VA: FCPS changes bus stop location over concerns of proximity to sex offender

Source: 1/22/23

Fairfax County Public Schools changed the bus stop location for students in Mount Vernon after a parent raised concerns over its proximity to a registered sex offender.

The bus stop in question sits at the corner of Cedar Road and Black Alder Drive.

FCPS announced that starting on Tuesday, the new pick-up and drop-off spot will be at the corner of Black Alder Drive and Teak Court, about a block away and out of view from the home.

A father, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he recently learned a registered sex offender was in his community. When he looked up his address, he was shocked to realize the home he was registered to sits right in front of the bus stop, which serves children attending Mount Vernon High School, Whitman Middle School, and Washington Mill Elementary School.

The sex offender was convicted in 2016, although it is unclear how long he resided in the neighborhood.

“The kids stand smack dab in front of the address,” he said. “I would hope that if it was your children in the neighborhoods you live in, I highly doubt you would allow them to sit in that situation without rectifying it.”

In Virginia, some registered sex offenders are restricted from living within 500 feet of a primary, second, or high school, child day center or public park that shares a border with a school and is regularly used for school activities.

However, state law does not specifically address bus stops.

The father requested school officials move the bus stop away from the view of the home on Friday.

In an email response provided by the father on the same day, the Office of Transportation Services Director Francine Furby said, “While we will consider moving a stop because of its proximity to an offender’s home, the fact that your child might be visible to the offender at some point on the walk to the stop does not warrant the movement of the stop. Parents are responsible for supervising their children and selecting their children’s walking route to and from bus stops, but should you have specific concerns about this person’s actions or behavior, please contact the Fairfax County Police Department.”

The father felt the answer was inadequate.

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I guess this might fall under the category “AITA”

AITA?…. Because I am very glad that they simply moved the bus stop rather than harassing the registrant, requiring him/her to move!!

(Besides, what if he was busted convicted of a Romeo Juliet romance or simple public urination…. and nothing involving children?)

I am also glad they moved the bus stop. Hopefully, it is now in front of the house of a murderer, drug dealer, person with multiple DUIs, etc and not in front of the registrant whose offense is probably decades old and was for public urination. Way to go to keep our children safe. At least while it was in front of the registrant, they knew who lived there, and now they will have no clue. Priceless yet again!

Imagine how scared this father would be for their child’s safety if all the DUI drivers were listed on a registry. Your kid would be at a constant danger of being run over no matter where they walked.

I loved the original response to his request. That’s right: you be a parent and actually look after your kid. But, whatever. Glad they made everyone else adjust rather than harassing this single person.

F*ck that anonymous “father”. I really hope that this whole issue really bothers him and causes problems. It is well deserved. This kind of stuff is the true gift of the Registries. It is great when “people” who think Registries should exist are bothered by it and have problems. I love that every time.

Articles like this just confirm the insane stupidity that surrounds the Registries. It is so dumb that it hurts my brain.

What kind of parent worries about idiocy like this? I can tell you that when my children were too young to be trusted going to/from a bus stop or waiting there, we had adults there supervising them. We didn’t have to worry about any of this stupidity. It is probably too inconvenient for this “father” to either supervise his own children or figure out something so basic as getting that handled in some other way. He’s probably too busy “working” and drinking/drugging.

The PFR here must not have any children. Otherwise he should take his children to the bus stop every day and wait there with them. If I were the PFR and found out about this, I would just HAVE to make it a point to be walking by that bus stop all the time. I don’t take the time to take leisurely walks very often, but I would have to in this case. I could start my own neighborhood watch and wait there to protect the children. Especially since their “parents” won’t do it.

Someone should tell this genius “father” that while he is worried about a PFR living in a house, there could be another PFR or non-PFR that lives 500 miles away who has come to town to kidnap a child. Then ask where he wants the bus stop moved.

These are the genius “people” who support Registries.

Like that’s REALLY gonna make a difference, much less “minimize” risk. I’m starting to think the registry is just pacification and the illusion of control for an ignorant society.

Guns and Fentanyl are the real threat to children, but the boogeyman on the “hit list” is an easy sell for politicians and the media. It’s an easy distraction from the REAL issues.

How much money was spent in the entire process and accomplished nothing. As well the inconvenience to all others involved that use that stop. As well the drivers having to re route. What a f******* joke!

Last edited 9 days ago by Lone Ranger

“The kids stand smack dab in front of the address,” he said.

Oh Lord how mercy! Help me Jesus!

“I would hope that if it was your children in the neighborhoods you live in, I highly doubt you would allow them to sit in that situation without rectifying it.”

So what are you going to do to “rectify” it? Mr. Anonymous.
Sounds like you want everyone else to rectify it while you sit back hiding in the dark. What a cowardly man you are.

Last edited 9 days ago by Doc Martin

Well back when I was a cave child and we had to wait for the Brachiosaurus Bus and watching out for the Big Bad T Rex , we had Big Bad Cave women standing around with us , and the T Rex was very afraid . seems better than changing a whole system for one fruit loop coward too lazy to go stand and watch , no matter who lives where, still is it not a good idea to watch out for their safety anyway? . myself I think the guy making the big stink is the one to watch out for or is he planning on running for office ? either way I would not want him around my family, where is the proof he is even a father ? I wonder if this so-called worried father had some other motives . I don’t trust any one most of all finger pointers ,