CA Registrants Lacking Tier Assignment Can Get Help

During this week’s meeting of the CA Sex Offender Management Board, it was announced that any person who currently lacks a tier assignment can obtain information about their tier assignment or lack of a tier assignment from the CA Department of Justice. 

According to that announcement, registrants seeking this information should send an email to the CA Department of Justice to this address:

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Amazing what a lawsuit can accomplish.

Already did, hope Frank is up to healing and emailing!

Okay, I emailed them. My registering agency says I show as a “TBD”. We’ll see if CADOJ will be of any use. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Thank you!

i do not understand that address?, can some one repeat the entire address.?

Thanks for this information and suit. I shot off a simple request and received this reply about 4 hours later.

“You have been assigned and tier and can request your Tier Notification Letter from your local registering agency.”
Thank you,

😃 Wow!! SO FAST!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Jan.19 a.m.: I email “Could you please check your system and advise me if I have received a Tier Level assignment yet?”
Jan.19 p.m.: SB384 replied: “Please contact your local law enforcement agency….”
Jan.22: I email again,My registering agency was unable to provide Tier Level letter. …. For that reason, I am requesting CA DOJ itself please provide Tier letter.”
Jan.24: SB384 replies:A copy of your tier notification letter is being mailed to your address on file.”
Jan.27!!!: Tier Notification letter arrives in my mailbox!! 3 days!! 😲 🤗 😃
⚡Holy Blazing Fast Government!⚡

If I was granted relief. What do I need to show the police where I reside? Do I just stop registering?

Emailed Ca DOJ on Monday and got emailed back from them tuesday saying I have been assigned a tier and to contact my local registration agency. Called the agency today and got all my paperwork this afternoon and was put in Tier 2. I have had to register for 26 years. Going submit my petition asap!

Does anyone here know if a tier level 3 must now register 4 times a year in California. ( Not listed as a svp) but still,a level 3 lifetime registration.

What tier would 288(a) land in?

I know this is off topic but its comparable. We’re moving to Georgia and I’ve been told I have a good chance of moving from tier 3 to tier 2 there and with tier 2 status possibly getting off the registry since Ive been out 13 years without probation or parole and have never been in trouble. My issue is he wants me to get a psychosexual evaluation which is at least a grand at a clinic he uses, then he said the actual petition can cost 5 to 10k. My question is this the norm? It seems extremely scammish the governmet is making one pay so much just to attempt to get off the registry. If anything they should have to prove im a threat, not myself go through hoops to prove im not.

so how are offenders able to get their record expendexpunged in California but not in other states is there a petition to file

This is good news! I sent a email requesting mine. Had a family member check my info online, they don’t even have dates to anything

My annual review was due, so I phoned the local PD to set my appt., while scheduling I asked the clerk if she can tell me if I was tiered, as I had been in the TBD tier- she said sure I will look now and print it out…. She then said you’re designated to tier 3, I will print this out and I want you to contact the DOJ for a tier re-evaluation. I of course was disturbed by this and I immediately sent an email to the one listed on this thread. I sent an email stating my name and demographics, factual details regarding my successes and discharge of parole 10 years ago, etc. and said I wanted to know how I can get a re-evaluation as to my tier designation and was told to contact them by the PD I register with. I then received an email the next day asking who informed me about a re-evaluation and asked for a name and number. I responded with the info they requested and received another email that said because he couldn’t identify me that he relayed the answer to my question to the PD and they will inform you when you go in for your appointment. A week goes by and I go to the PD for my appt. and during my appointment I was telling the clerk that I’ve recently been having issues going to my children’s school meetings and have been barred from going on campus now that I’m publicly on the registry (as I wasn’t in it for 13 yrs until a few months ago), and was more or less venting… she then said “oh here is your tier designation letter, although it isn’t going to do you any good.” I then said, yea about that, did the individual contact you from the DOJ? She said yes and he was very rude and said “because of your conviction you are automatically in tier 3 and are required to register for life”.  I start crying and she apologized. Yes, so sad. The bummer is I was 19 when I committed the offense of pimping and pandering of a minor that was 16 (266i(b)(1)), and for 13 years wasn’t publicly listed and was excluded from Megan’s law ( without actually applying for an exclusion) and am now having to go through this new way of living after having established myself, my family, career, etc.- this is absolutely insane- I think it’s worse now after being successfully discharged from parole, it’s like I’m a prisoner again. And now not allowed to school meetings and being humiliated bc of what’s now being made public. I find it odd that I’m now “high risk” but wasn’t high risk enough for 13 yrs of not being publicly listed! This is outlandish to me. I wish there was a statute regarding the age during conviction relative to the “victim’s” age. So again, still suffering and now my children are having to—— since I am not allowed on campus I will now homeschool my children——-this is the never ending nightmare that I’ve lived with all of my adulthood—- and for the rest of my life.  

Does Any know is this law suit use for CA or will this tier proposal will also be for DOJ? Like tier 3 petitioning to getting removed off sorna?

I arrived back in the US, on 14 February, from working overseas for 20 months.
Went to register in LA County and I was still TBD. Sent an email to, received a response that I was assigned a tier.
Went to my registration agency, LA County Sheriffs, and picked up my Tier 2 designation letter.
Janice, I’m interested in being one of your 100. Can you please contact me or tell me how to contact you?
I already sent a message through “Contact Us”

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