PA: After a registered sex offender moves near the Hampton Township school, the mother wants to change state laws

Source: 12/7/22

Flyers distributed by Hampton Township Police Department informed parents and people living in the Central Elementary School area that a registered sex offender had moved nearby.

Community notification is required under Pennsylvania’s Megan’s Law, but the law does not limit where an offender may live.

After learning that this individual lived less than 1,200 feet from where her three children study and play during recess, Katie Wymard set to work to try to change the law.

“They’re on break every day and it’s literally in his backyard,” Wymard said. “And his crimes are against children.”

Wymard and a friend launched a letter campaign and petition calling for legislation that would ban any registered sex offender under Megan’s law from being within 750 yards [2250 feet!] of any public or private school, preschool or child care facility in the state.

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Action alert, PA registrants! Do you really want 2,250 foot residency restrictions? You’d have to move to the countryside! Monitor your Penn. bills using or your state’s site to see it when it eventually pops up (bills like this are irresistible to legislators wanting angry mom votes). Then show up, stand up, and speak up. And of course write and call! If not you, then who?

A mom in Pennsylvania is trying to get residency restrictions of 2,250 ft enacted. Just more fear-mongering from the public.

Needs to go before the supreme court and be ruled unconstitutional. Like it was here in California.

Isn’t the sex offense registration act already unconstitutional in PA?

The staff members of that school are more likely a threat than the registrant “less than 1200 feet away!” As in (probably) 1170 feet, outside the standard 1000 in most other jurisdictions that have residence restrictions. Hardly “in his back yard.”

This Karen created an email address (at the bottom of the article) specifically to accept letters to the attorney general on this matter. I think I’ll write one. Suggest others do the same. If I remember right, retroactively applying registry requirements was ruled unconstitutional by the PASC. So even if this Karen does get this proposed, it wouldn’t apply to the registrant less than 1200 feet away! – a fact I’ll make sure to point out.

I posted this in general comments before it was posted here. The reason why I wanted to post it is, the PFR just moved into the neighborhood and is doing nothing illegal. He can legally live where he is, he is causing no problems, he is doing nothing illegal! But now she wants to make a law to make him move out of the neighborhood just to make herself feel better. I looked her up and she’s a realtor. So it’s not like she is new to [PFR] being in neighborhoods. This is just a, feel good law, that she wants to enact.

Katie Wymard is a realtor? I’m sure money is motivating most of her misbehavior.

Katie Wymard is a harassing terrorist. She should try to mind her own business and leave other families alone. She is an enemy of all free, decent, moral Americans. The real enemies of Americans do not live only in Russia, China, etc. Many are terrorists like Katie Wymard who live right in Amerika. They might live right next door to you. You might not even know they are garbage unless you pay attention to their actions or blabbering.

Since Katie Wymard is so “concerned” about people living near schools, I’m sure she is very concerned about people who have been convicted of shooting children with guns. Why has she failed to get PA’s Gun Offender Registry up and running? It is shocking that we don’t even know where those offenders live. I guess she is cool with shooters living by schools. She must be cool with shooters being in schools.

None of this nonsense is for protecting anyone. It is to make dumb, little people like Katie Wymard try to feel a little bit better about themselves. Registries are a pacifier for dummies.

Oh my, I just saw that the terrorist gave her email address! I guess so other terrorists can contact her.

Once again we find that a PFR is constantly subjected to the judgements of others. Once someone is aware that a PFR is in their general vicinity, Karen will demand they leave. Where a PFR is allowed to be is always a case by case, moment to moment ruling by a Committee of Karens comprised by whomever is there. The Committee as votes for banishment…always.

This is why every time I go to the grocery store I wonder, “Is this the last time I will be allowed here?” Every time I go to see my Doctor, who’s office is just a block away from home, “Is this the last time he will see me?” This is why, though I remain committed to the program, I no longer attend AA meetings. This is why, despite having an amazingly good chance of getting it, I did not even ask for the job very near my house. It’s wasn’t the risk of being denied the job, it was the concern of what the neighborhood would do if they found out I got the job. Obviously, as a PFR, my presence at that place of employment, would be subject to the moment by moment judgement from any and all that became aware of me being there. Sooner or later, somebody is going to veto that, by one means or another.

Sooner or later, some Karen and/or Daren will come to the conclusion that keeping me as an unemployed PFR living half a block away from this place, is “Safer” than being an employed PFR there. Yep, K & D are always sure that it’s best to make sure I have as much free time, especially around 7:30 AM, and 3:30 PM on weekdays, as possible. Plenty of free time to watch their precious little angels going too and from school as possible. Also best to minimize the requirements on my time, so I can more freely roam about the neighborhood. If I had a job, I’d have to be there at least some of the time…thank God K&D are sparing me this burden. They also spare me the burden of having reasons to…limit my behaviors. If I had a job, I’d have to be concerned about things that could put that at risk! Thanks K&D!

Post this part in the article comments? Too over the top? Switching from (Person Forced to Register) PFR to RSO for clarity. PFR is not well known.

So this story shows us another Wise citizen who is absolutely sure that forcing PFRs out of their homes is best. Safer to force them to move, even if that leaves them homeless. Best to banish them away, even if they loose their jobs. Yes, always safest to manufacture as many homeless, jobless PFRs as possible. Best and safest to use state laws to force as many PFRs into this as possible. Force them into this…and keep them trapped in this for life. Yeah, you wouldn’t want to burden these PFRs with…jobs they have to go to. Homes they have to pay for, with money from those jobs. Relationships with family and friends, they may loose if homeless, or in jail. All kinds of responsibilities that they can’t live up to if they’re homeless or in jail. Yes, best to do everything possible to eliminate as much of this from as many PFRs as possible for as long as possible. That makes things safer!

What could be safer than having as many homeless, jobless, friendless loaners with nothing to loose and unlimited free time? Oh I know! Use State laws to force them into this, and trap them in this for life! That way things can be even safer…

Angry, bitterly resentful, homeless, jobless, loaners with unlimited free time, nothing to loose and an ax to grind with the people that did this to them…even though they haven’t committed a crime in years! Even better! Can’t have enough people like that in our society! Never enough people like that!

Even better than that would be to pretend that this won’t happen as a result of these laws! I mean, this has happened absolutely everywhere else these laws have been implemented, but not here…because….good intentions and a whole lot of wishful thinking will shield you from it! Oh…also…now that they are homeless…trying to find them, should anyone want to find them for any reason…is a lot, lot harder! That makes things more fun for people looking for them! Like playing hide and seek! Since they don’t have a home to live in, a job they have to go to, family and friends they want to see, they can make the whole country their hide and seek playground! Hell they might even “Sneak” into and out of Mexico and/or Canada from time to time…just to make things more fun.

Why not move around constantly? You got nothing keeping you here now… regardless of where “Here” might be at any one moment. You know, like the Hobos of the depression…who rode the rails all over the country. No reason not to, so they did! These people can too…for any reason…or no reason at all. Just roam into town, any town anywhere, just another totally anonymous hobo passing through…do….whatever….then move on to somewhere else.

Remember, if anyone challenges this idea…be sure to include your iron clad assumption that the people impacted by these laws will commit new crimes! Always stress how sure you are that new crimes are assured! Then be certain that making them move eliminates this…you know…because…it will!

I’m pleasantly surprised that the news article didn’t Name and Shame this registrant whom this busybody in PA is having a cow over. Maybe the folks who run this website can take a hint!