TX: Texas responds to school shootings in Texas by checking to see if visitors are on the registry

Source: kwtx.com 3/31/23

ABBOTT, Texas (KWTX) – Following the tragic school shootings in Uvalde, Santa Fe, and most recently, Nashville, Abbott ISD is taking safety to a new level with various enhancements to the district’s security system.

“That kiosk is a system tied in with a national sex offender registry,” Pustejovsky said. “

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Somehow they equate school shootings with the sex offense registry. Wow! Just wow!

Eugene, be honest – you’re only surprised we haven’t been tied to the banking crisis and rising consumer prices.
(I’ll make it easy for any bloodhound reporters: I did & still do have an SVB account. So, yeah, that one actually was my fault. 😖 🤷🏻‍♂️ )

But seriously, “…. all exterior doors to ensure they have keycard access entry only...”
Oh, because a keycard wouldn’t still open doors after a determined shooter takes it from his first victim’s dead hand. 😣 😠
Is it law enforcement or school administrators who are morons??
Or both?? 😱

Last edited 5 months ago by David🔱

And parents can feel comfortably reassured that those security kiosks have very effectively prevented or stopped ….. ….. …… zero, zero, ZERO sexual assaults perpetrated by schools administrators, counselors, teachers, coaches, etc. 😵‍💫😱

It’s because they can’t stop these school shootings, they need to pretend that they are at least looking to see if registrants are among the visitors, which has NOTHING to do with preventing schools shootings or figuring out what causes these individuals to act out. They are clueless and helpless and need to look for a scapegoat.

Well, Eric can be found online and would probably be happy to receive your thoughts on this topic and their action…in the opposite direction of what really needs to happen and being opportunistic of an situation to boost a solution looking for a problem that wouldn’t have saved one lost life that day in Uvalde.

The article’s author can also be found online through the website posting the article and probably would appreciate the same info you share with Eric.

Last edited 5 months ago by TS

“They understand that we don’t do it to restrict access,” Pustejovsky said. “We do it to ensure the safety and security of our students.”

No…..locks on a door would never restrict you from having access? Tell me again how the registry is not punishment? Why can we not present this in court and say, this is punishment flat out punishment you are using a class of citizens to punish them? Didn’t Hitler use a list of people to restrict their movements?

Last edited 5 months ago by William

I just don’t get it , how would it change anything? the school shootings had nothing to do with PFR’s, the stupid cops could have stop that , but they first must take arms and and get passed the entry rather than standing around washing their hands , what a bunch of flakes !

I live in Texas and have lived in Texas for years. I can not recall one school shooting on the local metropolitan news where the shooting was done by someone on the registry. What a bunch of morons.

i live in Texas, been on the registry since 1994, no issues
they have been checking visitors if they are on the registry for a long time now, it is called the raptor system, tied to your drivers license. here they cannot stop you if you have children going to that school, I raised 2 and never had an issue

I’d challenge them to find a single case where a person convicted of a sexual offense entered a school building for the purpose of abusing or otherwise harming a student. Teachers, aides, coaches, volunteers, and all other staff who might have regular contact with students are already intensely screened for criminal histories.

When you’re a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. The state, renowned for its worship of guns and immersed in gun culture, will pretend that the problem of school shootings is really all about… sex offenders! They will do everything they can to avoid dealing with the culture of violence and the permission structure that gives rise to school shootings. They are desperately out of ideas so lets pretend that this is all about sexual attraction, not murderous rage and the ready availability of tools needed to satisfy that rage.

Soooo, after the Uvalde shooter shot up the school and killed a lot of people, his next move would have been what, to proceed to molesting kiddies? Is that what the research shows on Mass shootings?

I KNEW we would be scapegoated AND witch-hunted!

Last week Josh Hawley made an outrageous claim citing:

“These shootings are an attack on Christians.”

Now from Texas it’s:

“Those sex offenders want to kill our children”


Last edited 5 months ago by Facts should matter

How often does a sex offender ever walk into a school and harm or kidnap a child? A less number of times total than school shootings in the past 3 years I would guess. Yet educators, who seem to want to groom children with drag shows and gender transition studies as opposed to educating them, want to tout their protection of students from sex offenders so as to distract from all their other failings.

These security measures are meaningless…just adding some pandering to the attempt to turn the conversation away from guns and to PFRs. More smoke and mirrors…but with a different goal.

First distract the audience with PFRs. Get them 100% focused on PFRs, so they don’t have time to spare taking about…guns or shooters….or, you know stuff like that. Then, TADA! PFR-proof school!

You see how this makes the school PFR-Proof?!?!? Now, imagine how much better that day would have been if the school been had PFR proofed on the tragic day?!?!?! Now everybody pretend that that would have been meaningful. Pretend really really hard about how this would have totally avoided what happened…and let us rejoice.

Seriously there is more smoke and mirrors going on here than a Vegas magic act! Copperfield could only dream of of having this many distractions thrown at the audience all at once! No way anyone will be able to see what’s actually going on with all these distractions flying around!

Create and imaginary threat (PFRs) so you can create some imaginary safety! Illusions of safety defending against illusions of danger…and NOBODY talking about guns!

Yeah! Nobody talking about guns! Too distracted by the illusions of danger, and the illusions of safety to…talk about how it’s only a matter of time before…or how easy it is to get an…or how they are the weapon of choice for…or anything like that!

Perhaps it is time for Texans to pull back the curtain to reveal that the real Great and Powerful OZ, is just a con man with some magic tricks?