SC: Man sentenced to 30 years for killing 73-year-old registered sex offender in North Myrtle Beach

Source: 3/21/22

A 22-year-old was sentenced to 30 years in prison Tuesday for murdering a North Myrtle Beach man he found through the sex offender registry last year.

Kameron Scott Horton pleaded guilty to killing 73-year-old Darrell Lane Johnson on Jan. 30, 2022. Horton addressed the court after he was sentenced.

Kameron Scott Horton is charged with murder in connection to the killing of a 73-year-old man in North Myrtle Beach. Photo courtesy of the J. Reuben Long Detention Center 
“I understand the severity of what I’ve done. … I wasn’t myself,” Horton said. “I want the chance to make up for it.”

During Tuesday’s hearing, 15th Circuit Senior Assistant Solicitor George DeBusk said Horton had never met Johnson prior to the day he killed him. Horton learned about Johnson through the sex offender registry.

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hopefully when he gets out he will not commit a another one.

How many times of this happening does it take for them to get it?

Horton had never met Johnson prior to the day he killed him. Horton learned about Johnson through the sex offender registry.”

History repeats itself time and time again. The Registry has been made a weapon once again and the government is not held accountable?

Hey all you federal judges! You reading this?

Given South Carolina’s penchant for handing out death sentences for murder, I’m surprised this guy only got thirty years. They should have followed their ordinary sentencing patterns and lined him up for execution. I’m not a fan of the death penalty, thinking it both barbaric and cruel and unusual punishment, but it seems to me this guy got off with a relatively light sentence (for what sounds like premeditated murder) simply because he killed a sex offender instead of some “innocent” person. The least he should have received was life without parole.

Yet another PFR tossed into the Acceptable Losses dumpster. Always room for one more in that thing, it would appear.

Another undeniable example that the registry promotes and facilitates vigilante violence, to be swept under the rug. Always room for more under that rug, it would also appear.

I wonder, if Mr. Johnson had not installed his doorbell cam, would the murder have been caught? Would it have delayed his capture long enough for him to kill another PFR? Would he have tried a door to door approach like Stephen Marshall did? Would his next selected victim have resulted in a collateral victim like it did with the Moody’s?

How much longer until one of these psychos needs to eliminate some witnesses? If Mr. Johnson had had a visitor when psycho clown arrived? Would Horton have eliminated that person to keep his secret? I can only hope that the first killed like this is a cop doing a compliance check and caught off guard by an ambush style attack, again like Marshall did with his 2nd victim of the day, who he shot through the window. I wonder what Marshall would have done if he had known he was seen shooting his 2nd victim of the day, by one of his victim’s neighbors? Wouldn’t matter, even if Marshall had killed the neighbor…just more collateral damage for the acceptable losses dumpster. Always room for one more…always.

How much longer before one of these psychos kills the wrong person by mistake? I’m thinking of my brother…most people that don’t know us well can’t tell us apart, despite the fact that I am 5 inches taller than him. If he ever answered my door for any reason, no way a stranger would not mistake him for me…none. If I lived in the same small town he does…he would be mistaken for me…and get whatever that mistake results in…repeatedly. Perhaps, under those circumstances, he would have been hit in the back of the head as he crossed the street…instead of me?

Frankly even if my brother, and Sister-in-law were butchered like animals, under the mistaken belief that they were me and my wife…the regional tyrannies of the majority would change nothing. There is no amount of collateral damage, nor any person not so disposable to the tyrannies that they can’t be slaughtered in the pursuit of their goals….goals they are making no progress towards in this case.

Last but certainly not least…Drum, Mullen, Marshall, moose antler guy, this guy….all attacked their victims in their homes, then left. No chance they would need to eliminate a passerby who stopped to check out the noises they heard? No chance any of these people could have run into someone that needed to be eliminated as they fled the scene? I can only hope it is the spouse, or even better adult child of an elected official that is the first eliminated in this fashion. Only a matter of time…weeks… months…maybe years… maybe never, or maybe it’s happening right now…can’t know until it happens.

Won’t happen? You mean the self professed Neo-Nazi Moody’s wouldn’t have killed Rabbi Goldstein to eliminate him as a witness, we’re it needed? Far Right conspiracy theorist Banks wouldn’t have silenced Senor and Senora Gonzalez, and maybe even little Miguel if they passed by while he was in front of the house waiting for the cops…you know if he changed his mind about that? True, Marshall was disciplined enough to not try to shoot his way off the bus the cops cornered him on…. preferring to just kill himself instead…so we should assume things like this will always end like that? How convenient…they all end with capture, surrender, or suicide..after no more than 2 murders. 2 in one day is still the 3 way tied record, as far as I know.

Ok just one more…can’t resist. Meghan…yep that Meghan. The bad man is on his way to pay her a visit as she plays in her front yard…but before he gets there…Mr. Neighbor gets to him…and ensures the bad man will never harm any children ever again… guarantees it…right in front of the little neighbor girl, he didn’t notice until just now.

100% guaranteed fact that little Megan lives to point at Mr. Neighbor’s house and tell the police, “He lives there”. Yes, 100% guaranteed fact that’s how this scenario would have played out…no possible chance of anything else. No way Mr. Neighbor just clubs Meghan to death, then blames it on the now dead bad man across the street…right? Absolutely no way he justifies that with a, “Well he would have killed her…so…this is ok”.

No matter, would have been plenty of room for her in the Acceptable Losses Dumpster. Everybody is disposable in pursuit of their goals…no exceptions…everyone. The tyrannies will just assume nothing like any of these things will ever happen…and if they do, they’ll just toss all the bodies into the dumpster, and assume it won’t happen again. If it does…chuck and assume can happen an unlimited number of times.

30 years for murder. Just wow.

First this started happening every month or so, beginning with James Fairbanks. Now this seems to be happening every two weeks! I wonder if this can be an issue for the Court.

The victim had been living in the community for 27 years. He was listed on Karen’s List (a.k.a the Murder Target List) for something from 1988.

So this piece of sh*t 21 year old uses the Murder Target List to find his 73 year old victim. He murders the old man in his home. What a perfectly normal thing to do for a brave, young person. A 30 year sentence seems about right.

The piece of sh*t said, “I understand the severity of what I’ve done. … I want the chance to make up for it.” Maybe in prison he’ll learn how to raise the dead? That could make up for it.

But luckily he’ll be released from prison before he is very old. I’d bet anything he will not spend 30 years in prison either.

He’ll get his chance to “make up for it” because even decades from now Amerika’s criminal regimes will still likely have failed to create their Murder Offender Registry. And that is because murder just isn’t that dangerous. We’ll want the piece of sh*t living next door to schools, parks, and all that. No one will be fake “monitoring” and harassing him, as is done with SEX people. No one need be concerned. Except for the families listed on the Murder Target List. Prison will likely make this guy a better person and he’ll need to murder again.

Oh well, some collateral consequences are acceptable so we can pretend to protect people.

“Horton had never met Johnson prior to the day he killed him. Horton learned about Johnson through the sex offender registry.”

Yet another piece of evidence the registry is being used as an actual hit list. I hope ACSOL is adding this event to the file when they present it to SCOTUS in the future. “SCOTUS, is death punishment or is it a collateral consequence? It surely cannot be a collateral consequence since it is only a price club membership. Yet, all these murders keep occurring with the murderers keep admitting they used the registry to find the registrants.”

Has there been any wrongful death lawsuits against the state government for these types of cases? If there are and plaintiff for the deceased PFR wins, it would be on the record as bona fide proof supporting the harm that these misled, poorly drafted SORNA laws causes, in extreme cases death. SORNA is nothing but a government sanctioned hit list for would be vigilantes. Of course, a personal injury attorney would have to be willing to take on complex cases like these.

And guess how many years you get for criminal sexual assault of a minor in South Carolina

So here’s somewhat of an open question, I think. Generally the government does not have a duty to protect as SCOTUS has decided in DeShaney v Winnebago Dept of Social Service. This case however does say that there is a duty to protect when there is a ‘special relationship’ with the government. The example given in the case is a custodial one but it didn’t limit what a special relationship is. Does placing a person on a public registry create a special relationship because of the government effectively giving bad actors the exact tool needed to find and harm someone on a ‘hit list’ so easily? To me by making a registry public, the government has created itself a duty to protect the registrant and if they do not wish to have this duty and the obligations that go along with it the registry must not be public. In fact, in my opinion based on the logic at SCOTUS, because of the special relationship the created by a registry the duty to protect the registrant must be greater than a duty to protect the child (who has no special relationship) that the registry is supposed to be designed to protect thereby making a public registry in improper absent additional government protections extended to the registrant.

With repeated cases such as this, it should be arguable that failure-to-register is simply self-preservation.