CASOMB Committee Moves Forward with Proposed Changes to Tiered Registry Law

A committee of the California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB) moved forward today with three proposed changes to the Tiered Registry Law.  Those changes would affect individuals convicted of felony possession of child pornography, individuals convicted of lewd or lascivious acts with a 14 or 15 year old and individuals assigned to Tier 3, the highest tier.

During today’s meeting, the committee members agreed that individuals convicted of felony possession of child pornography and lewd or lascivious acts with a 14 or 15 year old  should be assigned to Tier 2.  Both groups of individuals are currently assigned to Tier 3.  The committee members also agreed that individuals assigned to Tier 3 should be allowed to petition for removal from the registry after 30 years provided that they have not re-offended.

The CASOMB committee will meet next on August 21 at noon to discuss further a draft report they are preparing for presentation at the next full CASOMB. The full CASOMB meeting will take place on September 21 at 9:30 a.m.  Both meetings are open to the public and access information for the meetings is available online at 

“If the full board approves the report in September, the report will be sent in the form of recommendations to state legislators,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “It is unknown at this time if or when the state legislators would take action upon the CASOMB recommendations.”

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Ugh, government committees. 😩 But I suppose slow progress is better than no progress, right? 😒

(Perhaps I’ve watched too many action-adventure movies. I dream of seeing the entire Registry – in all States – blow up in a enormous, inescapable conflagration that leaves nothing but a smoldering piles of rubble and ash and many, many newly freed humans!)

Last edited 1 month ago by David 🔱

Wow, the ability to petition the court after 30 yrs. What’s the point after that? The damage to ones life is done.

Janice and team, I really wish you folks would reconsider and push for less than 30 years. I’m glad for the other good news and happy for those who will benefit. However, this 30 year is really pointless. Consider this. Even if someone charged for xyz soon as they became an adult, 18, then that means they “may” have a chance to get off the register at age 48. That is only 2 years away from the ripe old age of 50, essentially the start of retirement and all of life’s opportunities have long passed. The entirety of that persons life has been wasted, denied and treated as a 2nd class citizen. This is just shameful to even consider 30 years is something good. 

Disappointing for sure. I have a one count felony CP possession conviction. From what I’ve heard it would have been considered a misdemeanor had my offense occurred in California. To make things clear, I would have to wait THIRTY years to petition for removal if I were to move to California? That seems extreme, worse than the state I currently reside.

I truly appreciate all the efforts of Janice, et al., and they should be thanked for all of their invaluable hard work and persistence. Thank you.

But….and I know we are all supposed to be “eternally grateful” for this so-called ‘relief’, but cmon. This is nothing more than a bone thrown at our feets in the mistaken belief that we’ll be taken in by their phony magnanimity. What BS. And I’m betting that some of these CASOMB folk actually believe that they are showing grace, kindness and compassion by taking their knees off our necks after just 5 minutes, instead of 10. Unbelievable.

Last edited 1 month ago by SG

Can someone explain… 10 years from what date? 20 years from what date? Date of conviction? Date of arrest? Date of first registration? Help!

For those complaining that being able to petition for removal after 30 years you have to remember that tier 3 is currently lifetime registration with NO ability to petition for removal.
Don’t take this the wrong way but stop being so ungrateful! Would you rather have to be on the registry for life with no hope of redress, or would you like to have the opportunity to be removed? I for one would gladly accept the opportunity. Here in Michigan a tier 3 currently has NO chance to petition for removal. I would give anything to be able to file a petition to be removed.
The registry isn’t going away any time soon and the best way to get rid of it is to slowly chip away at it piece by piece until there’s nothing left.
Lets show some appreciation.


California taps beavers for help with water issues and wildfires

I hope the beavers can move faster than CASOMB. 😒

With CASOMB proposing three amendments to SB-384 is proof that people are still working on behalf of the registrants. If the legislators are willing to accept these changes, then we can identify that as a crack in SB-384 because they’re willing to make changes.

I do have one question, “What reasoning did CASOMB have for providing an off-ramp for tier 3?” I want to know if its for scientific reasons, is it due right to privacy, something else, or a combination. Once we know what CASOMB Is thinking, then ACSOL should grab onto that reasoning and keep using it to apply for more amendments.

This is FANTASTIC news, thank you so very much for all the amazing amount of effort to move the needle in our favor once again.

Face it folks, you have a better chance going overseas and starting your life over than waiting 30 years to have a real chance. I was convicted at the age of 23, was released in my early 30s, and wouldnt even be able to get off until I was at least 60 years old. By then my life has truly been ruined, not to mention your kids were set up for failure by a system that didnt even care about them. All that matters in everlasting punishment from these people. One convicted of cold blooded murder stands a better chance of turning their lives around and receiving the benefit of the doubt when released. I have personally seen companies say they allow anyone to rent homes from them EXCEPT those on the registry. Lately theyve been talking about UFOS in the media and Im at the point where I’d actually look forward to aliens showing up.

What about allowing those on tier 3 who have had their felonies reduced to a misdemeanor, then expunged to move off the list?

A single count of CP possession = 2 years of pretrial, 6 years incarcerated, 20 years on the registry, all because I clicked on a link that the FBI was baiting people with. This is beyond depressing.

I am really glad to see at least some significant progress and thank you ACSOL for being integral in pushing these changes along. A long way to go and I think we are only a few steps into the journey, but the signs seem more encouraging than when the tiered registry was first implemented in 2021.

I’m not for the registry at all but for the position we’re in When is the registry going to make a distinction between contact and noncontact incidence. Also why are majority of misdemeanor offenses 10 year when you’re able to get it expunged and some ppl have less requirements and complete the requirements way before their sentences to register is up. Like at some point it has to make sense.

Prediction : I believe out of the three proposals there will be an author for the tier 3 pathway to petition the court for removal after 30 years. I feel it’s less risky for a political figure to cherry pick one out of the three proposals and still save fate of their political career.

I would really like to know what changed…. When these talks first began, possession of CP was discussed being dropped from tier 3 to tier 1. How is it now Tier 2? How is that justifiable? We aren’t talking about people who have that charge in addition to others, where their tier assignment would be set on the most serious charge they have. Even reduced to tier 2, it really feels like some Minority Report level of “pre crime” B.S.. “You haven’t done XYZ yet, but because you were in possession of CP, we think you may, so we are going to punish you harder.” I appreciate everything that ACSOL has done for the community, I really do, but I can’t help but feel like capitulating to 20 years from 10 for this, for one of the categories that affects the most registrants, is a mistake.

Last edited 1 month ago by Perpetually disappointed

Regarding the reduction of CP possession to Tier 1, there are members of CASOMB who support that reduction. The committee believes that it isn’t politically feasible to get legislative support for that reduction and therefore is recommending a reduction only to Tier 2. Even so, the full CASOMB board could decide to support a reduction to Tier 1 when it meets in September.

The requirements placed against those on the sex offense registry as applied is unreasonable…it is like outlawing them to get wet but not allowing them shelter before the rain.  Making and pushing popular punitive laws as far as possible …it’s like telling them we are going to cut off your arm but they complain then you say ok we’ll cut off your hand but still they complain then finally you get a choice to make it easer. We’ll cut off a finger and guess what we’re going to let you pick the finger.  Sheesh, and the poor stupid soul is so beaten down he thinks they are somehow doing him a favor by giving him a choice!!!. So much of this kind of BS is put on all of society…from pay taxes when you make money, for when you buy something and even at your death. Driving should be free of a license requirements after a few years of good driving, but no…then we pay Insurance, registration of anything and everything else…on and on it goes. We in society have been so beaten down we feel good about seeing someone else worst off than us. ie. those on the sex offense registry, those in prison, those sick and lame. Well, I am not being abuse as bad as my neighbor!!! Uh, to be Christian or even a patriotic American we should stand against tyranny where ever it is…do it for your families, ur children’s future and their children… We send our representative to the state and nation capitals to hold government accountable to the people not to make to shackle and restrict the people!!! Where should we start? We should at the feet of those most abused…Matt. 25:40