NE: Dodge County sex offenders face challenges in registering

Source: 12/20/22

Convicted sex offenders in Fremont and Dodge County are required to register with law enforcement when they move, attend a new school or take a new job, however a recent incident at the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office highlighted the difficulties offenders face in complying with the law.

A local convicted sex offender — Ronald Eugene ____ Jr., 38, of Fremont — contacted the Fremont Tribune after his repeated efforts to comply with Nebraska’s sex offender registration requirements under his sentencing were unsuccessful.
____ Jr. said he twice attempted to comply with the law on Friday, Dec. 16, after he was hired for a new job — one of the life actions many sex offenders are required to report to authorities. But each time he went to the sheriff’s office in Fremont, he was told he could not register because no staff were available to do the paperwork.

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So this guy has to write the paper to explain his plight he only has a certain amount of days to register his information and their is only two people who can help him? Maybe instead of shooting the shit everyday with your fellow buddies you cross train more people.

Florida starting this thing with “making appointments” just like a doctor or dentist visit. Then that trend went nationwide! This is what’s wrong with everything because it benefits the police working there making it more convenient for them NOT US.

Go back to how it was before with allowing walk-ins. Cops are predictable, lazy and comically inept.

“If someone is actively trying to register, then that won’t be charged as a violation,” Sopinksi said. “If someone is attempting to register, it is not going to come up in court. The cases we are prosecuting are when a registered sex offender is actively trying to avoid registering.”

Yeah, trust us, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it! As long as you’re trying, we got your back. Just give us time to get through this bureaucratic hurdle. Come bac next week and try again!

That’s the message I’m hearing from these country sherif f*cks

This whole thing is bogus…

There is absolutely no reason why anyone should ever have to report things like a new job in person – a simple fax, email or phone call to report the information should suffice. At the most they could have a drop box where someone could fill out a form and leave the information in person. Having to go through all this just to give them the employer’s name and address is a waste of resources, our time, and serves no legitimate purpose.

I’m surprised nobody has pointed out that at the age of 17 he was charged with sexual assault of an ADULT!!!! So my question is, did the adult get charged with sexual assault of a minor? Probably not. I don’t know, I work between those hours that the cops can take information. So what am I supposed to do? Take off of work just to give them information? Are they going to pay me my lost wages? Probably not. This is just a joke.

Another reason to just get rid of the registry altogether.

While the mandatory classes are probably for what they have to do to upload the registration to the state, there’s no reason anyone at the office can’t take the forms and leave them for whoever their certified officers are to take action on them when they return.

Also, I don’t buy the “Our bad, don’t worry about it” stance the sheriff’s office took. I have a hunch that the news story is the only reason they didn’t put a warrant out on him for their failure to register.

In Texas, per the police department of an adjacent city to where I live, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) which administers the registry does audits of local enforcement agencies to ensure these local departments comply with the statute and the DPS regulations pertaining to the registry.

If the event in this article happened in Texas and if it were me, I would contact DPS and state that my local law enforcement will not let me timely update my registry information. That would resolve the issue. Maybe such an option exists for the person in the article where he lives.

In the last small city where I lived, less than 20 registrants lived there so only one police detective handled all registry issues. He was lazy per statements made to me by his co-workers. I tried twice within a week to get him to call me to set an appointment for my annual registration. He never called. So I sent a fax addressed to the chief (who knew me) stating that if I were unable within 24 hours to set an appointment, I would contact DPS and state I am a registered and my local police refuse to allow me to register even though I tried three times. Within 2 hours I received a call from the detective to set my annual appointment. The chief did not want DPS doing an audit because it creates more work for them.

This guy just made the whole police force look bad OMG they’re gonna be on his azz now.

 “because no staff were available to do the paperwork”..then hire someone like Chance or Janice to sue the pi## out of em..not our law..totally theirs..

This is BS. The state law places a requirement, not just on the sex offender, but also on the registering agency. If I fail to keep up my part, I have consequences. Therefore, if the registering agency fails to keep up their part, they should also have consequences.

There is a “certain town” in the 917** zip code; where if you call for an appointment, the detective asks how long you are staying. If the number is less than 5 days, they tell you they don’t want to do the paperwork, and as long as you leave by a certain date, they don’t bother.

My birthday is Dec 28. With the holidays, the 5 business days on either end of the birthday stretches out which is a plus I guess. However, it never fails, I have also ran into the problem with appointments being limited, especially during this time. The person in charge of 290’s is usually on some extended vacation. I have registered a couple times after the 5 business day rule but made note of it. I’m always amazed how it’s a problem when we allegedly break the law, but not such a big deal if some government agency does it.

Been there, done that. I have mentioned several times that I was homeless for awhile. In CA a homeless PFR had to check in at the local cop shop every 30 days, rain or shine. Many was a time I went in to do my due diligence, only to be turned away. The right Cops were either “Too busy” with other stuff, or simply not there.

Usually I got a, “Come back tomorrow” for !y trouble. Couple times I got a, “Come back next week”. Regular registration hours were Tuesday and Thursday from like 9 to 2. They would do a 30:day outside of this hours sometimes, because they were quick. No changes 30 day homeless check in, quick for them. Those cops did tons of those every week. I was not the only homeless PFR in their neck of the woods.

I did get a super….grrrrrr…response from a Sargent once during a, “Come back…” visit. I dared to ask for the Front Desk phone number, so I could call in advance to ask if coming in right now was worth the effort. He got all kinds of bent out of shape about that. Kept snapping at me about how, “The front desk cop” doesn’t do registration updates. No matter how many times I tried to explain that I don’t need the front desk cop to do anything other than answer the dimple question, “If I come in right now….”. Sargent Undies Ina Bunch…was having nothing of this! Kept barking at me about how the Front Desk cops don’t know anything about doing Registration updates.

Didn’t phase him that I had actually spoken with the Front Desk cop earlier. Had gotten every single question I had for them answered, by them. Basically….”now?”….”No? Then when?”….”Tomorrow? OK.”

I was just trying to get the number so I could have that exact same conversation over the phone, instead of having to go in to the cop shop to have it. Sir Barksalot was not having it! Not one bit of it!

I always got a, “Desk Receipt” when I was turned away. This was a specific cop signed business card with the time, date, location, and purpose of visit. I also sometimes took a picture of myself at the Cop Shop, with the receipt, and sent it to my non-PFR friend. Time and date stamp on those things.

Seriously, the freaking LAPD can’t even hold up their end of the bargain the State forces people into! Un….real.

Who needs staff? Wisconsin has adapted quite a bit by implementing a portal making the transaction online. Inevitably big tech will opt for less human input.
Permit me to share a portion of an online web feed @YT Listen to this couple discuss the YT text translator ( closed caption) algorithm and flagging for “TOS” violation as per TY interests in keeping content ” family friendly “. Watch @18:36 -24.34. Apparently the couple were flagged for fowl language for the fist time in six years. Obviously the machine malfunction causing a need for explanation. But the example is big tech opting always for less human input. Its bound to cause issues.

I’m blocked from reading the entire article because the site wants me to disable my ad blocker in order to read it, which I’m unwilling to do. If someone has another link to it, I’d appreciate it.’
From what I read above, I have similar problems in December when I have to verify. My registering agency only does verifications on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm. My normal work hours are 7 am to 4 pm. In March, June, and September its not an issue to leave work a little early to go take care of it, but December we are swamped with work and need every pair of hands available to help out. I work a management position, but I’m asked to assist in production in December, as is our engineering department as well. Everyone helps out and its expected and rewarded generously. We normally only have one shift, but run 2 12 hour shifts every December and I’m currently working 6:30 am to 6:30 pm and its just not possible for me to leave early. I’ll have to call the LE agency today to see if they’ll be doing verification on Friday. Not sure due to the holiday weekend and many places here will be closed. We’re scheduled to be closed also, but will be working a crew on friday and Saturday because some parts we are waiting for have not arrived yet. I’ve been on the phone constantly with customs but still can’t get an ETA grrrrrr.
If my agency isn’t open Friday, I’ll just have to cut out early tomorrow to take care of it because I don’t like waiting until the last week to do it.