WI: Defense win! Multiple convictions in same case on same date don’t require lifetime sex offender registration

Source: wisconsinappeals.net  5/30/23

State v. Corey T. Rector, 2023 WI 41, 5/23/23 affirming a case certified by the court of appeals, 2020AP1213; case activity (including briefs)

Rector pleaded to five counts of possessing child pornography in a single case. He’d never been convicted of anything before. The sentencing judge ordered that he be placed on the sex offender registry until 15 years after the end of his sentence or supervision. The Department of Corrections then wrote the judge to say that, in its view, any two or more convictions of registry-eligible sex offenses trigger mandatory registration for life. The judge stuck to his guns and reiterated the 15-year registry requirement. The state appealed, and the court of appeals certified the case. The state supreme court now holds, 4-3, that Rector is not required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

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More details unravel on the Corey Rector case overturning lifetime GPS for non-qualifying sex offenses

1 conservative male judge voted to overturn the rule

 3 liberal women judges (supported by democrats) voted to overturn the rule

 3 conservative women judges (supported by republicans) voted to keep the rule

 Elections have consequences…just sayin

Woohoo!! I am really happy to hear of a WIN!! 🥳😃🤗 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

(Because it’s been feelin’ like a long losing streak lately.😩)

I have been wearing this GPS for the last 4 and 1/2 years. I’m waiting for my 20th unit to be put on as they seem to fail every four weeks. I have already had seven different units this year. I have already contacted my registry specialist and she said that they’re waiting to find out what to do. I actually emailed the registry today, and 11 minutes later I had this answer. Here it is.


The Department of Corrections was recently made aware of the court’s decision.

We are the in process of gathering more information and will be back in touch with them if this decision affects the length of registration, status of Special Bulletin Notification or being on GPS.

What I’d like to know is, how can you not see that the decision affects the length of registration?

Now comes the key question, how quickly will they react to removing the GPS’s, and changing me back to a 15-year registrant from the lifetime that they gave me with their initial decision. I was quite defeated from when the original GPS lawsuit, that I was involved with, failed in Wisconsin and in the seventh circuit Court of appeals. What’s really interesting, is Rector, is still in prison and won’t be out until I think 2025! Thank God somebody got through to the state!

This is huge for all of us here in Wisconsin!

Anyone have a guess if this will affect those like myself who have lifetime registration simply because of multiple counts on one conviction?

Seems like it should be putting me back to something less than lifetime registration… Hopefully.

Did you notice the comment about “plain English.” That same plan English I use in the context of my 7 FTR indictments!
The law and the Date December 25, 1993. 20 months after my wrongful conviction of 949.01(1).(April 1992).

Yeah riverside DA hit me with two counts of FTR 1.failure to register and 2.failure to de-register, which doesn’t make any sense because the only way you can fail to de-register is if you register somewhere else without notifying law-enforcement heaving jurisdiction over the last place you lived.
Each was ran concurrently I was Granted three years probation 14 years later that conviction add 3 years to my mandatory minimum registration time period.
I have a feeling the DA is gonna try and make me serve three years on each count which I don’t even think is legally possible because both counts we’re ran currently and not consecutively and California 654pc States that, “In which a single act must be punished once even if it violates multiple statutes”
I guess I’ll find out on 06/30/2024

Last edited 3 months ago by AERO’S PHO

I’m just reaching out to anyone who knows about state to state travel registry laws concerning Florida. I plan on traveling in June to Florida 2 1/2 days do I need to register. I’ve been on the registry for 28 years. My family plans to go to Universal studios.

beautiful thing. Now I wish we had some positive movement in Texas. Damn

Another servant to state media database, bot only 15 yrs. a slave server. What social benefit is advanced again? To prevent attack? So “the people” know he looked at unlawful internet pornography? Because he might do….X…?
Any proponent of internet who claims it decreased crime OR attack is full of sh’π! The internet has enabled many crimes including mass child pornography proliferation. ahhh the ubiquitous database. How about augmenting crimes, making them worse or larger or notorious via internet use. The Uni bomber Ted K. died today in prison. His writing was focused on the pitfalls of the electronic world, and in many ways he was right. Blowing people up however cannot be considered productive. SOR as s in no way productive.

Glemmer from Milwaukee, WI. I’m serving 12yrs in and 12yrs out for 5 counts of possession of cp from same search. I was given lifetime GPS. 7yrs prior I had a lewd and lascivious charge resulting in probation. Do I qualify with new ruling? I’m at beaswaxx65@gmail.com. Please respond. Thx You. Respectfully Glemmer D Beasley.

Well it’s been over 4 weeks now that this has been decided. I have been pushing the Wisconsin DOC to remove my GPS as I know I am not to wear one, as I was on the lawsuit against the DOC. This is their latest response

We are aware of this information and as stated previously, we are working through the process to determine next steps. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Monica Lukach
Corrections Program Specialist

So how long do you think it’ll take them to figure out who is to have the GPS’s removed?? It took them one week to put them all on!

In 1995. I was charged with 2 3rd degree S/A. I was sentenced to 5 years prison and 10 years withheld. With 10 year registration. The case was my 15 year old victim (girlfriend) got pregnant. … When I went to prison my victim was approved to be put on my visitors list and visited my till I was released. I was evaluated by prison psychologist and their end result was I’m not a sexual pervert and I never had to do any sex offered treatment. I was 100% done with my sentence in 2013. Then in 2017 I was told I would have to ware a GPS bracelet for life. I was devastated. My victim and daughter are still in my corner. Every PO iv had says I’m not a sexual pervert. I want to sue over this because. Even the DOC don’t dem me someone who would reoffend. Can I get a pro Bono lawyers to help me?