AZ: Arizona lawmakers consider sex doll bill

Source: 3/16/23

Arizona state lawmakers on Thursday considered legislation banning sex dolls that look like children.

The bill, HB2169, would make possessing, trafficking or importing a sex doll that is made to look like an infant or child a class 4 felony in Arizona. Further provisions and penalties are also included for situations where the doll has been made using a picture of an actual child.  
According to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, an increasing number of these dolls have been discovered in cases nationwide, including three in Pinal County.

“We need to do all we can to make it impossible for pedophiles to hurt children,” said Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb. “This amendment is an excellent step in providing law enforcement and prosecutors in Arizona with the tools they need to protect our kids.”  

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Didn’t the federal government already do this? Why is Arizona reinventing the wheel? Oh right, its election cycle again and politicians with no record worth running on need to scare up some votes by passing laws that cover things already made illegal elsewhere to claim they are protecting the citizens.

Question: Are certain legislators “Seeing the writing on the wall”, and just “Grasping at straws, before the fall?”

Here’s what I mean. It could be said that the tide is shifting, at least at the Judicial level, against the Registry. Slowly, and with no certainly on a case by case level…or that it will continue to shift in this direction. However, it could continue to move in this direction, with greater frequency and impact. So, are some Legislator’s just pushing whatever idea pops into mind in what they may assume to be the Twilight Hours of the Registry?

Get as many people added to the list for as many reasons as you can think of before the books are closed forever? Doesn’t matter how absurd, redundant, unconstitutional, or pointless the inclusion is…the only thing that matters is getting names added, for any reason, while you still can? Truth, as I see it is, even if SCOTUS obliterates all Registry laws, completely, absolutely, unambiguously and unreservedly Nationwide…the actual list of names will live on.

Any name included on that list, for any reason, can have that used against them…for life…should it be, “Necessary”.

Do some legislators fear that they will no longer be allowed to force the Scarlet Letter upon people in the near future….so they are just slapping it on as many people as they can, while they can, and hopping it will leave a permanent mark upon the recipient, even years after the actual letter is removed?

Real world example? Look at ALL the symbols used at the camps, and what they represented. None of those symbols left “Permanent marks” on the people that wore them? I think some of those poor souls wore their prison designation symbol until they died…even if they lived on for decades after the war ended. Some with pride, like those that wore the Star of David, and some with more…mixed feelings, and results…like those that wore the Pink Triangle…perhaps?

Oh, and after the actual symbol is removed…the only thing left is the memory that you were there…and the… speculations about why…and what symbol you wore…and how the camp administrators issued that one to you.

We need to do all we can to make it impossible for pedophiles to hurt children…. with the tools they need to protect our kids.”  (Even our silicone children. 🙄 😒 )

And what about trans-teen-drag-silicone dolls?? Or are they too “woke” to need protection (if they even actually exist)?? Are “furry” dolls allowed ….. Or are they a gateway to actual bestiality??

I am curious about the research is lawmakers and law enforcement officers are always citing. 🤔
Correct me if I am wrong, but, for example, hasn’t researched actually shown that the viewing illegal child images does not automatically lead to actual contact child sexual offenses??

I am curious what true & valid academic research has to say about such things as sex dolls. 🤔

Last edited 1 year ago by David🔱

Next, please make it illegal to cosplay in school-girl uniforms during sex. I’m sure this will get you those last few votes!

Where is DeSantis? He was beat by Arizona! Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, you are next. Protect your children. Save on silicone. It is life or death!

😩 This story still haunts me.
Could they please name the new statute “Elmo’s Law“? 🙏🏻

Jury Convicts Man For Vile Act With Elmo Doll

(If it saves one plushie…🧸) 😭😭😭

🫣 South Korea lifts ban on imported sex dolls

(“Sex dolls” =🐇🕳️ = 😵‍💫😩)*

*Translation: This topic can lead you down an internet rabbit hole of utter ridiculousness!

What gets me about the whole “child sex doll” thing is the idea that an inanimate object can fulfill the role of an actual human, that anyone attracted to kids is only in it for the sex and not for an actual relationship and if you build enough verisimilitude into the doll our obviously animalistic passions will be both fooled and sated. Like we don’t value personalities or friendship or genuine affection and because we’re so primitive, stupid and bereft of humanity. It show just how supremely ignorant most people are on the subject and what it is that they think they know about us but have absolutely not the first clue about. They think that we’re all potential John Wayne Gacy’s or Jeffrey Dahmers. It’s impossible to have an intelligent or rational conversation with such people which is ironic because that’s exactly what they think, too, wrongly.

what in the hell’s wrong with LE ? ever inventing new ways people can be jailed for harming no one and putting on a lame list for stuff thats harming no one , today it could be a stupid doll , next it could be a vibrator or “even thinking , oh wait they already do in courts on a good deal of intent reasoning” when we go to the store are we going to find all of the fruit and veggies cut up ? or busted for having some in our frig that are whole ? if it was not for the mere stupidity of LE / over sized gov’t this would be funny

“This sex doll is not an end result. This is not in place of. This is a stepping stone.”


“Research shows that people who are willing to abuse children, this is one thing that they are going to use to get to that end result,” said Pinal County Deputy Attorney Jim Heard.

Why would people who abuse children have to go thru a doll to get to a real child? If they’re willing to spend 3 to $4000 on some doll, that tells me they’re trying to avoid a real child. I’d like to see Deputy Heard’s research. And I’m willing to bet his “research” involves a sexual abuser being busted with a doll & cp. But where’s the evidence proving that it was the cp & dolls that led to the child sexual abuse? And even if one case showed that, you would need a greater number of cases to have a large enough sample size for the research to be credible. And they don’t have it, because hardly anyone has gotten busted for child sex dolls, because these state laws are very new and haven’t been tested on appeal. So you know Deputy Heard is BSing. This sex doll law nothing less than a way to expand the police state and prison industrial complex

These dolls should be CONFISCATED, then donated free of charge to conservative parents who enjoy beating their children. That way, next time they feel the urge to spank a child, they can get their jollies taking it out on the silicon doll.

“We need to do all we can to make it impossible for pedophiles to hurt children,”
I would much rather have someone getting off with an inanimate object than an actual child. While I’m not in favor of companies making sex dolls that look like children, how does banning them make children safe? Take away the dolls and [they may] go after real children.

You know lawmakers are fresh out of ideas when they want to protect plastic resin from being “exploited.”

When politicians pass laws like this, I wonder if they know they’re taking a sledge hammer to the argument that possessing cp victimizes people because real children are involved; at least that’s what therapists told me in SOT while pointing their bony fingers at me. So if a real child is not involved in possessing a doll, then why make the act a class 4 felony?

Yup, Unlawful use of Latex®! Because it looks like a child, regulation requires manufacturers of the mold to include provisions for faux pubes.
5 yrs. Later!” Have you been harmed, hurt or suffocated by a latex sex doll?”
“One call! That’s all.”

I am sure someone out there will make a sock puppet and have sex with it claiming its underage and someone else will have a melt down. While this is gross, it is not a real child and I would rather have someone who can’t control their urge use a doll instead of a child. I recall some country where convicted sex offenders can get permission for one. As I said, I find it gross but seriously if it can help keep someone from offending I prefer that over a harmed child.