Killers, Gangsters, Sex Offenders: US Marshals Capture 76,000 Fugitives

Source: 1/24/23

It’s a staggering number: 75,846 fugitives were arrested by U.S. Marshals in the fiscal year 2022 — an average of 303 per day of activity, the service reported. 

These included:

9,911 sex offenders, including those charged or convicted of sexual assault, failing to register or comply with the requirements of the national sex offender registry, and other offenses;
5,189 gang members;
5,759 homicide suspects;
1,496 international and foreign fugitives;
986 fugitives charged in the special Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces Program, which combines the resources and expertise of various federal law enforcement agencies to nail major drug traffickers and money launders;

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almost 10,000 registrants rounded up after they serve their time this year

I bet for the registrants, the majority was for Failure to register an e-mail address or other silly stuff. What were the other arrests for? I only add up 23,341.

Wow, this article […] makes me want to pay more taxes so our huge, out-of-control, giant, big governments can grow ever bigger. Can we have too many laws or too much law enforcement? I think not. I feel so patriotic. And safe!

The very first thing in the article is one of those awesome pictures that everyone loves where law enforcement is all dressed in tactical gear and they are busting a door in. They must be going in to get an email address! Or maybe someone didn’t tell big government about a vacation they took with their family?! Oooooooh!

But the caption under the picture is ridiculous. It says, “No one can argue with the track record of the U.S. Marshals Service.” Uh, hold my beer. Of course the track record can be argued. Personally, I think the incompetent marshals should accomplish twice as much with half the budget. How’s that for arguing? The whole article is filled with similar “no one can argue” […].

Anyway, this whole thing just pisses me off. It shows me what a tremendous amount of resources that these fools trashed last year. It’s shocking. What a waste. I have no doubt that all law enforcement across Amerika needs to be de-funded. They are fleecing us idiot taxpayers. Take a look again at the amount of taxes you pay. It’s unreal. Let’s demand it stop and vote in people who ACTUALLY believe in limited government and don’t just lie about it.

Let me translate a bit:

Killers = murders
Gangsters = hood rats
Sex Offenders = political prisoners

They actually put more effort into arresting for failure to register ( a $200 Euro fine in Germany ) than getting the gang members off the streets. Wonder how long it will take them to catch the guy that stood over the mother and baby in Fresno and executed them both . But thank god they got that 76 yr old man on lifetime registration for touching a woman on her butt when he was 22 since he now has dementia and forgot that he was a “dangerous predator” so didn’t go down and wait in line for 3 hrs in order to tell them he is still at the same address he has been at for over 50 yrs.

killers, gangsters, sex offenders, oh my!

The kings of traffickers/Money Launders/ is state and Fed LE ! ripping the people off of funds they don’t even need , thieves getting a big pat on the back as they rob us blind as LE hides behind immunity ! and zero transparency. frigging con artist for bootkickers , trying to justify fat pay checks for card carrying thugs , Then begging on the phone for more money now thats rich , how bout pay us cash money for the rights they steal from us everyday on the registry for so called protecting and serving us to death .

I noticed that they listed “ and other offenses” as a reason to arrest PFRs. So nothing to do with original offense or even a sex offense, but the Marshalls still count that as an offense by a sex offender.

10.000 sex offenders hunted down like wild animals and thrown into cages, nothing new nothing surprising, I’ve personally been tracked down by law enforcement agencies and arrested for FTR twice within 18 months.
The first one I was facing 8 years, luckily I had a really good attorney got probation no jail time. The second FTR charge, because I was on probation for the first one and caught another FTR charge, I was facing 15 years under the California three strike law, and best believe the Riverside County District Attorney Office was trying to send my ass up the river.
You gotta be extremely careful and aware of your surroundings at all times, never let people know how long you’re planning on visiting, or how long you’re gonna be physically present in any pacific location, I’ve seem the DA subpoena family members and friends into court and threatening them if they Life for you they will also be arrested.
The S.A.F.E task-force here in California are still out there and they play by their own set of rules. In my personal experience they had been watching me for about 2 weeks before arresting me for “Failure to register all addresses” They said going to visit my kids every day at my mother-in-law‘s house was a frequent place that I dwelled.
Again had a really good lawyer got me probation no jail time and he even got one of my strikes taken off,
In 2019 I went back to court and got both FTR charges reduced to a misdemeanor and dismissed.