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Our future 3?

Our future 3.png

Just registered for WHAT should be the LAST time for 20 years. The LEO said they did their part and sent to DA Office in February. Working with Public Defender Office in Los Angeles County. Not sure how long the DA and then getting a court date will take. The PD said they had only one who went through and even though he had a ONE Failure to Register he got through and off the Registry

I have 9 years on the registry and I just found out my Tier status as I registered yesterday . They told me that I was on Tier 3 ! I should be on Tier 1 ! Can anyone advise me on what to do ? Has anyone else had this problem ?

The scotus is busy, temp blocked the Texas variety judges orders in record time. A pace not available to the common man.
Sadly, this time its that pesky child rearing issue AGAIN! with the
Pill. The abortion pill this time. I’m calling it that only because G search doesn’t readily ( at fist glance) result in the patent name, nor the firms that provide it. Just saying fact is this judges order affected the price of the drug. A ban will indeed increase the price of the drug. I’m waiting for a hoarder story to arise. One things for sure ole Tex is unpopular with some pharma board.
Does ACSOL take a position on this issue?

I think the right likes to stick its nose in to far.
Finally no dead fetus to cope with, but they’re not content.

Has anyone actually had any conviction expunged as a result of the new 1203.425, or will the justice system just ignore it due to “lack of funds”?

I leave Tuesday to begin the next chapter of my life. I found a great 2 br apartment in the Haidhausen neighborhood a short bus ride from my work. 3rd floor that looks out over a beautiful courtyard. Still can’t get over the difference in quality of living just in the short time I was there looking. A great roof terrace off the living room on one side, a master bedroom balcony and underground parking. And it is fully furnished with all utilities for € 3,000 !
I am excited to finally be getting to work in my profession again after 8 1/2 yrs. I knew I would eventually and kept up with seminars, conferences and my credits.
It will happen if you have patience and a plan. 🤘🏽👋🏽

Rent a True story! Unfettered use of the database.
Looks like the feds made hay though! LOOK! a crime circumvented.
Q: SOR Agent, do I need to register my internet ID
Imagine that line in the FTR scenario! LOL!
Not germane you say? Its how it works.

What ever happened to the SORNA hearing that was scheduled to take place in Calif on April 5th, challenging the feds new guidelines? I saw that it was postponed but that was the last I’ve seen anything posted about this.

Can anyone give me info about Colorado?? (I’ll be visiting there in a few weeks.)
Are there any exclusion zones for Registrants… such public parks, movie theaters, etc.??

Last edited 1 month ago by Colorado Query??

While posting a comment on the story about the UN’s efforts around the laws governing teen sexuality, an Idea cane to mind…

The (bizarre fantasy) has consistently been (lied) reported that the secret Pedos that (Don’t exist) control our nation abduct, rape and murder 10’s of thousands of (Fictitious) American kids every year for the last few decades at least.

Question: Why is there no memorial to these poor kids? Why has there never been a proposal to collect the names of these millions of (Non-existent) American kids, so a memorial to their tragic (Fantasy) deaths can be built in memory of their (fabricated) lives and (Fake) deaths?

Plans for a 9/11 memorial listing the names of the losses began within weeks of the attacks, even though it was well known that the full list of losses wouldn’t be known for months or even years. These reporters (liars) have had decades to compile the millions of (Delusional) names this ongoing (imagined) tragedy claims, according to these (delusional/lying) people. Impossible to name just 10,000 kids out of the multiple millions they (Falsely) claim have met this fate? Not even a fraction of 1% can be named, so they can be honored by the nation? Why?

Why has Super Pedo Detector/Total Whacko MTG not demanded they these names be compiled to begin this project?

Has nobody noticed they are gone…for decades…and if so, how is it known they are gone and what happened to all of them? It would have to be several million by now…that NOBODY HAS NOTICED are missing?

Habeas Corpus: Show me the body


Question of the century….. if Trump is found guilty in the civil suit brought by E. Jean Carroll, of rape, will they put Trump on the registry??? Remember our Declaration of Independence states, that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL…..

This is a week old but
DOE v. LEE No. 3:21-CV-10-KAC-DCP
is an interesting read trying to learn the legal jargon but this guy got off the Tennessee registry based on the pending Michigan outcome. What is also interesting is the judge demonstrated he had a strong likelihood to succeed much like the current California case. Maybe the tides are turning?

looks like Tennessee is using Michigan rulings I don’t have a pacer account but here is the start of the suit
Doe 1 v Lee et al

I was working for a company for 5 months and out of the blue they stated they were letting me go due to my background. They never ran a background or even gave me a copy of background report and to top it off the denied me my Unemployment benefits. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thank you to all.

What!! Dick Durbin(D-Il) talking restoration of faith in the United States Supreme Court on You tube!!
And look who was summoned to Congress. The agenda setter.
This on the heals of a letter signed by 1000 judges describing the threat posed the DDI. And some thought I was fishin in the dark. We all know who authored the swaying argument in smith v doe. Even the creative writers guild gave him credit for “…successfully turning a question on its head” for that one.
He was able to do so, IMO, by convincing the majority the DDI was not really property. In doing so they overlooked the whole of the 13th. Registrants however certainly are not running to the higher courts complaining because their volunteers in the regime.

I had a very unpleasant visit from a hot head neighbor. He walked by my house and screamed all sorts of profanities about being on Megans list. He then drove by 30 minutes later and said he was going to burn my house down. I filed a report with the Sheriffs but they would do nothing since he didn’t have the fire atarting tools in his hand. I’ll have to file a restraining order with the courts. I do not know this person except he hit my parked car a year ago and totalled it. He doesn’t even have a driver’s license and never has, but the Sheriff will do nothing.

Last edited 1 month ago by NorCal County

Why am I required to register?

Bill Cosby (BC) was first convicted of engaging in a number sexually motivated Offences, (SO) but had his conviction vacated on a technicality. This technicality in no way shape or form disproved, or even suggested, that BC did not engage in these activities, but he is not required, so activities have nothing to do with registration requirements? What I did has NOTHING to do with my requirement? It would appear so.

My activities, are a total irrelevancy. If they were relevant, then why is BC not required? It was substantiated that he did in fact engage in activities, and the vacation of his conviction did not change this established fact of law, but he’s not required and I am. Thus, it is impossible to conclude that my requirement has ANYTHING to do with my activities. 

Ok so, conviction alone requires….and the activities that lead to my conviction are meaningless? If that were true, then…let’s look at a hypotheticals…

Let’s meet our hypothetical straw man:
Collector has an extensive collection of CP that he has has collected over the course of decades. His vast collection includes vintage hard copies of photos he bought directly from the photographer. His prominence within the trader community he has belong to for decades, has allowed him to commission photographers to create custom works exclusively for him. His constant demand for “new faces”, combined with money he is willing to pay to see these photos, has directly lead to numerous children being photographed. 

However, despite having been convicted of various CP related crimes multiple times, Collector has miraculously been able to have all of his convictions vacated on technicalities, he was also able to avoid being convicted upon retrial…numerous times.

Even now, we can conclusively presume that:
AlsoMe: Lifetime High and Frightening risk….
Collector: Has fluctuated between High and Frightening, and no risk based on the various fluctuating states of his convictions.
BC: Previously High and Frightening SVP, but now no risk.

Would the assessment of the risk I pose remain the same if I had been able to have my conviction vacated, and the computers taken from my home deemed inadmissible on a Search Warrant related technicality? I would no longer be convicted, thus no longer required to register….so obviously I am no longer seen as a risk?

So, assessment of risk is in fact EXCLUSIVELY determined by conviction, and absolutely NOTHING else…and that assessment changes based on current status of the conviction. All convicted are risks but only so long as they remain convicted. All that are not convicted are not a risk until they become convicted then they instantaneously are a risk…unless they later have that conviction vacated…then they instantaneously revert back to no risk.

BC, perfect real world example of this in action…
BC was….
Before conviction: No risk (Despite admitting to certain things…)
After conviction: Frightening and High SVP
After Vacation: No Risk, despite his activities being proven

The Rationally Basis for registration is the presumption of future risk, and the assessment of future risk is exclusively based on the current status of a conviction. The Rational Basis for assuming that all currently convicted are Frightening and High, while assuming that no person not currently convicted is regardless of any and all activities a person has been proven to have engaged in is….???

There’s no rational basis for anything. The Conviction is just an excuse to register people, thus the requirement fluctuates with the excuse. The “evaluation of risk” cannot be viewed as rational, as it changes based on status of conviction…which has NOTHING to do with ANY rational assessment of future risk.

How is it even theoretically possible that a rational assessment of the future risk that I pose can be inexorably linked to how carefully the cops who came to my home to get my computers, filled out the Search Warrant forms?

They filled them out accurately and completely: I am a Frightening and High risk of future crimes.
They made a clerical error: I am of no concern whatsoever!

This is rational? How?

Quid pro quo? Or no?
Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch is in the news in an article by Ben Whedon: Gorsuch failed to disclose the identity of the buyer in land sale. The article says Gorsuch owned a 20% stake of the property. Meaning it was an investment venture and not a home investment intended as personal residence, or second residence.
How this ties to this blog is straightforward… Demands for disclosure. Here it’s being imposed ( presumably) upon state agent not different from the sex offender. State demands to have knowledge of association, as registered online IDs for registrants provides. How constitutional it is, is the question.

This article can be found posted online and is important for several reasons: “Female Commander Investigated over Alleged Sexual Assaults of Male Subordinates, Pattern of Harassment”

It is rare a female and a female commander is ever investigated in allegations like these as men are only 10% of the victim numbers when it comes to alleged events such as this (and not necessarily by females). It shows the military is looking both ways when it comes to allegations such as these. What happens after this will be interesting because of what the fallout could be given these allegations, e.g., Article 32 hearing, GCM, different spanks for different ranks, etc.

Last edited 1 month ago by TS

@Bobby S. I’m also in Michigan and pre-2011. I didn’t know I can refuse to give them my vehicle description and plate number and any other vehicle I have access to. Cool beans. I’ll have them remove that info the next time I verify. Thanks!! I’m all for only giving the info I absolutely have to

DiM. Yep. Just re read my last verification. Make, model, plates, and any vehicle I have access to. Your absolutely right. Wow. That could have been a disaster. Good thing I wait until I get a letter from the Michigan state police before I make any changes verifying.

National CORE Senior Housing Project in Eastern Unincorporated L.A. Fact Sheet for Community Members
The proposed project is a five-story, 54-unit permanent supportive housing project for seniors who are working or retired and are experiencing homelessness. • Seniors eligible to live here must be 55 years or older
Who will be helped by the project: • Elderly homeless individuals from the surrounding community would be housed and helped by this project. • The non-profit project partners will use the Los Angeles Coordinated Entry System to identify seniors who will be offered an opportunity to live here. • There are some important exclusions. Anyone who is a sex offender or convicted of a violent crime within the last five years is ineligible to live here.
THIS PROJECT is underway in San Dimas CA and will exclude seniors who have been sex offenders
Kathryn Barger is the LA County Supervisor
Questions about this project should be directed to National CORE at • My staff can be reached at either my East San Gabriel Valley Field Office at (909) 394-2264 or my office in downtown Los Angeles at (213) 974-5555.

Hi All,

i would like to report a scam which fooled me out of $1500. And yes I feel so stupid.
it started with a call on my home phone from an individual professing to be a police officer. Not to make too long a story but they told me that I was on a recorded line and that they had sent a letter to my home stating my DNA was corrupted or lost and that I needed to come by to the LA Jail to see a flobotomist (in my case maybe it should be a lobotomist). They then spun a yarn about me be 30 days overdue and there was a warrant out for my arrest. But e we could settle a civil procedure and avoid any criminal proceedings. While I was on the phone with them they walked me through the process: bank to pick up cash, then to grocery store to exchange cash for Moneypak cards (which they claimed would pay my bond on their machine). Over the phone give them the IDs of the card (to validate them). Then they stayed n the phone for 30 minutes while I got to the jail. Then all of a sudden the number was magically no longer available. I’ve made a report to my local police but I’m not holding my breath. Hope this helps someone out there.

“EVERYONE who has received a 1203.4 and/ or who was not publicly listed prior to the Tiered Law, I NEED your input. Please let me know ASAP if anyone else on this forum is affected by either having earned a 1203.4 and is on the public site or has never been publicly listed prior to the new law. I know Jesus H falls into this category. Who else? How can we all get in touch? Is there a secure way to “meet” via Zoom or maybe at the next in person ACSOL meeting?”
If you are in California find Someone who Cares on here he’s collecting info seems like he might have something brewing.

My petition for removal was denied back in December because of FTR charges The district attorney said I haven’t met the minimum registration time period, even though I got one of my FTR charges reduced to a misdemeanor 17(b) and dismissed 1203.4, The other one just dismissed 1203.4 she still denied it.
unfortunately the DA does not acknowledge cases that have been dismissed under 1203.4 but they do acknowledge cases reduced to a misdemeanor under 17(b).
So now I gotta go back to court and file another 17(b) motion on the case that was just dismissed because that’s the one That has multiple counts in it, just in case the DA wants me to do 3 years for each count.
If granted I’ll file another petition for removal and hopefully this time I’ll go free BUT worst case scenario I’ll be forced to register for another 4 years.
So I’m gonna keep fighting for my life hopefully having the charge already dismissed makes it easier getting it reduced to a misdemeanor.

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