the evil, the panic in this touch-less society. This article can get distasteful as in many of Will Allens’ comments and a few others.. no offense Will.

If one has faith have it to thyself. Faith in government is as unsettling as this public safety issue of over abuse.

They were clearly being fed misinformation

Explain to me this. If the person attends an open church service, then wouldn’t minors be escorted by their parents? Then do they honestly expect him to do some dastardly deed right there next to the alter with everyone watching. Since when did Angelica’s churches embrace paganism.

“Diane Langberg, a clinical psychologist and abuse expert with long experience in Christian communities, said, “When churches have asked what I recommend when dealing with someone whose has sexually abused children my response is — do not allow him/her to attend church.” Instead, Langberg suggests an alternate model where a small group of adults gather with the abuser to pray and worship outside of church settings.”

That just sounds so weird, like performing some exorcism. Or gather around to stone the devil outside the church

“Kelley Goewey, a former member of Church of the Resurrection who attended from June 2019 until July 2021, worked regularly in children’s ministry in both paid and volunteer positions. “Given the statistics available about the rates of recidivism for people who are pedophiles and who sexually assault children, it’s inadvisable to have them participate in a church service when children are present,” she said.

But Kelly, are you referring to all registered sex offenders? Obviously, 19 year-olds having a relationship with their 17 year old sweetheart aren’t pedophiles out to sexually assault children. Neither are individuals who looked at dirty sexual images online. But according to Kelley’s logic, churches should be warning their parishioners about these people. Telling certain individuals not to participate in church services is why you are a FORMER member of that church, Kelley.

Really sad to see a church acting like this